Tuesday 31 December 2013

Father Time's Last Entry For 2013

This evening is the last day in Father'Time's Books marked as the final day for 2013.  In a few short hours  the 2014 New Year will be upon us.  

Rob & I would like to wish all our family, friends and acquaintances much Health, Happiness, Warmth and Good Food for each of you & your families in 2014.

My day, once again, began early around 5 am or so.  The weatherman had predicted a Snow Squall Warning, with 70% chance of precipitation this day ....

.... he was right on the money today for a change, as I has barely stopped all day.  I look out many times throughout the day, admiring the Pine Tree in our front yard.  I do love its stateliness.  There is also one in our back yard that I admire as much.

It was a Soup kind of day.  The Stock I had made yesterday had been set out on the deck last night.  I was beyond "cooled off" when Rob retrieved it for me this morning.  First everything was chopped and placed into the Crock Pot.  Some of the strained stock was then added, along with a bit of Thyme.  The stock pot of stock gave me a Crock of soup, and 5 - 4 cup containers for the freezer.  We did well with our Christmas Turkey leftovers.  Not a smidgen of turkey left in our house now.  The Turkey Noodle Soup when it was done? so very very good.

I always have had a problem peeling and cutting waxed Rutabagas over the years.  Rob always does them for me.  Nancy, one of the members of Cindy's Recipe Exchange on Facebook, posted to poke them with a fork, cover with paper towel and put them in the microwave to make this chore much easier.

Today I tried Nancy's method for the first time, and I can not say how ecstatic I am about the results.  Rob is going to be so pleased he does not have this chore anymore.  This one small Rutabaga took only 3 minutes, and peeled with the ease of doing an orange.  Thanks Nancy !

There are times when things bother me so much I have to STOP everything else I am doing, and address what has been bugging me.  With being so busy before Christmas, Gall Bladder problems and migraines, I found myself way behind on regular household chores.  

This afternoon I tackled the problem area that has been bugging me for some time.  Everything was removed from the front foyer, and scrubbed down on my hands and knees.  Believe, you, me, I am feeling much much better now I have got that behind me.

Someone posted on my Recipe Exchange that whatever you do on New Year's Day sets the tone for the remainder of the Year.  I am NOT going to be doing any housework tomorrow, so does that mean my house will be more of a disaster then it already was in the 2013 Year?  I surely hope not.

From time to time there are offers on Facebook for free samples.  My friend, Toni with an "i" pointed out one not too long ago to me from Healthy Essentials by Johnson & Johnson..

Today in the mail I received a little box of some nice samples.  I do love getting to "try before I buy", do you as well?

My friend, Sharon, who had sewed us the Crabby Cabbie Business Card holder, and who also has made me a Crabby Cabbie wallet clutch, posted the finishing touch to the wallet to her Facebook page the other day.

Check out the amazing little Crab she found to make the clutch "complete".  Thank you Sharon I was so "Over the Top" when I seen this !!!

I cannot express how fortunate I am to have so many talented and giving friends.  That is an abundance of wealth in itself.

After many years I came to the conclusion it was best not to make New Year's Resolutions so that what is not made, could not be broken.  However I would rather make more attainable smaller goals to tackle.  One of these of course is the 52 Week Money Challenge.  Another that has been on my mind is to get myself back on track on being for fit.  I fell off the "fit" wagon 2 years ago after having two knee surgeries in one year.  Well it has gotten out of control as far a I am concerned, as when I had been walking daily I was less winded and feeling much better.  I somehow have to get myself back on this same track again.  Last week I started on the stationary exercise bike for a few minutes at a time (as such things need to be eased into), however that didn't last long as the darn seat is so hard my butt sustained injury.  This will never do, so until I get a gel to go on it at Canadian Tire, my biking days are over.  However I will be making a solid attempt in the New Year to begin a daily walking regiment again.  Small doable goals, nothing overwhelming that will exceed higher expectations and bring me down.

A friend of mine posted about the Toltec Spirit's Four Agreements:
The Four Agreements are:
1. Be Impeccable with your Word: Speak with integrity. Say only what you mean. Avoid using the Word to speak against yourself or to gossip about others. Use the power of your Word in the direction of truth and love.
2. Don’t Take Anything Personally
Nothing others do is because of you. What others say and do is a projection of their own reality, their own dream. When you are immune to the opinions and actions of others, you won’t be the victim of needless suffering.
3. Don’t Make Assumptions
Find the courage to ask questions and to express what you really want. Communicate with others as clearly as you can to avoid misunderstandings, sadness and drama. With just this one agreement, you can completely transform your life.
4. Always Do Your Best
Your best is going to change from moment to moment; it will be different when you are healthy as opposed to sick. Under any circumstance, simply do your best, and you will avoid self-judgement, self-abuse, and regret.
You can read more by *clicking* HERE.  I believe these four agreements are good standards for anyone to live by, and I will continue my best in the New Year to practice them.  

My goal last Year had been to be KINDER to others.  I feel I have lived up to this goal, even though I am very sure throughout the Year I have fallen short of it a few times.  I hope I did my best, and my best is all I can ever give.

