Wednesday 31 December 2014

The Night Before

Here it is the night before the brand new year of 2015.    Lots of parties and get togethers with huge celebrations.  Lots of good food.  Maybe a quiet evening snuggling in with a good movie and popcorn.  The last day of 2014, how have you been spending it?

Me?  I am doing this evening what I have usually done the past couple of Years, which is spending it at home with my Aussies, while Rob goes out to earn us a living driving people who are smart enough to take a cab home from New Year's Eve parties.

Other Years Rob and I were the ones who usually rented movies and snuggled in with a bag of popcorn for the night, seldom making it to midnight.  We usually finished watching the movies New Year's Day.

How did this last day of 2014 play out for me?  Well ....

Rob cleaned off our snowy vehicle first thing this morning in the frosty cold so we could head downtown Wiarton to do a few errands.

Rob headed out on calls on and off most of the day, however that didn't mean I was left alone, or had been afforded any privacy to myself by any means.

I was very pleased with myself that I managed to clean the WHOLE bathroom today, and get the kitchen window back the way it had been since Rob had painted the trim.  Since this photo the curtain has also been put back up.  Another job completed with many more ahead of me.  Of course I did the usual as in make the bed, etc, etc ....

The newborn Christmas baby boy I had asked for prayers the other day is now back home.  He is to return back to Sick Kids in Toronto in 4 months time as he has a blocked valve in his Heart.  Since our Paul is coming up this weekend, Rob took me back downtown this afternoon so I could pickup a gift for the baby for Paul to take back and deliver for me.

When we returned back home my beautiful Niece Stacey, along with her son, Logan, had been at our door.  I was so happy I hadn't missed them, as they are up visiting her father.  They had been up visiting Mom, along with my other Great Nephew, Riley.

Stacey sent me the photos she had taken with Grandma at the New Year's party they had this afternoon at Gateway Haven.  They had so much fun !! and what great photos.

Rob made us a great Dinner of Pork Loin Chops this evening.  Have to love a man who is not shy about cooking, don't you?  I didn't even mind doing up the dishes afterwards.

From Our Home, North of Wiarton, to Your Home wherever You might be, Rob and I wish You a very ...

Do not forget to Call a Taxi to avoid the other 3 ways home available New Year's Eve.

I am looking forward to a great New Year ahead of me, Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard.

Tuesday 30 December 2014

A Good Sweat

Today was a better day for me, even though sleep wasn't at a premium last night it had still been better then usual.

This morning I got a little paperwork done, took Rob to an appointment with the Dietitian, dropped into the Chamber Office then returned home before lunch time.

I called Sears as well to find that our new Washing Machine was in the Owen Sound store and ready to be picked up.  Now to find the time to get in to do so

Tomorrow is New Year's Eve, and hopefully it isn't storming, with Rob usually busy with the Cabs.  My fingers are crossed the weather holds and he has a good night out.

I also called and got an appointment for an Ultra Sound in the New Year, and will phone back tomorrow to get a CT Scan appointment booked.  These things take time.

Yesterday Rob had stripped some old flooring he had down in the part of the basement where the washer and dryer are located.  Our basement is not finished with cement floors throughout.  The part where the washer and dryer are located there had been a piece of flooring laid down, which he ripped up then gave the cement floor a good scrubbing with Bleach.  Today I had given it three more good scrubbings working up a good sweat doing so.  At my age it doesn't take manual labour to work up a  sweat.

Trust me the water had been changed after a swipe across the floor had been made each time with the mop.  The top photos are the "before", and the below ones are the "after".  I will do it one more time with a vinegar wash before it is painted with cement paint to seal it again.  Might as well get 'r done before the new washer and dryer set are put in place.

I also dealt with, more then I had cared to, spiders and cobwebs as well  I have a difficult time keeping up with the top part of the house, never mind the bottom part anymore.  I recall a time when it took me no time to get at a job, lately it takes much thought some days then others.

The puppies are starting to move around much more now, and by the end of this week their little eyes should be opening.  This is when trouble and more cuteness begins to start happening.  It is amazing how much change there is in them from one day to the next, and after a whole week drastic changes take place !

I have lots more work to get another one or two good sweats on tomorrow.  The spare beds need made up for when the kids arrive this weekend, and at some point this week I need to make a Carrot Cake  I have my fingers crossed for the weather to be good as I would hate for them not to be able to come.  I would be terribly disappointed.

Winter has finally arrived in Wiarton with snow squalls on and off the majority of this afternoon.  I cannot say I am particularly happy about it arriving, but I will be more happy should the Winter not come close to what it was last Year.  It will be what it will be and I will not have any power to change it, or anyone else for that matter.

