Friday 28 February 2014

Maple Peameal Goodness

Last night's Dinner a Maple Peameal Bacon Roast was amazing, and truly full of Maple Peameal goodness.  I had found a recipe for it and adapted it to my Crock Pot, as a Crock Pot is a busy woman's best friend  you know.


Despite the sub-zero temperatures we have been experiencing this Winter, Bandit still doesn't seem to mind burying his nose out in the Snow.  Rob? his nose and eyes have been watering like mad, as he has gone and got himself the Nasty Cold that I had for 5 days.  I feel so bad for him, until he sat in his chair yesterday and told me how sick he was umpteen Million times, like I didn't know how it was for myself last week?  I think the only difference was I didn't have anyone cooking and cleaning for me though ????  My poor baby man.

First thing this morning the temperature had been -26*C.  By this afternoon it had gone up to -17*C.  I have quite the time taking Missy Mercedes and Buddy out the back door with the Snow piled up so high there, and again this morning our most westerly lane way had been drifted in AGAIN !  The lane way to the East not so bad & somewhat passable as Rob made it out this morning, and I afterwards.

I had been over to the other side of Colpoy's Bay this morning.  I had to stop to take photos of the frozen Bay and spectacular view of the cliffs.  

Today wasn't to eventful in the "much needed" to get done housework department, however the bedding had been changed up fresh, the ashes swept up around the wood stove, and the dishes all done up in the sink.

Rob received a call from one of our driver's today.  A lady had pulled out in front of him and he had hit her.  The Police had arrived "on scene", and the lady was 100% At Fault.  This does not help us any, as our Commercial Policy deductible is way over the amount it will cost for a new bumper.  So much for At Fault Insurance when you are not At Fault.  We still lost out and end up paying for the damages.

Early this afternoon I had the beginnings of a headache.  Later in the afternoon I had an appointment with the Chiropractor.  It took 2 hours later after an adjustment, however the headache is down to a mere dull roar now, which is so much better then a full blow migraine.

Last night I had only about 2 hours sleep.  Poor Rob didn't have much more as he had been called around midnight by the OPP station to collect someone to take them home.  My poor sick Rob has already retired to bed, and me?  I am thinking this evening I will not be too far behind him, Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard.

Thursday 27 February 2014

My Yesterday & Today

Winter does not seem to want to give itself up this Year.  This was yesterday morning.  Rob had to get the tractor "fired" up to clean our blown in lane way before he could even think about leaving.

By the time I had gone out later in the day to remove the drifts from the front door, and shovel a cow path around to the side of the house, the temperature had not improved much along with the Wind Chill from what it had been in 5:25 am.  At least I had help clearing the cow path.

Late in the afternoon Rob and I had to get some wood in the house.  Mercedes was kind enough to come out to help us load it in the tractor bucket to bring it up to the house.  

Bandit & Rob had themselves a bit of chilling before Dinner was ready.

For those who had been wondering what the Burger was that we had for Dinner last night? it was a very mouth watering Elk Burger.  The first time Rob & I had ever had Elk, and I must tell you it was amazing.  We really both enjoyed it & will not hesitate to buy again.  The best part about it is that it is locally raised just outside of Wiarton at Regal Point Elk Farm.  We were fortunate enough to purchase these burgers from Dejong Acres Farm who was at the 2 week Pre-Christmas Wiarton Farmer's Market, and who also has them in stock at their Farm Store along with may other Farm raised goodies.

The Regal Point Elk Farm will also be hosting the Rotary Club of Wiarton's "Maple Magic" again this Year.  This is an Event I am hoping to not miss out on.

Yesterday is done, and today went forward with ....

After I finally thawed out about 10 am once the house had warmed up after another very Cold Windy night, I got to a job I really don't care for, however one that has been bugging me for the past couple of weeks, the cleaning of the "dreaded" fridge.  It is easy sometimes just to shove things in and shut the door to forget about it, is it not? until the time comes when there are smells you can no longer ignore, right again?  I got r' done this morning, even taking the bottom shelf completely out to give it a good scrubbing in the tub.  I am not only relieved this job is out of the way (until the next smell comes forth), but quite pleased with the outcome of it all be organized for now again.

I decided to reward myself with a "real" cuppa tea after the dirty deed was done.  Out came the Earl Grey along with the Tea Ball.  I so enjoyed the full flavor, as truly I am getting tired of the Decaf at times.

