Thursday 9 May 2013

Under The Weather

.... and it has been another beautiful day!  I hate when I am feeling unwell to the point I am drained and feel I can't manage.  It makes me feel like I have been robbed of a day from my Life.

One day off, one day on, another day off ....what will tomorrow bring I wonder?  Nothing to worry about I am certain, just a change in medications that are making my body think something is in it that is totally foreign.  Rightly so there is, but this too will pass.

I did manage to get my bed made, bedroom dusted, floors swept and dishes washed up from last night dinner put away, as well as our Aussies' needs all taken care of, although there was not too much throwing the ball today.

Between my Auntie Pearlina donating pennies, Rob's "Crabby Cabbie customers now donating silver, and an older gentleman rolled a bunch of pennies to donate to Rob yesterday, there is getting to be quite a pile almost ready to go to the Grey Bruce VON again.

"The Partnership between the "Crabby Cabbie" the VON Piggie is going very well I am thinking.  The only problem is, this girl needs to find her some help to roll these all up!  Any takers out there???"

I did manage to to Day 9 of the 30 Day Squat Challenge which was 100 squats.  I broke them up into two 50 squat sessions.  At least I do not have to say I did "diddly squat" all day (but I did all afternoon).

A couple months ago, in his travels,  Rob came across a man who used to raise German Shepherds.  This man had kennel panels he no longer used, telling Rob he was getting rid of them in the Spring.  They came to an agreed price which was beyond too reasonable for us not to purchase.  Rob got the call yesterday they were dismantled, loaded and ready to go.

"A couple of friends helped Rob bring them home today.  Another will it "get done" project.  I have sent the prayers up that it will, with great hopes the deck will be put up this Summer too.  Wish me luck on both count."

"Never mind the kennel panels, Rob was all thrilled the guy threw in a cement mixer for nothing. Oh man, when is my man ever going to find time to use one of these I do wonder."

In Celebration of the "Crabby Cabbie's" One Year Anniversary we took out an ad in the local Shoreline Beacon Newspaper over in Saugeen Shores.  The Edition came out with our ad yesterday.

"Isn't it lovely? quite impressive I thought until Rob brought home the newspaper and the first thing that popped out at me that something was missing  .... can you guess?"

Our Business Phone number had been left out !!!  a very important part of advertising in a local paper I would think.  I called the gal I was dealing with at the Newspaper, and she was more then accommodating by telling me it will be corrected and ran again next week.  Thank you SHORELINE BEACON for your awesome Customer Service.  I hadn't been upset, as it was an easy fix.

Even the best can overlook something.  Nobody or nothing is totally Perfect in this World, and more people should realize that most people try to do their very best and that should be commended in its own right.

Speaking of the Best ... Rob and I have the BEST family and friends in person and online, as with only 3 more days to go everyone has been upping the game for us by sharing our link to Vote Daily for the Crabby Cabbie, as well as faithfully voting every day !!!

Because of YOUR support and daily votes we are now at 975 Votes 54 more then yesterday.  We are averaging about 40 new daily votes.  Remember you can only vote once within a 24 hour period or the vote will not take.

Many thanks to ALL our friends who have also been sharing the link to their own personal Facebook pages, what a wonderful gesture on all your parts.  Many Members of our Family and our friends, in person and online, have been showing US the most overwhelming support, I can not begin to say how much Rob and I appreciate it all.

Once again, please Vote daily for MY "Crabby Cabbie", until the 12th of May, here is the link:

As always, and forever, Thank YOU !!!  from me and my ....

Serving Saugeen Shores & Area.  
Southampton:  519-373-7700 or Port Elgin:  519-379-7700

Speaking of my "Crabby Cabbie", he is going to come home for a couple hours to be here to let our Aussie Gang all out, about and back in for the last time tonight for me since I am feeling under the weather.  What a lucky girl I am to have such a  considerate husband to do this for me when he can.

"Since my friend, Karen, shared this on her Facebook page today, and we have lots around both  our places, I thought I would like to share them with everyone else out there .... " 

I am hoping there will be a restful night ahead and an even better day tomorrow, "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard".


  1. feel better soon. It's going to rain tomorrow so you should just hang about home.

    I found it hard to breathe today with this muggy weather.


  2. I had a half day today..but I got my squats done. Is there a challenge for June?
    Jane x

  3. My sweet friend, I hope you feel better very soon!

  4. I had a rough day Friday due ( I think!) to the drastic change in weather- perhaps you felt it coming early? Hope you are feeling a bit more energy today!


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