Tuesday 27 October 2015

Nineteen Years Plus

Yesterday marked 19 years from the day when Rob & I married.  It has been nineteen years plus, as we have been also been together 21 years now.  Wowsers ! time flies does it not?  The best wishes we had received on Facebook were overwhelming and very thoughtful from all who took us a moment to congratulate us on our day.

Happy Anniversary to the Best Friend I have been married to for the past 19 years, and loved for 21 years, and you know friends do have their up, downs & disagreements, do you not?

We have been going to the Mandarin Restaurant usually ever year in Barrie for our Anniversary.  We were fortunate enough to be able to go again yesterday.

We usually leave mid-morning so we can take our time and stop here and there along the way.  We stopped at the Home Furniture Centre in Collingwood, then at at Fernwood Farm & Market just before Staynor.

We always have a bit of fun wherever we stop.

The Farm had these very very scary pumpkins .... ewwww.

Once we arrived in Barrie we stopped into PetSmart, as we had Portia along with us, headed over to Costco, and ended up where we always go to Dinner at the Mandarin.

This was not all of ours, as we had picked up a few things for a couple of friends at Costco as well.  Good thing we have a van.  

Prime Rib Beef with all the trimmings? yes this was at the Mandarin, and yes Rob had some Chinese food after he finished off his Canadian plate of food.

By the time we arrived home we were both all in but for our shirt tails, so much so I can't remember watching the end of my favourite show, The Voice.  We were tired ! Rob more so as he had been called out in the middle of the night the night before.

Today? it was back to work for Rob, and I headed over to an appointment with the Nerve Specialist, Dr. Meikle, in Owen Sound.  Results? my nerves are not damaged in my hands, legs and feet.  His comment was, "fibromyalgia is a nuisance".  Yes if I could only "plug in" to some people to really show them exactly how much of a nuisance it is.  These tests just eliminated, once again, what I do not have.

I might have bad nerves at time, however they are not the ones inside my hands, legs and feet, only my brain.  *sigh*

I was really happy this afternoon, as my old walking partner, Sharon & I, reconnected and got out for a really nice walk.  I love walking with Sharon as we always have something to chat about and the walking goes fairly quickly.  She is pretty flexible so that really suits my at time hectic or "down days" just perfectly.  I am one happy camper we have reconnected !

Rob had to get up on our barn roof to repair some metal this afternoon before our metal roof blows off this winter.  Needless to say he is hurting from that excursion.  At least we now won't loose the roof from high winds, and yes we get pretty high winds out in the open where we are.

We are to get the backlash of Hurricane Patricia tomorrow and Thursday with high winds and rain. Sometimes these warnings are short lived if the storm has blown itself out by the time it reaches this far North.  We can always hope for this to happen.

Tonight is another episode of The "Voice", and I am hoping I do not miss one bit of the hour it is on, Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard.

Sunday 25 October 2015

A Fun Weekend

Our Children, Paul & Elizabeth, along with the grandchildren, Josh, Chloe, Aiden, Briar and Connor, arrived yesterday afternoon, and we all had a fun weekend !

We had a great Rib dinner that I had ready for them, then a pretty laid back evening before bedtime.

This morning began with Rob out the door by 7 am, the Aussies looked after, Josh still in bed, the four youngest in my and Poppa's bed, and the two oldest on the couch trying to ignore me.

A breakfast of bagels and a fruit tray was had while waiting for Poppa to return home from taxi runs/  Everyone kind of did their own thing this morning until lunch time. After lunch we all headed out together to Sauble Falls.

As soon as we arrived the two youngest, Briar and Connor wanted Grandma to take their pictures while they laid back and posed.

The Falls is beautiful, however the water levels are really low at this time.  I can remember being just a bit older then Josh when I used to swim below the falls just below where he is sitting in this photo.

We were trying to get a Family photo .... after many many shots this one was in the running as one of the picks.

Not only the younger kids were having fun, as the older ones were making the most of having a bit themselves. 

After we left Sauble Falls we headed down nearby Rankin River Road.  This is one of my most favourite roads to drive down this time of Year.  Any picture of it appears to be an oil painting you could almost step into .... judge for yourself.

Hopefully others see the beauty that I see ....

More fun while Poppa looks upon it all from not too far away.

More family photos.

