Saturday 11 May 2013

An Early Happy Mother's Day

What a day ! starting out with gray overcast skies then turning into a beautiful Sunny day.  A perfect day to be receiving an equally perfect Bouquet ....

What a wonderful surprise to have this lovely arrangement of Spring Flowers sent to me by my youngest Son, Paul, and his "gang".  When I called to thank him, he had said, "your card will be late, Mom".  Ha ! better late then never, right?  Truly every time I look at these flowers my heart glows.

After lunch today I had to do a bit of housecleaning.  That would be puppy housecleaning by the way.

"With a towel lining the Recycling Blue Box, in went the "Everything 8" puppies.  Mama Mercedes went outside in the kennel run while I vacuumed up the loose hair and washed up any little "messes" she had not gotten around to.  Before I went out this afternoon, I was lucky enough to capture her nursing ... such a good Mama she is."

Pssst ... more cuteness can be found HERE.

Since tomorrow Rob had made previous plans for us on Mother's Day, I decided today I would go have a visit with my Mother at the Gateway Nursing Home, where she resides in Wiarton, to celebrate an early Happy Mother's Day with her.  I gathered up her card and gift, stopping on my way at the Tim Horton's Coffee shop to get us both a coffee.

We had a lovely visit, even though Mother had not slept well the night before (see who I take after in that department; truly it has to be genetic), she enjoyed her coffee and absolutely loved the gift I had taken along to her.

"Mom likes Butterflies and such fancy things, so I had been delighted when just last week I had came across this light.  Once the light is turned on the heat of it generates the cylinder inside to turn with the effect of Butterflies flitting around and around.  It could not have been more perfect."

I am really thankful that Mom is now at the home in Wiarton, as it makes it so much easier to "pop" downtown for a visit throughout the week then drive 1/2 hour one way to where she used to be.  I am certain she enjoys seeing myself or my brother more frequently as well.  She did make the statement that this had been her third Tim Horton's Coffee this week, as my brother had previously been in two other times with a coffee for her this past week.  Happy happy Mom !

On my way back home I had stopped in briefly at my friend, Koreen's Store, Ram Trophies & Sportswear (she is in the process of getting her Facebook organized so pop on by to give it a LIKE by *clicking* HERE in support of Small Business in our Communities).

I was so happy to have dropped in as I got to meet someone I had not met before, and learned about something I did not know about that has been going on in my own backyard for the past 3 years.  I met Leigh Grigg, and I might also mention he has quite the grip when giving a "handshake", who is a Sport Event Consultant with Grigg Sport Strategies right here in Wiarton.

I also learned about the Non-Profit Event, as I had said has been going on for the past 3 years, Bruce Peninsula Multisport Race taking place on the 9 & 10th of August 2013.  All proceeds go to Support "Outdoor Sport on the Bruce".  How cool is that? you can go have fun by participating in this Multisport Race knowing you are giving back to the Communities in the Bruce.  A Win Win situation for everyone is the way I see it.

Are you athletic and like having fun? check it all out at the following link:

It is also my understanding there is still openings for Volunteers for this really cool Event, so do not miss out on the opportunity of Paying Forward to your Communities Bruce Peninsula.

Another one of my highlights of the day was seeing that our Daily Votes for MY "Crabby Cabbie's" Wish to come true had risen again with only ONE more day of voting to go. 

Because of YOUR support and daily votes MY "Crabby Cabbie" Rob is now at 1078 Votes, 55 more then yesterday.  We are averaging about 40 new daily votes.  Remember you can only vote once within a 24 hour period or the vote will not take.

Many thanks to ALL our friends who have also been sharing the link to their own personal Facebook pages, what a wonderful gesture on all your parts.  Many Members of our Family and our friends, in person and online, have been showing US the most overwhelming support, I can not begin to say how much Rob and I appreciate it all.

Once again, please Vote daily for MY "Crabby Cabbie", until the 12th of May, here is the link:

As always, and forever, Thank YOU !!!  from me and my ....

Serving Saugeen Shores & Area.  
Southampton:  519-373-7700 or Port Elgin:  519-379-7700

Both Rob and I also appreciate your prayers and support in our attempt to expand our business with efforts to get it up and running in South Bruce Peninsula (Wiarton & Surrounding Area).  It is a tough go at times, without people supporting Small Business in their Community to make it all happen.  Once again, thank you.

On that note I believe I will be signing off for now while the Sun still shines, "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard".


  1. the flowers are just gorgeous. Pop by my blog tomorrow to see what I got.......


  2. Your flowers are beautiful Cindy~ Happy Mother's Day~ Lynn

  3. Thanks for posting the event info, and nice to meet you! If you end up with any form of tendinitis, I apologise... Leigh

  4. Happy Mothers Day to you!! What beautiful flowers from your boys. I know your Mom will enjoy her butterfly gift, what a cute idea

  5. The flowers are beautiful Cindy. You are such a good daughter your Mom will enjoy that beautiful light in her room I am sure for a very long time. Happy Mother's Day. B

  6. Today's the twelfth, so there we have the end of the line.

    A happy Mother's Day to you. Cherish every moment you've got with your mom.

  7. Happy Mothers' Day to you Cindy! Ours is in March so long gone....x


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