On that note ....

... and Wiarton: 519-477-5950

It will be another evening I spend with my Aussies, while my Crabby Cabbie Rob is out trying to Save the World, as well as trying to carve us out a living from this ole World.  That is all she wrote for this last day of 2013, "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard".

Monday 30 December 2013

Bye Bye Christmas

People kept telling me do not drink caffeine before bedtime as that is what is probably the cause of your sleeping problems, they said.  I have not drank coffee or regular tea, or had chocolate, for the past couple of week and I still have been having my lovely broken sleep nights.  

My Mother has been like this all her life, and I have been the same since my late teens.  I believe my sleeping disorder is genetic unfortunately.  This is my story and I am sticking to it ... YAWN.

I decided I would get Rob some breakfast into him before he took off at 7:30 for work this morning, as I knew he was not going to be back home until lunchtime and needed something on his tummy.

We had Oatmeal this morning, and Sweet Red Pepper & Medium Cheddar Block Cheese Omelet for our Dinner this day.  Breakfast foods are good anytime of the day.

This morning I had some lessons from my amazing girlfriend, who knows all things iphone.  It is taking me a wee bit, I am slower texting then I was on my Blackberry, but I think I have caught on very well and am LOVING every moment of having an Apple iphone 5s.  I even got to have FACE TIME with Vicki and my friend, Sharon, who is in Florida !!!  

Truly between being sick with gall bladder and migraines two weeks ago, then busy this past Christmas week, my house looks like a Mega Dust Bunny lives in it.  I warded off the headache first thing with meds, and got myself going on beginning with our dining room area.

I only managed to get it dusted real well, and the Christmas decor away.  The Winter decor will remain out for another couple months yet.  Snowmen I LOVE and they "spell" Winter, do they not?

Oh yes, I also put on a pot to make Turkey Stock from the carcass Rob had put in the freeze for me.  Once cooled over night I will skim it, sieve it and have a lovely homemade stock for soups.  Tis the Season for soup ... and truly it has been cold enough for soup to be a welcome entree by anyone these past couple of days.  Rob & I? we like soup pretty much anytime.

Along with the 52 Week Money Challenge, and by the way thanks for signing up with the rest of us Cassie (still not too late for others to join in if you like, just click HERE to find out more), I always try to save loonies and toonies for the Year in my Nest Egg.  Last Year it had been added to my 52 Week money savings bringing it up to $1,500.00 or so.

Today I counted out the Nest Egg savings which totalled $230.00.  A great start to pad the savings account with & Ring in the New Year of hopefully more savings and a better financial Year ahead for us !  Whoo hoo !!!  Do you have a little Nest Egg put away for yourself ???

Rob was home for a little bit this afternoon.  What did he do while he was home?  he busied himself doing a "man" thing which of course involved a TV and its remote.

Out with the old and in with the new, when he switched up our old Panasonic of 16 years with a newer Samsung flat screen.  Rob had bought the Samsung from a guy 1 1/2 years ago, and it had been stored in our spare bedroom until today.  He looked at it before he had to go back out tonight wondering why he had waited so long to hook it up ???  I guess because there is still nothing wrong with the picture in our old Panasonic 32 " is why.

Hopefully the newer TV will last as long as the old one did, but one never knows now a days in this "throw away World" we live in.

Tomorrow is New Year's Eve.  Being the wife of a man who owns his own Cab Company, I will be a Cabbie Widow tomorrow evening, while my Crabby Cabbie is out getting responsible people, who take cabs home when drinking, home safe and sound.  They have had a snow squall warning in effect, so I am truly praying the 80% precipitation they are forecasting tomorrow night changes down to something less threatening so at least the roads will be good for Rob and our guys to be out driving in.

What plans do you have to bring in the 2014 New Year?  for New Year's Day I am going to roast a Prime Rib Roast, and do up some Rosemary Potatoes in the Crock Pot, along with a fresh steamed vegetable for our dinner.  I also think I might make some Yorkshire Pudding to go along with the meal to make it that much more special for us.

Oh yes, before I sign off for the evening you might like to see what our Bandit had for his breakfast this morning.  Please do by *clicking* HERE.

Tomorrow I will get the other few Christmas items put away again until next Year, so it will be "bye bye Christmas".

My headache has returned with a flourish, feeling like a very huge darning needle is coming through the left side of my brain out my left eye.  I have take yet MORE meds, hoping it will subside sooner then later.  On that note, I think I will sign-off for now to get the dinner dishes washed up and relax the remainder of my evening, "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard".

Sunday 29 December 2013

What A Day This Has Been !

Really I did not  have the best sleep in the World last night, but then again I have had much much worse so I will take any I can get.  I finally got up around 5 am.  The morning felt like it dragged a bit, but then I also do not mind if it feels that way rather then have it zip by me on high speed waiting for me to catch up., C

Before I get going on the day I had I best remember to post who has came along "on board" with me for the 52 Week Challenge:

Kathy, Debby, Diane, Cathy, Christy, Eleanor, Cathy (who promised she would stick to it this time around), Linda, Alice & Barry, Vicki and Cassie.

