Friday 31 May 2013

Not Quite A Lost Day

Up and out the door with the Aussies, one by one, before 6 am. this morning.  After each of the four had been attended to I didn't even have a coffee before it hit me.... the dreaded "Migraine".  The weather was changing again with high humidity and thunderstorms approaching in the afternoon.

I took migraine medication and headed straight back to bed until just before 10 am.

Out about and back in with everyone again before I headed downtown to do banking and a couple of other errands needing done.  I briefly stopped by the Farmer's Market, then over to visit with a friend for a bit before arriving back home shortly after the lunch hour.

The humidity was wicked by this time.  The sweat was pouring off of me and I didn't even have to move an inch before I was sweating.  I barely had to breath to find myself breaking out in a sweat.

The storm started to move in, so I headed out to get everyone out again before it began.

The day was almost a total "write off" but for Buddy having some one on one time with me today.

Truly Buddy and I did have ourselves some fun this afternoon.  He is such a ham.

I just got everyone back in and the rain came pouring down.

Bandit is always close by when there is any sign of a storm on the horizon.

The Lilac Bush when Buddy and I had been out together, and after the storm had passed through.

Other then errands downtown I also managed to clean out some cuties this afternoon.

Trixie and Oliver's Forever Home Humans are coming  to visit them tomorrow morning.  We have a busy morning ahead  of all of us.

The migraine left me this morning, any traces of headache are gone for now, however the heaviness of the humidity still lingers, "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard."

Thursday 30 May 2013

Feeling Very Humble

I am feeling very humble at the moment after having realized close to 200 people had read my blog within the past 24 hours.  I had would never have thought what I had started as a place to come and journal my everyday over two years ago would be of interest to anyone much other then myself.

What I have came to realize is that I have found many many new friends who are caring and supportive that I have met along the way, as well as those who were already in my life, since I began blogging.   What an honour to have such a support team behind one's self at times.

Another support system I have found is a few others who like myself suffer Fibromyalgia.  This really has been a blessing for me to have gotten to know others who can relate to my good days and my bad days in this respect.  I really appreciate my blogger friend, Karen, who also shares some of her Fibro days with myself and others.  It is a good feeling to always know we are never alone, even though many times we do feel we are.

The abundance of friendships and kindred spirits I have met and now know is beyond wonderful.  Thank you for being here with me every day you are able.

My day has not been anything too much out of the ordinary.  My bedding was washed and hung out, the floors were vacuumed (again dear Bandit), and I thought about cleaning the bathroom, however it remained a thought deciding tomorrow would be a much better day to do that.

It was a humid 30*C today.  A taste of what Summer will be bringing this Year maybe?  Heat I do not mind, however humidity and dampness play havoc on my body to a point of no return some days.  This morning after I had taken the Aussies out, about and in it seemed like it took me forever to get my body feeling limber enough to begin my day.  Humidity does that, among other factors.

After I had made a couple errands downtown Wiarton I had an appointment with someone who came to make a deposit for one of the pups.  They had been all loaded up into the Blue Box for the last time so their pen could be cleaned out.  They have gotten so big that they will not fit in there all together much longer .....

..... do you not think?

With all the Merles being spoken for there are these little guys left seeking their Forever Home.

The runt of the litter is the little guy in the middle photo.  I call him Peanut..  He really is such a sweetheart, I could not imagine, as well as the other two, how anyone would not fall in love with him.  They will all be ready for new Forever Homes on the 28th of June, just a short 4 weeks away from now.

I was really happy not to have had to cook this evening with our BBQ not yet hooked up, and the heat of the day being almost too much.  Rob had leftover Salsa Dip and I had a Roast Beef Sandwich.  I LOVE leftovers on days like today.

After we ate we headed downtown to meet up with my girlfriend, wherein the three of ourselves headed on over for an ice cream cone at Northern Confections.  Oh yummy what a nice treat on such a warm evening.

Oh how could I forget.  I called my oldest Sister, Jeanne, today.  Her and her husband, Cecil, are arriving at the Pearson International Airport in Toronto tomorrow evening where her granddaughter will be picking them up.  They are coming up from Newfoundland, where they retired some 25 years ago, for a visit here with all of us in Ontario for the month of June.  They will be staying with Rob and I for a week.