Yes it was not only a fun weekend, it was another memorable one.  The nice part was I had all the youngest kids, Chloe, Briar and Connor, drive along with me, and Poppa had to drive the big ones, Paul, Liz, Josh and Aiden, with him.  I am sure I had MORE fun then Rob with my crew.

They all packed up and headed out around 2 pm.  We tidied up a bit then headed off to Owen Sound, as Rob was returning the 50" RCA TV to Walmart that he had purchased Thursday as the sound was very tinny and awful.

We ended up spending a bit more money by purchasing a Samsung 58" SMART TV at Leons for less then a 50" would have cost us.  We have been told by more then one salesperson they only last 7 to 8 years in this "throw away" World we now live in, but I have my fingers crossed we at least get 10 years out of it at the cost of them now a days.

Surprisingly I had thought I would be wrung right out and tired to the bone, and I am holding up pretty good.  Think I will head off to relax in my bedroom to put my feet up and watch my "little" TV, while leaving Rob in the livingroom to watch his "BIG" TV, Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard.

Friday 23 October 2015

On The Brink Of ...

On the brink of disaster it was around here yesterday.  I am happy it all got sorted out so I am still around to tell about it.

Rob woke up, on the couch, calling back to me, "why did you shut off my TV".  Me, "I am still in bed, how could I turn your TV off".

As it was his $50.00 40" TV he bought about 3 or 4 years ago decided it was time to leave this World of electronics and whatnot.  That spelled DISASTER for me and anyone else in his way, as really the whole bottom of Rob's World fell out from under him, leaving him with only a remote.

As it was he had to go to work, so this helped take his mind off his HUGE PROBLEM for the time being.  Then when he came home after a couple of calls he was further distracted by the Roofers arriving to do the front of our roof.

Thank God we got the front of our roof done when we did on Thursday, as there had been two sheets under the shingle beginning to rot, which could have meant more disaster this upcoming Winter or Spring for us.  Rob had done the backside of the roof six years ago as it took more of a beating being in full Southern exposure.  

Another big job off our "to do" list.

When I had been out and about yesterday I been driving by one of my girlfriend's favourite spots, which just happens to be one of mine as well.

I know my friend has spent many many times with her thoughts overlooking this spot on Krib's Road .... a perfect peaceful place to be with one's thoughts.

Back to the end of Rob's World .... which as it so happens didn't even last 12 hours.  Late afternoon Rob had been on a call over to Owen Sound, so he asked me to meet up with him there so we could go ..... yep, "TV" shopping.

We ended up at Walmart, as they had the cheapest prices, and got a 50" RCA TV.  I am pleased to report my husband is a very very very happy content man once again with a spanking new TV in front of him along with a new remote control in hand.

Thank goodness, as I don't think I could live with him beyond 12 hours without a TV !!!!

Our children are coming up tomorrow with the grandkids (7 in total) for the day and the night.  Can I say, "busy"? as that is exactly what we will be.  I can't wait until they arrive !

We had a recent update about Portia's One & Only pup, now named, Eddie, from his Forever Family.

Along with this newest photo we received, we also learned that Eddie is completely potty trained in the house to go outside now.  Yes our Checkerboard Aussies Australian Shepherd dogs are pretty smart babies.

Lots more on our Aussies can be found by *clicking* HERE.

Tuesday evening when I had been out for Dinner, I had offered to take along a dessert.  I really didn't feel like baking anything and had came across a Greek Yogurt dessert that I changed up a bit.

These are what I had came up with ... Greek Almond Parfaits, I will call them.

Method:  Voortman Almond Krunch Cookies, crumbled, Vanilla Greek Yogurt, Almond slivers (from the top of the cookies) and fresh fruit.  Layer accordingly and you have a creamy very "yummy" refreshing dessert.

Nice to have two for two in a post with two "almost" disasters and tow very "pleasant" delights.  On that note I think I will begin to get myself rested up for an impending very busy day ahead tomorrow, Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard.

Monday 19 October 2015

Southampton Luncheon

Yesterday I had to drive over to Owen Sound, who, along with Meaford, had gotten slammed with snow Sunday morning.  The first photo was the backway from Wiarton heading to Owen Sound, the 2nd photo was the Owen Sound Hospital, and this was late afternoon after most had melted away from the Sun !  Ohhhh I am so not ready for Winter, are you?

