Friday 30 November 2012

Goodbye November 2012

.... it was nice knowing you while you were here with us.  December is just around the corner from us now hopefully with lots of fun and surprises with it.

It doesn't seem to long ago it had been October.  October was when I had decided to get back on the "Band Wagon" with healthy eating and daily exercise.  How have I been doing with that?  I might ask myself that very same question.  In my opinion I really haven't been giving it my very very best efforts, but then again in my own defense I haven't been feeling the best for the past few months either.

On a "high" note though I had wrote down the stats on the 12th of October, and did a re-check today (it being the last day of November and everything you know).

October 12th vs November 30th 2012

Wgt.  152 lbs.    150 lbs.

Hips   42"           42"
Wst    33"           31"
Stch   40"           38"  (that is short for stomach)
Brsts  36"           36"  (no change here; have you priced out a new bra lately???)

However "tardy" I have been in my goals, I have still been making an effort to the best of my ability ... translation "when I fell off the said, Bandwagon, I got myself back on instead of doing on a downhill spiral".  Never give up !!!  as it will always be worth it when you get where you want to be, both physically and mentally, or this is how I have formed my opinion on it.

Onward further into the day I go ... however uneventful it has been.

I had my usual weekly trip "North of the Checkerboard" scheduled with the Good Doctor.  Rob had to cancel his appointment last week as he had been getting his new employee up and running at that time with The "Crabby Cabbie".  Since he needed to get "on board" with another appointment I offered to give mine up to him this morning.  Off we went up to Lion's Head ....

"Honestly I could NOT be this calm if I knew I was going to be having a huge needle stuck in my backside !!!  Not too much fazes my Rob this is a known fact for those who know him well.  Ha !"

Lucky guy as it just so happened after I got the backside shot the batteries in my camera "gave up the Ghost" ... hahahaha.

It was funny as we were driving up to the Doctors and back we were kibitzing back and forth, as we usually do with each other, when I mentioned to him he must miss me as he has nobody to bug when he is out working all those hours.  Yeppers, he did have to admit there was a bunch of truth to that statement.  Then again when we were in Dr. Loney's office I am sure he got a couple "funnies" in at the Good Doctor's expense.

Rob and I do have fun, most times when we are together.  I do find I get lonely more often the naught with the long hours he has to put in, but that is the "name of the game" when you have your own business.  Thank God I have our "Checkerboard Aussies" or I really would be "beyond lonely" at times, now wouldn't I be !

I had been pretty excited late yesterday afternoon when I had found out Austin Graphics in Port Elgin (and Owen Sound) had their Cook Books available for pickup, as way back months ago I had submitted two recipes to them.  Each Cook Book is $5.00 with all proceeds going to the Owen Sound Salvation Army.  I had sent my "Crabby Cabbie" in to get one for me.  When the lady realized he was my husband and found out my name, she had said I receive a "free" copy for entering my recipe selections.  Whoohooo !!!

"We now have 2 copies of the 1st Annual Austin Graphic Cookbooks with Recipes submitted by Saugeen Shores and surrounding area residents.  Rob gave them the $5.00 donation for a second copy."

Drop on in at Austin Graphics Owen Sound or Port Elgin to receive your own copy of their Cook Book for a $5.00 donation going to a good cause, while copies are available.

On the way up to the Good Doctor's this morning, I had taken along my copy to leaf through.  I am not disappointed as there are some pretty good recipes I am "itching" to try out.  The second copy? stay tuned as there will be a "Give Away" for it in January over at Cindy's Recipe Exchange on Facebook.

What on Earth did I do with the rest of my day?  Not really too much of anything, as I still feel a bit of cold hanging in there so I actually took it easy today, even though there is so much to be done !

"I took advantage of the lower hydro rates after 11:00 am to do a load of coloured laundry and hang it on the Wooden Clothes Horse.  Very very seldom do I ever use the dryer.  Lots of heat coming from the Woodstove, why not being using it, is my thoughts."

I did up all my Christmas Cards (hoping I haven't forgotten anyone ... yikes) when I realized there was one more I had to send.

"I am hoping, for the mere cost of a Card and a Stamp, I will be able to a *smile* on someones face this Christmas Season with a cheery card and message sent their way."

I also got a couple more things put out in way of making it to look a "bit more like Christmas" around here.

I do love a few Christmas decorations up and around, as it gets the excitement of the approaching day churning a bit in the tummy.  Christmas butterflies, I will call them.