Dinner today was something I put together in the Crock Pot (my favourite small kitchen appliance I am sure).  I can't wait until Rob arrives home so we can sit down to enjoy it.  I will tell everyone all about it tomorrow.

Today was rather quite the Jekyll & Hyde day weather wise.  One moment you could not see the trees across the field, and the next "clear as a bell".  Again another very Cold & Windy day.  Our Hwy out in front of our place is still closed as many roads are in Bruce, Huron & Perth Counties.  Many accidents have also been reported today, with a horrific multi-vehicle pileup in Barrie (this story can be found HERE).

Rob just called to tell me he is on his way home, so I need to get going to get Dinner on the table, Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard.

Wednesday 26 February 2014

Nom Nom Nom Mystery Burger

Holy Moly it was another COLD one out there this morning.  -15 without the Wind Chill.  This was the log I managed to get into our little Wood Stove this morning.  That was some nice chunk of wood.  Can you believe we heat our whole upstairs with this little stove????  we close off the two spare bedrooms (unless it gets really warm in here, then we open them up), so what it covers is the dining/living area, kitchen, bathroom and the main bedroom.  Once heading down the stairs it can get a might chilly .... brrr.


Yes we had quite the mini-blizzard again last night.  It was dang, dang, triple dang out there this morning.

Dinner was Nom, Nom, Nom ... and no it is not a Beef Burger.

My photo editor is not working for me this evening, so tomorrow I will blog the whole "scoop" on how the day went today and exactly what that yummy burger was we had this evening, Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard.

Tuesday 25 February 2014

Installing Spring ?

This morning I awoke and could finally breath through my nose after 5 days of not being able to.  Truly we take so much for granted, as I was very grateful for this !  It was the best I felt for a week until late this afternoon when I was feeling a bit yechy again.  Why does afternoon bring you down to the worse feeling of the day?  I suppose our bodies are just trying to tell us it is time to slow down and re-energize is all ? 

The other day I had noticed on Facebook there had been a new Tupperware Rep in the Wiarton area, who lives not too far away from me.  I have some modular bowls that have seen better days, that need replacing. 

I bought these bowls about 17 years ago.  They were advertised to go from Freezer, to Microwave to Serve bowls.  I use them every week still, as I love them, however as I had said, they have seen better days.  I sent the gal the details along with these photos & she has ordered me a new replacement set, FREE OF CHARGE, as you know Tupperware does have a Lifetime Guarantee.  You can't beat that at the best of times, now can you? especially in this day and age with it being such a throw away World nobody wants to stand behind even a major appliance for more then a Year (unless of course you pay extra bucks for an extended warranty).

Hats off to YOU, Tupperware !!!!

Winter has been getting a lot tiring for most of us with not much break in the Weather here in Bruce County.  This morning I thought I would put away my Winter Decor and bring out some Spring/Summer Decor to see if that would change it up a bit.  

NOTE from Experience:  Remove batteries from units going into storage as they can become corroded and damage the unit.

Not everyone in our household is tired of Winter.  Buddy absolutely LOVES the Snow & Cold.  I will be out with him in the mornings, sometimes in -30*C freezing my arce off and he will be running circles around me having the time of his life.  I think there was once this Winter when Rob said he didn't want to stay out too long.  It sure never happens that way on my watch, but truly how could you not let that face have himself some extended fun?

After lunch, about 1:00 pm I had to go downtown Wiarton.  Yes this first photo was me heading South out of Wiarton about 1:00 pm.  The 2nd photo was me not far outside of Wiarton on a side road.  What is it doing outside my windows right now? the same darn thing it had been doing at the time these photos had been taken ... SNOWING VERY HARD.  So much for me changing up the Winter Decor, eh ???

Dinner today was a Crock Pot Lemonade Chicken, my first time making.  It was very simple and easy to make (my kind of recipe), however I wasn't too fond of the flavor.  Now I know my BFF Bob and his partner, Tim, make it frequently and love it, however it just didn't suit my taste buds for some reason (could because they still aren't working as they should be yet, so I will have to give it another try when I am feeling 100% less a head cold).

Today's Headlines .....

Truly I am not looking forward to the mud Spring thaw brings, but I am looking forward to much warmer days hopefully coming our way this Year maybe?????  Seriously we do need the water to replenish our Earth, Rivers and Lakes, so there is always hopefully good found in everything, right?

