Sunday 30 June 2013

The First Big Ride Of The Year !

6:00 am came very early this morning, especially to me when I had only 5 hours sleep.  Really I should not even think about complaining considering MY Crabby Cabbie Rob never arrived home until 6:00 am himself, and I never did drag myself out of bed until 7:00.

Once everyone and everything was done I could get done quietly as not to wake Rob, out I went to retrieve a bunch of Rhubarb.  Before I showered I made a Rhubarb Custard Pie.

Very Easy Peasy to make this recipe I found HERE.  We have not had a chance to try it today, so hopefully tomorrow I will have an opinion to voice on what we thought of it.

While Rob slept Doug, Vicki and I went on up to the Sunday Fleamarket minutes up Hwy. 6 to the Handicraft Place.  The place was jammed, and parking difficult to find but we managed to find ourselves a spot.  We sauntered around for a bit.  Vicki got a good deal on a pair of Polarized Sunglasses that fit over regular eye glasses for $25.00 including taxes.  Doug and I did not make any purchases.

I could not believe Rob was up when we got back home.  He barely had any sleep if you call 5 hours sleep.

We were going to head out on the Motorcycles for the afternoon, the first big ride of the year, however waited until the Forever Home came to pickup the Blue Merle Male puppy.  There are now only the two Black Bi Male puppies available for Forever Homes.  At least for the moment they have each other for company.

Hahaha, at the Fleamarket there was a guy trying to take out a couple of people but did not seem to have any luck at doing so.  Must have been something to do with the calibre of Wooden Rifle he was using.  When we did set off on our bike ride I had taken Vicki by surprise as she had not realized we had came up behind them when I snapped these photos.  Gotcha Girlfriend !

Yes MY Crabby Cabbies work is never done.  Before we had left the house he had a call to do a pickup and a drop off.  No rest for the wicked they say, and my husband must be one of those wicked ones.

We took the scenic route the back way into Owen Sound.  While there we had a bit of a break and had ourselves a coffee at one of the many Tim Horton locations there before heading back towards Hepworth to check out Duffys Farm Gate Market since they had their Grand Opening this weekend.

Apparently it was a very happening place yesterday with the bands playing on Stage.  A lovely outdoor patio, a fired up open grill BBQ and all the pomp and splashes of Canada Day Celebrations were in evidence.

Inside the Phase 1 of the Market was set up and fully equipped.  Bakery items from Dales Bakery, an Ice Cream Vendor, as well as a Maple Syrup Vendor were to the right of the front cashier.

To the left was the Cafe for Food and Beverages, as well as a Meat Market.

It will be rather exciting when Phase II gets up and running with all the outside booths filled with Vendors.

We all had decided today we would go out for Chinese Food at the Kings Buffet in Owen Sound.  I am sorry to say Rob and I had been very disappointed, and Vicki too, in the meal we had there.  There were a few dishes that had tasted a bit off to Rob and Vicki.  The Roast Beef sitting under the heat lamp looked like it had been there since lunch time, with nothing fresh brought out until we had finished and were walking out towards the door.  Really for the amount they charge and what we had, we have decided that will be our last time dining at the Kings Buffet in Owen Sound.  Not our first bad experience there, but hopefully our last.

When we got back home, Rob high-tailed it to bed, while I took everyone out and about before sitting down to do this blog post.  Once I get the two puppies settled in for the night, and have the rest of the gang out and about for the last time for the day, I will be then calling it a night myself thereafter.

Oh yes this morning I had dusted off these three Geese and put them out on our Deck so they could get some fresh air for the rest of the Summer.