This here Video had been "shared" today on a friend's Facebook page.  It made me smile from "ear to ear".  I had to share it so everyone else could have a huge *smile* planted on their faces too.

Oh man that boy can move ... would love to see how he does that number in a few years from now, wouldn't you?

 Lots of heavy snow and blowing has been going outside our walls here today.  I just heard not too long ago it was drifting and there was "black ice" on the roads.  I will be calling my "Crabby Cabbie" to make sure he know this.  I have been victim to "black ice" and I still haven't wholly recovered from the fear of Winter driving since.

I am off to brave the blowing snow and cold, as my "Checkerboard Aussies" will be needing me veru soon, "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard"

Thursday 29 November 2012

DUH ! I Forgot The "D"

This morning got underway as most mornings around here, but not without a cup of Java first.  Who can function at the best of times without their morning Java? not this gal, and that is the truth.  Those "Cobwebs" need dusting off the old brain somehow and caffeine seems to assist with that some days more then others.

Just last night my sister, Donna, and I got to talking about exercise, diet, health and all those good things in life that keep us  well oiled and ticking.  We got on to the subject about how I had seemed to have less Fibromyalgia flareups two years ago then I have been having for the past few months.  For some reason something was "triggered" in my tired old brain and the lights came on !!!

Way back how many months ago now, too many I am afraid to admit, my Good Doctor had taken blood from me to find out I had a deficiency in Vitamin D, advising me I should be taking Vitamin D all Year round, not just in the Winter months.

One of the differences two Years ago from now is I was to the best of my knowledge faithfully taking Vitamin D on a daily basis.  Oh my, I can't remember when that went off to the wayside, but I am wondering if this has been part of my, more then often, cause of the Fibro flareups.  For some reason, I might be able to bet, by not taking Vitamin D it has contributed to most certainly some of it .... let's see what does Vitamin "D" do for us?


Vitamin D has an important role in maintaining the blood concentration of calcium and phosphorus, according to The bones grow dense and strong as they are able to absorb these minerals and deposit them in bone. Other target tissues for vitamin D include the brain and nervous system, pancreas, skin, muscles, cartilage, reproductive organs and cancer cells. This suggests that vitamin D may be useful in treating many disorders, including cancer, according to "Understanding Nutrition."

And that is that giving way to the knowledge of absorbing minerals to maintain strong bones.  With the Fibro the part applicable here that I would take from it would be the other target tissues, mainly brain and nervous system, and the muscles.

Guess what?  I started taking 2000 UI of Vitamin D last night.  Exactly how much Vitamin D should a person be taking daily?  Check out the limits by *clicking* HERE.

"DUH !  I Forgot the Vitamin "D", is right and I have probably had some ill effects with having a deficiency I am thinking.  I hope in a couple of months I start seeing an improvement, time will tell now won't it?

My "Crabby Cabbie" did not have to go in first thing this morning, but that didn't mean he wasn't doing anything.  He first had to replenish our wood supply with bringing a load into our basement.  Then he took the time out to get to the driveway before it became more slush with the mild temps, or froze solid when they drop again.

"Our Leyland Tractor was dusted off and brought out of the Drive Shed to clear our the mush from our driveway.  There was still quite a bit actually be moved."

Then when those two necessities of our life were taken care of, he perched his "Crabby Cabbie" hat on top of his head and took off down the Highway to do what he does best over in the Saugeen Shores and Areas. Good man he is at times, if I would say so myself !

"Today was the day I thought I had better do inventory of what Christmas gifts I had already purchased throughout the Year, and how many more I still needed to get.  I am sad to say I am not in as good as shape as I was last Year at this time."

I think I best be checking my List twice and get out there before it is too late !  Oh man, I really don't care for shopping at the best of times .... but with Christmas only weeks away now, I really ain't relishing it one little bit !

Believe it or not going through our bedroom closet took a bit of time by the time I had sorted and decided what is going to go to who ... I was thankful though I didn't have to make all these decisions on my own.

"My faithful Reindeer, Bandit, was by my side the whole time helping me sort it all out.  Thanks Bandit, you are the best Reindeer anyone could possibly ever hope for."

"We also managed to get a little Christmas Cheer going on in our window.  This is the wreath made from plastic bags my BFF's sister gifted us two years ago.  Yes I do LOVE me some blue."

Today just happened to be another "Happy Mail" day at our house ...

"I received this awesome Christmas Card, along with a recipe, from one of the Members of Cindy's Recipe Exchange on Facebook.  I LOVE getting Christmas Cards !  Thanks Joyce !"

