Wednesday 30 April 2014

What Is There To Stress About ?

I was up my usual early times 12:30, 2:30 and finally the last at 6:00 am.  I had to be out the door by 7:30 am as Rob was dropping off over to the Owen Sound Hospital for 8:15 registration then over to my appointment for the Stress Test I was having today.

What causes my Blood Pressure to rise, other then normal every day living?

NEEDLES !  I absolutely hate needles... truly I was not impressed as that was the first thing to take place before anything.

I first was put under a machine for 20 minutes which took photos of my Heart.  After that I had a hour to put in before I was hooked up prior to seeing Dr. Shelig and doing the Treadmill.

I put the time in down in the Hospital's library and Lounge rather then stay in the waiting room staring at the radiation signage.

Once I returned to meet Dr Shelig, he asked me a few questions then took my blood pressure, which was excellent at 120/80, considering my being a bit nervous about the whole ordeal.  The Treadmill? that didn't take me long to get up to the targeted heart rate, so much so that I hadn't even broke out into a sweat, however my asthma was not the best.  Once I had finished with the treadmill my blood pressure was taken again at 200/100, which the Doctor said was very good and usual when one exercises.

I am happy I started doing my treadmill more or less at home before this day !

I was then sent off to put in some more time before I had to go back to have my Heart photographed again, since it should have been at its "peak" resulting from the injection they had given me.

All in all I was there from 8:00 am until 1:00 pm and truly it went pretty good.

Should I not hear back from the Doctor in 10 days time, that will indicate that all with my Heart is good.  I have a gut feeling my Heart is good regardless.

After Rob picked me up we had to head down to Saugeen Shores for our Crabby Cabbie 2014 Taxi License Renewal.  We also made a quick stop into the Canadian Tire for an item on sale that I had wanted.

Dinner tonight was a quick Egg & Cheese on a toasted English Muffin.  The 4 pc carrier I got at Canadian Tire will be great for Cold or Hot dishes when I head out some where and have to take something along.  Regular Price $32.99.  Sale Price $12.99.  I was  happy.

I am tired, as today was busy again.  It is now 6:00 pm, and I have to get ready to be out the door to a meeting at 7:00 pm yet tonight.

What is there to stress about? probably a bit of this and some of that, but I try not too much as I have to keep living Life, Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard.

Tuesday 29 April 2014

Stressing Over A Test

Today? what have I done today?  Honestly not much other then recuperate from yesterday's trip.  Again such a day takes me out for a day or two afterwards.

All I managed to do was make a trip downtown, make the bed, do some dishes, a bit of paperwork and vacuum a wee bit..  Nothing that I could warrant saying "look at what I got done today" that is for sure..

My highlights of the day ....

... get a brand new Thomas Cookware Dutch Oven from saved Foodland Stamps, having our very first BBQ dinner, enjoying all the love I get from our Aussies, and watching the puppies "on the move" for endless minutes (after each got a cuddling from me).

Cindy's Recipe Exchange on Facebook reached a Milestone today of having 500 Group Members !  that is an amazing number for a group that started as fun and love of cooking/baking 3 years ago.  Thanks to all who have helped make the exchange grow.

Today I also did 20 minutes on the treadmill, after first eating 3 packages of Cadbury Mini Eggs.  How awful was that !!!  I could not help myself, even though I felt my butt expand once I had consumed all three bags.  *shaking head*.

Also I made a list of medications I take, which I am happy to report is a very small list from what it used to be.  Why make a list of meds? cause I am heading over to Owen Sound Hospital tomorrow for a "Stress Test".  Why would I be going for a stress test? well way back in late November when I had a Gall bladder attack and Rob took me to the hospital they determined my heart had been irregular at the time... so this is probably just a precautionary testing to ensure everything is okay (or so I am assuming it is).

Truly the past week I have been stressing over having this Stress Testing done.  Oh I wish it was over with.  Rob is concerned with me having it that it will send my Fibro into a whammy, and my asthma into a tail spin.  Yes I have been stressing over a test.

Before I know it I will be sitting here tomorrow night typing all about how bad it was not.  But it still doesn't keep me thinking about when my Cousin Vi went and they immediately hospitalized her, then sent her home after some days with a monitor on.  Geeze I don't have time for that to happen to me, I have Aussies, puppies and a Crabby Cabbie to look after !!!

I have to be over to the hospital by 8:15, and  they told me the testing would be 5-7 hours ... good grief !

I do not sleep at the best of times, really do I think it will be much better this evening, Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard.

Monday 28 April 2014

A Quick There & Back

Okay if that dang, dang, triple dang Mr. Insomnia guy doesn't bug off real soon I am going to bring in the "big guns" soon, once I figure out what "big guns" will work.  Not my usual 2:30 am wide awake last night, it was a 12:30 am wide awake the whole of the wee hours of the morning.

