Wednesday 31 August 2011

Another Busy Day Gone To The Dogs

"So begins my day, yesterday, "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard"."

"I am truly starting to think my life has "gone to the chickens" since there was nobody else to hang with at 6:00 a.m. ..... lol."

"I am waiting and waiting, as my life unfolds further......"

"I find myself lurking around and almost giving up, until I spot her......"

".... finally driving into our driveway.   *Sigh*, my sidekick arrives.  "Hey, woman it's about time you got here, I was getting tired of lurking around in the dark !"

Ha,ha, girlfriend, Reenie arrives shortly before 7:00 a.m., and off we go down the road into the rising sun on our way to the Keady Market.....hooray !!!  I can't believe we had only see each other the week before, and still hadn't run out of things to "yak" about, so that made getting to our destination seem to go much

It was totally "awesome" arriving at the Market so early, as we got front row parking and lots of elbow room while we took in all the vendors.  We were on a mission, so up one side of the rows we went, only to go back to where we had "spotted" the best deals to make our purchases from.

"We were able to easily sashay ourselves up the main vein of the Market with much ease."

I have said before, as many others have said before me, you cannot go to the Keady Market without running into someone you know.....and who came across my lucky stars? 

"None other then my Cousin Vi, and her "wonderful" older husband, Ross."

LOL, oh I am sorry, Ross, you weren't that old in this picture yesterday, as I heard today is actually your Birthday....."Happy Birthday, old guy, I hear you are officially a "senior" today !  Go easy on all those new "discounts" you qualify for now...... also go easy on my Cousin, who is much younger then you, or so I have been told .... lol.

I also ran into, Gayle, another acquaintance from Wiarton, who I was also delighted to see out and about in my travels.

While Reenie, was occupied elsewhere, I got talking to a lady, in the barn where the small animals used to be kept, who had some aerial pictures of the Keady Market in her office that she was more then happy to show us.

"From a bird's eye view, this certainly gave us a great visual on how the Keady Market looks from up above."

As we made our way halfway back to our vehicle, we needed to stop at the Vendor who sells the really good "Italian" bread.

"This lady was a lively as a "Mexican Jumping Bean".  The life of the party she would be !  LOL, we certainly enjoyed being in her presence."

After we made a trip back to the car with our packages full of Musk Melon, Italian breads and meats, cauliflower and radishes, we made a second trip back for peaches and pickling cucumbers, before we headed back home.

"We got home and all Reenie's purchases transferred over to her vehicle, but not before I cut her some fresh dill from the garden for her to make her Garlic Dill Pickles."

I think it was just after 10:00 a.m. when we arrived back to my house.  When we got there, Darol was gone to visit his brother, who also happens to live on the other side of Colpoy's Bay in Wiarton, so Reenie came in and had a coffee with Rob, Delores, and I before she headed off back to her own home.

Just after Reenie had left, our friend, Dean, pulled in with a trailer to leave for Rob to load with hay he had purchased from us, and then Rob's cousin, Joyce, pulled in to stop by for some Zucchini I had for, it was quite the revolving door at this time, as Darol had also just returned back just before Joyce had arrived.  While we were all sitting having our coffee, another guy stopped by to see Rob, as he was looking for some type of equipment, thinking Rob might know where one could be found....

Before I knew it I was seeing Joyce out to her car, and it was almost 12:30, and we had to have Bandit and Lexus to their appointment with the Vet, which is located just over a hour away from our home....  It was a "quick" goodbye to Darol and Delores, telling them to make theirselves some lunch and call when they arrived back to their own home.  Nothing like literally running out on your Company is there?  LOL

Bandit and Lexus love going for any type of a vehicle ride.

"However it almost looks like Bandit was saying to Lexus, "I don't think they are just taking us out for a pleasure drive?"

"Oh well, we are here now, so we might as well just enjoy the scenery."

We made it to our Vet's in Mildmay just ten minutes later then our scheduled appointment, which was okay, as they didn't take us in right away anyhow.

First off came the weigh in.  I knew Lexus was starting to get to be a little pork chop, but a whopping 46 lbs., with Bandit coming in 10 lbs. heavier at 56 lbs. !  Wow, almost just like an old comfortable married couple like Rob and I, are they not?  LOL. 