There is lots of Canada Day activities going on tomorrow in Wiarton, some of which we will be checking out ourselves:

Canada Day Schedule of Events 
Blue Water Park, Wiarton
Monday July 1, 2013

8am - 11:30am - Optimist Pancake Breakfast
10am - 2pm - classic car show
11am - adult beverage tent opens
11am - 7pm - Optimist BBQ (in front of beverage tent)
11am - 5pm - Horseshoe tournament
11:30am - 3:30pm - kids outdoor activities
*Pony rides face painting, bouncy castle, petting zoo, clown, fishpond
11:30am - 12:30pm - strawberry social
4pm - 7pm - fish fry
5:45 pm - Canada day parade and presentation
*singing "O Canada"
*Dignitaries: Mayor John Close, MPP Bill Walker
6pm - birthday cake and ice cream
7pm - sailing regatta
dusk (about 10pm) fireworks

All day long: Local musical talent performing
featuring the Midnight Blue Band
*baseball tournament
*vendors in the park

Spelling or Grammar errors if there are any, I am really too tired to care.  On that note I am off, but not too quickly, Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard.

Saturday 29 June 2013

Was It Another Busy Puppy Day Or What !

The morning was full of Checkerboard Aussie puppies again.  The Forever Family who had purchased a puppy prior to the Everything 8 Litter was born were to pick their girl up this morning.  They were right on time at 9 am.

Ray and his daughter were overexcited, naturally, about picking up their Jorga.  I even got a big thank you hug from Ray !  Imagine that ... *smile*.  Ray left with promised of sending us photos and updates about Jorga.

While I was out getting Jorga settled away with her new family there had been a message on my phone that the couple who had came last night to see the puppies wanted to come make their choice this morning.  They arrived just after 10 am.

Jamie & Steve were so excited about their choice of picking out the little red guy.  It was a toss up between the little black runt and red, but red was chosen because is so spunky.  Jamie & Steve left with their new baby boy also promising they would be in touch with future updates about him.

The puppy door was revolving with the next Forever Home Family arriving at 12:30.  This couple had also spoken for their puppy before the litter had been born.

Shona & Jesse, especially Jesse, can not wait to get Trixie out to the Farm for some fun.  Shona & Trixie had their picture taken with Mama Mercedes before going back to Trixies new Forever Home.

Once everyone left, I made some lunch after 1:30 for Rob and I.  Right after lunch Rob was called out on a call, and I headed the other direction.  I made it back in home just after our friends had arrived for the weekend visit with us.  I had no sooner got the hydro hook-up for them when someone else popped in to see the puppies.

Once after those people had left, I took care of our Gang, then Vicki and I headed downtown for a little one on one time together.  Before heading home we stopped to pick up a couple beverages for Doug at the Liquor Store.

While waiting for Vicki, I found it interesting to note that two very important things to many people is food and beverages, as you can tell by the Foodland and LCBO parking lots across from each other, especially on a Holiday Weekend.  *smile*.

Again I got back home to let all the gang out.  Rob called to say he would be home for supper.  A few minutes before supper, Rusty and his Forever Home family dropped in so I could give him his last worm medications.

Vicki and Dougs new little 8 month Miniature Dachshund, Beaner, got to meet 2 month old Aussie pup, Rusty.  What a bunch of cuteness we had going on ... and Bandit stayed back on the sidelines.  Smart boy.

Rob and I had our supper.  We are now relaxing with a coffee.  I will take the Aussie gang out one more time before settling them all in for the evening, then hopefully call it a night myself.

One more family will be arriving for their puppy tomorrow after lunch.  Two more puppies available to Forever Homes, then we are puppy done until 2014, Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard.

Friday 28 June 2013

Another Stinky Puppy Day

It was a very busy Stinky Puppy Day for me and my helper, Shea-lyn.  You can read about that HERE.

By the time we went back around from the Mildmay Vets to Southampton to fill up with gas and got back home it was Lunch time.  Time for lunch ... a bunch of grapes after I had all our adult Aussies out and about, fed and watered the Everything 8, down to 7 puppies since Shea-lyn had kept her boy when I had dropped her off at home.

I had changed my clothes, ran a comb through my hair and headed downtown Wiarton to attend to some business.  When I returned home I spend more time on the phone for my Crabby Cabbie with our insurance company.  With it being the Canada Day Holiday weekend we wanted to make sure the vehicle we had purchased was put on our insurance in case one of our others had a mechanical problem, as there is no 24 hour phone number to reach the insurance company.

I had no sooner gotten off the phone when I had a call from a couple who wanted to come view the remaining three male puppies we have.