I had been thinking of a young couple who were having their moving day today up to Bruce County, not too far from South of the Checkerboard.  I am hoping everything went smoothly for first time homeowners, Steve and his family, as moving in itself is quite the challenge without having to deal with nasty weather.  Good luck to them this day and to many more days ahead.

Rob had to go out today, and should be returning home shortly.  I made myself a Diner of French Toast already, and have no idea if he has eaten yet or not.  Guess I will be finding out sooner then later.

Today was a day with a few things accomplished, and that is always a good feeling for me, Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard.

Monday 29 December 2014

A Beyond Delish Dinner

After another sleepless night with much discomfort I had the pleasure for the third time in a month to visit our local Emergency Department at the Wiarton Hospital.

Yes I almost feel like I have been a part-time permanent residence at the Emergency Department lately.

Today my own Doctor, Dr. Diodati, was on call in the Emergency Department.  He addressed the recent MRCP I had with me which had showed a tumour on my Adrenal Gland.  The Adrenal Gland is your "Flight or Fight" Gland.  You may read more about these glands by going HERE.   Tumours on the Adrenal Gland? more on that can be found HERE

Next plan of action?  The Adrenal Gland has nothing to do with the attacks I have been having in the pancreas area since having my Gall Bladder removed on the 2nd of September, so another Ultra Sound has been ordered, as well as a CT Scan.  Once these test results come back Dr. Diodati will be contacting me then we will go from there.  Ever the waiting game, however the process of elimination has began which is not a bad thing.  I also have a follow-up appointment with Dr Caulfield in January, and have a referral in with Dr Kaal.  Truly I feel I am in good hands where all is concerned.

Needless to say I never got a dang thing done today, but I must say I had myself a wee bit of a nap this afternoon.  I was also very happy we had been invited to my Aunt Gladys & Uncle Basil's this evening for Dinner.  My friend/neighbour Pari, had also been invited along.

We headed South about 3:45 pm in a flurry of weather, but by the time we had gotten down to Saugeen Shores there hadn't been a flake in sight when we arrived at their front door.

My Auntie sets a beautiful table, and I would be so lucky to learn from her.  Time for a little visit before Dinner was served.

Dinner company, other then Aunt Gladys & Uncle Basil, included Auntie's friend, Liz, my first Cousin Vi & her hubby, Ross, and our friend, Pari.  The Dinner?  homemade lasagna and cabbage rolls.  
Aunt Gerry & Uncle Reg you missed one fantastic meal !!!  never mind all the wonderful company you would have been with and intelligent conversation(s).

Cousin Vi had brought her most amazing Carrot Cake w/ Cream Chesse icing for dessert, and Pari had brought a Bocci Cake.  Liz had made the flakiest cheese, red pepper & ham bread I have ever tasted ... it melted in your mouth it was so good (Liz is going to pass the recipe onto Auntie for me).

Naughty girl that I am, I stayed sitting while Cousin Vi had to get up to serve her dessert, also had to do up some of the dishes she did too.  Honestly I did help with some of the dishes *smile*.

There has never been a time there has not been a fantastic meal gotten at my Auntie Gladys.  Thanks again Auntie & Uncle for having us at your Dinner table once again.  xoxo

The drive home from Southampton to Hepworth was miserable with visibility almost nil at some parts.  I am thinking Winter has decided to arrive.

Rob is tired, I am tired and we are going to be calling it a day here shortly, Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard.

Sunday 28 December 2014

More Messes !

Another nasty sleep night, but again no better either for Rob who got home at 3:30 am and was up 3 times after he got to bed before finally finding sleep.  Lexus decided she wanted out at 5:15 am, then everyone else wanted the same.

With not much sleep it really took a lot of effort for me to get motivated today, which took until at least lunch time.  Not good, but I did manage to shower before the lunch hour.

Rob was going to paint the trim on the kitchen window today.  That took much motivation in itself.

First there was lots of kisses of encouragement over the "Boss", then a bit of fighting over him.

There had been no shortage of "we hate painting" faces going on the whole time before the painting even got started.  This was only at the prepping stages !!!

While Rob was prepping I went down to the basement to tackle the mess where our new laundry set is going to go.  Lots of cobwebs to be vacuumed up, and a cement floor where the previous set had been which I had to scrape and clean.  There had been some leaking down there, and when lifting up some old flooring I discovered a very nasty mold issue.  I have some spray that kills mold & stops it from growing that I will spray on it, then we will take up the flooring, wash the cement with bleach and seal it with new cement paint.