They were both very well behaved, which impressed the Vet, and we all came away from the Vet's with it being a very pleasant experience.  Once we finished up with the paperwork we made our way back home.

"Bandit is giving me the, "enough with the camera already" look."

"...but he gave in and gave me one of his winning "smiles"."

*Phew* by the time we stopped in Hanover at the Canadian Tire for some floor matts for the van, in Scone at a farm for sweet corn, and for a french fry at the Hell of a Fry Chip Wagon (which I might add we didn't find to be that good, especially not as good as the Chip Wagon going into Tobermory), we didn't arrive back home to our place until 4:55.

I was pooped, my eyes were at half mask, and other then having some play time with Bandit and Lexus (separately I might add), I called it a day.  So from the lurking at the start of my day to half masked droopy eyes a the end of my day, my day still ended up "going to my dogs", who I would not give up for all the World.

Here I sit with a "brand" new day and hopefully another "adventure" awaiting for me somewhere ahead, but first I must check out what kind of weather I am going to have go along with it.


Mainly cloudy. High 24. UV index 6 or high.


Partly cloudy. Becoming cloudy after midnight with 30 percent chance of showers overnight. Low 18.

Cloudy, I can deal with on into my day I go, "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard".

Tuesday 30 August 2011

Never Going To Catch UP With Another Day Off????

Yesterday, I am sure I only made my bed, put a Roast Beef and veggies into the slow cooker, and called it a day ....  can you believe it?  a day off for me?  I can't believe it either...

LOL, I just remembered I did manage to do a load of laundry and hang it out on the clothes line, I also went on a mission in the morning with my Crabby Cabbie, arriving back home to having our company, Rob's sister, Delores, and her husband, Darol, arrive shortly thereafter.

It was nice of Delores and Darol to bring along with them all the fixings for a lunch for us all.  Almost straight after lunch, Darol and Rob were off, like two shots, down the road and on their way fishing somewhere or another, with barely a "goodbye" to either of us girls, or if they did I certainly can't remember hearing one.

Delores and I had an afternoon of catching up on children, and grandchildren, as well as a little reminiscing about past years....and I mean past years....years when Rob and herself  were children.  LOL.

Our guys finally rolled back in here, after an uneventful fishing excursion of a few Sunfish and a couple of small Rock Bass, just in time for me to get supper on the table.  I believe the slow cooker Roast Beef, baby carrots, boiled beets, new potatoes and gravy were enjoyed by everyone.  I didn't even have a "desert" made ahead !  Shame on me !!!  LOL, I think supper was filling enough without a desert to over stuff ourselves with.

After supper was done with and cleaned up, we took to the "easy" chairs in front of the TV to relax and chatter among ourselves.  I had to take some time out for Bandit and Lexus, as they were feeling a little bit left out of the loop all afternoon.  Once getting them both outside, it wasn't long before Bandit was quickly banished back inside, as Lexus had just begun her second "heat" cycle this year.  I certainly do not want to have a second "Puppy Saga" this, so I will be keeping things under "wraps" for the time being until at least the New Year rolls around....

Speaking of puppies, remember "Scout", the Red Merle female?  Well the family "Scout" adopted just sent me some new pictures today....

"Isn't she just the prettiest little girl you have ever seen???"

"....and has her new family totally wrapped around her little "paw" by the looks of things in this picture !"

Way to pick out the family that was going to spoil you the most, Scout !!!  I really can not imagine that any one of the "Magnificent Seven" did not adopt a family who are not "spoiling" them.

I called it an evening last night about 10:00 p.m., since today I was getting up early to head out to the Keady Market with my girlfriend, Reenie....but that is another story which will just have to keep until tomorrow, cause at the moment I am totally exhausted from the day I just had...especially when I find myself doing my daily blog at 6:00 p.m., instead of 6:00 a.m......what's wrong with that

I am signing off and NOT running at the moment, "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard".

Monday 29 August 2011

Catching Up, Catching Up...Not Caught Up Yet !

I don't think I will ever feel I am completely caught up with what I want to have accomplished and keep accomplished in my lifetime, I wholeheartedly believe I will require a few more lifetimes if I am ever to achieve that feeling of  being "caught" up.