Should anyone else like to join in there is still time, just *click* on the 2014 52 Week Challenge on the side lines of my blog post and that will take you to the original post about it.  The more the merrier !

Once Rob and I got going this morning, we headed on North of the Checkerboard ... way further North then our usual place to go, which is Lion's Head to the good Doctors.

We were headed to the tip of the Bruce Peninsula, up to Tobermory aka The "Tub".  It was a beautiful drive once we got through the fog and into all the lovely frosted bushes along the way.

Finally we made it to our destination where we were meeting my Cousin Brad, and his wife, Paula, who had invited us to the Ancient Cedars Cafe located at the Cornerstone Golf Club in Tobermory, for a late Brunch at 11:30 am.  I was pleased to see Paula wearing her new sweater she had purchased out on our shopping excursion yesterday, as I LOVE it !

I was very impressed with all the made from scratch, homemade foods offered at the brunch table.  Everything from eggs, bacon, sausage, toast to Lasagna, Beef Stir-fry, Turkey Dressing Casserole, Basmati Rice, Salad, and a great selection of fresh fruits.  All of this for $15.00 per person, including taxes and beverages.

I would definitely not hesitate on returning to the Ancient Cedars Cafe when they re-open in the Spring of 2014.  To keep up-to-date with owners, who are also the creators and preparers behind all the fantastic foods, check out their website HERE, or their Facebook page HERE.  If you take a drive up that way, and stop in for some of their Food Fare, I personally do not think you would be disappointed.

Not only did we have a great Brunch, the four of us had a nice visit together too.  I always enjoy when we get together with Brad & Paula.  Thanks for the invite !

After we had said our Good-byes, Rob took me into Tobermory to snap a couple of shots.

Brrr it was cold.  A huge difference from the hustle & bustle of the Summer and Ferry Crossing Crowd it most certainly in.   Still in the absence of it all, the beauty still is plenty with the now sleepy village.  The drive out of Tobermory also had included freezing rain which we left once further South.

The afternoon I was busy on the phone with Bell Mobility trying to figure out the plan for the new Apple iphone 5s I was going to be getting.  Going on to almost 3 hours with Bell Customer Service, and finding out I had been quoted a "wrong" plan I was ready to cry.  The story ended well, I took the plan as it was meant to be, but the Bell Loyalty Department Customer Service Rep, matched the price of the phone that Best Buy was offering me for $99.00, rather then their price of $229.00, since I went through so much "run about" the past two days.  He truly had wonderful Customer Service Skills.

By the time I had made these arrangements, and off the phone it had been almost 4 pm.  We wanted to get to the Bell Mobility store in Owen Sound before they closed at 5:00.  We were there in record time, where we once again had another wonderful Customer Service person.  After we got the phone and my new plan activated, stopped into Walmart for a few things we finally made it back home at 7 pm !!!  Oh man what a day this has been !!!

Drum Roll .... my new Apple iphone 5s ready for me to learn all about it.  My plan include Across Canada & Unlimited Long Distance calling, unlimited text/video, Call Answer, Call Display and 1 GB of Data for the Internet.  Tomorrow I will be calling Bell Canada to decrease our Home Phone to a Basic Plan.  I would altogether cancel our Home line, however we still require it to send faxes.  Learn all about the Apple iphone 5s by clicking HERE.

It has been another "big" day behind me.  Here I am, once again, tired.  I always have told my Mom that is my middle name instead of Cindy Dale, Cindy Tired.  The old saying, "if the shoe name fits wear it", "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard".

Saturday 28 December 2013

The 2013 Money Challenge Has Ended !!

Yes this is the Balance in my 52 Week Challenge Account which ended this week for the Year 2013.  The Total saved is $1,378.00, my balance reflects this amount plus the money I had put in from my Sealed Jar last year, and any interest accrued.  

Have we decided what we are going to spend this money on yet? kinda, sorta.  I am buying myself a new Cell phone, as Rob received one for himself in the Spring and I have had my old Blackberry Curve for 3 years now, so I am getting one of the new Apple iphone s5's, that are ON SALE at Best Buy until the 2nd of January 2014 for $99.00, thanks to the tip received from my girlfriend, Vicki ... *smile*.  

We also both fell in love with a set of furniture we seen this month in Meaford, but really we can make due with our old stuff, as I think a new mattress would be more practical as well necessary at this time (as much as my heart strings are pulling me towards the furniture).  After the mattress purchase, I am hoping there will be enough left for new flooring and paint in the bedroom as well.  It is soooo overdue for a make-over ! or maybe a new mattress, bedroom window and some paint, leaving the flooring until later? choices and more choices !

Who joined me in this 52 Week Money Challenge this past Year?  Let me check the list I have kept for the past year ....

