Sunday 5 May 2013

More 2013 Firsts Today

I went to bed before and am sure I was asleep before 8 pm last night.  Migraines knock the wind right out of a person, those people who suffer with them can tell you first hand.  Since the girls had been out, about and back in so early last night, Rob volunteered to take them out when he came home in the wee hours of the morning.

That did not happen as Lexus put up a fuss at 3 am.  The poor girl needed out and that was that.  I called Rob to find out he was still a half hour away from being home.  Up I got and took Lexus out, then Missy Mercedes.  Back to bed I went with Rob arriving home shortly thereafter letting Lexus out again ... she went again for him ! what a girl.  I went back to sleep and never got up until after 7 pm.  I could hardly believe it myself.

Rob and I have both been riddled with headaches again today.   Allergies have flared up with not only us, many people I am hearing are in misery as well with them.  The antihistamines will be flying off the shelves of Drug Stores again.

We did a couple errands late this morning, came home to lunch, then got going on the two things we had planned on getting done today.

"Rob got me the lawn tractor out as our lawns really needed cut with all the warm weather we have had the last few days it really GREW !  Lexus stayed out tied close by to the biggest Maple tree to keep cool while she watched on."

"Rob got our little Ford 8n tractor out and got our veggie garden turned over.  It is hard to believe a week ago it was under  almost 6 " of water."

The lawn, or most of it got cut as the lawn tractor broke down on me ... jeez, was cut, the garden plowed and turned over for the first time this year, and also for the very first time this year Rob and I ....

.... went on our very first Motorcycle Ride down the North Hill of Wiarton, through downtown and South further down Highway 6.

~Sharing What I Did Over @ Turnips 2 Tangerines with Lynn~

Once we went around "the block" we headed back into Wiarton.  Rob took us to Northern Confections and I got to have another hard ice cream cone.  Wow 2 within days of each other ... good thing I am being faithful to the "30 Day Squat Challenge" to help me work off those hips and butt with all that ice cream goodness heading to those areas of my menopausal body.. ha !  

When we did get back home, Rob headed to bed for a much needed nap.  Later on I got going on our Dinner, one of Rob's favourite meals I might add.

In celebration of Cino de Mayo Day I had decided I would make a Layered Enchilada Bake.

"Not only is this a one dish "yummy" meal it is also easy to make.  My favourite kind of meal."


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I still have a headache, so I am going to maybe leave the rinsed dished to do up tomorrow and call it another early night, "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard".


  1. I hope you're feeling a little better this morning and had a good nights sleep.


  2. Oh Cindy I do hope you are feeling better this morning those migraines are awful. :) B

  3. Hi Cindy~ Hope your felling better soon! Migraines are horrible, I wouldn't wish one on my worse enemy~ Your Enchilada Bake looks delicious, my hubby loves Enchilada Bake too, I'll Take the ice cream cone:) Thanks for the mention, my friend:) Lynn

  4. I hope your headache is better today. I had one yesterday but think it is allergies:( I didn't know you and Rob ride a motorcycle! So do we!!! We haven't taken ours out yet this year but will soon!

  5. so sorry to hear your headache has flared up again. Hope you can find some time to just lay back and RELAX.
    Gotta love a little 8N or 9N. I looked for one for the longest time.
    Our garden is tilled up too. I got a wagon load of S**t for my "birthday". Now all I need is 2x8s to build my boxes. I'm going all to raised beds this year. NO MORE POTATOES. The herb bed with the asparagus popping up here and there is all sorted out too. LOVING THIS WEATHER but we need some rain.

  6. Brilliant video clip Cindy ....thoroughly enjoyed it and seeing where you live.

    I do hope you are feeling better now having migraine is a nightmare.

    keep well

    Amanda :-)

  7. Seems to be that allergy time of year. My guys have really been suffering as well.

    You have had a lot of activity...gardening, ice cream, motorcycles. Fun stuff! Thank you for sharing your enchilada bake. I love Mexican food!

  8. I didn't know that allergies could flare up into headaches...


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