Now I need to ask myself, "what am I trying to get caught up on?"  Good question, cause all it ever seems like is an never ending whirlpool of housework being incomplete...*sigh*, I give up and surrender, for the sake of not going MAD, as it will never end in this lifetime, or several more if I was so blessed to be given a "Cat's Nine Lives"....LOL.

Yesterday another little "dent" was made and my kitchen looks back to normal with just the "sticky" floor needing washed.  However the leftover remains of boiled over peach pie is gone and once more my oven is as sparkling as it will ever be, until the next time I forget to place a cookie sheet below the next pie I bake,  and the counter top is wiped clean and organized, along with the sinks disinfected and sparkling clean for the time being.

*Sigh*, something I find myself doing quite often is "sighing".  I "sigh" when I get frustrated, tired, worn out, all the exasperating sort of everyday things life brings my way...I am sure I have a *sigh* for every  *Sighing* must make me feel better, since it is almost like taking a "big" breath then releasing it..."big breath sighing", there is a new one...*sigh* I must get on with this and momentarily give up this *sighing* business for the time being.

We had a surprise visit from my Cousin Vi, and her husband, Ross, (remember the guy who lives in Port Elgin, just over the wrong side of the tracks from my hometown of Southampton, Ontario?).  They were out for a drive, and going to see their daughter, and her family, who have their boat docked at the Wiarton Marina, so thought they would stop in for a quick visit with us. 

They had not been here for some time, so Vi and I had a nice little visit, and Rob took Ross out to the back 50, to check on some logs sitting out there waiting to be chunked up and split for firewood.  After our visit, I got Vi a couple of Zucchini, beets and a sweet onion from the garden to take along home with her, and she also got to see our chickens in person (they can be so funny to watch).  Once again, since I had so much on my mind, I forgot to take pictures.....I am so slipping in this area lately!!!

Ross and Vi took their leave, and I went back to getting my kitchen in order.

Mid-afternoon Rob and I decided to drive over to Owen Sound, as the No Frills grocery store has Cook's Half Hams on for $1.00/lb., a steal of a deal, and we also needed a few other things, so off we went.  Two hours later and about $200.00 less richer, we arrived back home with our purchases.  It wasn't too bad though, as we had dog food, Aiden's Birthday gift bought, as well as a couple of more Christmas gifts purchased, plus our groceries which don't take long to tally up a bill.

Once everything was put away, I was able to return a couple of phone calls to people who had called when we were gone.  First to my brother-in-law, Cecil, then to my sister, Jeanne, then to my brother-in-law Darol, and finally to my girlfriend, Colleen.  Everyone seemed all to be fine.

Darol, and his wife, Delores, who so happens to be Rob's sister are on their way up today so Darol can go fishing.  This was a surprise, as they have not been here for at least over a year.  A surprise as Darol had a huge contract to fill this past Summer in his business of upholstery, so the surprise being that he is taking a couple of days off work !!!  Wow, good for Darol !

Once finding out they would be arriving here just before lunch time today, Rob and I scrambled, last night, to get those couple of "other" outstanding household chores I was going to do today done.  All ready to go with just the bathroom needing a good wipe down.  Supper will be easy, as I took a Roast of Beef out and that will go into the slow cooker, along with some veggies, then I will make a broccoli salad to serve as a side dish.  Supper all planned and simple.

I will be very late doing my "blog" tomorrow, as I am meeting up with my girlfriend, Reenie,  at 7:00 a.m. to head off to the Keady Market, then Bandit and Lexus have an appointment with their Veterinarian in the early afternoon, so it will be another busy day.  Too busy to get up any earlier to do my blog, unless I am not too tired to do it tonight.....*sigh* I  am thinking I will be too tired.