Yesterday when I had been speaking with my Auntie Gladys we were trying to figure out when we could get together this week as she had some photos for me, not to mention we had not seen each other for some time.  When I got up this morning I decided we would just do it and get together for a Southampton Luncheon.  

Before meeting up with Auntie I had time to go to my girlfriend Brenda's for a quick tea.  Thanks for the chat up girlfriend xoxoxo.

Aunitie and I had decided we would go to the South Stables Coffee House.  I had never been there since it has been a coffee shop, however spent many many many hours there when growing up in Southampton as I had been a trail guide with the horses way back when. I had been bucked off, fell on and kicked by many a horse back in the day with lots of memories from that stable !  who would have thunk it would be a Coffee House way off into the future?

Auntie Gladys and I both had the Quiche and Salad.  While very good I thought it was a very price dish at $14.00 a plate, however I guess that is what you pay for lunch at a Coffee House in a Stable now a days?

This is only one of 3 photos Auntie had brought along for me.  This was the Hepworth Softball Team in 1939, who had won Bruce North Trophy.   My father, my Uncle Jack and their Cousin are all in this photo, as well as Jack Downs of Downs Funeral Home in Hepworth.

My Dad would have been 18 years old in this photo !  that would have been 3 years before he was with my Mother.

Handsome bunch aren't they?  Baseball was a HUGE thing back in the day.

Thanks Auntie Gladys ! I am happy we got together today, and sorry you are going to miss the Bazzar at Gateway Haven tomorrow.

While I had been gone today Rob got our new wood stove hooked up.  Hopefully it will be as mighty as it is small this upcoming Winter.  We had to purchase a new one which is more efficient.  So far Rob is very happy with it considering 2 logs were still going strong after only 4 hours, hopefully it does it job well.

Dinner tonight? leftover turkey.  First plate was Rob's, second plate was mine.

This afternoon I went along for the ride while Rob made a delivery to Owen Sound.  When we returned to Wiarton we did our duty and voted.

Another cute "Cobber" video posted HERE.

I have to sign off real quick here, as my Internet keeps going in and out.  It is also thundering and lightning out up in the skies of darkness, Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard.

Saturday 17 October 2015

Puppies Gone Away ...

Puppies gone away and daddy says, "yay, yay, yay"!  Hahahaha ... I am imitating what Rob just said to me.

Today? today was not a very productive day whatsoever, however I did manage to stuff and roast a Turkey for my dear husband.  He thoroughly enjoyed his Dinner this evening.

I am having a very difficult time, only being day 1 too boot, not eating any carbs.  I missed having toast for breakfast, or a sandwich for lunch, and really? NO POTATOES or DRESSING for Dinner! that was the worse (although I did cheat putting the dressing way by stuffing a bit, or maybe more then a bit, into my mouth ...oh so good).

A Low Carb Diet is going to be very very difficult for me, so I sure hope I have the strength.  If I don't stick to it I will probably end up back in emergency getting pain shots, so I best give it my best shot.

This afternoon our little Red Merle female left with her Forever Home on her way to Sudbury.  Our little Red Tri female will be leaving shortly as her new Forever Home Human will be picking her up within the next 1/2 hour.

Poor little Cobber, the Blue Merle male, will be all alone until he is collected on the 26th.  Guess he will be used to being by himself with no siblings before the week it up.

Lots more photos and another video posted today which can be viewed by *clicking* HERE.

Little Miss Jasey, as in Casey but with a "J", will soon be picked up, so I best be turning on the outside light for her new family as it is pitch black out there.

Oh yes, was anyone else happy with that skiff of snow we received this morning? sure glad we got only a skiff, as from the photos I seen Meaford got dumped on with ploughs even out on the roads !!!

That is all she wrote this day, Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard.

Friday 16 October 2015

Returning To A Pattern?

Yesterday afternoon I was hoping it was not the beginning of returning to a pattern I had been in last Year, being a trip approximately every two weeks to the emergency room of the Wiarton Hospital.

Dr. Uffen was the attending physician.  We are quite familiar with each other, as he was the attending physician most of my trips in last year.  You almost could say "know" each other, and besides that I like Dr. Uffen, just would like to see him in other environments then in the Emergency Room.

Dr. Uffen has put in another request (as he had put in the very first request a year ago) to the specialist who had looked after my pancreas this past Spring.  He suspects the same problem then is reoccurring now.

As far as the nasty nasty very constant profuse sweating I have been having when I brought that up, he asked me how old I was, with a smile on his face, with my answer being, "I thought I was over that last Winter !!!"