"I vaguely remember filling out a form for some "free" Aveeno samples a while back on Facebook.  Usually you get wee little trial samples, so you can imagine my surprise when these came in the mail today???  And fragrance free !  so much nicer for a person who suffers with allergies as I do.  Thank you Aveeno, I truly do appreciate these and will be using them daily on my poor dry skin I suffer with."

Not too often you get anything for "free" now days, is it?  I sure appreciate it when I do though.

Most of my afternoon was spend over at our oh so "wonderful" mechanics who fixed my windshield wipers that a certain husband of mine, not to mention any names, ROB !!!  turned on while they had been frozen to the windshield.  *Sigh* I really can't point fingers too harshly since I myself have done the same darn thing, with less repercussions though as they never broke when I did it  Also the Post Office and the Bank both received a visit from me today downtown Wiarton.

I must not forget my manners by sending out a huge "welcome" to the three new followers of my blog, here to join me in my daily journey and ramblings.  Thanks for being here Josie Marie of, to Tamara of What's for Dessert (who doesn't LOVE dessert?), and to Evelyn at My Turn (for Us).  It is most certainly my pleasure to meet you and have you here as well.  Thank you.

Oops before I also forget, mark you calendars for this upcoming Saturday as there is an "Open House" you just may not want to miss ....

Pssst ... I heard through the grapevine Miners' Maple Products will also be there too with some Maple Syrup goodies! 

Oh another little "tidbit" I also came to find out is that Sweet Things From Dejong Acres now have their very own Facebook page, just like the "Crabby Cabbie" does, so head on over there to give them a "high five" by giving each of their pages a big old  "LIKE"  !!!  as I know for a fact they would both LOVE you for doing so

I am weary, with also trying to keep a Cold at bay, but now with my body getting it some goodness of the much needed Vitamin "D", I will be stronger then ever before I know it, "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard".

Wednesday 28 November 2012

A SMARTIE Buffet Day

My day started pretty early per usual this morning, as most of my days.  I finally did get up out of bed just before 5:00 a.m, since I had already been up at 1:30, opting to go back and lay around until it was a half descent time to get up and moving.

There was lots to do this morning before I headed out the door just after 8:30 am.

"First thing I had to get prepared was a Hot Artichoke Dip.  Couldn't be more easier then it was, and check it "out", only 4 ingredients !"

Recipe please?  PRINTABLE RECIPE HERE.  To order Epicure Selection Products, you may contact Anita Dejong, by *Clicking* HERE.

"Once the dip was made I got going on slicing Nana Banana Bread and cutting Lemon Bars and Chinese Chews."

Before I knew it I was outside attending to some very happy go lucky "l LOVE playing in the snow" Checkerboard Aussie's needs, then it was time to load up the Van to head South on Hwy. 6 into Wiarton.

Today I actually was brave enough to lead the warm-up portion prior to going into the Aerobic Endurance component.  Stage fright was thrown into the wind and onward I went !  Once BJ took over the Aerobic Endurance portion of the class, I snuck over into the sidelines to capture a photo of our two other SMARTIE Volunteers in action .... go girls go !  I wonder if BJ as leading in some Hawaiian moves at this point?

"See I really do go out to exercise every Wednesday, as our only male participant was kind enough to oblige me by taking a photo of us SMARTIE Volunteers all together.  BJ, Andrea, "moi", and Diane (sorry Cathy couldn't be with us today).  Far right below is Stu, who I would LOVE to have do a Guest Blog for me someday, but he just doesn't know it yet ... : ) .  Thanks for the photo, Stu, as I really appreciated you doing so !"

Today was the last session of the Wiarton VON SMART exercise program until January 16th 2013.  After our session today our group had decided we would like to have a little social gathering afterwards in the way of a Pot Luck.

Once the class was over, we got to setting up the food table, buffet style, and what a buffet it was ... it was "a SMARTIE Buffet Day" !

"Homemade food in the way of a Buffet has to be some of the best food fare in the World as far as I am concerned.  Look at that spread we had !!! "

"Yes, you guessed it, this was my plate flowing over of food.  You can NOT imagine how good everything on my plate was.  Oh yes there was dessert after this I might add, but I was not going to   put out here how much of that I had on my plate !  NO WAY !  Let's just say it was a good thing I did exercise today *blush*."