I have not seen them for 5 years now.  My sister had a stroke two years ago which had been very difficult with her living so far away from her family.  It is quite exciting they are coming for a visit after so long of not seeing each other.  She was hoping nobody had told our Mother they were coming so she would be surprised.  Mom hasn't mentioned it to me, so I am thinking all is still a secret from her.  I will have the camera handy, this is for sure.

Other then Bandit, Lexus, Buddy, Mercedes and her puppies, all have the coolest place in the house right now being down in the basement.  Lovely cool down there it is.  Here it is after 7:30 pm already.   I best be taking everyone out, about and around before we call it a day here, "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard."

Wednesday 29 May 2013

Lazy As A Pet Coon

I recall my Mother using the term "Lazy As A Pet Coon" many times throughout the years  Today she could have told me I was as "Lazy As A Pet Coon", since honestly this is how I was actually feeling.

What did I accomplish today?  Zip, Zero, Nada ... how shameful is that?  pretty darn bad as really today I had no excuse other then down right laziness.

What I did do today, other then sit on my butt and rest my eyes most of the afternoon, almost, and I do mean almost, nodding off into a bit of a slumber, I did do the dishes up that were in the sink waiting for me when I had arrived home last night, I did make the bed, vacuum and dust our bedroom, and I did vacuum the dining/living room and hallway floors.  Other then that I wasted the rest of my whole day !!  Shameful. especially when there is so much I could have been doing.

Plain and simple I just did not feel like doing anything for some reason or another.  I am thinking since I am having company come on the 10th of June, I am in my mind holding off to doing some of the things needing done until the week before their arrival.  Is that a good excuse? it is my story at the moment and I am sticking to it.

Oh man, how could I ever forget that I had been out with my dear Aussies, all four of them separately at least 6 times throughout the day.  That does have to account for something does it not?

Oh yes and I did type out the recipe for the Rhubarb muffins I had made the other day in case anyone was interested in having it.

Recipe please?  *CLICK* HERE for printable recipe.

I also made a Dinner that my dear husband had requested I make, a Layered Hot Salsa Dish.  This is an old favourite I have been making for years, however have not made for some time.  It is so easy to make and yummy and filling.

Press 1- 250g pkg of Cream Cheese in bottom of oven proof dish.  Brown 1 lb. lean ground beef, drain well and add as next layer on top of cream cheese.  1 jar of store or home made Salsa.

The next layer is the Salsa.  Top with shredded Cheddar Cheese, and finish with a layer of shredded Mozzarella Cheese.  One half hour later, or  once heated through, in a 350*F oven it is ready to serve.

Scoop into Tositos Scoopables and Enjoy !

One of the best part of my day was enjoying the beauty that had bloomed in my flower beds .....

Lady Slippers.

This upcoming weekend just happens to be the Bruce Peninsula Orchid Festival.  Please *click* HERE to find out about and see some more beauty.

Dwarf Iris

That is all she wrote, as this lazy pet coon is off to have herself a shower and watch Master Chef at 8 pm, no phone calls please, "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard".

Tuesday 28 May 2013

Happy That Is Gone Done The Road

What a day I had today !!!  Here is is 9:06 pm and I am just getting home.  I never go out in the evenings, so where was I? at a Wiarton Chamber of Commerce meeting.  Am I getting smarter? I am not to sure about that, however I hope I am learning with some of what I listen to hopefully "sticking" with me.

This morning Rob had his friend, and his friend's truck, help him load up our old mattress and box spring (finally after 3 weeks) to take to the dump.  Really I was feeling very much like a Red Neck with having a mattress and box spring sitting on the side deck of our house .... jeez.

Good-bye old mattress, I am happy to see you go down the road.


I got going on moving more furniture out away from the walls and cleaning all the dust bunnies from behind everything this morning.  I wanted to also get the swag curtain put back up on the front window, however Rob was gone to work.

The heck with waiting for Rob.  I got out the kitchen stool and put the swag curtain up myself.  I did pretty good.  Ha, after I took this photo I had looked up to realize I still had't cleaned the ceiling fan ... oh man another job for tomorrow.

 It was just last month that we had bought each of our four Aussies a Nylabone.  Lexus is not the only toy thief or hoarder in the household.

Bandit not only had his bone, he also had apparently rounded up Buddy's and Lexus' too, along with a couple other toys that had also been down in the basement.  I have two Aussie toy thieves in the household now.

Even though this morning had started out fairly cool, with the evening turning to rain, this afternoon was quite lovely.  Bandit and I went to sit outside, as I took the time to give him a good brushing today.