What possibly could make being wide awake most of the night? having to make a 2 1/2 hour trip down to the City and back home again this day.  Once Rob had made his morning calls, him and I headed out by 10:00 pm to Kitchener, only returning around about 5:00 am.

Once again there was no time to visit with our Son, Paul, nor either of our sisters.  Even worse I didn't even have time to make a trip out to Costco to get more puppy food, as Rob had only picked up 2 bags on his last trip down to the City, which will not be enough.

Why did we have to make a quick trip to the City?  Rob had to replace his very first Crabby Cabbie Taxi, "OLD BLUE" after almost 3 years coming up this August.

We first had to go to our mechanics where the vehicle was Rob had purchased a week before, as it had been left there to have the Safety done on it, then we had to go up to the MTO office to have the paperwork and plates registered on it.  There had been a very long line-up at the MTO office, however it went surprisingly very quickly.

Once down with the paperwork we had a quick lunch at the conveniently located Harvey's Restaurant in the same plaza.  Not the healthiest but at that point we had both needed something to sustain us.  On the way back to pick up the "new to us" vehicle, we also took advantage of Weston's Bakery being on the way, where we picked up some bread at a very good price, as well as a few other items.

Seven hours later we made it back home to where there were four very happy Aussies waiting to greet us.

In with the "NEW BLUE ", on the left, who is 2 years newer & an LX model, not a Sports as Old Blue was, & out with "OLD BLUE", who did us very proud with just over 400,000 km on her.  A little bit of sentiments will be attached to her as she gets towed from her spot in our lane way.

Other then a quick there & back into the City, our day was otherwise uneventful.  Photos along the way? I seen a few shots I had wanted to take, however there had been no time to spare to stop to take any..... another trip.

Tonight is the night the one program I enjoy watching is on, The MasterChef Canada.  I also enjoy watching The Vikings, which wraps up this Thursday for the Season.

I am off to put my feet up and relax for the evening, as I have lots of stuff on my plate needing done tomorrow, Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard.

Sunday 27 April 2014

Winter Guck Gone

My Crabby Cabbie never arrived home until 2:30 am.  I woke up when he did and never got back to sleep.  I find it very discouraging that when it was time to get up for the day, I was ready to go into a deep sleep, however our Aussies demands were not going to allow that to happen.

So began my day ....

I was way behind on my laundry, having 2 large loads to do up today.  Never mind it was Sunday, as the Hydro was in cheap mode all day, so one has to take advantage when one can.

Rob and I also made a run into town to the bank, to collect newspapers (puppy papers needed in another week's time), and a quick trip into the Foodland store.

Speaking of Foodland I would like to thank a couple of friends, and my Auntie Gladys, who helped me fill my card with stamps so I can get the one Thomas Cookware pot I want.   Foodland was out of the pot I want, however I was told there would be more in this coming Tuesday.  Thanks everyone !!!

The Wiarton "Crabby Cabbie" van has been bugging me the past couple of months, since there has not been many opportunities to get the winter guck gone from out of it.  Neither the timing or weather cooperated.   I just decided that if I didn't get it done today it was just going to keep bugging me, so today ....

... it had been de-gucked.  I still need to take a damp cloth to wipe down some of the molding inside, but that won't take long for another day.  It was a big job vacuuming it all out, but I got 'r done, and feel much better that is is done.

I am thrilled that reports have been coming in since last night from Semah's every lasting FOREVER HOME.

Semah is such an affection boy.  I can not imagine him ever having an aggressive bone in his body, nor had we ever seen one in the 4 weeks he had been back with us, or has anyone in the in the last 24 hours he has been in his new home.  Other then crying most of the night, as he needs to get used of his new surroundings, never mind that he slept most of the 5 hour trip to his new home, he has been making two people very happy, and  I believe will continue to do so.

And now for some more puppy cuteness ...

With all their eyes open now life is getting more interesting in the whelping box.  Still available are 2 Red Tri Females & 1 Black Tri Male.  Cute, cute & more cute they are. 

Should anyone be interested in one of our "Checkerboard Aussie" puppies (sorry no Apartment dwellers, and only active homes), please contact us at and also check out their Facebook Page by going HERE.

At least today, despite being a bit on the cool side, was dry.  All our Aussies had lots of fun being out one on one with us in the Sunshine.  I love my Aussies.

I still have not fully recuperated from last week.  I am exhausted with fatigue screaming back at me, while the Fibro has been barely giving my body a break.  Should you know someone with pain, please be gentle and empathetic as it really wears a person down, this I can testify to first hand, as can my hubby with his Arthritis, as well as many more people I know personally.  Be KIND.

Truly the best thing for people with Fibro is exercise, but there are still days when the fatigue gets the upper hand.

I am going to have myself a hot shower and head into my bed no matter how early the hour.  Tomorrow brings a new day, Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard.