"Out of everything I had on my plate, this "popped" out at me by way of presentation and taste.  Really, do you think something that "popped" out this much would go by without me hunting the person down who made it and begging for the recipe?  Absolutely not as I GOT IT !!! "

Share?  really you want me to share it?  but I haven't even got to make it myself yet.  *Sigh* really if you insist that strongly on the matter  ....

Recipe for Veggie Pizza please?  PRINTABLE RECIPE *CLICK* HERE.

There was a nice surprise today in the way of a little something from Andrea.

"Homemade Carmel Popcorn !!!  Yummy (I only tried a wee little bit then closed it back up when I had gotten back home, honest).  Thanks Andrea I LOVE it !"

No I did not get the recipe/method for the Carmel Corn, but do not fear you can be sure I will be getting from Andrea in the very near future.

"Today had been another blustery Winter Day.  Ha, I caught Bandit catching Snowflakes with his tongue sticking out."

I was really happy to have made it out this morning.  I LOVE all the girls I volunteer alongside, as well as all the participants who attend the Wiarton VON SMART Exercise program.  It is not only a healthy outing physically, it is also a healthy social outing once a week.

I was pretty pooped this afternoon.  I think it was going on to 1:00 pm by the time I did get home.  I am pretty sure I am at the beginnings of a nasty head cold coming on.  I can almost guarantee it with the tingly nasal thing having had begun yesterday.  Dang, dang, triple dang it all ... I don't have time to be more sick !!! haven't I had my share the past few weeks, months .... *sigh*, obviously not.

That old saying is more true as the day turns into night, "my head is feeling like a football" !

And "trust me" it has nothing to do with Whiskey, Gin or Six packs, or the 80's look !

I am going to call it a night here shortly.  In another hour it will be "last call" for the "Checkerboard Aussies" so I can then wrap up my day, "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard".

Tuesday 27 November 2012

A Much Better Day

"What a beautiful day it was ... is it not beautiful?"

"Today I had to get some baking done for tomorrow.  One of our favourites that brighten up a plate, and the fact how good they taste, are these Lemon Bars of my Aunties.  I usually use bottled Lemon Juice, but happened to have some "fresh" Lemons on hand so I used  "fresh" juice and zest instead."

Never mind looking light and bright on a Christmas tray, these Lemon Bars would go over any time of the Year .... "yummy", who doesn't LOVE Lemon ???  never mind how Easy Peasy as 1-2-3 they are to make !

"I had almost thrown the Lemon peel into the compost bucket then caught myself ... into the Swan on top of the Woodstove it went.  Fresh Lemon smell as it simmers away."

I had made plans with my friend, Jessica, a week or so ago to meet up for a cuppa tea together.  She was driving up to Wiarton this afternoon where we were meeting up at ....

"The Berford Street Tea Room on Wiarton's Main Street.  Not only do they serve up a variety of Teas, Light Lunches and a select variety of goodies can also be had ... all Homemade of course."

"Here Jessica and I in at the Tea Room.  What was Cookie Monster doing there with Jessica, you might ask?  Ha ... my Grandboys have outgrown him, so he is off to live at Jessica's house with her 2 Year old son, Zachery.  The photo of the Tea Cup?  I loved it as it is so pretty, but not quite as pretty as Jessica is."

After we had our time together, Jessica headed out while I stopped off at the Post Office to mail off our Christmas Cards.  That was another "check" off my List in my head.

While I was downtown Wiarton I could not help but admire the store front of Home Designs ....

"Lovely is it not?  located on Berford Street (Main Street).  If my memory serves me correctly, I believe they are open every Wednesday to Saturday."

By the time I returned home, it was time for me to get our Dinner prepared as my "Crabby Cabbie" was going to be coming home this evening with me !  Hooray !!!!

I had taken some Skinless Boneless Chicken Breast out to defrost this morning, so What's For Dinner ?

"Tonight it was Knorr's Chicken with White Wine & Cream Sauce."

"Served along with a side of Long Grain White Rice."

"It is not only a "keeper" to be added to my every growing Recipe Collection, it was also very Easy Peasy as 1-2-3 to make."

Recipe please?  Knorr What's For Dinner?  *Click* HERE.

I must admit I did not make the rice, as if I had it would have been "sticky" and/or "lumpy", not "light" and "fluffy" as it was.  Trust me my dear Rob gloated bragged about how wonderful the rice he makes is, and I heard all about it a few times tonight, as anyone who knows him can well imagine.  Ha !