Toni, Judy, Stacey, Michelle, Diane, Ellen, Debby of Nanny's Place, Cathy of Cold Lake Cathy, Jean, Karen, Elsie (LC), Gill of That British Woman, Darlene, Vicki (my g/f), Abby of Miners Maple Products, Marg, Janet at Simple Homecraft, the Farmgirl Files, Christy, Alice, Monica, Kathy (Member of Cindy's Recipe Exchange), and my Rob.

The ones who have been crossed out are the ones I know had to drop out for whatever reason throughout the Year.  I would LOVE to hear from everyone else who continued on the Challenge with me on what "big" plans they have for their savings?

Now who is IN with me for the 2014 ~ 52 Week Money Challenge ????  I would LOVE having company again for the upcoming New Year.  If you are up for the Challenge, please let me know by leaving a comment on my post, or email me at justnorthofwiarton@live.ca  

You may right click on this image to save as is to your computer to print off as a handy reference throughout the 52 weeks.

YAY !!!  I am pumped for this challenge in 2014.

Another Challenge I have signed on for is Carla's LOW/NO Spend January Challenge

For this Challenge I will be:

1) cutting back on any grocery money spending by utilizing what is in our freezers, buying only basics such as milk and bread;

2) adding an "extra" $10.00 a week to our savings account that the 52 week Challenge money goes into.

This is all I have come up with for goals for this challenge this time around. I will be saving my grocery receipts for the month of January to track my spending.

NOTE:  NO/LOW spending does not apply to the 2013 52 Week Money Challenge Money I have saved, as that was meant to be or not to be spent.

On to the day at hand.  Today I met up with my Cousin Paula, who is married to my first Cousin, Brad Masterson.  Josie's of Wiarton was having their Annual Boxing Day Sale with 30 - 50% most Winter Clothing items and accessories.

I got a beautiful Point Zero 3 in 1 Coat for 50% off, and Paula a lovely sweater for 30% off.  We both walked out pretty happy with our purchases.

Afterwards Brad joined us at The Berford Street Tea Room for a Spot of Tea.  Actually us girls had tea, and Brad had a coffee.

With  our hot beverages we also enjoyed a homemade treat of a Raisin Bran Muffin, or Tea Biscuit with Homemade Jam.  The Berford Street Tea Room also offers light lunches at  very reasonable prices

Paula and I also went in to Rankin River Trading Co. for a couple Christmas items I picked up for my Auntie, and Paula a couple unique Christmas Ornaments for herself.

This afternoon was spent doing a whole lot of nothing, and by that I mean spending time on the phone trying to check out all the plans I can upgrade to with the new phone I am getting.  Holy Moly I can not believe the plan I can get and what it included from what my old plan have giving me, which in comparison is nothing !  You really, like car insurance, have to check in every so often with service providers to see what upgrades they have, as they won't call to let you know.

Rob had to go out today to get the Wheelchair accessible van we purchased for a Song, thanks to a very wonderful person who sold it to us.  When he was leaving I starting walking down the steps towards him to give him a kiss good-bye when I stepped out and missed two steps landing on the foyer on my right bum knee, also banging my knee pretty darn good.  What a Klutz I am !!!   I am sure I will live after the experience.

The weather has became mild today with temps well above the freezing mark.  With yet another change in weather comes the headaches.  I have been trying to hold this one at bay all day, but it seems to be winning the battle the more tired I become.

With a great day behind me, I think I will take my headache with me to bed to hopefully get rid of it there before a new day breaks, "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard".

Friday 27 December 2013

Finally A Decision !

This day pretty much flew by me it seemed.  I now look at the clock reading 5:29 pm wondering where the past 12 hours got to?  Obviously I was participating in most of it as I am weary enough at the moment as evidence.

Rob was on his way early this morning leaving me behind with the usual "first thing" household chores consisting of making the bed, doing up the dishes I was too tired to do up last night since it was only a couple of plates and such, and of course most important attending to our Aussie's needs.

My brother, Allan called at 8 am, dropping over shortly after to pickup the laptop Rob and I had given our, almost 14 year old, Great Nephew, Riley.  This was in lieu of the usual GC we gift him for his Birthdays. This will be a good start for him to work himself up to a new one down the line some time.

This morning I was scheduled to attend a meeting at the Wiarton Chamber Office to learn a new computer program.  It didn't seem too much of a learning curve for me with many of its features similar to that of Blogger that I do my daily journal on here.  I will have to put it to practice on a day that I am not feeling so weary (must be all that leftover Turkey we have been eating lately).

The meeting carried on for about 2 hours, bringing me back home after the lunch hour.

Back home I had myself some lunch consisting of a wonderful moist Turkey sandwich, before answering a couple of emails before Rob arrived back home.

The Source Store, downtown Wiarton, has After Christmas Sales running until the 31st of December, so I headed down there to check out the cameras they had available.  This little excursion took at least another couple hours out of my day, as I also had to stop in at The Berford Street Tea Room, and the Rankin River Trading Co..

At the Rankin River Trading Co. all their Christmas decor, gifts and wrappings were 50% off.  I had a great time in the Christmas aisles deciding should I or shouldn't I for next Year.  Funny thing was there was a lovely lady there too doing the same as I was.  She also begins her Christmas Shopping afterwards and all through the next Year, having it all done but for a few trinkets by the time December rolls around.