When leaving the Emergency Room, Dr. Uffen had said to me, "you are welcome back here any time".  I am thinking I should take that as a very caring compliment?   Thank you Dr. Uffen.

Geesh, this past 2 years has been crappy and I just can't seem to catch a break anywhere, but I know there has to be one around a corner somewhere.

I am to go on a no/low carb diet, which I will also cut out the caffeine again, as I did last year.  I had lots of fruit, yogurt, and a plate of scrambled eggs today.  Still feeling like a bloated whale since I have put on 40 lbs the past 1 1/2 years due to medication and life changes, I am hoping I loose some weight through all this pain and agony.

Yes I do frequently tell myself I am sick of being sick and tired, and I want my life back as it was two years ago.  I PRAY for my life to be the way it was two years ago !!!

On a puppy note, our black tri female, Sophie, was picked up last night while I was still in the hospital.  Rob took care of all the last time puppy details with her.

Daily posts and even a new video has been posted today on the Checkerboard Aussies' Facebook page.  Should you like to view, just *click* HERE

It is only 7* Celsius here, and  even colder with the wind chill.  Am I ready for this yet? nope, as we do not even have the Gazebo closed up, never mind our vehicles undercoated, or snow tires on the Taxis !  Time and energy is two very lucrative commodities, are they not?

I just took this photo about 6 pm today.  Really? does that sky spell out "SNOW" to you??  I am hoping not, but that is what the big guys who predict the forecast say we are getting.  The nice part about it is knowing it won't stay long if at all this round .... phew !

At the beginning of Summer when I began hanging out our laundry on the clothesline I noticed our Obusforme mattress pad was coming apart quit a bit.  I never thought any more of it until this past week when I stripped the bed and hung everything out.

I decided to contact Obusforme, who in turn gave me the contact information for the company who actually makes that type of pad for Sears, with the Obusforme name on it.  As it so happens I still had my Sears receipt for the pad from when I purchased it 1 1/2 years ago.  The price tag had been $74.99, which is a good chunk of change.

After sending the company off photographs and a copy of the receipt, they emailed me back for my address as they are reimbursing me the amount of the pad.  It does pay off sometimes to hold onto those receipts !  a special folder tucked away maybe, and purged every couple of years?

For this day this is all she wrote, Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard.

Wednesday 14 October 2015

Whenever I Can

I have decided I am going to journal my days whenever I can and when I am feeling up to it, not because I feel I "have" to.  Some days the "fatigue" and "not feeling" good just gets the best of me and I do not want to put myself in a position where I "feel bad" because I didn't do one less thing more in any particular day.

I was watching an episode of Love It or List It today wherein there had been a house that was quite cluttered, which made me feel a bit better that I am not alone in my clutter.  I hate clutter and being out of sort, but it is what it is right now and I am not feeling capable or able to change it up at this time in my life, as much as my brain would like to my body is not cooperating as such.

I seem to tackle one minute item when I find myself in so much discomfort as I begin sweating buckets, which also happens when I am doing absolutely nothing (no thinking it is not menopause related this time around, however will be a question I will be asking).  Eating has also been causing me some anguish beginning a couple of weeks ago  Certain foods cause severe pains, once again, in the pancreas area and abdomen.  As I have said before I had thought once my gall bladder had been removed last September, and the duct into my pancreas widened this past Spring, these problems would cease.  Apparently not so ..... *sigh*.

Hopefully there will be some good come out of a bit of this with a bit of weight loss, since I put on way too much weight the past year caused somewhat by various medications my Doctor has been trying me on, to no avail.  The amount of weight gain in itself has really gotten me down, especially since I have never really ever had a weight problem all my life, even though there have been times I had thought so, I now know different.

Last night I attended a Chamber Meeting as I was AWOL from a couple previous ones.  I almost had felt I was going to miss last evenings as the stomach pain was getting to the point I thought I was going to be making another trip to emergency, but really I would like to not repeat last year by making a trip every two weeks.  Once I got out I began feeling a bit better with the pain passing after taking some medications for my stomach.

Not to be completely sorrowful about my present situation I still find myself from time to time appreciating one of my favourite seasons of the year, this being Fall ....

Colpoy's Bay with the escarpment dressed up in Fall rehearsal before the impending arrival of Winter. The last photo on top of the North Hill overlooking downtown Wiarton.