I had myself "a much better day" today, as I had NO date with Mr. Insomnia last night and the Fibromyalgia flareup has seemed to subside for the time being, returning to its dull and constant state once again for the time being.  

I am looking forward to tomorrow, also looking forward to hopefully having yet another good night of sleep, as my usually waking time of 5:30 am comes early, "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard".

Monday 26 November 2012

A Winter Wonderland

Last evening brought a visitor in the way of Mr. Insomnia who stole a night away from me ... *sigh* he is not the most pleasant one I have ever had an whole evening out with, sleeping being the choice should I have had one.  I much prefer the evenings sound asleep beside my husband.

The snow was coming down steady at 3:00 when I had let out our Bandit boy .... continuing all day long, even now if I were to look outside our windows.  At times light and other times huge heavy fluffy flakes on and off all day long.

"The day became light and looking out there was "A Winter Wonderland"."

"Out at the side of the house the snow was well up to the top of my boots in most spots."

"I was happy Rob never pulled all the Sunflowers from the Garden as see how beautiful they all still are."

"Some Dill left behind still showing up through the snow making such a pretty decor within the almost barren garden."

"Just this past Friday I had picked this Rose from this ssame Bush now covered in its snowy encasement."

"Who was having the most fun?  I am pretty sure the youngest being Missy Mercedes, although there had been lots of romping in the snow by the other "Checkerboard Aussies".  They all adore Snow !"

"Late this afternoon it was coming down so heavy the Bushline could hardly be seen, although I had no problem seeing our Buddy Boy looking up at me.  What a handsome face he has, does he not?"

"Even though I was going on almost no sleep, I still needed to get some baking prepared for a Potluck this upcoming Wednesday.  Chinese Chews were the order of the day.  Oh my, I am sure I hadn't made these out of my old Purity Cookbook for at least 25 Years.  I can remember as a child the Bakery in Southampton having Chinese Chews in their counters."

"Chinese Chews are extremely easy to make ... and really good with a bit of Icing Sugar spread across the top before being cut into bars.  Yes after they had cooled a couple of bars went missing."


"I also removed the Fall Gourds, from the centerpiece, replacing them with some Christmas Decor I had picked up from the Dollar Store, along with a gold mini Christmas Tree I had found tucked away in the China Cabinet.  This Depression Glass used to hold "plastic" fruit on my Mother's Kitchen table many many Years ago ....   do you know I have noticed these same types of plastic or wooden fruits lately in the stores for sale? it is making its rounds again."

"It is days like today with low energy and lack of sleep when the batch cooking is all worth it when all I have to do is take it from the freezer to have a great meal ready for us in no time whatsoever."

Recipe please for Stuffed Green Peppers?  PRINTABLE RECIPE *CLICK* HERE.

The time is almost 8:00 pm, with four Aussies needing my undivided attention for the next half hour or so.  I will be praying there is not another all night date with Mr. Insomnia ahead of me this evening, "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard".

Sunday 25 November 2012

A Shopping Snow Day

After a long day yesterday it was nice to come home to check my email to find an attachment that made me *smile* from ear to ear.

"Here are two of my most favourite Rip Tail Snorter boys, Aiden & Connor."

It is really nice to have the technology we do that our Son, Paul, can snap a photo with his phone and send these moments off to me via email.  Not only did I get this photo yesterday, I got one from my Niece Joanne too ...

"Joanne had made a Winter Decor  for outside her house using a Pair of Skates she had purchased at the Thrift Store for $2.00, painting them "red", re-lacing them and tucking in some cute decor she had gotten from the Dollar Store.  What a great idea with a cost of way less then $10.00.  Aren't they cute and befitting of the Season?"

When I spoke to Joanne this morning, she had told me how nice they had looked with the snow fallen on them.  Just the "effect" she was going for I am sure.

I pretty much did absolutely nothing at all today in the way of what needs done around the house.  The only thing done was Rob driving us into Owen Sound as I needed to get some things at the Bulk Barn and stock up with some items from No Frills.  Lots of savings when going to the Big Box stores to stock up.  No Frills had Chocolate Chips and Marshmallows for $1.50/bag, and Maxwell House Coffee at $3.00 a jar, so those items were large savings themselves, never mind the other great saving items we had also gotten.

I had won a beautiful scarf, Handmade by the lovely Lena over at Frugal & Thankful, last Spring.  Today being the snowy cold day it was, I thought what better time to wear my new scarf.

"I had my Rob take the photos of me modeling it, can you tell?  I did hear about it as I wasn't suppose to be moving when I had .... oops."