The 3 handsome dudes who are still seeking their Forever Homes.

Shortly off the phone with them was when one of the puppies, who had already been sold, New Forever Home had arrived to collect him.  Minutes after the other couple pulled in to see the 3 males.  I felt my head spinning.  By this time all our adult Aussies had needed out and about again too.

I could not be more pleased that Oliver has gone home with his New Forever Home family, Judy and Ron.  They had also brought along their 3 year old granddaugther, Arizona, who is such a sweetie.

Judy and Ron headed out with their babies.  When the other couple left it must have been almost 6 pm., without a puppy as they need to sleep on it, which I am happy they are as it shows they are responsible enough to give it more thought, rather then being impulsive.

Rob got home about 7 pm.  I can not believe our Dinner tonight was a box of Kraft Dinner and an apple.  Really I can not remember the last time I had Kraft Dinner.

One thing about all the wonderful rain we needed and got, was that our Veggie Garden shot right up more..

Rob has left back for work, our 4 adults Aussies need out and about for one last time tonight, and this chick feels like she is going to collapse very shortly with fatigue, Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard.

Thursday 27 June 2013

Did You Know ????

Did you know Grey Bruce is going to have it's very own Value Village Store in July ????  July 25th, 2013 to be exact.  The new store will be located at 2125 16th Street East, Owen Sound (just past the Walmart & Home Depot stores).

Truly I am excited not only about having a Value Village Store, but that it will also be creating more jobs for the Grey/Bruce counties !  Thanks for coming to Owen Sound Value Village.  I am looking forward to the Grand Opening, aren't you?

Not sure what a Value Village Store is all about? then check out their website by *clicking* HERE.

The business of the past few weeks hit me today.  I felt like a Mac Truck had hit me I was so dang, dang, triple dang tired.  Still I managed to look after everyone today, do 2 loads of laundry, and run a couple of errands downtown Wiarton.  Oh yes, how could I forget I also attended to more "Crabby Cabbie" business.  I am very baffled I never received a pay stub for all the work I seem to be doing for that guy ... what's up with that ????

When I was downtown today I got to thinking about Ice Cream.  I LOVE Ice Cream.  Wiarton has four, no make that five, places to go and buy an ice cream cone.

Yeppers, my favourite Ice Cream is "hard" ice cream, and there are four places in and around Wiarton who supplies it in many different flavors.  Downtown Wiarton it is Northern Confections & Lloyd's Smoke Shop.  Then on my way home from downtown there is the Spirit Rock Lodge at the top of the North Hill, and right beside me is our neighour, Solway's Farm Market Garden.... geez is that temptation or what???

For those "soft" ice cream lovers, such as my Auntie Gladys, the Frosty Freeze has been dishing it up since 1958.  Wowsers, it has to be doing something right !!!

Our local Foodland Store had Lean Ground Beef on sale this week for $2.47 per pound.  Since we haven't had a BBQ'd burger this year, I thought tonight would be a great night to do so.

Mixed with Knorr Savory & Herb dry soup mix, black pepper, a couple of eggs and some Panko crumbs they were ready to go.  One $14.00 pkg. gave us 5 burgers grilled and 8 for the freezer.  No I did not eat 5 burgers, but Rob almost ate three.  

Rob even topped a couple of the burgers with Miners' Maple Products BBQ Sauce ... really they were awesome.

Now I am not only tired, I am very very full.  You know being full makes you even more tired.

I almost forgot when my siblings and I had gotten together last Saturday to visit our Mother, I had also taken a video that day.  Did you know my Mother could recite jokes and ditties like there was no tomorrow? well she sure can ....

I am so happy I took this video and we were all together for this as it will be an everlasting memory.

It is lightly raining and I still have puppies out in the outside kennel run that more then likely would like to come in, however though the deck shelters them pretty good I am pretty confident they are all just fine.  Tomorrow will be their very first car ride, their very Vet visit, their very first vaccination, and their very first time leaving their birth home (and some Saturday).

I am off to do what needs done before I have to call it a day, "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard".