Saturday 26 April 2014

Prayers Answered !

I was so totally wiped after not much sleep and two events back to back Wednesday and Thursday that last night I totally "crashed" at 6 pm into bed.  I watched Kitchen Nightmares then slept.  I had dreams, but I did sleep better then I had been all week, and that is something in itself.

I had almost forgot to post about dropping in to see my Mom on Thursday.  Not only did I see my Mom, but also my BFF, Colleen, who had been there attending a program.  It had been a few years since the three of us had sat all together.  It was nice.  Mom even had asked me for Lunch with her again, but that will have to wait until maybe next week.

Last night the skies had been so dark with the Sun streaming in from the Western Skies.  It almost appeared surreal.

Back to my day at hand, I kept busy getting things tidied up here and there the best I could.  I was awaiting the arrival of the people who had committed to giving our Semah an Everlasting Forever Home.  John and Carol were driving 5 hours one way to come to collect Semah, only from what I had told them over the phone and photos they had viewed.  I was still a wee bit nervous, praying this was a perfect "match".

John & Carol were thrilled with Semah, understanding his still puppy needs.  He will be a handful for awhile, however I am very confident he has been placed in good hands.  Prayers answered !  thank you to all who sent one or two up for us.

The afternoon had slipped by that fast when spending a couple of hours with John & Carol before they left on their long drive back home.  It was all worth the time.  I will be receiving reports on Semah's progress as time goes by.  I am excited to hear how well he settles in with this devoted couple.

Rob & I are both very happy to have a new Wiarton "Crabby Cabbie" driver join forces with us.  Thanks Heather for coming "on board", we are looking forward to you rocking the Taxi Business with us here in Wiarton & Surrounding areas !

It is really nice to find someone who is honest and dependable to come on board with us.  We have already been fortunate to have our Crabby John driver "on board" with us for a Year now.  Truly we are blessed.  Having Heather come "on board" with us has been yet another prayer answered.

It has been a pretty good all round day this day.  I am looking forward to having a day to ourselves tomorrow, Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard.

Friday 25 April 2014

Gone, Gone & Gone

The previous two days I have been going pretty strong, never mind the nights preceding with barely any sleep.  It has caught up with me today.

The Beaver Dam is gone.  Ross Davidson came up from town with his backhoe and tore it out.  I am very disappointed I hadn't been over there to photograph the Beaver, its Dam or it being dismantled. Our mini lakes from our and our neighbour's property are also now gone.

These Canada Geese that were here a couple of days ago are also now "gone" since the mini lakes left.

I was sitting here typing away and wondering how long my laptop, which is now almost 2 years old is going to go before it is also gone.....

.... as you can tell all the letters on my keyboard are almost all "gone" (good thing I don't need to see the letters to know which keys are which, is it not?).

I am going to be doing a SHOUT OUT for each WDCC Business Member who has a Facebook Page in Wiarton for the next while, here and on my Facebook Page.  Please go to their link to give their page a great big LIKE in support of them being in the Community, as without Small Businesses there would be no Community.

Today's Small Business Shout-Out is for The "Cluttered Cupboard".  Please go give their page a LIKE by going HERE.

Truly I am feeling pretty gone myself, so on that note I think it would be good to leave it at that, since tomorrow is yet another busy day, Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard.

Thursday 24 April 2014

Two Events Within 24 Hours !

Last evening Rob and I arrived downtown at the Wiarton Inn.  Our Hosts were Owners Lynn & Gord Wright, where we were attending the Wiarton Chamber of Commerce Annual General Meeting & Dinner.  The Turkey Dinner prepared by the Wiarton Inn was amazing many thanks to our Hosts.

We were fortunate that Robbie Robinson of 92.5 The Dock was in attendance as our acting MC, along with Speakers, Mary Lynn Stanton of the Wiarton Willie Committee, Mayor John Close, MP Larry Miller, Alanna from The Bruce County Spruce the Bruce Program, and MPP Bill Walker.  Us Chamber Executive and Members in attendance had been a very captivated audience.
A very special presentation was headed by Wynn who is part of the WRC, a sub-committee of the Wiarton Chamber of Commerce.  The information Wynn addressed was not only interesting but also a great benefit to the future growth of Wiarton as a whole.

WDCC President, Paul Deacon, introduced all the Chamber Executives, as well as presented Past President Mel Rinehart with a plague recognizing Mel's years of volunteered service with the WDCC.  Mel has now retired his position within the WDCC.  Congratulations Mel on your Retirement !!!

There had been door prizes with each recipient of each drawing the next.  I won a lovely set of Rock Glasses with Wiarton on them.  Since I do not need anymore glasses, I gifted them to Robbie.  Everyone had fun.