"Off we went on our way to Owen Sound.  Our first real snowfall to actually speak of so far this Year."

First we went to the far side of Owen Sound to the Bulk Barn.  What a nice surprise we had when we were doing our shop there, as we ran in to my friend Toni, with an "i", picking up a few items for Christmas goodie baking herself.  I love running into friends I don't get to see often on a regular basis, don't you?

Next stop was the Dollar Store where I picked up all I "think" I will need to make a Wreath when a few of us gals from Cindy's Recipe Exchange get together for a Cookbook Swap next Sunday at Abby Miners' place over at Miners' Maple Products.  I am so excited for next Sunday to arrive, but not wishing the time away as I have much to do before next Sunday rolls around.

Then we hit the No Frills store coming away after spending $116.00.  Lots of things I won't have to worry about for awhile, as I took advantage of the sales to stock our pantry while there.  We don't do weekly shops in Owen Sound with Rob's work schedule, pretty much usually only an "on need basis" when we do drive over there.

Today had been "a shopping snow day" for us.

"Really we did pretty good with what we spent and what we got.  I think other then the necessities of bread and milk, or fresh veggies when required our pantry is looking really good for the Winter months ahead."

When in at the Dollar Store I had picked up these two characters for $2.00 each.  I know what I will be filling them with goodies for a certain two boys I just happen to know.

"I really lucked in as these were the only two left on the shelf.  Are they not adorable?"

By the time we got back to Wiarton, Rob and I were both tired and hungry.  We stopped in at our local Subway Store to have us each a Sub for our lunch.  We got home to get everything away, look after our Aussie needs then both passed out for a couple of hours .... both of us were "beat".

The weather has really been playing havoc on my Fibromyalgia, with me feeling like all my muscles from head to toe were going to "pop" out of my skin.  Pain wears a person down more then I would like to imagine or would ever want to have happen.  Tylenol 2 and Ibuprofen were the order of the day with rest.  I resent feeling like this, as I look around to see how much I could be doing ... *sigh* it won't go anywhere and will be always there waiting for me, this I do know.

"If nobody else likes the snow, there is never any fear that any one of our "Checkerboard Aussies" won't ... every one of them LOVE the snow, as you can tell by Miss Lexus here !"

My friend, Lynn, is part of the Wiarton Optimist Club.  Yesterday she had posted to her Facebook page that she is doing a "fundraiser" on the behalf of raising money to go towards the Basketball Court for our local children.  This is what I have posted to my Facebook page, after reading Lynn's post:

SHOUT OUT TO ALL MY "Crochet" Friends please. My friend, Lynn Wright, who is with the Wiarton Optimist Club is doing a fundraiser and is looking some people for Crochet participation! Here is Lynn's deal: 

I'd like to do a fundraiser for our Optimist club. We support a lot of youth functions in our area. We are currently working on a basketball court and should have it completed by spring. We 
have also paid to send kids who can't afford it otherwise, for them to go to a summer camp, and we put on a family fun day once a year that is absolutely free for kids to attend. I'm thinking if anyone would like to donate a granny square , lets go with 4 x 4 in size, regular worsted yarn, then I can join them all together and use it as a raffle at our next event. If anyone would like to help with this please send your square to:

Lynn Wright P.O. Box 342 Wiarton, Ontario, Canada, N0H 2T0 

Thanks so much! I would love to have them all here by the end of December so that I can get them all linked together in time for our next family day event . (crocheted squares only please).

Should any of my "Crochet" readers love to contribute to this cause, I would appreciate it, as would Lynn, and the Wiarton Optimist Club.  If you do decide to participate, could you please include a note you are a reader of my blog, as I have asked Lynn to let me know should she receive any from you out there, so we can photograph and post about how it is all coming together.  I am really very excited about this !  A couple of my Relatives have already committed themselves to a "Granny Square", as has my Sister Donna, who is going to be mailing two off to Lynn, one being on my half of course *smile*.  Thank you to all in advance to who that partake in this "Fundraiser".  I do LOVE giving back whenever I am able, as I am sure most people do.

Other then being set back more then usual today, it has been nice to have my husband home for a "whole" day, even though nothing at home got accomplished.  On that note, I think I will spend some time with him, while he relaxes a bit by watching some of his favourite TV, which would be pretty much anything but Sports (lucky me).

Tomorrow will be another day, and another day means anything that didn't get done today has a "chance" of getting done then, "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard".
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