I got 2 beautiful tea light holders (it is kind of smokey looking so does not photo too well), 10 gift bags, 2 pkgs of napkins, and a table runner I was googling over when I was in browsing last Saturday.  I also spotted these little mittens that were Tree ornaments, thinking some of my knitting friends would like this idea for next Year.  Would a tree not look lovely with a bunch of mitts down up in a multitude of different colours?

After I checked out each and every Camera at The Source, I headed back up the street to The Berford Street Tea Room where I had a lovely chat with owners, Jim and Debby.  Their neighbour, Victor Last, had gifted them a collage of photos of days gone by in Wiarton.

To view these bits of Wiarton History collected and put together by Victor Last, drop into The Berford Street Tea Room.  A spot of tea, along with one of Debby's homemade goodies, or a light lunch might be a plan as well while there.

Leaving the Tea Room I collected my packages I had left at Rankin River Trading Co. and headed home for the second time this day.  Rob had also been gone, and also returned not long after I had.

I think I am also weary from spending so much time checking and re-checking specs on different brands of Cameras.  It takes a lot of energy reading through review after review, spec after spec, and then sometimes re-reading when you forgot what you have checked already as you have checked so many !  Oh Man ....

I think after two days of all of this checking I have found a durable Point & Shoot camera that might work for my needs.  Check it out HERE.  If anyone out there has had any personal experience with this Panasonic model or any other one, please let me know, as I would love more personal input if possible.

The percentage of reviews in favour of this camera I had read did outweigh the cons, HERE.  Finally a decision ! (I hope the right one).

Well that is pretty much my day, with again another early night ahead of me I am sure, as last night was a restless sleep night.  There seems to have been a lot of early nights for me lately, "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard".

Thursday 26 December 2013

Boxing Day Road Trip

The phone rang at 1:00 am.  It was Rob's phone.  He got up and left to return around 3:30 am., only to get back up before 7:00 am.  I am tired at the moment, but for some reason I am thinking he is a lot more tired then "moi".

While Rob took off for work this morning I didn't too much but a bit of this and that, as well as a load of laundry.  I truly think I was feeling a "tad" on the lazy side today, very lazy.

I couldn't believe how crazy it was outside this morning.  It was like ...

Holy Snow, Batman !!! coming down fast & heavy.  

There was at least 4 inches within the hour fall I am sure.

I just happened to look out the front window to see a car stopped.  It had been there for quite a while, so I thought I had best go out to see if they needed anything.  It was a young couple who had run out of fuel.  They had called a cab to come get them for fuel.  I started laughing telling them there were two cabs parked in our driveway.  I thought it was kind of funny, but it didn't matter they called the "other" cab company as I wasn't about to help out that much by driving in that mess.

Back in the house after satisfied they were alright, I made a call on Rob's behalf to inquire about a vehicle with a Wheelchair Lift we had came across.  This has been something that has been on our minds for sometime.  When Rob arrived back home he made arrangements with the gentleman to come see it at 2 pm this afternoon.  A drive to Collingwood was in the plan for our day.

First off when we head out we had to go down to the Gas Bar at Saugeen First Nations in Southampton to get our personal Van filled up with fuel, then off we went.  The roads were actually very good.

The Boxing Day Road trip to Collingwood and back was truly not too bad whatsoever.  The slopes at Blue Mountain appeared to be very busy with Holiday skiers.

The gentleman we met about the Van was a lovely man.  He had just lost his Wife in March of this Year.  Truly you could tell he was still grieving by the tears in his eye when he was talking about taking her out in in the Van.  She had MS.  I felt *sad* for this lovely man.  He also had a beautiful white German Shepherd Dog.  I had a treat in my pocket for his dog, and this made him *smile*.

On our way home we stopped at Walmart in Owen Sound to return the Canon Camera Rob had gotten me.  We also stopped in at The Source, as well as Staples to check out cameras.  There are way too many to choose from.  I am so tired of reading, and re-reading specs for so many cameras my head is swimming.

I was happy to get back home.  Dinner was easy as it there is lots of leftovers from yesterday.

Not such an exciting day, but a great day with some quality time spent with my husband, and that made me happy.  Tomorrow I have a busy day ahead of me.  Truly being so tired I can not imagine being too far from my bed, "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard".

Wednesday 25 December 2013

Merry Christmas !

Last night we must have been a bit bored, so our dear Bandit Boy was, once again, at our mercy ...

Then my Dear Rob is always a good sport to play along .....

Both Rob and I didn't seem to sleep too bad last night.  It was night Rob didn't "have" to get up until he wanted to this morning, but really it was at 7:00 am.  Me? around my usual before 6:00 am.  It was a pretty relaxing morning for both of us with no "Crabby Cabbie" thoughts lurking in our heads.