Such a fluffy, less a bag full of hair, good looking boy is he not?

This afternoon we had company.  Our friend, Jessica, came to have coffee with us.  How nice was it for us to have company, something that does not happen too often.

I can not believe tomorrow is already Wednesday !!!  this week is almost half way over already.  Hopefully there is no frost tonight as I had left out the tomato and pepper plants on the deck.  Apparently I have ceiling fans that need cleaned tomorrow, along with a fridge that is long over due *blush*, "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard".

Monday 27 May 2013

Another Couple Dents Made

I think I slept like a baby last night. Getting myself a bit of catch-up in the sleep department makes for a better day ahead (hopefully).  The heavy frost did not even bother me, as I have nothing planted yet in our Veggie Garden and the plants I did buy are brought in every night until it is otherwise safe to leave them out.

Yes the frost was so heavy it had even been on the roof top of our shed this morning.  Look how hardy the Lady's Slipper is; she was not bothered one bit apparently.

It was a beautiful day once the Sun had burned off the Frost.  A very light breeze pushing warmth about.  Ah if it was like this year round it would be PERFECT !  It was a perfect day to start a bit of very much delayed Spring Cleaning.

The drapes were taken down from the living and dining room windows.  Dust? oh my I almost smothered myself with the dust from them *blush*.

It was a perfect drying day as well with the slight breeze drying the sheer material in no time.  Also a good day to get some rubble taken care of too.

Little by little the property is getting cleaned up and organized.  These things take time when time is such a commodity around here most days the past year.  That was some hot fire that you would not get too close to until it had burned down quite a bit more.

More Spring cleaning.  Can you believe all these Business Cards I had collected in the past year and blogged about each and pretty much every one of them?  That is a lot of business and blogging.

If I would have kept all the business cards the past two years I have been blogging, could you imagine the pile I would have collected by now????

Buddy even had some Spring cleaning done to him today too.  Isn't he handsome?  Psst...don't tell Bandit, but he is on the list to be  done next.

It is days like today when other things keep one busy that the Slow Cooker comes in handy.

Slow Cooked Roast Beef.  Yummy.

Really there is lots more to be done, with on anotehr couple dents made!  As my Auntie Gladys, and everyone else says, "Rome wasn't built in a day", now was it?  but I am hoping this Rome will at least be built in my lifetime, "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard".

Sunday 26 May 2013

All About The Greenery

I awoke at 4:30 am with no husband yet home.  I called him to find out he was on his way home, arriving 10 minutes later.  I sometimes feel strange when I wake up to find him not there .... it almost feels unnerving at times.  Strange.

It was pretty much a day about puppies.  The couple, and their little girl, who had chosen the now named Jorga, came to visit her this morning.  They fell in love with her in person, however only being 3 weeks old they still could not have a turn each at holding her.  Next visit.  Even though in love with her, they were amused by all the puppies.

Later this afternoon more people arrived to see the puppies.  No decision has been made if they would like one of the 3 available or not, however they were very amused also by the puppies antics.  They also were able to meet Mama, Lexus, and Daddy, Buddy, who they also enjoyed meeting.  Buddy was all in for belly rubs.

Yes today was all about the greenery.  Rob had fixed the belt on our Dear John Lawn Tractor, with the lawns had been in dire need of being cut by the time today had rolled around.  While I cut lawns Rob was kept very busy with the whipper snipper doing all the trimming which is equally time consuming.

The lawns always look so nice after first being cut with the dandelions heads all cut off ... green green green.

The Vegetable Garden has been ploughed and cultivated, just waiting for the rototiller to be ran through it a few times yet before planting happens.  Just as well with the heavy frost we have had the past couple of mornings, as I would not have been happy if I would have been out covering plants.

The Bachelor Buttons made their first appearance today.

The Solomon`s Seal has been out for the past couple days..  It is so Heritage and graceful.

Friends had an a Fish Fry last night, one of probably at least 4 or 5 they host every year.  Rob received a phone call from them late last evening telling him to swing by as they had something for him.

Dinner tonight was White Fish thanks to friends.  Re-heated for 20 minutes was not too bad, although the batter has lost its crispness the fish was very good.  

Busy with puppies and over two hours spent cutting lawn, I am tired and full after such a good feed of Whitefish.  Needless to say nothing on the inside of the house was accomplished today as outside work took precedence, however a load of laundry did get washed and hung out on the line.

