Tuesday 21 May 2013

Awesome Turkey Leftovers !

Last night a storm rolled in about 8 pm with the winds whipping up Hwy. 6.  It rolled on South as quick as it had moved in.  This morning it was still foggy and rainy.  By lunch time it had cleared and 4 pm the Sun made a show.  A nice rain after all the work people had done in their gardens this past weekend.

The past two nights I have been asleep by 10 pm and awake before 1:30 am.  It was two long nights.  By the time today rolled around I had nothing going for me in the energy department.  Other then the bed being made, errands done this morning, dishes washed, Aussies out and in today, that was about all that was accomplished.  Zilch ...

Days like today are when I am thankful for leftovers.  Awesome Turkey leftovers.  I made a Turkey Broccoli Divan, something I can not remember making before.  I followed the recipe to a T, serving it alongside Basmati Long Grain Rice.

Everything I had needed I had on hand.

The Divan was ready 20 minutes later at the same time the Rice was required to cook.  Timing could not be more perfect.

Either was a dish more perfect.  

Another Easy Peasy Recipe which will be a keeper in my kitchen.  Recipe was courtesy of Campbells at the following link:  http://www.campbellskitchen.com/recipes/recipedetails?recipeid=27345

The next time I make it, I believe I will add in some fresh mushrooms, just because.

Of course I could not go a whole day without having myself a wee bit of cuteness .....

Cuteness and relaxation at its best.

I still need to clean up the dishes from Dinner, then call it a night that affords me more then a couple of hours sleep, Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard.


  1. No rain down here for us all though we need it . It has been sunny and humid already have the AC going ! Hope you get some rest and feel more energized ! Thanks for sharing . Have a good day !

  2. We are getting the rain as well, but it isn't very warm! The falling barometric pressure has given me a headache all day.
    I was awake this morning at some crazy hour as well. If I read for a bit I can usually go back to sleep eventually. But gosh, doesn't that nonsense throw your natural rhythms into a tailspin?
    Those little furry bundles are just TOO CUTE!

  3. Oh I am sorry you are having such a hard time sleeping,I hope it will fix itself soon. I love turkey and what a great way to use it up. Love the cuteness they are growing. B

  4. The puppies are adorable. It is wet here and muggy hot. the Canadian Hazy,hot and humid. But I am sleeping well except through the thunderstorms. Two more wet days then sunshine and once again lawn cutting!

  5. I make that same Campbell's recipe only I never have turkey so it's always chicken. I like it with extra bread crumbs.

  6. It looks pretty yummy! It's been a while since I made "anything" divan...I hope you can get better sleep tonight!

  7. We had a thunderstorm come through right as I was planning to grill. Plan B set in action. Then we lost electricity. Plan C? Maybe I should have taken a cue from you and looked for leftovers. Your Divan looks so creamy and delicious. I think it would be good with fresh mushrooms too. Thank you for linking, Cindy.

  8. I actually prefer turkey in something like that, a leftover casserole or meat pie, baked in an oven. Chewing endless amounts of white meat by itself seems tedious at times.


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