Presenting the 2014 Wiarton District Chamber of Commerce Executive Members, and  dignitarties.  Sue Given, Paul Deacon, Koreen Ryan, MPP Larry Miller, Mel Rinehart, Todd Gibbons, Josie Myles, MP Bill Walker, Paul Sutter, Cindy Masterson-Roth & Mayor John Close.

We are hoping Mike Revell, Revell Real Estate, joins the executive yet this Year, also inviting anyone else in the Wiarton Business Community to come "on board".

It was a lovely evening out, and a very successful AGM & Dinner.  We are hoping next Year the numbers in attendance will be larger ..... I BELIEVE there is *Unity Creates A Strong Community*, and really we all want a STRONG Community, do we not ?

I do believe in Wiarton as a Community can grow to be stronger, and I would love to think I have been a part in its growth, as well as all the other wonderful volunteers this Community is blessed to have in it.

Today?  Another Milestone for the Community of Wiarton and surrounding communities in Bruce County.

The Rotary Club of Wiarton has been working with other service clubs in the area to install a walk-in fridge/freezer for the Peninsula Community Food Bank located at The Salvation Army Wiarton Community Church in Wiarton. There have been MANY fundraisers for this in the last few months, culminating, with a dinner and silent auction on Friday, Ocotber 4, 2013. Thanks to the support of our wonderful community we have surpassed our fundraising goal and construction began on the 13th of November 2013.  (excerpt thanks to The Rotary Club of Wiarton)

This 24th Day of April, 2014 marked the day of the Ribbon Cutting of the 

Two key figures in today's Event were Mary Miller of the Wiarton Salvation Army, who was the representing recipient of the day, and Mike Mason of The Rotary Club of Wiarton, MC & representative of participating Community Service Clubs.

The Phoenix Internet Club from the Peninsula Shores District School made a donation to the new Peninsula Food Bank facilities.  How amazing was this ? our Youth bringing more strength to the needs of their Community.

Two of the main players in making this possible for our Communities were Mike Mason of The Rotary Club of Wiarton, and Jim Howe of The Sauble Beach Lion's Club, who both put endless, selfless hours from the moment this plan had been conceived.  My personal thank you gentlemen, as your acts of selflessness has inspired me personally.

The people in attendance this day all had someway contributed to this day, with many many more who were unable to attend.  Thank you to ALL who made this day possible, as it will benefit so many more from this day forward.

It has been a busy last couple of days for me, but the rewards are amazing as anyone could tell.  Yesterday had also been a Milestone in my own personal life, as yesterday marked the 5th Year that I quit Smoking Cigarettes.  I am very proud of myself for accomplishing this feat, as it was not an easy one.  I commend anyone who has or might be in the process of quitting themselves.  Not easy, but the rewards are greater.

Life is Good.

That is all this she wrote, Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard.

Wednesday 23 April 2014

On The Move

Not the best photo, but they are on the MOVE !!!!  2 weeks old tomorrow.

Can you guess? yes it was another busy day.

Many thanks for all the Congratulations on my being nominated and selected for a South Bruce Peninsula 2014 Volunteer Award.  The support is more appreciated then you can ever imagine.  Thank you again.

I am off to the Wiarton Chamber of Commerce's Annual General Meeting & Dinner, returning thereafter home, Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard.

Tuesday 22 April 2014

Flattered Beyond Flattery

Yes my dear Rob was called back out last night at Midnight.  Yes I never got back to sleep.  Two nights running, I will be fading fast early this evening.  Such is the Life of a broad married to a Crabby Cabbie.

My day was, per usual, BUSY !

I had to head on downtown Wiarton this morning to the Bank.  I first stopped at our local Foodland to check out any "specials".  I lucked out and found some stewing beef for 30% off.  Perfect day to make Beef Stew in the Crock Pot since it was a damp, cold, rainy day.

Next stop the Wiarton Echo where I picked up some outdated piles of newspapers for when the puppies start being weaned, and I take over Mama Lexus' duties.  I also made a stop across the way to see Debby & Jim at The Berford Street Tea Room.  It being a very very long Winter I hadn't much of an opportunity to stop in for a Hello too often.  I am glad I did as I always enjoy a visit there.

Last stop on my way home, where Rob caught up to me was at my girlfriend Koreen's business, RAM Trophies & Sportswear.  We are both so busy all the time it is difficult to get in much of a real visit with each other, but like I had said, "Rob caught up to me" so it was time to head 'r home.

Back home I got going on getting the Beef Stew prepped and thrown into the Crock Pot.

I lost track of time, however sometime after lunch my old VON Volunteer girlfriend, Diane, (and I don't mean she is old, just VON was old ... ha ha ha), had called me to say she had an outfit our other old VON Volunteer girlfriend, BJ, had wanted to her to pass on to me.  I told her come on over for a cuppa tea.