It will be no time at all before we will be walking down the streets with no Snow and singing ....

Look at the time? I best wrap things up as it is almost time for the Cheap Hydro Rates to kick in at 7:00 pm, so I can run the hot water to do up the Dinner dishes ... so sad our lives must revolve around the time of day our Hydro providers now dictate to us, is it not?  *Shaking Head* ... but if you would like to lodge a complaint I was told, after receiving our last $200.00 hydro bill, you may do so by going HERE, to see if the Ontario Energy Board can direct you to the right place? don't hold your breath as I can't see them shaving anything off my $95.00 charge for delivering hydro to our house last month, can you?  *Sigh*

Happy I had this day regardless, Happy I have lots of wonderful family and friends, Happy I have a wonderful husband, Happy to be Alive, and NOT Happy my friend, Lynn from WI sent me all this wonderful Snow from her place to mine, Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard.

Monday 24 February 2014

Pass The Salt Please?

I was up by 5:00 am this morning.  Not too bad of a night considering I had only been up two times throughout the whole night.  When our driver arrived to pickup the came I let Bandit out to greet him, right after that my brother called so I could send something along with him on his trip to Kitchener today.  I had to laugh when he had asked me if I was up .... not too often I find myself not awake and up at that hour of the morning.

I had to head out into the blustery morning towards Lake Huron and Sauble Beach to get another adjustment at the Chiropractor.  This is my very last attempt at trying something that will get rid of my Migraines and daily headaches.  If this does not work, I do NOT want to be asked to try one more thing.  I am truly tired of trying over and over some days for the same thing.  I might have to resort to the fact this is the way my body is and accept it.

The drive there was blustery, however clearer on the way home, where I found Rob changing the battery in our Van.  Always something, is it not?  All throughout the day the snow squalls continued.

Dr. Doug Fryday, the Chiropractor who I am seeing was telling me some of his patients purchase Epsom Salts at a Feed Store, declaring it was much cheaper there then at a Pharmacy, or Big Box Store.  

Rob & I have been cutting back on our sodium intake, but he didn't care for the No Salt I had bought to replace the Sea Salt.  This morning I picked up, on Rob's approval, some Half Salt & then a 50 lb bag of Epsom Salts at the Feed Store for a total of $20.00.  $20.00 compared to $8.00 for 2 kg anywhere else? that I call a great savings.  Remember 2 cups of Epsom Salts in your bath water is great to replenish your body with minerals and very good for people suffering with Arthritis, and now I have recently learned Fibromyalgia as well  (but I am a SHOWER GIRL !!! )  so pass the Salt Please???

While I was getting tonight's Dinner prepared, Rob was getting a whole lot of loving from Bandit.  He first takes you off guard with one of his big *smiles*, then goes in with the lick you to death method.

Dinner were T-Bone Steaks I had pulled out of the Freezer earlier today, along with leftover Basmati Rice and steamed Cauliflower.  Dinner was very much enjoyed by the both of us, bringing back memories of Summer so long long ago .....

I have to say, I find it funny how some people take things so personally on Facebook when such times some comments are not even directed at them or about them.  Some others really have a problem with humour as well.  Do you suppose people like these are unhappy? or possess no sense of humour? or just like making a point when there was no point to make in the first place?  I am at a loss to figure out these questions at this time, or probably any time in the future either.

I am also at a loss when someone creeps my Linked IN profile, when they have nothing whatsoever to do with me, my family or my life in general? and have shown this by their actions.  Do people have no life of their own that they have to creep someone else for lack of nothing better to do?  Once again, I am at a loss to figure this out either.

I am going to carry on living my life the best and honest as I can, trying always to be as kind as I can, and looking after my family first, then my real close friends next, keeping them close to my heart, as really? those are the ones who really matter, are they not?

MasterChef Canada is on tonight.  I do not want to miss out watching that, so that is all she wrote this day, Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard.

Sunday 23 February 2014

Nothing Nothing & More Nothing

Yes that is about what my day had been today, nothing, nothing and more nothing.  Why is that? cause I am still sick and feeling poopy.

What did I possibly do today?

Well this morning I did watch the Olympics Hockey Men's Game wherein Canada took home the GOLD ! that was pretty good, as I sat trying to breath on moment, then wiping my nose the next.  Still the Hockey was really good if nothing else was.