Rob unwrapped his gift from me.  He loves clocks, so there is now another one added to his collection.  I am pretty certain we have 5 clocks in our Living/Dining rooms now.  The sky first thing this morning held hope of a gorgeous day ahead full of Sunshine.  It was barely out when it left never to be seen for the rest of this day.  It has been cold, crisp & grey, with the odd flurry of snow here and there.

After Rob had opened his gift from me, he plunked down a bag beside me.  Really Rob, you had to use the same bag and wrapping I had down your gift up in?  You are wayyyy to funny some days.  Rob had gotten me a little Cannon Point & Shoot Camera, so I would have something to carry in my purse (more portable) with me.  I checked some specs and comparisons on-line about this Camera, http://www.canon.ca/inetCA/products?m=gp&pid=24367#_020, finding that the Nikon Coolpix S9500 rated higher in the reviews.  We are going to take the one he got me to see if we can change it up to the Nikon.  If anyone has any input on either Point & Shoot camera, please let me know.  Truly I  hate making choices, and when spending money I hope to make the right one.

I broke the bread for the dressing this morning, then was getting ready for Rob and I to go up to see Mom, when Rob's phone rang.  He had to go out on a call.  Rob went his way, and I went mine after putting together a few Christmas baked good for Mom.

Getting off the elevator on Mom's floor, I ran into my Great Nephew Riley.  He was just headed out to the car to get Grandma a card that had been left behind.  Since I had my hands full he helped me down to Mom's room, after I put on a mask.  My brother, Allan was with Mom when I got to her room.

Mom's eyes light up when she opened the Cookie tin.  Allan, Nancy & Riley had gotten Mom the coolest lantern.  This lantern is on a timer, and they had set it to come on at 4 pm and to go off at 10 pm.  Very very pretty too, isn't it?  I gave Mom a gift and card from my Sister Jeanne & her husband Cecil as well, before giving her the "big" bag I had put her stuff in from Rob and I.  She got 2 more "collectible" bears, a 5 generation framed photo of my sister Jeanne, her daughter, Joanne, Joanne's daughter, Michelle and her daughter, Deja, and herself.  I also gave her a framed photo of herself with us four kids, Jeanne, Allan, Donna & myself.  I think she was pretty happy despite her not being able to come out for Christmas Day since her floor was under Flu Quarantine.

I got a photo of Allan, Riley & Mom, then Riley took a picture of myself, Allan & Mom (he did pretty good).  Trust me we were happy to take off those dang masks; not only were they hot, it was hard for me to breath with it one (I am certain we weren't suppose to take them off, so please don't' tell anyone.  They had been on until it was picture time.  *smile*).

Rob got home shortly after I had around the noon hour.  He hasn't been called out the rest of the day, so it has been kind of nice.  He did manage to go out and put the snow blower on the tractor, and I did get a load of laundry in the washer (cheap hydro day on Holidays you know).

We were planning on having an early Turkey Dinner, however it looks like we won't be eating now until around 6:00 pm.  That is okay, as we really aren't following a schedule today.

Santa was very good to both of us this Christmas, and thanks to my Auntie, we have been under his watchful eye.

We had a few phone calls today, and of course there were lots of Merry Christmas Greetings on Facebook.  Paul has the boys today until tomorrow at his and Liz's house, so I was able to talk to them for a little bit today too.  We will be having our Christmas Dinner with them on the 5th of January, so I will be praying until then that the weather will be good that day.

Rob & I both sincerely hope everyone had themselves a lovely Christmas, along with being totally "stuffed" with Turkey.  Blessings from Our Home to Yours.

I think I best be putting the potatoes on to boil, as that Turkey is starting to smell like "done" here, "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard".

Tuesday 24 December 2013

Love Love Love Surprising !

Merry Christmas to Everyone from Rob & Myself.

~ Crabby Cabbie Artwork by Russ Ewing ~

When Rob returned home this morning from Owen Sound he was busy cleaning off our driver's truck, as he was going to be dropping of our Taxi and taking the next two days off.  It had really been buried until Rob got at it.  After he had been done with that we headed on to the hustle and bustle in Wiarton to pickup a couple last minute things.  I picked up the huge bag to put all Mom's gifts in, and a gift of Chocolates for Mom on behalf of my Sister, Jeanne, & her husband, Cecil, who live in Newfoundland.

I had arrived back home, just nicely getting Mom's gift together when Gateway Haven called to tell me Mom's floor was closed down due to a Flu Outbreak.  Jeez could it not waited for a couple more days until after Christmas was over?   I hope Mom isn't too disappointed when they tell her.  Family are still able to go visit if they wear a mask when they go in, so I will probably go up tomorrow morning to at least take her the gifts.

I then called my Sister, Jeanne.  It is her and Cecil's 25th Wedding Anniversary today.  How nice was that?

Happy Anniversary Jeanne & Cecil ! and many many more.

I did a bit of cleaning today, goodness knows there is tons to be done after being out of commission for almost a week here.  When done that I decided NO MORE, I was going to put together some goodies and go visit my Girlfriend, Colleen, no matter what.  Rob drove me over to Sauble Beach where she lives.  She didn't know we were coming ... I love, love, love surprising people, don't you???

