Friday 24 May 2013

Much Better This Day !

Finally a day where I was given a break from Sinus and Migraine headaches.  The morning was cold, however the Sun broke through to save the day !!!

I headed North of the Checkerboard for my weekly allergy shot, but before that happened I had to drive a little further North then Ferndale and Lion's Head, as I had made a Super Duper purchase the other day off the Lion's Head Swap.  I had to go pick up my great find.

Four high back Summer outdoor chairs.  All they need is a new coat of Trim Clad Rust paint and they will be good as new.  Can you take a guess what I paid for these?

If you had guessed $20.00 for all four chairs, you guessed right, and realize how cheap frugal I really am.  You know I was tickled every colour of the rainbow on my purchase.  Also today I scored a "almost brand new" toaster Oven for $5.00 for Rob's driver who had been looking for one.  Really why buy new when there is perfectly good used "stuff" out there.

After I picked up the chairs I could not go by the Ferndale Garden Centre without getting a couple of plants I still needed for our veggie garden, whenever the day might arrive that it will be warm enough to plant as there is going to be frost again tonight.

Half Sweet Green and half Yellow Peppers, as well as some Cilantro.  All ready to rock the garden hopefully some day soon.

I have a girlfriend who is helping me with the Garden this year.  With Rob gone all the time, and I finding it difficult to keep up with everything myself some days, Gayle will help me and also have produce in turn for herself.  It will be nice to have an extra pair of hands some days, not to mention the company a couple evenings a week.

On my way home from the Doctor's office I could not help but notice that the Sunday Market at the Handicraft House Trading Post has resumed Sundays for the Season.

The Handicraft House is approximately 15 minutes North of Wiarton on Highway 6.  Somewhere to stop in at when you are out for a Sunday drive to the outdoor Market, or any other day to the Trading Post.

Today I also made a quick stop downtown Wiarton at the Farmer's Market, as I had been craving one of these since I had spied them last week while there.

The Market had gotten off to a cool start this morning, however the Sun came out and saved the day.  Check out this Raspberry Cream Brownie ... oh my it was to "die for".  Truly I could have eaten a whole pan of them myself.  Trust me I really did have to retrain myself and protect my hips from further growth.

Lots of baked delectable goodies can be found at the Wiarton Farmer's Market every Friday from 10 am to2 pm.  These Brownies, as well as many many other yummy baked goods, are made by Colpoy's Creek Farm and Bakery.  Check them out on Facebook by going HERE.

My day only got better ....

Thanks to my Auntie Gladys for bringing Aunt Pearlina up for a visit, and a nice visit it was.  My Auntie Pearlina is 92 years old and still lives on her own ... oh to be like her at this age I will be so lucky.

Wow coffee with my Mom yesterday, and coffee with my Aunties today, how much luckier could a girl be.

Pretty lucky as Auntie Gladys brought along a whole set of bedding for me for the double bed in our Guest Room which her friend no longer had a use for, or barely had used for that matter.  A Duvet Cover, Shams, Bed Skirt, Sheet Set, 2 Decor Pillows and two sets of curtains.  Yes lucky girl I am and oh so grateful too.

I truly do appreciate anything I have ever been gifted, or any deals I might have been able to come across.

Lucky lucky and very much loved, as you can tell by this next photo ....

Really does this look not say, "I love you Mom?"  How could I not love our Bandit boy with that look on his face? Ever ...

I am really fortunate to have Family and Friends who care so much, and who I care about so much.

Speaking of friends and helping others, my friend Gill, That British Woman, is supporting her Son who is doing the Cancer Relay for Life and is in need of supporters.  Even the smallest amount would be appreciated, as it all helps towards the bigger picture.  Please drop over to Gill's blog HERE to lend your support, as I know she also truly appreciates it herself.

Do you live on, close by to, or plan  to visit the Bruce Peninsula? there is a whole Schedule of Events for 2013 to check out HERE.  Always something for someone on the Bruce Peninsula !  I LOVE living here.

Life is so much better when I do not have to spend most of the day in bed.  I was very happy to be much better this day, "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard".


  1. Oh Bandit, you are such a sweet boy MWAH, MWAH, MWAH!
    Jane xxx

  2. I don't mind the cool days either as it saves my allergies as well! ;) Nice that guy have a friend to help with the gardening, Cindy! :)

  3. Whenever you post Lion's Head I look out for photos of that gorgeous place. I was trying to figure out from the photo where you the marina?

    1. The Garden Centre on Hwy 6 just North of Ferndale

  4. Love the chairs - what a bargain! The brownie....sigh....probably a good thing there isn't one in front of me. So pleased you've had a pain free day! x

  5. As I write this, it's a cool, dry day. I hope the same is the case there, so you're feeling better.


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