Yes I do love Fall ....

I have found myself not making plans anymore as I once used to as if I cannot follow through with a particular plan I find myself upset.  I am finding it a bit easier to eliminate the plan making.  What I still do not find easy is living my life as it is, and not how it was well over a year ago.

I have an appointment in November at the Western Hospital in Toronto, which I am hoping will shed further light on what my body is going through and I can get some answers, with more hopes of going forward of claiming my life back as I once knew it to be not to very long ago.  This would make me happy.

To be quite honest at this point I do not know if I am more fearful of the appointment or driving into the heart of Toronto and back out ..... the older I get, a few accidents later, my sense of adventure has waned.

Should you be going through something in your own life, do not let anyone make you feel bad about it no matter how small or big your illness may be, it is still YOUR illness, it is affecting YOUR life, and you are the one living YOUR life.  Nobody can take away how YOU feel.

I am very fortunate to have a husband who supports me and tries to be as helpful in his own way as he can.  Many do not have the luxury of such a gracious understanding partner in lifek (even though we have, like anyone else, those "moments", right Honey?).

Goals?  I have given up on any big goals, and try now for very very small daily goals, one which might only to get a sinkful of dishes done, and the bed made.  Today there was a bonus of getting a load of laundry done, and Rob was good enough to hang that on the line for me.

I am also grateful to have family and friends who check in on how I am feeling.  Even though I might say the same thing day in and day out about how I am feeling, they always seem to have an open ear, and that makes me feel "special" to be cared about so much.

Thank you for all those "open" non-judgemental ears, and all that LOVE  !

The Fantastic Four puppies will all been gone off to their FOREVER NEW HOMES by this upcoming Sunday.  It makes me happy to know they all have good homes, and makes all the work worth it.  Even though this litter I haven't "felt" it as rewarding as others, I am still very passionate about my Aussies, and will be taking a break from any thoughts (hopefully) of an new litters anytime soon, waiting until late next Spring when hopefully my health issues are on the mend.

There is usually something Aussiesome going on over at The Checkerboard Aussie's Facebook Page if you so desire to *click* HERE.

This is all she wrote this day, Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard.

Monday 12 October 2015

Happy Thanksgiving Day 2015

Wouldn't this be nice?  even thought I know I slip daily on this I do know I do try my very best.

Yesterday we had headed South, early in the morning, towards Paul and Liz's for Thanksgiving Dinner.  It had also be Liz's Birthday.

Rob and I first stopped in at Costco for a few things, in particular a pumpkin pie.  We could not believe the HUGE pie we had gotten for $5.99!  We arrived at the kids about 10 am, as dinner was going to be served around 1 pm.

Yes everyone was "wireless" while waiting for Thanksgiving Dinner was being prepared, even Papa.

Mercedes had been very happy to see us, and her kitten, Larry, (who happens to be a girl) was very entertaining the whole time we had been there.

After Dinner we had pie and whipped cream.  The birthday girl was being attacked by her husband with the threat of whipped cream not on her pie.

Rob and I had arrived back home by 5 pm, both very full and very tired.  By the time we had done the dogs, and I had cleaned out the puppies, fed and watered them we had both been "done like dinner".

Today it was back to reality ....

Something on one of our vans needed fixing, and the lawn needed cutting, hopefully only one more time but who knows with all the rain they are calling for this upcoming week?

Rob and I went for a little drive up to Lion's Head mid-afternoon, and I could not find my camera to take along, but then were call to do a call to Owen Sound so that had been short lived.

I suppose after this very beautiful day we had the reality will shortly be setting in that Summer really is over, Autumn is almost done, and Winter is only around the corner, yes?

I am showered and all ready waiting for 8 pm to come along so we can watch the next episode of The Voice, Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard.

Saturday 10 October 2015

Chilly Nice Day

Even though the Sun was high up in the sky this day I still found it to be a chilly nice day.  I do not know if I am prepared to be climatized for this upcoming Winter Season, and would truly prefer not to be at all

Yes I am grateful to have been born and raised in Ontario, however I would have been more grateful if I could skip snow on the highway and road ways.  Couldn't you?

Here it is Thanksgiving Weekend upon us already.  Thanksgiving Day is actually Monday, however people must celebrate with family and friends when they are able throughout the weekend, whether it be Saturday, Sunday or Monday.  When are you having your Thanksgiving celebration?