My friend, Diane, and I occasionally email back and forth to each other.  She is also a member of Cindy's Recipe Exchange, and had asked if I had a recipe for Chili Sauce.  It just so happened that my sister, Donna, had made up a big batch of Chili Sauce last week, so I called her for her recipe, since Rob and I are not big fans of Chili Sauce, I do not make it.  Here is my sister, Donna's "tried, tested and true" recipe for Chili Sauce:

Chili Sauce ~ Recipe compliments of my sister, Donna Robertson (Masterson)

12 cups peeled ripe tomatoes cut in 8 sections
 3 cups finely chopped celery
2 cups finely chopped onion
1/4 cup pickling salt
2 cups white vinegar
2 tbsp. mustard seeds
Pinch (1/16 tsp.) cayenne pepper
1 medium finely chopped green pepper
1 - 5 1/2 oz. tomato paste

To peel tomatoes, pour boiling water over tomatoes and blanch for 1 minute; peel and cut each tomato into 8 sections, then measure out 12 well packed cups (NOTE: 1 Quart measure filled 3 x to 4 cup line = 12 cups tomatoes)

Stir celery and onions in together with tomatoes in a large bowl or container, sprinkling salt over top of all, then stirring in. Let all stand overnight on counter top.

In the morning, drain excess liquid through a colander, but do not press. Turn all into a large pot (non-enamel), adding sugar, vinegar, mustard seeds, and cayenne; boil for 45 minutes or until tomatoes and celery have turned into a mushy consistency; stirring frequently.

Once consistency has reached mush, add Green Pepper and tomato paste, boiling a further 30 minutes or until Green Pepper is tender and sauce has reached a chili sauce consistency.

Pour into sterile jars and seal.

Yields approx. 6 pints, depending on consistency of sauce. Donna tripled this recipe and got 14 pint jars and 1 jam jar.

When my sister, Jeanne, and husband, Cecil, were last up visiting from Newfoundland four years ago, they had gotten to taste Donna's Chili Sauce when there visiting with her.  Cecil had then made the statement that is was the "best Chili Sauce he had ever tasted", so I suppose we can take that statement to the bank and deposit

There were two pictures I wanted to and forgot to share a couple of days ago.  I found one almost perfect Shasta Daisy bloom left, and my Hibiscus flowers have started to put on a "show".

"Almost a "perfect" bloom, but to my eyes it is "perfect"."

"The compliments I get year from year about the dinner plate size of my Hibiscus flowers."

I love going out at any given time of a day to peruse my flower beds.  It will be a sad day if I was not ever to have a bed of flowers wherever I might find myself living.  I really think flowers give me a "certain energy" I can not explain....maybe it is in the amazement of their beauty that gives me that peace and energy I have been feeling when I gaze upon them....

Okay what is that Wiarton Weatherman guy saying today?


Sunny. High 23. UV index 6 or high.


Clear. Low 15.

Yes that looks like it is to be another Summer day.  I will keep it.

I really have to get the plug unpulled from my behind and get a move on here.  Things to get done and people to see, so here I go off and running, as always, into my day ahead, "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard" .

Sunday 28 August 2011

A Very Busy But Rewarding Day ...

What a day that was yesterday !  I actually think I made some kind of "dent" in something, all but the dust mites and dust bunnies, but there still does seem to be a "dent", so I do see that as being a "reward" in itself !

It all started with the making of two Blueberry Zucchini Loaves, the stripping of our bed, two loads of laundry washed and hung, cleaning up and doing dishes twice after the baking was complete, setting the oven to self-clean (dumb idea as it was so hot in here, lol), Bandit and Lexus in and out a few times, our bedroom dusted, finally a shower somehow "squeezed" in, a very delightful, and long overdue, visit with my girlfriend, Colleen, who I hadn't hung with in a few weeks, back home to taking laundry off the clothes line, the remaking of our bed, supper table set, a supper of burgers and salad, then cleanup, updating and posting a Basic Salsa recipe onto a Cindy's Recipe Exchange document on Facebook, and finally going onto the 10:00 p.m. hour, crawling into a freshly made bed.

I think I have most of it all covered, except for my usual important phone calls scattered here and there throughout my day.  Still not everything accomplished, but I needed to take that "time out" for myself and go visit my girlfriend, as it was one of those "you need to take time out" moments.  I did it, and it was just what I needed.  Housework will always be there for us, and life is too short not to be taking it all in and enjoying it.

Nothing really much of anything to take pictures of yesterday, although I did do some coverage on the making of the Blueberry Zucchini loaves ! 

"The Zucchini ready to be chunked and put into the mini Braun processor for grating."

"The Braun does a pretty good job, if I say so myself.  Sure beats dragging out a big Food Processor, and certainly saves my arm from using a regular grater."

