Saturday 18 May 2013

What A Beautiful Day

Another beautiful day for a Victoria Day weekend.  Really I should have been cutting our lawns that are growing into hay fields, but alas our Dear John Deere needs a new belt.  That situation will not be remedied until tomorrow.  Maybe we will be lucky to get it all cut then before the rain begins on Monday.

This morning I took notice to the flowers I received from my Son last Saturday for Mother`s day.

``Both the bouquet and the carnation I had received are doing pretty good after 1 week`s time.``

I did the usual chores here this morning.  I should have been out in my flower beds, however I had not seen my Mother since last Saturday and decided the flowerbeds could wait for another day.

I called up to Gateway Haven to tell them I would be there to have Lunch today with my Mother.  I thought I would surprise her.

``Lunch had been very good consisting of Barley Soup, Grilled Cheese Sandwich with Bean Salad, Orange Sherbet, and coffee or tea, and a tomato juice for beverages.  Mom smiled on `cue`before I left.``

This week our visit was not as good as last weeks.  Last week Mom was her usual self.  Today Mom was very confused and disorientated.  When we had finished our Lunch at a little side room across from the regular dining area, Mom got up to go across to that area saying she was going to have lunch.  After I had gotten her back to her room and left, she had followed me back down towards the dining room three times to go back for Lunch.  Days like these make me *sad*.

I will be back to see Mom on Thursday as she needs to be taken to the Hospital for a chest x-ray as she has been having a persistent cough for months that the Doctor wants to take further precautions by checking more in depth.

Once I did finally leave, I stopped at a closed Garage Sale where there had been items left out with a `free` sign displayed.  How could I possibly pass up checking out `free`stuff ever.

``I got Tupperware Jelly moulds and containers.  A ruler, 2 zesters, and a wee strainer that are all sitting in the Better Homes Casserole dish with fancy holder.  A knitting book for a friend whose daughter is expecting her first baby with lovely lovely baby afghan patterns in it.``

See there are some things in life Free, if you are lucky enough to be there at the right time and place.... you can always have a *smile* for FREE ! don`t ever forget that.

I had stopped into the Cocoa Vanilla also today.  They have Artist Jennifer Crawley there today and tomorrow doing portraits for a small cost of $40.00 I do believe.

``I had been tickled to see Jennifer in her element as she was doing a portrait of a young man.  My first impression of Jennifer, other then her obvious talent, was her huge wonderful personality.  Really I was happy I did make a point in dropping by to meet her.``

Jennifer is apparently at the Cocoa Vanilla again tomorrow.  I know she had been booked for portraits today, however not certain about tomorrow.  Should you be interesting in learning more, please do so by contacting the Cocoa Vanilla at 519-534-3334.  If I thought Bandit could sit that long, I would surely take him to have his portrait done .. ha !

Oh yes, before I forget one of my most favourite downtown stores, The Cluttered Cupboard will be OPEN for Business tomorrow between the hours of 11 am and 3 pm.

``Should you not have been in The Cluttered Cupboard, really if you are in the area you should as I do not think you would be disappointed.  They are located behind Bennetts Great Canadian Dollar Store behind the Main Street.  Ample parking available back there as well.``

When I did get home everyone needed out, about and back in by that time.  This kept me busy for a bit, but I did manage to get a cup of coffee before I cleaned the Puppy Pen out.

``Surely from this day forward only means trouble for us as eyes have begun opening today.  Into the Recycle Blue Box then all went well I gave their pen a good vacuuming out.  It won`t be long that I will not be doing this much longer either.``

This past week has been such a wonderful week weather wise that I had the opportunity at different times to spend some one on one time with almost everyone here.  Drop over to The Checkerboard Aussies blog to see for yourself by *clicking* HERE.

I am off and running as I do believe that Crabby Cabbie husband of mine is going to try to come home to have some Dinner with me tonight, ``Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard``.


  1. Free is nice :) I'm sorry your Mom wasn't feeling very well today. I hope everything goes well on Thursday and the doctor could help her with that cough.

  2. Sounds like a fun day overall! Sorry your mom wasn't at her best:( Those puppies are super cute! Have a great day today!

  3. Yes, free is best. Sorry about your Mom. I have been surprised lately with my husband calling out my name when he sees me arrive. I think he may even know I am his wife. It is strange when for so long he hasn't known me. He still has sessions like your Mom though and soon lapses into another world.

  4. I can't believe how lovely those flowers still look Cindy! Sorry your Mum was so confused; I remember finding it very disconcerting when my Grandmother was like that some years ago. Hope she's better next time. x

  5. I'm sorry about your Mum. Have her checked for a UTI. When Da gets all wonky and confused that is usually the cause.
    Those pups must be a great source of joy for you. They are just so sweet. The little black and white looks like a border collie. Is their mum your black and white??

  6. Your account of "free stuff" and pictures of the puppies made my day!

    Thanks for joining us for Let's Get Social Sunday! :)

    Love, Joy

  7. I'm sorry about your mother. Cherish all the time you have with her.

    The Cluttered Cupboard looks like I'd enjoy it.


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