Wednesday 26 June 2013

All About The Stinky Puppies Day !

What did I do today?  This morning the usual up and get at it with the Aussies, some "Crabby Cabbie" stuff, strip the bed to wash the bedding and hang out (*sigh* bed still needs made up now I have thought about it), and a couple downtown Wiarton errands.

What did I do this afternoon? well that was a little more exciting.

Since we had the new decking put on we had also lost our outdoor kennel run.  We thought this would be all put back together, however we are still waiting for the Contractor to come back to still do some "fixes".  Unfortunately we have now been waiting 2 weeks, and Rob had also paid him in Full.  Does this story sound familiar to anyone else out there?

We have been using the smaller outdoor kennel run in the meantime for the Everything 8 puppies.  Regardless of how many times I hose it down to clean up after them, they still manage to walk through their "messes".  I am certain little piggies are cleaner then these little puppies.  Phewie !!!

I can not send puppies off to their Forever Homes this upcoming weekend smelling unbearable, so today was a "All About the Stinky Puppies Day"

My new "take to the Vet" puppy helper, Shea-lyn, and her Mother came over to give me a hand with the Everything 8 litter.  Rob had filled up the kiddie pool this morning for the water to warm up in the Sun.  I got a rinse pail all ready on the side lines.

The helpers arrived and we got to it ....

Each puppy was very good and receptive to being in the "pool" with Shea-lyn and myself.  Baby shampoo with a good rub a dub dub.  Then a little bit of towel drying.  Someone was covering himself up without a problem afterwards.

After they got a towel dry they had themselves some Fun in the Sun.  However before the towel dry they had each had a final rinse in the scrub pail.

We will be heading down to the Vets this Friday morning.  Oliver is the largest puppy of the Everything 8 Litter.

This is Oliver.  I will be posting these photos to The "Checkerboard Aussies'" Facebook page asking everyone to make an educated guess on how much they think Oliver will weigh in at this Friday.  Any guesses yourself?  Trust me after holding him a bit he really is quite the bruiser.

I was very thankful for the extra hands as I would never as managed as well by bathing all these little porkers myself.  Help is something I always appreciate.

This afternoon I got the laundry off the line, had a cup of coffee, put my feet up and had myself a week bit of a rest.  Rob got home about 6 pm.  I did another downtown errand then we had our Dinner finally about 7 pm.

I have been feeling a wee bit overwhelmed again.  Not only is month end coming up for the "Crabby Cabbie", it is also 2nd Quarter for the Year, 5 puppies will have their Forever Humans picking them up this weekend, and we have our friends coming for the weekend to visit (this I am looking forward to if nothing else), and Rob will have a very busy weekend ahead of him.  Of course there is also the regular every day stuff, and then the other stuff I still haven't gotten too, like weeding my flower beds.  Oh man !!!  breathe, breathe, breathe .... oh crap I forgot already I am suppose to be rinsing my nose with a Saline solution 2 x a day.  I am a train wreck waiting to happen !!!

I best get going as there is that matter of my bed still needing made, something I NEED done before fall into it later, "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard".

Tuesday 25 June 2013

Road Trip !

Not a great night's sleep for me last night, but a little bit is always better then no bits, it is not?  This morning I was up to do the Aussie and puppy chores before showering and heading on out the door by 7:30 am.

Today I was heading off on a Road Trip down to Newmarket for my bi-annual allergy tests.  Over 2 hours driving time.

I first swung around the other side of Owen Sound to pick up my friend, Toni with an "i", as she lived in Newmarket for years and was going to be my driver today.  This I was happy about since I had no clue on how to get there myself.

The drive there went very quickly such talking consumed most of the trip making it pretty much "fly" by.

We met Toni's daughter, Nevada, for lunch at a strip mall not far from where she works.  We had a fun lunch with of course, more talking and laughing.

What a bonus it was to have been able to meet up with Nevada, especially for Toni.

My appointment at the Allergy Clinic was at 2:00 pm.  I was very happy with Dr. Mann.  What a very nice doctor.