I did up a few dishes, ate 3 apples, put some wood in the Wood Stove.  Yes I did take the Aussies out and about this morning, also feeding them.

I also did a couple of Facebook posts trying to help someone re-home their 6 month old puppy they are no longer able to keep (I will not go on and on about my feelings about this, as it won't be very positive, but the helping end is positive).

This little girl is in need of a GOOD FOREVER HOME. She is an Aussie/Lab cross. House/crate trained, shots up-to-date, unaltered, well socialized, good with children & other dogs.. Please Email me at, if you are seriously interested, and PLEASE ONLY serious inquirers.

She is so cute.  You can tell what a sweet girl she is by her eyes.  Hoping she gets a wonderful home soon.

The remainder of my day???  a few dishes, swept up the mess around the wood stove, and got the bed made once Rob had gotten up after the Lunch Hour.  He had a long day yesterday, and needed himself a good sleep.

I was pleased that I stayed at my 3 lb weight loss, considering I hadn't done much in the way of the Treadmill since becoming sick starting with the Migraine Wednesday, escalating Thursday morning from a sore throat to a full blown head cold.  What I did have a change in was that I had lost another inch off my stomach ... slow and steady ahead I go !

Has everyone been putting their savings away for the 52 Week Money Challenge?  it was $8.00 this week.

I just seem to move ahead with organizing my life and getting somewhere with the housework when I end up sick again, setting me back two days, or like now five days!  Man oh man I better feel better tomorrow or else !!!

I went to bed last night with Vicks under my nose, and on the soles of my feet.  Will I do this again tonight? you darn tootin' I will, Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard.

Saturday 22 February 2014

Got It Through The Phone Line?

I am SICK, so much so that my head feels like a football, I can barely breath (so it feels like, at least not through my nose), I can not get warm despite what I try, my whole body aches more then usual, and try eating with a stuffed nose? near impossible.  YES I am whining, and I do apologize but truly I despise being SICK.  I must have got it through the phone line from my brother when I spoke to him when he was sick Thursday morning.  That is my story and I am sticking to it.

Going back to Wednesday when I had that dreaded migraine I had received some HAPPY MAIL from my friend, Abbey.  She had this lovely scarf she had made up for grabs & mailed it off just for me.  Abbey just learned to knit last Summer, and I don't think she put down the needles since !  Thanks Abbey, I LOVE everything you have been making ! xx

Another friend in Port Elgin, wherein we went to the same High School, grew up to be a Chiropractor.  Reading my Facebook status Wednesday about my severe migraines he invited me for a consultation to his Sauble Beach office.  Rob dropped me off there yesterday afternoon.

Doug Fryday is an Alternative & Holistic Chiropractor who operates out of Port Elgin, Chesley and Sauble Beach throughout different days of the week.  Below is his Sauble Beach schedule.  I was sorry I wasn't feeling very well yesterday, but was happy I managed to take in most everything Doug explained to me about the stress we put on our bodies throughout the Years, and how it causes it to break down, requiring re-training to correct this.  I had a "toggle" treatment which I must say my neck on my left side felt better then it had previously.  Now to see if I can get some relief for the remainder of my WHOLE body sometime in the future !

To be quite honest I was a bit nervous about going to a Chiropractor as I have gone in past years, like 11 and 30 years ago.  However the technique of Chiropractors seems to have changed somewhat to the better, in my opinion, since then.  I liked how Doug takes the time to explain the components and how they work.  Thanks Doug I look forward to another visit, if only I can get rid of this wicked head cold first !

One thing that did "stick" with me that Doug told me was I should bath daily with 2 cups of Espsom Salts as the minerals being absorbed by my body would be good for the Fibromyalgia.  I always have Rob use the salts in his baths, since I am a shower girl, but I might have to try changing that up a bit.

I had arrived back home after 5:00 pm last evening to find we had no Hydro.  I got all the Aussies out, about and in before it had gotten too dark, then started looking for alternative means of light.

Got the Caframo Joi Light going, which operates solely on a tea light and heat energy.  This light and our Wood stove fan are both made here locally in Wiarton.  Please check Caframo out by going HERE.  It is an amazing technology truly.

I heated up my tea on the Wood Stove, then Rob some left over Beef Stew.  It was pretty good right out of the pot from what I had noticed when he was eating it.  Everything heated up really fast on the Wood Stove.  I am happy we have one !!!