Colleen LOVES Santa Claus, as much as she loves the colour purple, or an ice cold Margarita once in awhile.  These are only a few photos of the Santas she has collected or been gifted.  Her newest gift is this large picture of Saint Nick himself, from her sister, Heather.  Is it not beautiful?

Rob took camera in hand, and did not do too bad capturing us "girls" in a couple photos.  We had a great visit.  I am looking forward to the Dinner date we made to get together in January, weather permitting of course.

Colleen's "other half", Barry, has the Sauble Beach Outpost.  I love browsing through Barry's shop, so many nice things I would love to have.  Oh there is Barry in the bottom right photo.  I had the pleasure of receiving a pair of Moose Moccasins one Christmas from Colleen & Barry, and I LOVE them !  Drop in to see them sometime, as it is really easy to find going out of Sauble Beach, just past the new Home Building Centre up on the left hand side, you can't miss it.

We got home where Rob stoked up the Wood Stove as brr, it is -17*C out there already.  I have a gift to open from Colleen & Barry, and Rob bought this lovely shrimp ring from Barry for $2.00 (or he would not have sold it to Rob), and we also tried out this Boursin Garlic & Herb "lite" Cheese (I love Boursin Cheeses).

Yesterday our Paul had his boys, Aiden & Connor.  Paul, Liz and the five children had their Christmas yesterday.  It was very sweet of our dear Elizabeth to send us the following photo.

Here is Briar and Connor "doing up" Paul's hair.  He is an excellent subject is he not???   Ha, ha, ha ...

Are you wondering if Santa is getting closer to your house? just check out where he is now by going HERE.

I would like to now share the email my friend, Jiba, sent me via email yesterday, and that I truly loved receiving:

Jesus is better than Santa Claus

Jesus is Better Than Santa

Santa lives at the North Pole ... 
JESUS is everywhere.

Santa rides in a sleigh ... 
JESUS rides on the wind and walks on the water.

Santa comes but once a year ... 
JESUS is an ever present help. 

Santa fills your stockings with goodies ... 
JESUS supplies all your needs. 

Santa comes down your chimney uninvited ... 
JESUS stands at your door and knocks, 
and then enters your heart when invited.

You have to wait in line to see Santa ... 
JESUS is as close as the mention of His name.

Santa lets you sit on his lap ... 
JESUS lets you rest in His arms.

Santa doesn't know your name, all he can say is 
"Hi little boy or girl, what's your name?" ...
JESUS knew our name before we were born...
Not only does He know our name,
He knows our address too. 
He knows our history and future and 
He even knows how many hairs are on our heads.

Santa has a belly like a bowl full of jelly ...
JESUS has a heart full of love.

All Santa can offer is HO HO HO ...
JESUS offers health, help and hope.

Santa says "You better not cry" ...
JESUS says "Cast all your cares on me for I care for you." 

Santa's little helpers make toys ...
JESUS makes new life, mends wounded hearts,
repairs broken homes and builds mansions.

Santa may make you chuckle but ...
JESUS gives you joy that is your strength.

While Santa puts gifts under your tree ...
JESUS became our gift and died on a tree....
The cross.

Put Christ Back In Christmas...
Jesus Is Still The Reason For The Season!

"For God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in Him should not perish, but have everlasting life." 

John 3:16

God Bless Everyone, and a Merry Christmas to ALL !!!

I am looking forward to Rob and I having one WHOLE DAY OFF tomorrow (this is not true as he will stay on call for the Hospitals), and I know Rob is looking forward to having Turkey Dinner, "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard".

Monday 23 December 2013

Hooray It Has Left !

My brother, Allan, is usually up early and headed downtown for a daily Tim Horton coffee.  His only coffee of the day.  I called him at 7:00 am to catch him before he left to make sure he swung around to pickup up his tin of goodies I make him every Christmas.

When he ever drops in he always brings me a coffee, this day I told him to pass, and not because I didn't want one this was for certain.

Rob had been heading out Allan pulled in.  Never say that Woman chit chat, as trust me there is a few men I know who do their share.  Finally I went out to take him his tin, as usually he is in a hurry, and more then likely his coffee was getting cold.  Maybe he will drop around again on Christmas Day when Mom is here.

Jack Frost and his Ice Friends had been very busy throughout the night and early this morning.  I love the crunch of snow beneath my boots and the glory of all this beauty.

Hooray the Migraine has left my head.  Yes this is me, Migraine free with a whole house in need of cleaning after either being sick or too busy last week.  I do not think I barely made a dent in anything today, however the bedding did get changed, as well as two loads of laundry folded and put away.  Rob called as he had dropped his van off to get the oil change, would I come around to pick him up?  Yes dear after I cleared 1/4 " or more of ice off the windshield of the Van.  It took me forever !  Our mechanic said to take a lukewarm spray bottle of water to clear it; works well he says.  Maybe next time.  