Results of my allergy tests?  The sheet was not full as it had been 2 years ago, with only Dust Mites and a bit of Mold standing out.  On the other hand he is recommending I be referred to a Throat, Nose & Ear Specialist, as my nose canals are unusually very small.  Dr. Mann is thinking some of my problems of breathing and sinus are stemming from my nose canals being as such.

The other issue I have apparently have is my Asthma.  He has suggested I need to increase my lung capacity.  How on Earth would I do this? well upper body exercises are going to have to be added to my weekly agenda.  Dr. Mann said "ease into them" as I do not want to hurt myself by going "gun ho", but then again we all know we are to ease into any new exercise program, do we not?

Yes, I am suppose to carry on with using my Puffers and start using a saline solution to rinse my nose with at least 2 times a day.  Oh my I hope I remember to do this !!!

On our trip back home, Toni and I had a couple of cool sightings ....

Yes, we had both had ourselves quite the laugh over this Bill Board as we made our way through one small town.

Ha, ha, ha ... this next one I got Toni on.  I had said very calmly, "there is a Camel".  Toni couldn't believe there was a Camel out in the field we had been approaching.  Only a "one humper" though.  Friends of ours when we had lived in Waterloo had a "two humper".  He had been quite the big boy, who was very popular at Christmas time in parades and Church appearances.  How often do you pass a Camel grazing in a field?

When I was driving on my way home through Wiarton I heard Bag Pipes.  Upon further investigation I found the source.

Just before going up the North Hill I had spotted him.  I had stopped to listen for a few minutes.  How nice are bag pipes? very nice.

I left Rob in charge at home today.  Do you think he accomplished much other then ...

.... lining up all of the vehicles?  Hmmm, not to sure but I am hoping there was something else other then this done here today.

Can you imagine how tired I am?  I finally made it back home at 6:30 pm.  I think I will get all the Aussies and puppies looked after and very shortly call it a night, "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard".

Monday 24 June 2013

A Medical BreakThrough !!!

There is a new report that has been released with the finding of a new cause for Fibromyalgia that might lead to further discoveries for healing or lending relief to Fibro sufferers, such as myself, some of my family members and friends.  This is one awesome Medical BreakThrough in my books.

Now, a breakthrough discovery by scientists at Integrated Tissue Dynamics LLC (Intidyn), as part of a fibromyalgia study based at Albany Medical College, has provided a biological rationale for this enigmatic disease. The small biotechnology research company, founded by neuroscientists Dr. Frank L. Rice and Dr. Phillip J. Albrecht, reports on a unique peripheral neurovascular pathology consistently present in the skin of female fibromyalgia patients which may be a driving source of the reported symptoms.

“Instead of being in the brain, the pathology consists of excessive sensory nerve fibers around specialized blood vessel structures located in the palms of the hands,” said Dr. Rice, President of Intidyn and the senior researcher on the study. “This discovery provides concrete evidence of a fibromyalgia-specific pathology which can now be used for diagnosing the disease, and as a novel starting point for developing more effective therapeutics.”

The rest of the article may be found here:

Wow if this is backup by more reports and testing it will be fantastic !  Trust me the daily pain is not in my head and some days it feels almost crippling.  Most days we just paste a *smile* on our faces and say, "I am fine, thank you.  How are you?", when really that is not the case whatsoever, however who wants to hear it !  Not too many for too long, this is for sure.

I will look forward to more positive reports.  I have already sent an email off to Dr. Kevin White to ask what he thought of this new report.  Dr. White has researched Fibromyalgia for many years, writing the book, Breaking Thru The Fibro Fog.  I have heard back from him, and he is going to check it out further himself.

On to the rest of my day !

The Township of South Bruce Peninsula has employed a company to inspect all Rural Septic Systems to find out if they are in good order, need pumped or replaced.  Unfortunately the Township is not covering the cost of these inspections, we as the homeowner are expected to absorb the cost to a tune of $100.00.

Our appointment was today.

The young man we had doing the inspection was really nice.  Bandit supervised him the whole time of his inspection.  

The findings?  Our septic is in excellent shape.  There was only 5% sludge, another good point as when it is at 30% sludge it is required to be cleaned.  Considering we have been now residing here 10 years, this is all good to our favour, other then the $100.00.

