Wednesday 15 May 2013

Windy However Sunny

What a windy day we had out there this day.  Windy however Sunny, Sunny however no rain nor snow.  I will take the wind and the sun over wind and snow any old day.

Today being Wednesday meant our bedroom was cleaned, vacuumed with the bedding washed, hung and freshly made up.  I have no idea why I have gotten so regimental on cleaning my bedroom every Wednesday, as there is no other room or chore in my house I have a "set" day to clean.  Hmmm somehow it has stuck in my mind and I execute it like clockwork....okay I admit I am a lot little weird, but in a good way I am certain.

I truly am surprised the bedding mostly stayed on the clothesline with the winds as high as they were, with the exception of our comforter.  It was out on the ground when I went to retrieve the bed clothes, however fortunately it had already dried before it ended up there.  Bonus !!

I had a couple Happy Emails today from friends.

The first one from my friend, Diane, who is an Ultrasound Technician, the political correct title being Sonographer, at the Wiarton Hospital.

"With the help of many fund raising events, volunteers and donations the Wiarton Hospital received a brand spanking "state of the art" .  Diane is one happy happy lady, as you can tell by her photo.  Thanks for the photo and update, Diane. (I had donated a Toonie for when Diane had participated in a Fund Raising Walk last Year so I do own $2 worth of this beauty)."

In Diane's own words embedded in her email:

This machine was the focus of last years Bruce Peninsula Health Services foundation fund raising campaign. The machine arrived last week and the applications people set it up for us yesterday. I have died and gone to sonographer heaven! 

This is so cool !  I can't wait until I need an Ultra Sound next to see it up close and in person.

Later today the next Happy Email I received was from my blogger friend, Karen at Living in My Valley.  A while ago I had came across the neatest "Memory Quilt" idea on Facebook, which I sent off to three of my sewing friends, Karen, Debby and Carla.

Karen's father was recently placed into a Nursing Home residence, so Karen had used the idea and started on a Quilt for her Dad.

"Not quite finished yet, however look at all those memory photos set in this Quilt.  A Quilt like this will definitely become a Family Heirloom, or so I thought."

I am thrilled to have so many professional and talented friends.  Lucky lucky me having such awesome connections ...*smile*

What was for Dinner today? that was the easiest part of my day, as there had been lots of Baked Spaghetti leftover to re-heat.  Rob said it was as good re-heated as it was when first made.  Yum.

Ready for a bit of cuteness? since I have been not sharing any of it for a few days I thought I had better take some new shots today.

"Day 12 in their little lives.  Their eyes should be starting to open in another few days, then there will be trouble to pay !  I am enjoying this time before they open as it will really get busy around here in another 2 weeks."

We still have the 2 Black Bi's, 1 Red Bi, and a Red Merle boy available.  Each one has their own unique markings, as you can tell by the little guy with the white patch on top of his head.

Before I forget I am just checking in about the 30 Squat Challenge.

"It is Day 15 with me having 70 Squats completed this morning, and another 70  to be completed once I have published this post.  Moving right along to a day of rest tomorrow.  How is everyone else doing?  I know one of our ladies were sick and dropped out before she started and Jane had been up to speed with the challenge."

Good thing I had friends and puppies to share about today, as it was a pretty much just another do a bit of this and that cleaning kind of day with a Dinner of leftovers.  Nothing to exciting at all here, "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard".


  1. Oh 70 squats I did four or five and then headed over to the frig and had a drink then went for a nap. Maybe tomorrow:) Hug B

  2. Thanks for the shout out Cindy. I'll send you another photo when it is finished.
    Are the babies eyes open yet?
    All I did today was sew. My allergies are SO BAD right now, just don't have the energy to do much else.

    1. No eyes open yet; I hear you about the allergies, oh man.

  3. 140 complete. I told my chiropractor about the challenge..he watched me to check I was doing them properly. He said we were amazing because he (a competitive bicycler)could never do 140 never mind 250 squats. GIRL POWER !!!!
    Jane x

  4. I'm glad you donated towards the ultrasound machine but I really hope you will not have any reason to get one any time soon, lol! :)


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