"Dry and wet ingredients almost ready to be mixed together."

"All mixed together, along with chopped pecans and BC blueberries."

"Divided evenly between two loaf pans and already for the preheated oven."

"There we go....fresh right out of the oven in "Cindy's Kitchen".  I had a good sized slice for my mm good !"

All ready halved, put into freezer bags and in the freezer.  One waiting for an upcoming Caregiver Support Circle Meeting this Wednesday, another for next weekend's company to arrive, and the third for that "unexpected" company we all have from time to time dropping in on us.  Oh that fourth portion?... well between myself, Rob and a couple pieces gone to my girlfriend, Colleen's, what can a I say?

Looking for the recipe for this Blueberry Zucchini bread, you can find it under my blog title of "A Major Tragedy Close to Home" August 22nd, or on Facebook, under "Cindy's Recipe Exchange", or by emailing me at

Someday I will learn from somebody else how to setup all my posted recipes, all orgranized, on a sidebar under this "blog".  In the meantime it will have to remain the way it is, as I don't have the time to figure it out right now as there too many more important things to do then sit in front of my computer the "whole" day long trying to figure that one

How many times can I express how much my friendships mean to me?  Not ever enough!  Colleen and I had a "great" visit.  We have so many things in common with each other, and even the things we don't are a nice balance between us, or so I think they are.  Children, grandchildren, recipes, cooking, baking, houseplants, outdoor plants, likes, dislikes....we cover it all when we are together, and then some ! 

Colleen hates mushrooms; just hates the taste of them and refuses to put fungus in her mouth.  She also hates beets, saying they "taste like dirt".  When I was leaving her place to come back home, I said, "I have to go home and pick some dirt for our supper." ....  LOL, the faces she makes is worth making the statement.

Oh yes since preserving/freezing Season is now upon us, and we are "gathers and storers" by Nature, I was asked on my Recipe Exchange if I had a Salsa Recipe.  I just happened to have such a recipe that was given to me by one of my brother's co-workers from the Kitchener Fire Department years ago...some of those guys could really cook up a "storm".  Here it is:

Basic Salsa

36 Large tomatoes (skinned)
8 Green Peppers
8 Medium Onions
2 Green Anaheim Peppers (mild chili peppers)
1 Yellow Chili Pepper (or 2 Small)
2 Jalapeno Peppers (Large)
1 Cup Sugar
1 Cup Vinegar
1/2 Cup Salt (not too much)
2 Cans of Tomato Paste, if too runny, or boil to texture


Grind vegetables. In large pot mix all ingredients and simmer for 1 hour. Hot process jars and lids. Pour salsa in jars, one at a time, wipe off jar top. Place on lids, screwing down tight. Place jars on towel on cupboard, not allowing jars to touch each other. Leave until lids pop.

Another tried, tested and true Recipe either that I have tried myself, or someone I know personally has tried.

I am amazed at "Cindy's Recipe Exchange", in just the past couple of months the group members has grown to 63, including myself mind you.  It is just plain and simple everyday stuff, nothing fancy or gourmet like, somewhat like I see myself as, I do suppose my cooking and baking is reflected through how I see myself somewhat?

Please feel free to come on over in Facebook to check us out at "Cindy's Recipe Exchange", and see what has been or is happening at any given time in my Kitchen, and/or in someone else Kitchen for that matter.....the old saying holds true, "the more the merrier", especially in the warmth and goodness coming from one's own kitchen.

I have still lots to catch up on in my home today, inside and onto the local Wiarton Airport's weather report:


A mix of sun and cloud. Wind northeast 20 km/h. High 23. UV index 7 or high.


Clearing early this evening. Low 14

Another nice Summer day....keep them coming !

Missy Lexus is being vocal and expecting out at the moment, the "Crabby Cabbie" is still sawing logs in bed, Bandit is being his usual quiet self, and here I am off and running, once again, to get my day started, "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard".

Saturday 27 August 2011

Just A "Peachy" Kind of Day

Yesterday morning I returned from my Doctor's office, "North of the Checkerboard", to face the tune of 4 Baskets of Peaches that needed to be put down for the Winter.  Right off the bat I got a pot of water boiling so I could hot bath them first to make peeling them a "snap".