One more week with the Fantastic 4 pups with the last little Red Tri girlie leaving for her new home Sunday.  They are at the age where they are into EVERYTHING and really ON THE MOVE.  Four are busy enough, can't believe we managed the 8 last year, but paper clean up is paper cleanup no matter double the number I suppose.

I received these photos from my Daughter-in-law this morning of our grandchildren.  Aiden cooked everyone pancakes this morning for breakfast all by himself ! this is the same age when I had started teaching his Father to cook.   

Connor, Chloe, friend and Briar all had a feast by the look of it.

I wasn't feeling the best again today, however I did manage to get two loads of laundry out on the line today as along with the Sun it had been breezy enough to dry despite the coolness of the day.

This time around I had pulled off the mattress pad to wash.  This pad is barely 1 1/2 years old and it began falling apart months ago.  Should this be expected so early? as anyone knows mattress pads are not that cheap to purchase, especially an Obus Forme.

How could I forget ! we had a Bell Canada technician out again today (we had one out for 1/2 a day on Thursday).  He was here ALL morning !!!  fixing our Internet.  He finally figured out what was going on and adjusted it at their end.  Very very frustrating the past week, especially after having just bought another new laptop a week ago.

Hopefully this fix will last longer then 12 hours.  What I do have to say both technicians I had out were very nice young gentleman, and both also had taken their boots off at the door without having to be asked.  Some Mother had brought them up right I would think.

Tomorrow is suppose to be another lovely day, but even warmer with a High of 19*C, so whoever is going to be enjoying their Thanksgiving celebrations with family or friends, enjoy !

This evening for our dinner I made a Meatloaf which we hadn't had for a very long time.  It had been quite yummy with leftovers for meatloaf sandwiches.

This is all she wrote this day, Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard.

Friday 9 October 2015

Checkerboard Aussie Busy

I have been kept busy but nothing else but Checkerboard Aussie busy the past couple of days....

Every litter we have had from day one we have made a trip, when they are old enough of course, up to the Gateway Nursing Home in Wiarton, where my Mother now resides.

We first began this when Mother was attending the Day Away Program, then still when Mom was a resident at the Nursing Home.  The most recent two litters we have added also going to see the children there at the Wiarton Nursery School.  We pretty much need to schedule at least a two hour visit with all the visits and people stopping us along the way.  Who can resist seeing a puppy????

Yesterday our first adventure out with two of our Checkerboard Aussie puppies was to the Gateway Nursing Home Day Away Program.

Not only did the participants of the Day Away Program love the puppies we had visited with so had the staff members.  Wanda, photographed in the first picture, is the proud owner of Izzie of our Festive 5 2014 litter ... very tempting to have another when cuddling another little one. 
(photos taken with permission of residents or their families).

Before we had headed into the Day Away Program rooms, we stopped in to see the Nursery School children at the Wiarton & District Co-operative Nursery School.  Lots of very curious little faces looking at little furry faces.

After both stops we then headed down the hallway with intentions of going to see my Mother up on the 3rd floor.  It just happened it was Bingo this day so along with my Mother there had been another full room to have the puppies passed around in.

Mother was thrilled to see one of our new puppies, always loving to see each and every one we bring up to see her.  It really has been long overdue since we have had Bandit in to visit, so must put that on my agenda before the snow falls.

We tried to leave after the Bingo Crowd, however we never made it past all the office staff, as you can tell they had Maya kept very busy.

With the annual Nursing Home visit over with Thursday, today we headed South down to Mildmay to our Vets at the Mildmay Veterinary Clinic.  Lots of attention from the staff and Vet when we arrived there !  Portia's puppy, Eddie, was collected their by his Forever Family.

Lots of photos of our day at the vets can be found by going to the Checkerboard Aussie's Facebook page, just by *clicking* HERE.  How could anyone resist those too cute faces ???

Yes it has been very Checkerboard Aussie busy the past two days, and I am pretty much ready to call it a day soon, Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard.

Tuesday 6 October 2015

Thank YOU Honey !

As most usual, I didn't have the greatest night waking up to not feeling the best.  Before I managed to get up and going Rob had let all the dogs out for me, fed and cleaned the puppies out.

Thank YOU honey !  you must have known how much I had needed that this morning, and I so appreciate you doing what you do for me.