My house was a disaster, per usual, as nobody comes when it is spotless.  Murphy's Law.  I never had to mind about Diane, as she is one of the most loving souls a person could ever know, and a fearless friend to have.  We had a hoot catching up a wee bit, but not long enough ever.  She was telling me BJ said they were going to call me up to come back to volunteer for VON, and Diane kept insisting how otherwise busy occupied I was to do that.  Diane had seen first hand how really busy I really am at times.

I can't wait until our next get together.  I miss those girls I did VON SMART Program with.  Truly I do.  And Diane if you are reading my blog tonight, tell BJ the sweater outfit fit perfectly & THANK YOU both.

This afternoon Rob called me to run out to do a couple of errands for him.  Whilst I was out I stopped in to Revell Real Estate to see Mike Revell, as they are property managers for our neighbours rental property.  There is a pretty big problem with a Beaver having had built a dam on that property, in turn flooding out our, and our neighbour's property.  Mike assured me he would look into getting the problem resolved as quickly as he could.

We could almost stock our fields with Trout as the water sits right now.  The Blue Heron who has returned, the Wood Ducks and the Canada Geese have not minded, or so I have been noticing.  I hope to stop over at the neighbour's tomorrow to try and capture the culprit who is responsible for all of this on my digital camera.

I finally made it back home to see Rob had retrieved a pile of mail from our Mailbox.  I sifted through it to see a Letter from The Town of Bruce Peninsula.  I thought either something to do with taxes, or our Crabby Cabbie license, so I opened it before anything else.  I started to cry a bit ....

.... I am flattered beyond flattery.  The 2014 Volunteer Awards take place May 22nd, 2014.  I will be there with bells on, along with my camera.

My Peers think I deserve such an honour and truly I am speechless for how much they obviously think of me in respect to what they think I do within our Community and as a person.  Thank you fellow Volunteers for your vote of confidence, as I am deeply appreciative for your support always.

For anyone who has followed my blog over the past three years, you might realize how passionate I am for the Community and County I reside in, Wiarton and Bruce County respectfully.  I also wish I had more time, as I would go back to my Hometown of Southampton to capture more memories of my growing up Years there, more then I have been able to.

After I relayed my joy to my two siblings who do not "do computers", I got going on getting the Crock Pot Stew thickened for Rob and I to have our Dinner.

A perfect Comfort Food Meal for such a dreary wet day.  It complimented the warming heat from the Wood Stove this day.


Today has been a pretty good day all around, even though I never got but one shelf dusted off, and I was told I wasn't to be blaming my friend Diane.  Guess I will blame my Crabby Crabbie for those errands I had to do for him.

Oh yes, I also have a friend flying over the Pond to Wales this evening.  I heard she would be bringing presents back.  I am so excited .... ha ha ha.

That is all she wrote, Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard.  

Monday 21 April 2014

No Time

The phone rang about midnight last night.  Rob had been called out only to return a half hour later as it had been cancelled.  Rob went back to sleep.  Me? I have been awake since.  It has been a long day.

I had to go out first thing this morning.  The Van would not turn over.  The other Van available to me looked like this ....

Rob had been working on it this past weekend.  He had set it all in the Van before it started raining.  I took it all out so I could use it, and later put it in my red wagon to pull it into the basement.

Now with the weather nicer, the pups here, the Aussies needing looked after, the house unkept, the yard work needing started, the Crabby Cabbie paperwork always lurking, and looking after my Crabby Cabbie, I am feeling there is NEVER no time.

Cuteness I promised, and cuteness I will deliver.  For your cuteness "fix", just go HERE.

You know when it is one of those days when you are so tired you barely know your name?  I was getting to that point by this afternoon, and I am really hoping I can stay awake by 8 pm to watch MasterChef Canada tonight, Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard.

Sunday 20 April 2014

Easter Blessings

What a beautiful day it was for Easter with a sky full of Sunshine.  I hope everyone enjoyed Easter with Family, or a close friend.  We had been invited to Dinner by my Auntie Gladys, however with barely one day off and so much to do we regretfully had to decline her generous invitation.  

This is the sweet Red Tri Boy who was adopted by another wonderful Forever Home just yesterday.  Another 6 weeks and he will be joining them.  His name is "Ace".

I managed to get a few minor chores done in the house today, however figured anything further could wait for a another day, as I wanted to take advantage of Rob and I both being home together, along with the Sunshine, to get some outdoor things done.  Trust me the outdoor chore list is as long, if not longer, then the indoor list.

The bit of raking I had started yesterday was cleaned up and thrown on the burn pile.  There is still evidence of the hard Winter we have now hopefully behind us, with much more out in our Bush.  The furry thing floating around in the pond? that would be one of many moles who had a wonderful time burrowing through our lawn and gardens all Winter long.  He was the one who was not so lucky to make it to Spring.

The one thing I did want to get accomplished today, if nothing else, was the outside dog, run immediately off our basement from the walkout, cleaned.  Rob was hard at work giving me a hand, or I should say actually getting the bulk of it done himself.  I want to make sure when the puppies are being weaned in two more weeks we are prepared with a place for them outside in good weather.