Do you have a Septic System?  Here is a Checklist of things to keep in mind:

Regularly inspect your system and pump your tank as necessary;
Use water efficiently;
Don't flush hazardous chemicals or pharmaceuticals;
Plant only grass over and near your septic system.  Tree roots can damage pipes;
Don't drive or park vehicles on any part of your septic system to avoid damage;
Test well water.

The remainder of my morning I got to making up the planters with the flowers I had purchased yesterday.  This I really enjoyed doing.

The Wave Petunias and Geranium went well in the basket, well the Dipladenias fit in nicely with the Calla Lilies my friend Sharon had gifted me.

Another Dipladenia and the remainder of the geraniums out front.  The Chicken & Hens I had taken from the flower beds.  

Total cost of all 6 arrangements was $30.00 plus tax.  I thought this was a pretty good deal, as if I had to buy them already made up I am certain the cost would have been much more then the $30.00 I had spent.  Even the pots I had, had been free.  Can't beat the price of FREE !

Once I had finished up with the pots, Rob and I had to go downtown Wiarton to do some banking.  The humidity or heat by this time had brought on a nasty migraine.  When we got back home I had to put my feet up and close my eyes for a couple of hours until luckily it left me.

By 3 pm we were off and headed down the road to Walkerton, as today we were picking up a "new to us" Crabby Cabbie vehicle.   I am thinking after 2 years and over 400,000 km, "Old Blue", our very first Crabby Cabbie vehicle is ready to retire, or at least go into semi-retirement as a back-up vehicle.

Mileage under 200 km, and body in not too bad of  shape.  Hopefully this new Crabby Cabbie vehicle will be good to us as old Blue has been and still is.

I very much enjoyed our trip back home, even with two vehicles we managed two wonderful stops along the way.

The first stop was at one of my favourite Farm Fresh Produce farms in Scone.  Are those little girls not the cutest? the youngest had been eating berries from the boxes when we went up to the table to buy ours.  Fresh picked strawberries for $4.00 a quart, opposed to the rotten ones I had looked at in the grocery store yesterday for $4.99 a quart.  I was very happy with these large LOCAL berries, not minding to pay the price of $4.00 for what I was getting.

The next stop was at the sign we had spotted on our way to get the vehicle.  Fresh picked LOCAL Asparagus for $3.00 a bunch, opposed to $3.49 / lb at our local store (goodness knows how old it was there).  It was sooooo good, complimenting the Country style Rib Pork Loin we had for our Dinner tonight.  

Today it was a balmy 31*C .  I will take this weather any day over a nasty cold Winter North wind, or those poor people suffering from the terrible flooding in Alberta.

Rob is holding down the fort here for us tomorrow, as I will be off on a Road Trip with my friend, Toni with an "i".  In the meantime I have doggies needing my attention, and dinner dishes needing washed up before I even think about anything further, "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard".

Sunday 23 June 2013

A Hot Day It Was

Today was a HOT day.  Not that I am complaining by any means, as I am really not much of a Winter Fan.  However the back lawn had been looking like the rest of our Hay field so I really had to get at that first thing this morning, regardless of how tired  I was feeling (I am certain I could have fell asleep sitting up on the couch after having the Aussies out this morning).

Morning having being the cooler part of the day did not make much difference from stopping the sweat running down my face.  I finally got a few outdoor things needing doing, done, with much more still need doing.

*Sigh* really I have to be the most wicked person going if the saying "no rest for the wicked" is true.

When Rob got up sometime before 11 am, he needed coffee and time to wake up since not getting home until 5 am this morning.  My poor Crabby Cabbie.  What a *sad* pair we make ... *smile*.

Even though by the time it was heading towards the noon hour I still had some grass I hadn't gotten to with the push mower.  While I was finishing up doing this, Rob had gotten the lawn tractor out to get the rest of our lawns cut.