I had an awful morning, however by the time mid-afternoon had came along I finally began feeling better.  I kept pushing myself to go, and maybe going this day helped somewhat.

I most certainly know these little guys sure kept me busy after the lunch hour by the time I cleaned them all out, fed, watered them and gathered them all back up.

At one point when I was coming back in the front door I discovered this guy there.  I am relieved to know someone was praying for me this day, as God knows I needed it.

I had a small boneless pork loin thawed out and put it in the Romertopf with veggies for our Dinner this evening. Yes it turned out very very good with no complaints from either Rob nor myself.  More on Romertopf by *clicking* HERE.

I am sure Rob is happy I have started cooking a little bit again? yes Rob?

One thing I need to learn.  
I am beginning to learn this however have been very slow at it.  It will come, and truly I have been learning to say, "NO", even though it has been very difficult at times.

The Voice is on this evening.  All the judges have chosen their teams and now the battles of elimination begin, I believe tonight.  The talent is amazing and I so enjoy this show, as I really am not one to watch too much TV.

This is all she wrote this day, Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard.

Monday 5 October 2015

What A Surprise !

All my chores done this morning and I get a phone call from my Son, Paul-James.  He wanted to know what I was doing today? well I was doing what I do every day, "always something".

What a surprise ! as he said, "I am coming up to spend the day with you, Mom".  This was the first ever since he has been out on his own at 18 years old.

Paul arrived just after 10 am..

We had a great day together, first going out for lunch, coming home to hang together and watch some TV, and then late afternoon we headed on up with a Tim Horton's coffee and donut to visit Grandma, who also was surprised.

Mom had also been happy I had brought her watch back with a new battery in it.  She had sure missed her watch as she had to watch for when the other lady left to go down for meals to know when to go herself.  Meal time will be punctual by her own watch once again.

Dinnertime had been easy, as we had ordered Pizza.  Rob was being his usual "funny" self.
Boy oh boy it had been some time since the 3 of us had been around the dinner table together, and really it felt pretty nice.

Not too long after dinner my boy packed up some things I had for him to take home, and headed down the road.  I will see them all after Thanksgiving, hopefully going down on Halloween.

He said, "NO photos Mom", but he knows Mom ALWAYS takes photos.

I have all the puppy chores done, with only the adults to be out and back in yet for the night, then it is time to settle in front of the TV for when The Voice comes on at 8 pm.

For this day this is all she wrote, Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard.

Sunday 4 October 2015

Disappointment In Products

Mornings are always very busy first with the Aussies, and more so with puppies.  Some mornings can be quite poopier then others actually.  This morning was no different.

What was different about this morning? for the 2nd time I went to pick up my brand new laptop of ONLY 10 days old it would not come on.  There was power going to it however the screen would not come up.  Just what I did not need was a trip into Staples over in Owen Sound.

Rob had some call this morning and we headed on over about 11 am.

The Customer Service guy did everything I had done, and yes it did not work any more then it had for me. What I did learn there is only 14 days store exchange or refunds on electronics.  Four more days and I would have been without a laptop as it would have been shipped off to HP to be repaired or replaced under the 1 Year Manufacturers Warranty.  I certainly would have been less happier about that.

As it went we ended up getting a refund then choosing a bit higher end Laptop of a $200 difference, with an extended warranty (I am not going to be stuck with my pants down on this new investment after this experience).  Oh yes, not only was more time and gas spent going to return the dysfunctional laptop, but more time was spent setting up the new one once back home ... *sigh*

Bottom line I have a very high disappointment in products now a days, or should I say maybe in the last 20 years products have gone downhill with quality assurance being a thing of the past !!!

More disappointment? this time with more health issues.  I thought after having the surgery to open the duct into my Pancreas this past Spring it would be the end of my woes.  This is not to be.  I can no longer eat, as of the past week or so without having severe pains again.  Hopefully they will not get as bad I will require a trip to the Emergency department for more shots of morphine.

I am waiting to hear back from my Doctor's office with a referral to another specialist in either Toronto or London.  Hopefully it won't be a 1/2 to a year wait once I do hear back.

Still it is difficult not to enjoy a meal knowing I will suffer afterwards, and this evenings meal of leftover chicken was really good.

Easy Peasy to cut up leftover chicken, heating up in a favourite BBQ sauce and serving over a bun, with a couple of sides of veggies.