Bandit and I were on the couch enjoying the ambiance off the candle on the coffee table.

With the hydro out and me not feeling well, I just went to bed about 7:00 pm.  Unfortunately neither Rob and I had a good sleep last night, both tossing and turning.

Thanks for all the empathy and comments of understanding and sympathy, as truly they are all appreciated.

I have put Vicks Rub under my nose, and am taken Buckley's Complete Pills, however it is not going to break until it is darn good and ready I suppose.  So here I remain whining with a very miserable cold, Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard.

Friday 21 February 2014

None Period

No hydro and thank God for the wood stove.  First attempt ever doing a post from my iPhone.   The winds are insanely crazy right now.  Hydro expected not until 10 pm

Off back to my darkness being lit by my Caframo Joi light and a candle.  Flashlight close at hand.  Blizzard winds without the snow Just North oh Wiaton and South of the Checkerboard

Thursday 20 February 2014

STILL Down For The Count

Today was an appointment for the annual review with the department heads at Gateway Haven where my Mother resides.  I called my brother to see if he was picking me up, or if we were meeting there.  He had forgotten about the appointment but on that same note, he is very sick.

He was sick since Christmas, went through a round of antibiotics, was still sick, felt better for a week or so, and now is down very sick again.  *Sigh* nasty business being sick, is it not?

I went to the meeting, then had to meet up with Rob to pick him up over Sauble Beach way.  Prior to getting Rob I had to stop to pickup some posters from another WDCC Director, so I could drop off to a few businesses when going thru Sauble Beach.

Local Businesses still have time to register up to March 5th, by calling the Wiarton District Chamber of Commerce office at 519-534-4545.

Rob dropped me back off at home.  I let the Aussies out, turned on the Electric Blanket in our bed, and went there.  I felt beyond much worse by the time I had returned home.  I am in so much pain with my head ready to explode, every muscle in my body aching worse then my normal Fibro muscle pain, and a throat that feels like someone stuck a hot poker down which had started out dry & sore first thing this morning.

I am still down for the count, however I heard the Canadian Woman's Hockey teamed ROCKED the ice at the Olympics today !!!  GOOOOOOOOO CANADA Bring Home the GOLD !!!

I just got back up not too long ago to do a sink full of dishes from last night and make myself a cuppa hot tea to take some meds along with.

I am headed back to my electric blanket as soon as my tea is finished up,  Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard.

Wednesday 19 February 2014

Knocked Down AGAIN !

Today was the day we had booked for the Bookkeeper to come to assist me with the preparations of the Crabby Cabbie's Year End.  This was all fine and dandy until barely into her starting I was knocked down again .... with a dreaded Migraine.

I was so sick I felt ill to my stomach.  We carried on until the point I had almost been in tears.  Our bookkeeper packed up my books, and left, taking them home with her to do them there, telling me to go lay down.  I felt bad that had to happen, but so very grateful that she understood.

I was at a total loss as what would trigger such a debilitating Migraine on such a lovely day with the sky full of Sunshine, until later in the day found out what is lurking ahead for tomorrow:

Major storm bringing 25 - 50 mm of rain Thursday and Friday.

An Alberta clipper and Texas low will be tracking towards the Great Lakes where they will merge and rapidly intensify. This storm system will bring rising temperatures to Southern Ontario along with significant precipitation and strong winds.

Rain is expected to begin over Southwestern Ontario near midday Thursday then spread eastward to the Golden Horseshoe Thursday afternoon reaching the Kingston area early Thursday evening. There is a chance that a brief period of snow, freezing rain or ice pellets may precede the rain as temperatures rise from just below freezing to above.

Total rainfall amounts of 25 to 50 mm are expected over the warned areas, with the highest amounts forecast to be in the Windsor-Sarnia to Hamilton-Niagara corridor. In addition, thunderstorms will be possible over Southwestern Ontario and the Golden Horseshoe, and may result in locally higher rainfall amounts. Significant snow melt due to the rising temperatures will also be a concern.

As the rain comes to an end from west to east Friday, winds will increase out of the southwest with gusts to 70 or 80 km/h possible, particularly along the great lake shores.

So this is what has caused all my grief this day.  Whenever I get an appointment to the Headache Clinic in Toronto to help me, I hope, deal with my daily headaches, I will be curious how they will advise on how to control the weather triggered migraines?  truly as I have spend a fortune on Migraine medications, prescription and natural (NO the Magnesium did not work for me, dang it all).