Rob took a break, while I took over the lawn tractor.  I was happy to see my Auntie and Uncle pull in as that meant I could stop and take another break !   They had brought us two perfectly good outdoor chairs that a neighbour was going to do away with at the dump.  Geez what some people throw out !!!  Thanks Auntie for saving them for us.

I served up some Apple Cinnamon Cake along with a cuppa tea before they headed out back home and Rob took over the finishing up of the lawn cutting.  By the time Rob was done that he got a a call to go out in the taxi.  Off we went to Southampton, ending up in Owen Sound.

By this time it was 6 pm.  Dinner time for us, so Chinese we treated ourselves with.  Yummy !

Before we had us our Dinner, we had stopped at a place who had their Annual Flower bed plants on sale.  I stopped and picked up quite a few for $30.00.

I am hoping to not only to finally get started on weeding some flower beds tomorrow, but also getting a couple pots of flowers planted to dress up this area of our deck with some colour and beauty.  Can you believe we were at a Yard Sale last Year and the lady had given this cool table to us.  I LOVE it !

Part of Rob and my break this afternoon included a little "puppy love" ....

The 2 Black & White and the 1 Red and White males are still available.  Really who would not want one of those sweet faces as their lifetime companion?

9 pm ! I am almost ready to call it a day.  I really do not think it will surprise anyone if I were to mention the week ahead of me is going to be another very busy one, "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard".

Saturday 22 June 2013


Last night Rob and I really enjoyed our BBQ'd Dinner.  I had a $5.00 coupon off Butterball Turkey Burgers, so had picked up a box a week ago.

Moist, full of flavour and all around "good".  We are pretty certain we will be purchasing these again.  After checking around a few stores, I had found Walmart had been the least expensive to buy these.

This morning I was up and at it very early, as I had a big day planned ahead of me.  First thing, before it rained, I took everyone out, fed everyone and then cleaned the puppies inside pen before having a coffee.

Once I had updated the Wiarton & Crabby Cabbie Facebook pages, I got going on making the salad for today's lunch.

I had no problem putting this salad together.  It is not only one of my favourites, it is full of fibre goodness.  Black Bean & Feta Salad.


At 11:30 our company arrived.  I served up lunch not too long after their arriving.

Lunch was Pickled Cauliflower, Dills, Egg Salad & Salmon Sandwiches, with Black Bean & Feta Salad and Grandma's Apple Cinnamon Cake for Dessert.

Special thanks to my Cousin Linda, who had gifted me the Pickled Cauliflower last Year for such a special occasion.  Linda they were out of this World, I will be making them myself this Year, and I was also asked for the recipe too.  Special thanks also to my friend Toni with an "i", as she had gifted me the Dill pickles at Christmas time ... yummy, as they were all ate up too.

Once lunch was cleaned up with, we headed on up to Gateway Haven, as today was going to not only be a surprise for my Mother, it was going to be a "special" day for myself and my siblings.

This is the first photograph my siblings & I had with our Mother in 6 years.  It will be one more to be cherished as a family.  Myself, my brother Allan, our Mother Stella, my sister Donna, and Sister Jeanne.

A very rare photo, if maybe the only one of myself and my siblings.  

Another first is one of brother Allan, Mother and my Great Nephew Riley (Allan's Grandon).  Geez Riley at 13 has gotten to be quite the tall one in the family.

My sister Jeanne, and her daughter Joanne.

Sisters Donna & Jeanne, with Jeanne's husband Cecil.

A switch up of sisters in this photo.

I am pretty sure this will be the last photo I take of Jeanne & Cecil before they head back home to Nfld. next Sunday.

We had a great visit as a family.  Mother was very surprised and happy.  Donna's husband Wayne, and my Rob stayed back at home to look after the doggies.

This is Donna & Wayne's newest addition to their family.  "Taz" is a minature Dapple Dachshund who is now 3 months old.  He really is sweet.

Bandit and Taz absolutely loved each other.  Bandit is pretty good with all doggies.

I was very happy today, however warm it had gotten, that the rain had held off for the remainder of the day after the shower we had first thing this morning.

I was very happy we were able to take advantage of our new deck today too.  Wayne and Rob had headed out there as soon as Donna and Wayne had arrived.