I keep hearing we are to expect some nasty weather as a result of the Hurricane way down South, but have yet to see anything in our local forecasts.  I must be searching the wrong weather forecasts?

I am hoping I am not feeling too bad this upcoming week as I have so much to do and lots and lots of housework needing done.

Reading this on Facebook this morning had given me a chuckle:

Just found my Cleaning Fairy dead under my bed.

She was strangled to death by the Dust Bunnies.

Hmmm I had been wondering where she had gotten to for some time now, Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard.

Saturday 3 October 2015

4TH Annual Southampton Girl's Luncheon

I was up by 6:30 to do my Aussie duties, included five puppies all before I even had a coffee.  Rob helped me out by taking our Buddy out and getting wood to stoke up the wood stove.  It was friggin cold again with an East Wind !!!

I started to get a few dishes washed when I got called out, not returning until 10 am.  By the time I got the dishes done, and ready it was 10:30 and time to head over to my Hometown of Southampton.

Today we were having our 4th Annual Southampton Girl's luncheon at the Walker House.

I made it down there a bit early so I filled my car up with gas, dropped up to Harrington's to drop around $5.00 I owed for a draw ticket at the Paisley Market, then headed back to the Walker House.

We had a really good turnout again for lunch as there were 11 of us, including me.  We had it the previous three years in the month of June, however this year I had been too busy with our son's wedding, hence the lateness this year.  Next Year we will try for June again, always before the kids get out of school and people begin going on holidays.

Thanks to our waitress we got ourselves a pretty nice photo ....

Fran Indoe, Debbie Bates, Monique Jacobs, Tami Middleton, Martha Greig, Lori Greig, myself, Donna Greig, Sandra Bates, Sheree Mercer and Kathy Mercer.  I always go with the "maiden" names as that is how I know everyone.

A little bit of catching up with some, information for others and a few laughs are mostly what our lunches consist of, and off course we all love a wee bit of gossip from time to time.

We pretty much had met at 11:30 am, and didn't finish up until two & a half hours later.  Thank goodness we got there early as the place had been packed !  I never heard any complaints about anyone's lunches, so I would assume they had all been good.

When I did arrive back home it was more Aussie duties all over again, a quick trip into town to pick up a few things at the grocery store, and that was pretty much the afternoon gone.  Oh yes I also managed to make our bed in there somewhere.

Last night I was freezing.  Rob's solution was telling me to have a hot bath and go to bed.  Some solution that was as I was freezing when I got out of bed this morning.  Trust me that was not happening today as the wood stove is going and will NOT be shut off as long as the temps remain below 7*C !!!

Oh yes I also called the Roofer this morning who had stopped in yesterday to give us a quote on our roof.  Rob had done the back 6 years ago, however this year the North side needs done.  He had given us a reasonable quote so we went with his rather then a cheaper previous quote we had received.  The one we accepted will be using a better quality shingle, and we were more impressed with his more business like nature.

We will wait to hear back and as long as the weather cooperates we will have our North side roof shingled in no time.  *Sigh* another big ticket item off the list.

It is going to be an early night for this girl.  Cold weather wears one out, does it not?

Tomorrow? hopefully finishing up the Crabby Cabbie bookwork and getting some housework done, Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard.

Friday 2 October 2015

Getting Ready

Today was a busy day all around.  It was doing the billing for me as well as a ton of other things, and for Rob it was getting ready for Winter.

Rob had friends, Steve & Mike come over to help him as his poor back can't afford to do it anymore.  They most certainly made a huge dint in the pile with leaving barely anything unpiled in the enclosure.

Bandit joined on in with being the working dog he is, as you can most certainly tell.

I am so cold right now I am hoping someone would think about turning on the wood stove.  Tomorrow it will definitely be going on, or the next day, whichever day it rains as there is no way I am going to be cold and damp.  I will be fine once I get under the really warm duvet.

I haven't been really cooking much for some time now, but dug my heels in today to try out the clay baker my girlfriend's Mom gave me.  Thanks Shannon.

The chicken fit perfectly in the Romertopf Clay Baker, and turned out very moist.  Rob doesn't care much for chicken, however did enjoy tonight's dinner.

More on the Romertopf Clay Baker by *clicking* HERE.

*Sigh* it has not only been COLD, it is dark by 8 pm now.  I am not looking forward to the time falling behind on the 1st of November.

Time to call it a night, Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard.
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