A cool day, but most pleasant to be doing work outside, Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard.

Saturday 25 May 2013

A Rhubarb Puppy Day It Was

Shh .... daddy is sleeping.  Saturday mornings we always have to be quiet as Rob gets in early in the morning and needs his sleep to go back out late Saturday mornings.  It is usually "tip toe" Saturday mornings around here.

Once Rob was up and out the door at 9:30 am, I headed downtown Wiarton as I needed milk for the Rhubarb Muffins I was making today.

Winnie's Rhubarb Muffins from the Muffin Mania Cookbook

If you love Rhubarb, Tart and not sweet, then this is the muffin for you.  I will type out the recipe and post tomorrow should anyone be interested in it.  I had doubled the recipe and gotten ten Mammoth Muffins.

The Sun was out in full force, however it was still cool.  A perfect time to play a little ball with the girls.

A smell took precedence over the ball with lots of rolling on whatever it was.  I wonder if it is dead dew worms ... yech.

Mercedes absolutely kills me.  She does not put the ball in my hand, she lunges up on me with the ball, both paws and drops it.  Always a fun time with this girlie.

Rob came home for Dinner today.  While I was making Dinner, he brought wood in and put a new belt on the Lawn Tractor.  I also got him to help me give the Everything 8 their first dose of worming meds.

The faces they make are priceless.

Rob had used our recycling bin for wood, so it was little bit crowded in the basket.  Then they got put back in the pen one at a time after they each received their medication.  The two bottom photos are the 2 Black Tri and 1 Red Tri Males still seeking new Forever Homes.

The Everything 8 are really moving around quite a bit now when they are not sleeping... you can see that for yourself in the Video I took this afternoon by *clicking* HERE.

We had a wee bit of relaxation time before our Dinner was ready.

Bandit has no problem laying back and relaxing with us.

Finally Dinner was ready.  Foodland makes their own store Garlic Sausage, and it is a treat here once in awhile as we both love it.

Homemade Store Garlic Sausage .... oh yum.

I always steam sausage first in a bit of water, remove the lid for the water to evaporate, then let the sausage brown up nicely as it cooks in the pan.  Love us some Garlic Sausage.

I really did not get much of anything accomplished this day, as my back is still giving me some problem, however God willing there will be another day ahead of me, "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard".

Friday 24 May 2013

Much Better This Day !

Finally a day where I was given a break from Sinus and Migraine headaches.  The morning was cold, however the Sun broke through to save the day !!!

I headed North of the Checkerboard for my weekly allergy shot, but before that happened I had to drive a little further North then Ferndale and Lion's Head, as I had made a Super Duper purchase the other day off the Lion's Head Swap.  I had to go pick up my great find.

Four high back Summer outdoor chairs.  All they need is a new coat of Trim Clad Rust paint and they will be good as new.  Can you take a guess what I paid for these?

If you had guessed $20.00 for all four chairs, you guessed right, and realize how cheap frugal I really am.  You know I was tickled every colour of the rainbow on my purchase.  Also today I scored a "almost brand new" toaster Oven for $5.00 for Rob's driver who had been looking for one.  Really why buy new when there is perfectly good used "stuff" out there.

After I picked up the chairs I could not go by the Ferndale Garden Centre without getting a couple of plants I still needed for our veggie garden, whenever the day might arrive that it will be warm enough to plant as there is going to be frost again tonight.

Half Sweet Green and half Yellow Peppers, as well as some Cilantro.  All ready to rock the garden hopefully some day soon.

I have a girlfriend who is helping me with the Garden this year.  With Rob gone all the time, and I finding it difficult to keep up with everything myself some days, Gayle will help me and also have produce in turn for herself.  It will be nice to have an extra pair of hands some days, not to mention the company a couple evenings a week.

On my way home from the Doctor's office I could not help but notice that the Sunday Market at the Handicraft House Trading Post has resumed Sundays for the Season.

The Handicraft House is approximately 15 minutes North of Wiarton on Highway 6.  Somewhere to stop in at when you are out for a Sunday drive to the outdoor Market, or any other day to the Trading Post.

Today I also made a quick stop downtown Wiarton at the Farmer's Market, as I had been craving one of these since I had spied them last week while there.

The Market had gotten off to a cool start this morning, however the Sun came out and saved the day.  Check out this Raspberry Cream Brownie ... oh my it was to "die for".  Truly I could have eaten a whole pan of them myself.  Trust me I really did have to retrain myself and protect my hips from further growth.