After we finished up our visit with Mother, Jeanne, Cecil and Joanne came back to our house for the afternoon of visiting with us, Donna and Wayne.  

Everyone even got themselves a little puppy love today.

 It was a GOOD DAY, "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard".

Friday 21 June 2013

Featured Business of the Week.

WOW !  MY "Crabby Cabbie" was the Wiarton Chamber's Featured Business this week .....

Feature Business: Crabby Cabbie

Robert Roth just celebrated his one year anniversary of Crabby Cabbie last month, this event also rolled-out the expansion of his business onto the streets and roads of Wiarton. Locally owned and operated in Bruce County, Robert and his wife Cindy love being a part of the small town camaraderie that the area boasts.

Not only does this business make it easy for us to get from point A to point B, but they also work with VON (Victoria Order of Nurses) in an effort for fund-raising for the wonderful organization. What started out as a drive with 'Piggies for Pennies,' they continue to help raise money for VON by keeping those Piggies riding around town.

Here in Wiarton it is John McKay's smiling face you find behind the wheel, and should you find yourself needing a ride in the Saugeen Shores area you will be gladly greeted by Carolyn Atkinson. Crabby Cabbie welcomes out of town drives and would be happy to quote for any special event or function.

Welcome to Wiarton Crabby Cabbie, and thank you for helping keep our roads safe and getting us where we need to go safely.

Crabby Cabbie
Wiarton - 519.477.5950
Saugeen Shores - 519.373.7000

I am so proud of him, as he works hard and puts a lot of hours in every week.  Good job, honey, you will always be MY favourite Crabby Cabbie !

We had a rough go getting started in Wiarton, some even thinking we had been affiliated with the "other" cab company, Grab A Cab, but for some reason I think things might finally turn around for us.  Say a "quick" prayer for us, as we could always use one or two of them at any given time.  PS.  they are always appreciated too.

Can you handle more Wiarton news????  

Here We Grow Again ! "The Source" will be open for business Friday June 28th .
The Staff of "Wiarton Video" and the Revell family believe "The Source" will be an asset to the community and a great fit within our existing location.  Along with a fantastic selection of movies  to rent or buy, we will now be able to provide a great assortment of product categories aimed at helping you, our customer, make your life easier while on the go.

Our product and service line-up will include the latest selection of Smartphones, TV's. Laptops, Tablets, Headphones and essentials including Batteries and Ink. Our Staff look forward to assisting you find the products you want and providing the help you need, to make the most of your electronics. 
See you soon at "Wiarton Video and The Source"  
582 Berford Street
Wiarton, ON  
Yay !  A Source Store and hopefully more job creation for Wiarton residents !!!  
My day looks pretty hum drum compared to all that fantastic stuff I just posted ..... here I go anyway.
My usual Aussie and puppy duties, laundry, bathroom, vacuuming, floors washed, dishes done, .... clean, clean, clean !  I cancelled my weekly Doctor's appointment, as I have my bi-annual allergy testing coming up and no antihistamines are suppose to be used a few days prior to testing.  My glans have been swollen, eyes itchy, skin itchy, sore throat and left ear congested as the pollen has been rampant this Year.  
I did manage to slip downtown for a little bit today as I had needed some things for tomorrow's lunch.  I stopped by the Wiarton Farmer's Market ....
...and there was our "Crabby Cabbie" Wiarton vehicle.  Nice to see we are, as I had said earlier, slowly starting to gain some business out and about the Town of Wiarton.
This afternoon I cleaned the bathroom.  At 5 pm I mixed a Grandma's Apple Cinnamon Cake and got it into the oven ... I can smell it baking now.  Love the aroma.
Last night we had a simple Dinner.
I was happy to crack open 2 eggs to find double yolks.  What a bonus !

The grill is on.  Rob is grilling up some Butterball Turkey Burgers.  Once the cake is baked, and our dinner is over with I will get the laundry off the line, then get to making a Black Bean & Feta Salad for tomorrow too.
I am off to check out how those burgers are grilling and get a bit of fresh air out on our deck, "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard".
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