Thursday 2 May 2013

A Most Wonderful Visit With A Spectacular Pup !

I am day two into the 30 Day Squat Challenge with two more people up for the Challenge.  More squatters so to speak.  And Auntie, but doing diddly "squat" each day, as per your email, does not qualify you for the challenge .. hahahaha.

Thanks to, for joining along in the Challenge, Mum's Simply Living Blog and Suzy at Rustic Vintage Country.  To be quite honest I wasn't feeling them yesterday, however by the time I was done Day 2 I was feeling it a bit in my legs.  Remember you can split the number required each day up throughout the day, as well as using a chair to do the Sit and Stand, giving you pretty much the same results.  There is still time to "join along", just leave me a comment, or email me at  the More the Merrier !

"Whether they are the same ones, or not from last year, a pair of Morning Doves were outside our window this morning.  Also every morning and evening I sometime see, and always hear the Sandhill Cranes overhead or out behind in our bush ... they are very vocal.  My Cousin, Brad, took this photo last year up by Dyer's Bay."

I really hate to confess but I was out to the Cocoa Vanilla for lunch for the 2nd time this week ... *blush*.   Really it could not be helped as now friends, who had purchased one of our Checkerboard Aussies" Spectacular Six 2012 puppies, came for a visit today and we had to eat somewhere ....

"One thing I had not mentioned from past times I had been at the Cocoa Vanilla was that they support local Artists, displaying their work throughout the Restaurant.  Love the support towards others !"

"Today one of the girls tried out the Cookie Dough Latte, which she was very happy consuming .. does it not look lovely?  I had the Pork Spinach Soup, Greek House Salad and Chicken Cranberry Panini.  I was far from disappointed with my choices this day, as were the girls with theirs ... wonderful."

When Krystal, Bernadette and I had been downtown lunching we had left Injaca in the outside kennel run until we returned, then the fun began ... the Aussie Fun I should say.  Injaca and his mother, Lexus, had a blast together out in the field behind the house.  There are lots of photos, taken by Krystal, that I am just waiting to receive.  After a few rounds with Mama, then a meeting up with Daddy, Bandit, I think the boy was pretty worn out and ready to head back home ....

"Our "Checkerboard Aussies" Injaca, is most certainly a very handsome fellow.  He is one lucky dude pup to have such a loving Forever Home with Krystal and Bernadette.  I could not be more proud to have yet another such wonderful match made for one of our pups.  Thanks Girls ! xx"

Injaca and his wonderful owners headed back South on down the highway, while I took care of having everyone out, about and back in.  It had been such a beautiful day I had 2 loads of laundry hanging out on the clothes line.  Lexus went out to help me bring them in.  This took me a little longer then usual, as I was keeping someone amused by throwing ball between each item of clothing that was removed and folded into the basket.  I think this sign describes the situation around here most times very well ....

"In our case this sign should read "Four Spoiled Dogs Live Here", and one "spoiled" husband."

 Since The "Crabby Cabbie" celebrated his first Anniversary in business yesterday we decided to do a Give Away on his Facebook Page once the page receives 200 LIKES.  This is what we are offering up:

"In celebration of The "Crabby Cabbie" having his First Anniversary on the 1st of May we are having a Give Away. Once the "Crabby Cabbie" Facebook page has reached 200 LIKES we will draw one name for a Tim Horton's Gift Certificate. Please LIKE the page, not this post, and leave a comment that you have done so to be eligible for the Give Away."

People who have already liked the page before this Give Away will also be entered in to win once the 200 LIKES on the page has been reached.  To date we are at 145 LIKES !!!  Thank you for all the support on our "Crabby Cabbie" Facebook page.

We are getting down to the nitty gritty with only 10 more days to Vote once every 24 hours ... YIKES !!!

Because of YOUR support and daily votes we are now at 665 Votes,  44 more then two days ago.  We are averaging about 40 new daily votes.  Remember you can only vote once within a 24 hour period or the vote will not take.

Many thanks to friends who have also been sharing the link to their own personal Facebook pages, what a wonderful gesture on all your parts. 

Hardly enough when I look at some people's Small Businesses with Votes already in the high hundreds, however I still need to try my best.   Once again, please Vote daily for MY "Crabby Cabbie", until the 12th of May, here is the link:

As always, and forever, Thank YOU !!!  from me and my ....

Serving Saugeen Shores & Area.  
Southampton:  519-373-7700 or Port Elgin:  519-379-7700

The Daily votes seemed to be dropping ... I might have to call on all my Blogger friends to do a few "SHOUT OUTS" for my Crabby Cabbie before the 12th of May 

Can you tell I work hard at caring for my "Checkerboard Aussies" and MY "Crabby Cabbie"????  What can I say .... I get a whole lot of love back from them most of all the time.  On that note I think I will wrap it up early tonight, sit back and have myself some relaxation time, "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard".


  1. still haven't started the squats, as I am having trouble just breathing at the moment. When I am a lot better I feel a road trip happening your way so you can show me all those super places you post on your blog!!


    1. It's a date; just let me know when and we will set it up. Your choice on where to go for lunch, the Green Door Cafe, or Cocoa Vanilla though.

  2. Hi Cindy~ Congrats to you on you Squat Challenge:) I would love to join in but with me and my knee heading for possible knee surgery, I will have to pass, now that lunch you had sure looks good~ I would have ordered the same thing~ I have a question? What is a Tom Off to vote~ Have a great day doing the squats:) Lynn

  3. I did one extra squat by accident today...I'll give it to Gill!
    Jane x

  4. #684 today! I am going to try your squat workout - not joining but just attempting he he he. Enyweys, thank for you FB post on the "spoiled dogs" pic. Gave me a great idea.
    Aimee from Craftmates

  5. A couple more blog friends are joining in ,Cindy...they left comments on my blog.
    Jane x

  6. Chicken cranberry paninis sound good!


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