Lots of baked delectable goodies can be found at the Wiarton Farmer's Market every Friday from 10 am to2 pm.  These Brownies, as well as many many other yummy baked goods, are made by Colpoy's Creek Farm and Bakery.  Check them out on Facebook by going HERE.

My day only got better ....

Thanks to my Auntie Gladys for bringing Aunt Pearlina up for a visit, and a nice visit it was.  My Auntie Pearlina is 92 years old and still lives on her own ... oh to be like her at this age I will be so lucky.

Wow coffee with my Mom yesterday, and coffee with my Aunties today, how much luckier could a girl be.

Pretty lucky as Auntie Gladys brought along a whole set of bedding for me for the double bed in our Guest Room which her friend no longer had a use for, or barely had used for that matter.  A Duvet Cover, Shams, Bed Skirt, Sheet Set, 2 Decor Pillows and two sets of curtains.  Yes lucky girl I am and oh so grateful too.

I truly do appreciate anything I have ever been gifted, or any deals I might have been able to come across.

Lucky lucky and very much loved, as you can tell by this next photo ....

Really does this look not say, "I love you Mom?"  How could I not love our Bandit boy with that look on his face? Ever ...

I am really fortunate to have Family and Friends who care so much, and who I care about so much.

Speaking of friends and helping others, my friend Gill, That British Woman, is supporting her Son who is doing the Cancer Relay for Life and is in need of supporters.  Even the smallest amount would be appreciated, as it all helps towards the bigger picture.  Please drop over to Gill's blog HERE to lend your support, as I know she also truly appreciates it herself.

Do you live on, close by to, or plan  to visit the Bruce Peninsula? there is a whole Schedule of Events for 2013 to check out HERE.  Always something for someone on the Bruce Peninsula !  I LOVE living here.

Life is so much better when I do not have to spend most of the day in bed.  I was very happy to be much better this day, "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard".

Thursday 23 May 2013

Another "Out Of Order" Day

Two days of being "Out of Order" ! gets very frustrating for me when the weather changes knocking me on my butt.  Many people suffer with headaches that no amount of medication seems to put a dent in, so bad they make you ill to your stomach, so bad someone talking to you can almost send you over the edge, so bad you could scream if it didn't cause more pain.

I was so happy Rob was home last night, as at 7 pm I went to bed.  It is 3:33 pm right soon as I am finished this post I am going to bed, as fortunately Rob is home to let the dogs out and in for me.  I could have went back to bed this morning, however our Aussies needed me, and at 12:30 I needed to pickup my Mom.

Mother had to have an x-ray on her chest to see if there is anything going on in there with the dry cough she has that does not seem to want to ever leave her.  Personally I am thinking it is part of the allergies she suffers, however happy the Doctor is investigating a bit further.

After Mother's appointment, she wanted a Tim Horton's coffee to go back to Gateway Haven with her.  Of course I obliged her.  *Smile*

Check out this old Fastback Camaro.  That is one sweet car.  Just up the street I was following Dodge Charger, but it is a spanking brand new one, not a Classic original of the Muscle Car.  After our generation I am thinking these vehicle will a thing of the past with the present generation.

Back at home the dips in the driveway continue to form puddles, and the Rhubard cries out to be picked.  I really have been craving a Rhubarb Pie.  Maybe this Sunday.

Last night's Dinner? 

The Slow Cooked Short Ribs were delish.

Recipe please?  Thank you Kraft Canada:

NOTE:  I slow cooked the ribs for 2 hours prior to adding the sauce, first draining the grease.

Tonight's Dinner?  Rob took Homemade Chicken Broth from the freezer, added celery, onion, carrots, and cooked turkey.  Once the veggies had cooked he added Broad Egg Noodles.  Dinner is served.

I am calling it a day now with a hot bath then seeking refuge in our bedroom with hopes the dreaded headache finds somewhere else to dwell other then in my head, and not returning tomorrow, "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard".

Wednesday 22 May 2013

Set Back On The Squat Challenge

What a wet dreary day it has been here today.  This morning I got off the hook by not getting drenched to the skin, however this afternoon when I had the Aussies all out and about I can not say I was so lucky.  The jacket I had thought waterproof, proved not to be.