"From start......."

" finish, 5 bags full."

LOL, everytime I look at a picture my Kitchen Kats, IKE (aka, I Know Everything) and ICE (aka, I C Everything) are in, I laugh at IKE being so fat and content, and ICE looking like she is from the "50's Era", and in the need of a Poodle dress.....I am still laughing, but they do make the "purrrfect" couple in my eyes.

As far as the Peaches go, I think this is, along with 3 other bags in our freezer, quite sufficient for the upcoming Winter months, as there is still Spy Apples ahead of me to put down in October.  Lots of Pie fruit, however I am a little `shy`on Rhubarb unfortunately due to my patch getting really punky with all the Spring rain we had.

I also got some of my "usual" phone calling done yesterday with a couple "important" calls inbetween the "personal" ones,  I also got a "finished" product via email the other day, and just cannot get over the likeness it is to my very one and only.....

"My "Crabby Cabbie", don't you think?  LOL."

Is that not a truly "fantastic" resemblance of my very own "Crabby Cabbie" captured by the Artist, Russ Ewing?  Anyone in need of Artwork, feel free to contact Russ anytime at his personal email address as follows: .

Since the Peaches took me a little bit to almost 2:00 p.m., after the cleanup, most of the day had passed by then.  I was still able to help Rob by cutting part of the front lawn with the other Riding Lawnmower he wasn't using, until his died and he took over for me.  After the lawn was finished Rob got called out, so Bandit, Lexus and I picked some beets and yellow beans from the garden for supper.

*Sigh* I ended up grilling supper again....getting to be quite the habit, lol.  Earlier in the day I had rubbed chicken legs with Lemon Pepper, and had sliced Zucchini marinating in Zesty Italian Dressing as well, so this is what I grilled for our last night's supper.

"I grilled eight pieces of chicken so I am not having to worry what to give Rob for lunch today!"

"Yummy, nothing like the taste of your own produce fresh out of the garden."

We eat enough potatoes in the Winter months, so I try to substitute them with lots of other fresh cooked veggies while they are in Season.  I absolutely LOVE Summer !!!

I have a busy day ahead of me with some laundry to wash and hang out, two loaves of Blueberry Zucchini bread I want to make, freezing the remainder of the blueberries, and some much need dusting/vacuuming to be done, not to mention two bathrooms that could use a good cleaning.  Not thinking this will all happen today, but I sure would like to get a "dent" in it somehow.

Good thing Rob is working today, which will allow me "lots of room" to move around in, if you get my drift?

Since I was sitting in our living room from 2:00 until 3:00 a.m. this morning, I found myself doing a puzzle from an online puzzle site I find to be quite amusing.

Sure passes the time.  I also found it to be quite relaxing..... for myself anyway, and I was able to back to bed and get a couple of hours more sleep afterwards (worked this time, but next, we will see).

I also have a video I have been meaning to share for some time now, so I might as well do that while it is on my mind again.  The following link is an aerial video of the Port Elgin's Beach, which is the town where I went to High School, 5 miles from my Hometown of Southampton.  They are both considered as one now under the name of "Saugeen Shores", however they are still South and Port to me.  Video compliments of Explore the Bruce.

Wow, music and everything !  Love the aerial videos !

I suppose I had better check out the Wiarton Airport's weather forecast since I am planning on hanging laundry out on the clothes line today.

Thirty percent showers this morning, so I will hold them to that by doing my laundry and hopefully hanging it out to dry after the showers have showered themselves out.

I best be trying to be a little bit quiet and let my "Crabby Cabbie" get some much needed sleep, since he got home so early this morning and needs to refuel for his day ahead.  So here I go off and running, quietly for the moment, into my day ahead, "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard".

Friday 26 August 2011

A Grand Opening Day Gone Onto A Dogs Day !

What a day I had yesterday !  First off, Rob had a day off work, so that pretty much says it all there....."no housework" got accomplished yesterday.

Two years ago we had a high efficiency propane furnace installed in our house to gain a backup heat source and well as to increase the equity in our home (face it, how many people are going to heat with wood all Winter, never mind logging, chunking, splitting, piling it and carrying into the house?  LOL).

