Thursday 1 November 2018

Things Do Happen In Threes

The past few months my mind has been twirling about what I wanted to blog about, however of course as the time passed those thoughts have been long gone from my mind.  However should they resurface I will be putting them in writing when they do (or should I say printing maybe).

There were once three little pigs that went wee wee wee all the way home …. well let me tell you Tuesday I was wee wee weeing all the way home.  I had been shopping at a couple of stores in Owen Sound.  After leaving the last store I got in my car, shrugged off my coat (as when you are a woman who is menopausal you learn to layer clothing quite well), and noticed I had LOST MY ENGAGEMENT RING !!!  I called Rob, and yes I had begun to cry.  Yes I have called both stores giving them the information and my phone number, just in case it is found.  I am still feeling ill about it, however after losing the weight I have I should have gotten my rings resized, so what does one do? nothing but learn by the experience.  As the old saying goes, "don't cry over spilt milk" even though I had spilled a few tears.

This same day began with waking up to Bentley's crate full of poop …. our boy had gotten what Mazda & Buddy had earlier in the month for 24 hours, the runs & throwing up.  Not only did that have to be cleaned up (darn it all it was 6 am so I had myself a coffee before I tackled the dirty chore ahead of me).  I also had to give our poor boy a bath.  I gave Bentley 3 tblsp. of pumpkin which takes care of the diarrhea quite nicely making me one happy girl.

One thing I learned after bathing Bentley is the Burt's Bees Puppy Shampoo is awesome.... so awesome it is when I had my shower afterwards I, not realizing until I had done it, I had used the same shampoo to wash my own hair with.  Moral of this story?  Burt's Bee Puppy shampoo makes your hair smooth, soft, & even silky.  I would highly recommend it *smile*.

Now that was two things wasn't it, and we all know things do happen in three's.  I will keep everyone updated when number three comes along, and hopefully it is not one that will make me "wee wee wee all the way home" once again.  After I get that over with I will begin looking forward to three good things to happen !

November 1st has rolled around today, along with the Time of Use Hydro rates changing to their Winter Rate Schedule.  I am very mindful of keeping our Hydro costs down the best I can be.  For those who need to refresh their knowledge of the Winter rates here is the schedule:


This afternoon I am off to a Healthy Weight presentation downtown at the Green House.  The Green House is a local drop-in for persons with a Mental Illness(es).  Last week I went to a Creative Writing event which I really enjoyed.  These are the first two I have attended, and I will be checking their monthly calendar for any future events I might enjoy.  Something relaxing and not too demanding is what I experienced attending the Creative Writing.  Interested in learning more about the Green House, just *click* on their highlighted name here GREEN HOUSE.

I am certain I could go on and on, however I don't want to make myself feel pressured to spend too much time on blogging just yet.  Now I have restarted I am thinking it won't be too long before I will be back at it as I had been before Mental Illness had the most control over my life then I did at the time.

For today? this is all she wrote, Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard.

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