My morning was spent busy from 9:30 am on downtown on errands.  Rob and I did decide to join the Wiarton Chamber of Commerce, so that was a first stop to drop around our application.  Part of being a member includes being on the Wiarton Website,  

Check out The Crabby Cabbie HERE.  Really it is kind of cool seeing our Business up on a website.

I had also dropped around to the Tourist Information Office to check if they had enough of our Business Cards available there.  I had thought the office had been moved back to the Train Station building, however found it back at the new building on William Street.  A lovely building it is I might add.

Drop in to the Wiarton Tourist Information Centre to find out where lodgings, restaurants, main attractions, and shopping locations are in the area. Open Daily 7 Days a Week. Coming in on Hwy 6 South, turn right at the lights on William Street, just past the Foodland Store on the left hand side across from the Wiarton Library.

Really Wiarton is growing !  They even have their own Facebook page now.  Drop over to check it out and show your support by giving their page a LIKE by going HERE.

With all these new changes going on in and around Wiarton, I am pretty happy Rob and I have gotten on board with The Crabby Cabbie as a member with its Chamber.

Today I had received an invite to the following Event.  However since I am not yet a Senior, I hope it was not a hint. For anyone and everyone in the Bruce Grey Counties, Senior or otherwise, check out what is happening over in Owen Sound on the 12th of June.

77 Exhibitors!

We are thrilled to announce that Dinah Christie will assist with the Opening Ceremonies at 10:00 a.m. and then present the first seminar at 10:30 a.m.! 70 tickets will be given away to lucky callers during the month of May on 560 CFOS!

Sponsors for 2013 are the United Way Bruce Grey, Season's Retirement Community Owen Sound, Sun Life Financial, Owen Sound and Sound, Speech and Hearing in Owen Sound and Essential Wound Management. 


10:30 a.m. Dinah Christie, herself.
"Please come and meet her. She needs all the help she can get."

12:00 noon - 1:00 p.m. Fraud Prevention with Mr. Ormond Carnegie, SeniorBuster, Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre

1:30 p.m. - 3:00 p.m. Drive Wise with the O.P.P

Entertainment featuring:
Murray Smith and Friends
Taoist Tai Chi demonstrations
The Salvation Army Golden Agers Line Dancers
Bluewater Chorus of the Sweet Adelines
OSSIA: Owen Sound Singers in Accord
And we're thrilled to announce that Tyler and Linsey Beckett will be performing at noon!

Dinah Christie, Francesca Dobbyn, UW Executive Director and Bill Walker, MPP Bruce, Grey-Owen Sound 

Tentative Entertainment Schedule:
10:15 or 10:20 to 10:40 Murray Smith and Friends
10:40 to 11:00 Taoist Tai Chi
11:00 to 11:25 Murray Smith and Friends
11:30 to 11:55 OSSIA: Owen Sound Singers in Accord
12:00 to 12:20 Tyler and Linsey Beckett
12:20 to 12:45 Skarni
12:50 to 1:20 Salvation Army Goldenagers
1:25 to 1:45 TAOIST TAI CHI
1:50 to 2:15 Skarni
2:25 to 2:55 Bluewater Chorus of the Sweet Adelines
2:55 Closing remarks: Mayor Deborah Haswell and Donna Gorrie 

For more information
519 376 1560

Exhibitors: all spots are currently filled but we are still accepting registrations on a waiting list in case any cancellations occur. 

If you're interested in helping out promoting this event in Grey and Bruce or being a volunteer on the day of the event, please let us know. 

This Seniors Fair certainly sounds like a packed day of information and fun.  The cost of FREE most certainly sounds pretty alluring in itself.

For those gals who are participating in the 30 Day Squat Challenge with me, I am afraid I have had to sit today out, and not sure what tomorrow will bring, as I have somehow pulled a muscle in my lower back which feels very swollen and painful at the moment.  Hopefully this will not set me back too many days, however I will not be able to complete the whole 30 days for obvious reasons.  

Dang, dang and triple dang. To bad for Jane, as she will have to pick up my slack by doing extra .... sorry Jane, the price you  have to pay when your Hydro goes out, (so a little birdie informed me), and you have no generator for backup.

I had picked up some Beef Short Ribs the other day.  Today I am trying the Kraft Slow Cooker Recipe I found HERE.

I will be posting photos and commenting on what Rob and I thought of the recipe tomorrow.  On that note I am off to prepare some potatoes and veggies to go with the ribs as it will soon be our Dinner time, Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard.
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