Bandit? you think he was worked like a dog around here, would you not? by that tuckered out look on his face.

For those who follow my blog on a regular basis, know we had one of our Fab 4 pups from last year's 2013 litter returned to us, either to keep or to re-home.  With so much on our own plates with already our four awesome Aussies, and a new litter of pups, we decided it was for the best to find a Forever Home for our Semah.  On yesterday's post I had asked for prayers to be sent up on Semah and my behalf.  I had no sooner hit the "post" button on my blog when a text came in.  

The family who will be giving one of our pups from this recent Extraordinary Eight litter a Forever Home, had said her Step Father & Mother might be interested in giving Semah a Forever Home.  I had a lengthy discussion with gentlemen this morning, who said they would think about it and let me know either way on Tuesday of this week, but could I send him off some more photos today when we had Semah out for a run.

These are some of the photos of Semah  "off Leash" with Rob that I had sent off.

Sometime after the photos had been sent off, I received a phone call from the couple that they would definitely like to give Semah a Forever Home.  I could barely speak to them at first as I welled up with tears (as I am doing right now typing about this).  You see I didn't want Semah to go to just any home, I wanted him to go to a home where he would get lots of love, attention and be taught obedience to make him flourish as a proud Australian Shepherd that he is now and what he will be when at his full potential.  This was all promised to me by this couple.  They will be arriving this next Saturday all the way from Windsor to pick this handsome boy up.  Six weeks later, their daughter and her family will be making the same trip to pickup her new boy.

I will be trying to find time to do a post this week over on the Checkerboard Aussies Blog, so stay tuned for some cuteness coming your way.

I am ever so grateful for anyone that took time out of their own lives to say a "prayer" for us.  Thank YOU.

Everyone at our house was outside at some point with us doing yard chores to enjoy the Springlike weather we had this Blessed Easter day.  A fine bunch are they not? or we like to think they are.

After a very busy day, I got off easy with our Dinner by throwing together an Omelet.  Leftover ham is great to have around.  Tomorrow might bring a Best Ever Quiche to our Dinner table.

Rob is resting his back.  I am going to finish up here to have a little rest myself before it is time to take our Aussies out & about for their last run of the day, Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard.

Saturday 19 April 2014

Sleeping Standing Up

No I did not fall asleep standing up, but there were points today where I most certainly felt I could be sleeping standing up.  Yawn !!!

This morning was humdrum with changing up the bedding fresh, doing laundry and all the Aussie chores.  I did start raking at the side of the house, and just know I am going to be paying for that throughout the night.  That was only the smallest dint possible in what really needs done.

I also had a lady and her son who travelled up from Newmarket this morning to pick out a puppy.  Lovely people who I am very pleased  they will be getting one of our pups.  The Mother had wanted the Black Tri Male, however the Son wanted the Red Tri Male.  The Mother gave her son the choice.  In 7 weeks they will be taking home a gorgeous Red Tri Male 8 week old Australian Shepherd pup.  Needless to say they are both very excited.

I also had a phone call from a lovely young lady from down Port Stanley way.  She had been following The Checkerboard Aussies, Australian Shepherd Dog Facebook Page for the past 2 Years.  She told me how much she admired how I pictured my dogs and how much I tried to place our pups in the best Forever Homes I could possibly imagine.  I have to admit I was quite flattered, as YES I really do care where our pups go and like to see their progress in their lives as they grow.  This same girls is now on top of the list for our next litter of pups.

This afternoon I decided I would like to go out for a walk since the Sun was high in the sky, even though it was on the cool side.  I got bundled up and invited my neighbour to go along.  Not much walking got done, as it ended up more like browsing in and out of the shops in downtown Wiarton.  Still it was an outing regardless of not getting in the walk I had planned on having.

I would like to get back to my walking routine I had going two years ago, however now having 2 extra dogs and a husband with a Business I am not finding it the easiest thing to get back to.  I am not giving up as it is something not only I need to do, it is something I want to do, especially after my behaviour today.

My behaviour one might wonder?  I feel like a total glutton.  I think I ate everything that came in my way this day.  Alas the 4 pounds I lost in February is all back on, maybe with an extra pound or two after today.

Another stress on my mind is the search for a Forever Home for Semah.  Semah had been returned to us by what I had thought was his Forever Home when he went there as a pup.  Alas puppies grow to be big dogs that need a daily commitment and lots of attention firm and loving.  I can not STRESS enough to potential puppy buyers the Pros & Cons of having a puppy come into their lives, also asking each person do research on the active life of an Australian Shepherd Dog.