Through "word of mouth advertising" we happened upon "Fast Freddy" who is located up from us "North of the Checkerboard".  He treated us very fairly and did a wonderful job of installing a furnace for us.  He is such a likable guy, and we have just happened to keep in contact with him, here and there, over the past couple of years.  Well our dear Fast Freddy purchased a building up by Stoke's Bay where he set up a "Showroom" for his business there.  Yesterday was his "Grand Opening", so this is what Rob & I attended to just before lunchtime.

"Here we are way "North of the Checkerboard", pulling into "Fast Freddy's" new digs."

"I was quite impressed with his signage."

"There is our "proud" guy, "Fast Freddy" in person."

"Just a little peak in and around his new "showroom" to see what is available.  Those diplomas are all pretty impressive looking."

"Here we go, a couple of high efficiency furnaces just looking for a "new" home."

"This Barbecue that was cooking lunch later, is put out by "Majestic", who also make gas fireplaces, etc...."Fast Freddy" can supply and install any of these items for the home as well."

"Lots of information was made available for your heating and/or cooling home requirements."

At Fast Freddy’s, you get honest, expert service . . . fast! For 14 years, Fred Flanagan has been helping homeowners and businesses stay warm in winter and cool in the summer.  Free quotes available, check him out at his website:

Rob and I can both testify that Freddy is reasonably priced, knowledgeable and "fast".  Got a heating/cooling need?... then pickup that phone and give him a call.

We had a great time at Freddy's open house, along with a very nice lunch with the salads and deserts made locally by Rachel's Cafe and Bakery in Lion's Head.  Freddy also had the Majestic sale reps doing kabobs and wieners up on the BBQ.  Nice touch !

We didn't arrive back home until about 3:00 p.m., where my Cousin's daughter, Erin, and her husband, Mike, dropped in on their way back home from the cottage to bring along "Boston" to have a little visit with us. 

"Bandit was rather pleased they brought Boston, as it was a wonderful diversion from Lexus bugging"

"Mother and Son had a fantastic time tugging and wrestling with each other."

"Finally starting to wind down a "wee" bit......"

"....not without that last final "who is going to end this look" from both of them."

"Boston was completely "pooped" out, and I am sure slept soundly on their trip back home."

Boston completed his "puppy" schooling a little while back, and Erin was kind enough to recently email me one of his Graduation Photos.

"This definitely has to go into the "Family Photo Album"."

Boston could not have adopted better parents then he did with Erin and Mike.  Good job, Boston !  I can't wait to watch his growth in the months ahead !

Now onto what the weatherman from the Wiarton Airports has to say:


Mainly sunny. Fog patches dissipating this morning. High 24. UV index 7 or high.


A few clouds. Low 14

Looking to be another wonderful Summer day ahead.

I am tired, as I really don't think I have much in the way of "catchup" the past couple of weeks.  Poor Lexus was sick last night.  I had her out at 1:00 a.m., and could not get back to sleep after that.

I have those 4 baskets of peaches still to do, after I return home from my weekly allergy shot.  The dust mites must love me as they have been having the "whole" house as their playground this past week, so I had better get at those dust bunnies sometime, if not today, this weekend.

Here I go in my most usual fashion of "off and running", once again, "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard".

Thursday 25 August 2011

A "Wonderful" Day Off Spent With A Friend !

Before I get started on my "yesterday", I was just thinking when I was typing August 25th what today was.....four more months until Christmas !!!  Can you believe it???? ...because I sure can't, other then I must have been thinking ahead when I bought two Christmas gifts for the grandsons at the Keady Market on Tuesday, lol.  Not to fret too much over it, as it always comes and goes whether we are there for the "ride" or

Now onto the "wonderful" day I had yesterday......

First phone call of the day was to my sister, Jeanne, then second to my sister, Donna, and a third not to my brother,Alan, as he is gone camping this week, and when I called my brother-in-law, Cecil, he had left to an appointment already.  All of those "two" phone calls with my sisters went very well.

I must admit there isn't usually a day goes by with me not talking to my sisters, or my niece, Joanne, and my Auntie Gladys, and usually NEVER a day goes by when I don't talk to my son, Paul.  Family is important, being my biggest support system at times, and "best friends forever" in a totally different sense of "best friends".