Rob is watching the News as I type this post, and there is areas in Ontario quite concerned with Flooding, as am I.  We have tons of snow.  I hope our sub-pump will be able to keep up with such a dramatic fast thaw.  Fingers, legs, toes crossed.  Would cross my eyes too but my head hurts too much.

Right after our Bookkeeper had left, Rob had arrived home shortly after, looking after all our Aussies for me.  I then got going on getting something in the Crock Pot for our Dinner, as I had taken a small boneless Blade Roast out earlier.

Rooting around in the pantry I found a package of Slow Cooker Beef Stew mix.  The instructions had said to add the package to water, however I changed it up by adding it to Beef Broth.  I was very happy my husband has no problem helping me in the Kitchen when I need it, as today I really needed his help.

Just over 4 hours later we had a Crock Pot of yummy Beef Stew goodness.

The stew was good, but if the truth be known it was not as good as my own Beef Stew, which is minus any pre-packaged mixes.

I did spend the afternoon in bed right after the Crock Pot had been set to start.  The Electric Blanket had been turned on, along with me wearing a pair of socks too.  I am happy for the Electric Blanket on the bed for times like these, and to warm up our bed prior to bedtime each evening.

Between my Gall Bladder acting out, and my head spinning at the moment I am going to resort to more ibuprofen and the comfort of my awaiting bed, Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard.

Tuesday 18 February 2014

Blah Blah Blah Blah

What did I do today?  Housework ... blah, blah, blah, blah.  Truly what more is there to say about doing housework? other then it is a vicious circle and I never seem to find a light at the end of the wall of dust bunnies when it comes to Housework.

Should anyone have an expert advice, I am ALL ears !  I truly marvel at people who hold down a full-time job, have a social life, belong to tons of groups, does all sorts of outdoor activities, dresses impeccable and have a spic and span spotless home.  What am I missing, please pray tell ??? someone, ANYONE ???

Truly I barely touch anything other then getting dust and dog hair swept up from the hallway, dining/living room areas, a bit of dusting and some decluttering ....

I had also been downtown on a run this morning to the bank and a quick drop-in to see my friend.  My friend's daughter is getting her own place and was gathering this and that to get her started.  I was VERY happy to hear about this as I cleaned out another cupboard today and passed on ...

... a huge box of pots & pans I no longer use, as well as a few other things I had packaged up for her.  Good day for me, and a good start for her.  Love when things work out that way, don't you?

Oh yes, since we received about 3 more inches of snow last night, I had to shovel out the rough path from the side of the house up to the front door, as the bookkeeper is coming tomorrow to go over our Year end.

Today I also got some of that stuff organized as well too.  Everything takes so much time it seems, or maybe I am just getting slower at doing things.  I tend to agree more so with the latter.

When I was out shovelling I had company, as I most always do when outside ....

Lexus had lots of kisses & smiles today.  I do LOVE my Aussies.

An acquaintance of mine who is part of Angel Arms Rescue has a little girl she is seeking a foster or adoptive home for.  I try my best to help re-home sweet babies from time to time, so on behalf of Angel Arms Rescue ...

Right now this beautiful girl is sitting in a kennel  She is good with other dogs, with cats and children over 10 yrs old. She has lots of energy and needs reminded to not pull on leash and to not jump up if anyone can foster her please let us know, as we at the rescue would be forever grateful!

Should you be able to foster this little gal, who is 1 year old and a bit, or know of someone who could please email me at and I will pass your contact information on.  The Rescue is operated out of Listowel, ON.  Thank you for any assistance you can give.

I would foster her myself, however my plate is full as it is with our own four Aussies and a brand new litter on the way in April.  Busy busy and busier I will be ... my head spins thinking about it some days.  Hahaha !

Rob & I enjoyed our Dinner of Big Batch Chicken Soup along with a Grilled Cheese Sandwich this evening.

Here is a little bit of interesting freezing I came across today, for anyone who might not have (copy & paste link into your browser):

Oh yes I also got 20 minutes in on my Treadmill at some point this afternoon.  I am feeling pretty much all tucked in but for my shirttail, Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard.

Monday 17 February 2014

Happy Family Day

Ontario, Saskatchewan & Albert were all celebrating this Day as Family Day.

What did I do on Family Day?