Last Sunday when we went to meet a couple who thought they might be interested, I actually started crying when speaking to the woman about Semah.  My heart breaks that I can not give him the home he deserves right now, and pray one comes for him soon.  This same couple had good hearts, but in reality their age and  health prevented them from having Semah.  Another couple who had shown interest, who had never owned a dog before.  I called them and told them a puppy would be much better for their home for their first experience with dog ownership.  That same lady took the time out of her life the next day to message and thank me for my candor and honesty.  They went to a shelter and found a lovely calm dog that day for their first time family dog.

Semah is a typical 1 year old Aussie Shepherd Male, who needs someone to be the Alpha with a firm hand and loving attitude.  This pup does not have a mean bone in his body, with not one show of aggressiveness in the 3 weeks he has been with us.  The only thing I see Semah needs is attention and a firm hand to take him to the level of becoming the dog he was meant to be.  I continue my quest to find him such a home.

The Checkerboard Aussies, Australian Shepherd Dogs have three (3) beautiful puppies still available for Forever Homes (no apartment dwellers need apply).

Should anyone have time to send up an extra prayer, or two, Semah and I sure could use a couple here and there right now, which would not go unappreciated by either one of us.

Tomorrow is a new page to be turned with hopes that I have will power to get back on track with proper eating habits, and more inquirys for our handsome Semah, which I could easily find myself naming Sam.

I have gotten all the laundry caught up, the bed made fresh, so I am hoping tomorrow I will be able to get a bit more raking down outside, and the bathroom cleaned inside, Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard.

Friday 18 April 2014

Good Friday 2014

 Happy Easter Weekend to all with hopes it is spent with Family, or Good Friends.

My day began at 1:00 am.  I could not get back to sleep no matter what as the pain was almost unbearable.  By 5:00 a Sinus headache had set in.  Silly me took two Sinus Med pills as I could not take it any longer, but those wiped me right out for most of my morning.  I finally got motivated around 10:00 pm or so.

Murphy's Law when I have so much to get done.  Go figure.

I started some laundry, after the bed was made and the dishes done.  This muddy season is never ending work.  I could wash my floors every hour on the hour, but that just does not happen so the majority of the time I have paw prints going throughout the house from our Bandit boy.  The entranceway I could not take any longer, after wiping it up after every in and out was not cutting it.

Before & After.  How long will it stay this way? give it a day maybe?

Rob took advantage of the phone not ringing to do some puttering around with the Crabby Cabbie vehicles.  The Sun was out but the breeze had still been very cool.

I love technology !!! even though I don't get to see the Grandchildren this Easter I got to see their happy faces and what they had been up to.  Thanks Elizabeth !!! xx

An Easter Hunt was in "full swing" by the looks of these photos I received by text today.  Lots of fun.  Now will they be worn out with all the fresh air they had today or too sweetened up by all the goodies?

I had sat down for a bit after the Lunch Hour, and must of drifted off for a few minutes.  What woke me up? my drool running from the edge of my mouth ... ewww so not cool !!!  There are days I just have to laugh at myself, and truly why not?

Mid-afternoon Rob got a call out.  I decided I wanted to spend some time with him, so the housework stayed undone and I got some quality time with my husband.

We headed on down to Southampton.  The ice is starting to break up out on Lake Huron, much more then Sauble Beach on Wednesday.  I cheated today on my Healthy eating.   Rob order each of us a Easter Donut from Tim Hortons.  Very pretty, but honestly with the donut and its filling it was way too sweet for my liking.  We reached our destination in Owen Sound where we seen the Orange Helicopter there at the Hospital (sadly not a good day for someone).

On the way back into Wiarton we stopped at the Video Store to rent a movie for tonight.  Rob picked out for me the New Release, August: Osage County with Meryl Streep (who I love) and Julia Roberts.  I am looking forward to watching it tonight if I am able to stay awake for the whole movie.

Here is the trailer for the Movie:

When we got back home I got the potatoes & cabbage cooked to go along with the Ham I had in the Crock Pot earlier.  We each had our favourite mustard to go on the Ham.

Dinner wasn't fancy, but it hit the spot.  Desert? nope did not make and good thing after having that donut !

I still have Dinner dishes to do, a hot shower yet to have and a Movie I want to stay awake for this evening, Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard.

Thursday 17 April 2014

Exhaustion Catching Up

I am totally exhausted today.  It seems like all I have done is run here, run there and run everywhere.  I still have dishes in the sink that need doing, a load of laundry in the washing machine that requires my attention, but if nothing else my bed is made !!!!

I had to help my dear Rob out with a few things, as well as sort out some puppy dealings.  All of this plus more took some time sorting out.  I also had to get some Crabby Cabbie insurance changes done, meet up with a prospective new part-time employee, and make a few phone calls.

My day has not been very productive at all, or shall I say not the way I wanted it to be productive.  I certainly have not been sitting on my butt at home all day long doing nothing if that is a better explanation.