I am probably a very sensitive emotional person in the first place, but then wearing the hat of 52 years old really gives the old emotions an extra boost, if you know what I

Ten o'clock sharp coming up the driveway, is my "wonderful" friend, Reenie, and by "wonderful" I mean, I can tell her anything under the Sun, never having to "hold" back on anything.  I can say it just "like" it is, and not be judged one "wonderful" sticks whenever I think of Reenie.

I first off put the Zucchini, I had picked the day before for her, in her vehicle, as once we get "yakking" we would be sure to forget about it later....then we made are way up to visit my Mother at the Golden Dawn Senior's Home, "North of the Checkerboard" in Lion's Head.
Our visit with Mother went well.  She was surprised and thrilled to see Reenie, as she had not seen her since early on in the Spring I am sure, or I either for that matter, busy woman that she is.

When it was time for Mom's lunch, Reenie and I took our leave and actually had a luncheon together at Lion's Head, Marydale's Restaurant.  No complaints about the Clubhouse Sandwich we were served there !  What a lunch, let me tell you....I am sure it took us a lot longer then normal to eat a sandwich since we were held up by all the talking we were both !!!  *Sigh*  We had a lot to catch up on since our last visit, and had to make up for it.

With our lunches finally eaten, we headed back down "South of the Checkerboard" homeward bound.

Once arriving home we continued with our visit while I picked Reenie some beets from the garden, and then she got to check out the "chickens".  She even got to see the "Crabby Cabbie" for a little bit, much to both their delight, I am sure.   Reenie finally had to take her leave around 3:00 p.m. back to her own home, not without having plans in the making for our "next" visit together.....and can you believe I had my camera with me but was too busy "yakking" to take pictures?....I do !

Reenie left, and Rob was gone on calls so it was just little "old" me, Bandit and Lexus, so we took a walk together "in and around" our home to take in a couple of the sights.

"The "pole bean" plant Rob planted in the flower bed with no "pole" is starting to flower."

"A container with "Snapdragons" that keep re-seeding themselves every year."

"The "little guy" in the corner surveying his bounties in front of him."

"The "Japanese Bells" making their second showing of the year."

"The "Limelight Hydrangea" at its very best."

"Onto the front deck where the "daisies" are still showing off their colours."

"To the back garden around the pond, where this first year "Hydrangea" is attemtping to display itself with it's soft colours."

"Back around to the side of the house where the 2nd year "Wedding Clematis" are having quite a dramatic affect on the side of our garden shed."

"How noticible is the colour "red " when one returns back home from caring for best friends to find they had a present boughten for them"

LOL, this is what I found waiting for me when I returned home last Thursday from Bob and Tim's place, as our pushmower had bitten the dust with Rob not being able to fix it while I was in it's place, I came home to find this shiny new "state of the art" model sitting in my garden shed.  Just what a girl always wanted, is it not? 

I am please to report I can start this new pushmower all by myself, and I do not have to wait around any longer for my dear "Crabby Cabbie" to start up the old one for me, so this is a bonus in itself, I would think. 

We have so much lawn that Rob uses the riding lawn tractor to cut it, however we have a little spot behind the house which is more difficult to get in and around with it, so we need a pushmower to do so.  I am pleased to further report, it worked very well when I tried my hand at it last night.

Since I had a very large lunch, I certainly didn't have to fuss over supper for Rob last night, as he just helped himself to some toasted tomato sandwiches, which worked for me !

This blogger site, or maybe it is just the operator, is constantly giving me grief with formattting and such...I don't even know where the spot went anymore for people to leave a comment, but it appears it has disappeared somewhere the past few days....I have an email put into the "British Women", a more experienced blogger, who hopefully can give me some idea as to what I might be doing wrong, or possibly what the blogger site might being doing wrong?  Will try get some improvement in these situations happening sometime in the near future, however it is really not too high on my list of priorities at the moment.

Onto the Wiarton Airport's weather link for the day, since it is much easier then me trying to copy and paste in the daily forecast:

More showers in the day ahead, so I say, "get it out of its system now to make ready for the fast approaching Labour Day Holiday Weekend !".

I just found out before last night's bedtime Rob has today off, so I really have no idea what kind of adventure will be had in my day ahead, "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard."
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