Thursday 23 May 2013

Another "Out Of Order" Day

Two days of being "Out of Order" ! gets very frustrating for me when the weather changes knocking me on my butt.  Many people suffer with headaches that no amount of medication seems to put a dent in, so bad they make you ill to your stomach, so bad someone talking to you can almost send you over the edge, so bad you could scream if it didn't cause more pain.

I was so happy Rob was home last night, as at 7 pm I went to bed.  It is 3:33 pm right soon as I am finished this post I am going to bed, as fortunately Rob is home to let the dogs out and in for me.  I could have went back to bed this morning, however our Aussies needed me, and at 12:30 I needed to pickup my Mom.

Mother had to have an x-ray on her chest to see if there is anything going on in there with the dry cough she has that does not seem to want to ever leave her.  Personally I am thinking it is part of the allergies she suffers, however happy the Doctor is investigating a bit further.

After Mother's appointment, she wanted a Tim Horton's coffee to go back to Gateway Haven with her.  Of course I obliged her.  *Smile*

Check out this old Fastback Camaro.  That is one sweet car.  Just up the street I was following Dodge Charger, but it is a spanking brand new one, not a Classic original of the Muscle Car.  After our generation I am thinking these vehicle will a thing of the past with the present generation.

Back at home the dips in the driveway continue to form puddles, and the Rhubard cries out to be picked.  I really have been craving a Rhubarb Pie.  Maybe this Sunday.

Last night's Dinner? 

The Slow Cooked Short Ribs were delish.

Recipe please?  Thank you Kraft Canada:

NOTE:  I slow cooked the ribs for 2 hours prior to adding the sauce, first draining the grease.

Tonight's Dinner?  Rob took Homemade Chicken Broth from the freezer, added celery, onion, carrots, and cooked turkey.  Once the veggies had cooked he added Broad Egg Noodles.  Dinner is served.

I am calling it a day now with a hot bath then seeking refuge in our bedroom with hopes the dreaded headache finds somewhere else to dwell other then in my head, and not returning tomorrow, "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard".


  1. Oh Cindy~ I hope your feeling better soon~ As a person who suffers from migraines, I know only time will help, some what:) Glad to hear your Beef Ribs turned out delish...I love Beef Ribs but I can never find them at the grocery store! We had frost warnings last night and again for I might not get a chance to make my favorite Strawberry-Rhubarb Coffee Cake I was hoping to make:( Lay down and get some rest, hopefully you will be back on your feet by tomorrow~ Lynn (My first car was a teal colored Camaro...with 4 on the floor...or something like that! ha Boy! Did I think I was cool:) I do like a fast, souped up car! vroom

  2. Sorry you are feeling poorly. Hope you are back up and running soon.

  3. We haven't had any rain all though it keeps looking like it will but the winds have picked up and it is quite chilly out there ! The weather affects me in my muscles from head to toe but worse in my left leg ! Rheumatoid Arthritis ! Supper looks good . Yum I could go for a strawberry rhubarb pie right about now with my cup of tea ! Thanks for sharing .I hope you are feeling better tomorrow and get a good nights sleep

  4. Oh Cindy, this weather is just knocking the pins out from under us isn't it? I've had a headache off and on all week, and my elbows and knees and ankles are just pulsating with the achies. I had to take an elderly neighbour down to the city for a medical appointment yesterday, which didn't help either.
    Remember I was telling you about that fellow in the LTC home with Dad who was intimidating him (his "lunch partner")? Brother tells me the man passed away suddenly this week.

  5. I am not one to be affected by weather in any way, however, this morning I woke up with a horrendous headache. It is also a rare day that I have a headache. So, as I began my day I was thinking of you and thinking how awful it would be to feel like this as often as you do. You have my symapathy. I do wish there was a cure for some of the ails in life that just seem to be a part of certain people's lives. I am so grateful for the good health that I do have. Hope the weather improves for Saturday. That will be cast off day for us if all goes well. Off to Ottawa. Perhaps we will get there for Canada Day. Alice

  6. Hope you are feeling better Cindy! This weather is crazy, Thursday in Windsor you could have gotten a sunburn in the morning and frostbite in the afternoon! CRAZY!! My daughter suffers from migraines (she's only 13) and this is the weather that she (and I) dread! Hope you are better today and those ribs look so great! I will have to try that recipe!

  7. I hope you're feeling better, but given the chaotic ups and downs of the weather....

    Ribs are very much called for. Not so sure about the rhubarb pie... I've never developed a fondness for rhubarb.


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