Five minutes ago I just got off the phone with my online banking help line, who helped me with a transfer of money I was receiving for a puppy.  These phone calls take time ... more time then we might want to spare, especially once the first 15 minutes is spent on Security Questions (which is not a bad thing).

I am not only feeling a bit on the overwhelmed side, but also very burned out lately.

Also I have been going to a Chiropractor for over 17 visits now, and my pain has not decreased.  My Fibro feels like it has overtaken my life today to extremes where I just wanted to go to bed to try and rid myself of both the pain and the fatigue.  I feel selfish some days feeling that way, as I know so many others have Life so much worse on so many levels, but when we own our own pain(s) sometimes it is hard to see past it at times.  Unfortunately there was no time to go to bed.

I think exhaustion is catching up with both myself and Rob.

Since today had been such a long day for both myself and Rob, I decided maybe a treat of a Deli Rotisserie Chicken, Taters & Salad would be a nice change up for us.

Looks good, doesn't it?  Wrong ... it was undercooked, chewy and undercooked pink on the inside.  What a disappointment.  I took it back, never bothering getting another one as the "moment" had somewhat passed.

I am pretty sure Rob had been disappointed I had not brought home a replacement.

Tomorrow is good Friday with me thinking the two of us would have a whole day off together.  This thought was soon to be shattered when Rob told me he had a Client to take somewhere in the morning.  *Sigh* some day some where we will have a whole one or two day off.

Looking for something to do on a Good Friday?  Dejong Acres Farm is having their Annual Good Friday Open House.  For further details & times please go HERE or HERE.

I am really tired.  It is difficult to think to overly positive when tired sometimes, and really is just better to call it a day and go to bed.  I am off to let all our Aussies out (soon to include 8 puppies), and call it a night here, Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard.

Wednesday 16 April 2014

A Little Bit Of A Break

It was freezing in our house this morning when I woke up around 5 am.  I absolutely REFUSED to get out of bed until Rob got up first (as it is always me getting up first) to start the Wood Stove & warm it up a bit before I got up.  Thank goodness he did, and by the time I did get up at 6 it had only been 16* C in here, and -10 outside.  Brrrr .... 

Barely up and moving, but dressed, the phone rang at 6:30 am.  My brother Allan called to see if I would like for him to pick me up to go for coffee.  I told him "sure, as I had until 8:00 am to spare".  I rushed to get the dogs out, about and fed before he arrived.

We headed downtown to Tim Hortons.  After we got settled with our beverages, I put in a call to our Sister, Donna, as it was her Birthday today.  It was kind of nice we both got to greet her at the same time, something most unusual.  After the Birthday phone call, Allan and I caught up a wee bit with our lives, and about Mom.  It had been some time since we had been together, so it was kind of nice, and a little bit of a  break from my normal routine.

Here is Allan just pulling out of our parking spot.  The German Shepherd? that is Gator who always goes along on the ride with Al.  Dog people we always have been, can you tell?

I was busy running around most of the morning after Allan dropped me back at home.  I finally got back home again after 11:00.  Once I had a bite to eat I had to do some Crabby Cabbie phone calls and a bit of paperwork before heading out after 2:15 pm to meet up with our driver before my Chiropractor appt. in Sauble Beach.

I had picked up my neighbour for her to go along on the ride with me to my appt. and back.  We took a brief trip down to the beach to see how Lake Huron was in respect of the ice.

Finally there was a bit of sand showing this week.  The Lake? I think it will be awhile before the ice breaks up.  The Gift Bowl? think the roof will need repairing before they re-open on the 1st of May this Year.  The last remnants of Winter linger on, and on, and on....

I didn't home, again, until after 4:00 pm, by that time it was time to think about Dinner.  I had a Pork Tenderloin out, and leftover Brown Rice, so what better to make then Mustard-Maple Pork Tenderloin with Vegetable Fried Rice.

Of course when I had Dinner on the go Rob got 2 calls to go out.  I managed to hold everything over for us to finally sit down to eat at 6:40 pm.

This Pork Tenderloin Recipe is never a disappointment, and Fried Rice? who can pass that up.


Should you be interested in any of my recipes, along with photos, please check out my Facebook Page, Foods Simply Made North of Wiarton, bygoing HERE.

I had a problem with a Trojan Virus sending emails out from my Email Account.  Why can people not get a life instead of creating havoc on others by creating viruses?  I suppose this will always be the way of the World with these things, always someone else wanting to make others miserable.  I ran a new anti-virus program, as well as a Malware program, confident I got rid of it (I sure hope I did as I depend on my Internet for Social Networking and Business).

I have had lots of suspicious emails from family and friends in the past as such, but have learned to delete them over the Years.  I have been "caught" a couple of times throughout the years as I am sure most people have.

On that note, I think I will call it a night here, as I am pretty certain tomorrow will be bringing another busy day for me, Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard.
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