This was the outside & inside temps this morning at 7:10 am (I forgot to look earlier when I was up at 5:00 am), but when I was outside that thermometer read -27 without even counting the Wind Chill.  It was a good day to make a big pot of Big Batch Chicken Soup.  I have been really loving my dehydrated veggies this long long Winter.

Once I got the soup going, the laundry off the drying racks folded, dishes done and the bed made, I carried on to ...

... some Crabby Cabbie paperwork, and writing a note to get posted tomorrow.

I did 30 minutes on the Treadmill, kissed my beloved husband, kissed my handsome Aussie dog, and ....

.... headed on out into the kitchen to make some Cheese Tea Biscuits to go with the Homemade Soup.


Later this afternoon I helped Rob bring a load of wood into the basement as we are suppose to get dumped on with more Snow tonight.  MORE SNOW !!!  baaaaaahhhhhhhh

Rob is out trying to get lots and lots of snow moved so he can get back to our drive shed.  That sure is a lot of heavy snow to be moved out.  Our tractor is working hard today, and all of this Winter.

What a Family Day Rob and I had spent together.  The key in that phrase is "together", and that we were, Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard"

Sunday 16 February 2014

One More Out Of The Way !

I did really well last night.  I woke up at my usual 3:00, and made myself stay put in bed until I could no longer stand it getting up at 5:00 am.  I truly was feeling like I didn't want to lift a finger or do one dang thing today, but ....

Laundry had to be done, cheap hydro rates on the weekends you know?  Aussies needed my attention, and of course my husband is home all day most usually on Sundays, and then there are appointments that are even made on Sundays now a days .... really????  Yes, really.

I had an appointment at the GBHS-Owen Sound Hospital today at 1:00 pm.  This was great as I was hoping to see my friend, Toni with an "i" too, as she just had knee replacement surgery this past week, actually last Monday.

I had messaged Toni and it was agreed we would meet up at the Tim Hortons by the Hospital for a wee visit before my appointment.  Toni's daughter was going out to get a few groceries, so Toni thought it would be a good idea to go along for the ride to get herself some fresh air.  You know how cabin fever sets in after a week of being cooped up, right?

We headed down the highway ....

... a snowy one I might add, and met up with my friend, Toni with an "i" at the appointed meeting place.  Nevada took a back seat, Rob headed over to Canadian Tire, and Toni and I had our wee visit along with a cuppa tea together.  It was nice. 

You know the old saying, "too much, too soon"? don't you?  Well after I had gotten home I had messaged Toni again to find out the little outing was exactly that for her ... too much, too soon.  But really that is what happens when Cabin Fever sets in.  *smile*  Get better much sooner then later, friend.

Rob did drop me off to my Cat Scan appointment I had for my sinuses.  It took all of 5 minutes to have it done, however he had dropped me off early for my appointment and I hadn't been taken in until 15 minutes after 1:00 pm.  Good thing I had my iphone with me to keep me amused.  One more test out of the way.

While we were in the City, we took advantage of stopping into the Walmart and Food Basics  for a few things, as well as some fresh fruit and veggies.  The produce is much cheaper then here in town at our local Foodland store, so I stock up as I LOVE my fruit and veggies.

We were both hungry before leaving Owen Sound, so took advantage of the $3.00 six inch subs at Subway.  It hit the spot before we headed back home, which we never arrived to until almost 4 pm.  We were pooped by the time we got everything put away and the Aussies taken care of.

Dinner was made not too much later.  The Schnitzel, mashed potatoes and brussel sprouts most certainly hit the spot.

Today was my and Rob's weigh in day.  Rob lost .2 lbs.  I stayed the same, but lost more inches off my waist, stomach and breasts.  Why oh why won't it come off my "child bearing" hips first, I will never know, or my Masterson butt !  It is just the way I am I suppose.  I am still happy with my endeavours this past week towards my goal.

Elizabeth send me some photos of the kids this afternoon.  All five of them, with my Son, Paul, making six.

It was pretty intense as Paul was showing everyone a Corvette racing with a plane.  Check out those faces and that concentration will you ... quite oblivious to anything else around them I would think?

Bandit is quite a busy boy every night when I sit down to do my blog post, by bringing me every toy he has in the house ....

.... more intensity.

That was my day such as it was.  Oh dang I just remember Rob brought up the load of laundry from the washer that still needs hung on the Wooden Clothes Racks.  Is there any rest for oh "wicked me"? Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard.
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