When we were downtown I went to get some decaffeinated Earl Grey Tea for myself.  I tried another coffee this morning with a bit of 2% milk, which did not go over so well.  The tea? 20 bags for $4.99 !!! I almost fell over when Rob told me the price.  Trust me I got 2 mugs of tea from the one bag, as I will make sure I streeeetch it at that price.

I am hoping I will get more accomplished tomorrow then what I did get done this day.  I did remember to take the Turkey out of the freezer, and this has to account for something does it not?  *Smile*

My friend, Abby, posted something to Facebook later today which I really enjoyed and wish more parents would be more creative to get their children to use their imaginations.  Check out what these parents did for their children at the following link:  http://www.quickmeme.com/p/3vqq46

Fantastic was it not ???

My most favourite one of the day I could have stared at for hours putting my imagination to work .....

As such as it was, that was how my day was, "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard".

Sunday 22 December 2013

Migraines Weaken The Strong

I had thought I would be posting my day yesterday, however that was not to be earlier this day as I awoke with a terrible migraine headache again.  Nothing seem to bust it out of my system.  I have been a migraine suffer since my late teens, so I know when meds are not going to work, they are not going to work.

Let's see the past 24 hours had me taking Tylenol 3's, Axert (migraine meds), and finally what kicked in was the 1200 mg of ibuprofen.  This relief did not come until late this afternoon.

Back to the highlights of my yesterday when I met up for our Annual Christmas Luncheon.  This Year it was my Aunt Gladys (my dad's sister), my first Cousins, Vi, Suzanne, Peggy, and Paula, and my Niece, Jo-Anne.

We all met at the Green Door Cafe, downtown Wiarton.  My "bland" lunch consisted of a plain turkey burger.  My Auntie and Cousin Vi were going to be potlucking it that evening, so they went light with a bowl of Tomato Basil Soup each and splitting a Tuna Sandwich.  Jo-Anne had the special of the day which was a mixed platter with a side Caesar Salad.  

It was a fun lunch with lots of chatter, and a few small gifts exchanged.  Auntie had made all of us girls each a Gumdrop Cake.  Bottom left is Suzanne, Paula, A. Gladys, Jo-Anne, and bottom right is Viola and Peggy.  Lots of memories of growing up together in Southampton.  Really I don't know what happened to Auntie many years ago, as she left Southampton to cross the tracks to marry that Port Elgin Eby guy, who happens to now be my Uncle (hehehe).

After lunch Vi and Auntie had to leave to ready themselves that afternoon for the Potluck Dinner.  The rest of us girls did up the Shops & Stores downtown Wiarton, Rankin River Trading Co., The Cluttered Cupboard, Josie's of Wiarton and Gilbert's Shoe Store.  All favourites of all of us.  Some of the giftware pictured to the left in Rankin River Trading Co., and to the right Jo-Anne offering Suzanne some of those fantastic Black Balls we all used to get at Tommy's Candy Store Downtown Southampton so many years ago ... I think that is where half my Church collection when to after Sunday School some Sundays, Shhh, don't tell MOM !

It was well after three o'clock when my Niece, Jo-Anne, had dropped me back home.  When Rob arrived home shortly after he had been thrilled ...

... as Auntie had spoiled him again, this time with his favourite Hickory Farms Honey Pineapple Mustard that she had gotten him a previous year (that he never forgot when he finished it).  He got TWO this Year, happy happy Crabby Cabbie, Rob !!  Below all the lovely things I had gotten gifted to me.  The Candy Jar with the Snowman to the left was hand--painted by my Cousin Vi.

Last night the dreaded Migraine had its grip on me, so my bedtime was early, very early at 6 pm.  This morning I arose with the Migraine.  Still there were things that needed done.

I have been been getting back into the routine of making Rob Oatmeal and toast to start his day with, as it is something I feel he needs.  He got the tractor plugged in, as he was going to be unplugging our driveway at some point this day, while I got a couple loads of laundry done (cheap hydro day) and hung on the wooden clothes horses.

I check over and faxed off the payroll to our Bookkeeper this morning, while Rob when out to do a couple of calls.  The weather this day indeed was frightful, however from reports I had been hearing in other parts of Ontario, we were doing pretty good in comparison.

Late this afternoon Rob brought some wood up from the drive shed into the house.  I had been in bed the most part of the afternoon, not feeling too good that I was unable to help him with this, even though it is one piece at a time, it still would have been a bit of help.

Rob was called back out around 5 pm, while I got our Dinner ready.

Simple again, 2 Sirloin burgers for Rob and a "bland" Turkey Burger for me. 

Truly I am getting tired of dry toast, cereal, and turkey burgers.  Tomorrow I will have to think about some chicken, mashed potatoes and turnip.

Christmas is just around the corner now, are you ready?  I am definitely ready with only my Mom's gifts to wrap which will not take me too long at all.  I also have to put a tin of Christmas Goodies together for my brother, Allan, and Mom.

We most certainly can not say Winter Solstice did not come in a flurry now can we?  I am hoping it passes for all the travelling that will be done on Christmas Day.

It will be another early evening here for both Rob and myself, with hopes of good weather tomorrow, and no  migraine to weaken the strong, "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard".
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