This afternoon took us up to the Wiarton Home Building Centre where we had to get a few necessary paint supplies.  All takes time.  Oh yes I did take a bit of a break also this afternoon and enjoyed watching "Guess Who's Coming To Dinner".  Do you not just LOVE Katherine Hepburn?  Another "Classic" that one never minds watching again and again over the Years.

We had an early Dinner right at 5 pm, as Rob finished the rest of the painting after dinner, and I have yet to go down to spray the nasty mold in the basement.  

Nothing worse then trying to cook Dinner around a mess.  There have been more messes in our house the past while then I care to think about.  On a lighter note the Pork Schnitzel was very good along with home fried potatoes and corn.

I also took some time out first thing after Rob had first gotten up to take a video of how well the "Boss" is listened to in our house.

Oh yes when the "Boss" speaks, if they know what's good for them, they listen fairly quickly.  *shaking in my boots I am*  hahahaha ... 

Oh yes I also had myself some morning cuteness ....

Since Rob has the trim all painted done, I suppose I best get up off my duff and get the mess out there cleaned up.  One more down and many more to go, Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard.

Saturday 27 December 2014

Finally Motivated

I got up this morning at my normal 6 am, did my Aussie rounds then went back to bed until 8 am.  I am thinking I have been getting extremely lazy the past couple of weeks.  I must be catching up on the whole past Year wherein I lost so much sleep maybe?

I did finally get myself finally motivated, which had been no easy task, especially with part of my day being mesmerised by ...

... such sweet bundles.  Yes just a week old and the largest Male Merle is on the move already.  He finally figured out where his litter mates were and that it was much more comfortable snuggling with them while Mama Lexus was out and about.  Another week and their eyes will  be open.  Another 2 weeks and they will be having me hopping !

I finally got a few things tackled today.  I love getting dents in a few things to the point where I have felt I have accomplished something rather then heading backwards, as I have been feeling for months on end this past Year.  

Rob had a friend come over today to help him remove our old washer & dryer.  The dryer was in perfect running condition despite it being almost 20 years old, so we ended up giving it to the friend who's dryer had given up the ghost not too long ago.  It all worked out well for both of us.  

What a mess underneath where the washer/dryer had been.  Lots of cobwebs and lost pieces of articles found but in now poor condition.  I filled half a small garbage bag.  Tomorrow we will get that area scrubbed up as best we can before the new set arrives on the 30th of this month.  

Rob also managed to get the trim on the long awaiting new kitchen window, all ready for paint tomorrow,  after he had filled the seams, sanded and prepped.  I tackled the "catch all" telephone desk and gathered up another huge pile of papers for the wood stove.  It is amazing how papers collect so quickly, is it not?

I also swept a whole dog off of our floors, as well as brushing one out of Bandit this afternoon.  I am certain there will be another whole dog to remove from him when I get to brushing his other side hopefully tomorrow.

Today I had heard some very sad news.  Our Paul's best friend since Grade School, just had their baby boy born Christmas Day.  The wee guy has had breathing problems since being born in the Stratford Hospital, was moved to London and now today has been transferred to the Sick Kid's Hospital in Toronto.  I am asking if everyone could please send up a prayer for this new little guy and his family that he may gain strength and grow up to be a fine young man in this World.  I thank everyone who is able to do this in advance.

I have big plans to get lots more "stuff" done tomorrow, however I think I will not say this out loud as usually from past experience every time I do so my plans never materialize and always end up being a train wreck for me ... so "MUMs the Word", Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard.

Friday 26 December 2014

Boxing Day Shopping

I have came to the conclusion I am not feeling well.  Once again I could barely get out of bed this morning and o I am feeling totally whipped.

Rob was called out this morning so we didn't get going to Owen Sound to look for a Washing Machine until at least 11 am.  We never did bother going all over to other stores but choose to go directly to Sears.

I had pretty much done some research online while waiting for Rob to come home, also putting a call into the Sears Appliance Department.  Once we had arrived there we had pretty much decided on the Samsung Top Loader 5.2 cu foot model.

The washing machine was on sale at $200 off.  Rob decided we needed a matching set so also purchased the dryer.  Total of the set was $1,299.00 before taxes.

Delivery is $70.00, so we have decided to go pick it up ourselves on the 30th of December.  Really what happened to the good old days when delivery was always included?  gone like the products which used to last over 20 years, right?

All details on the set we purchased can be found HERE.

This is the last week of the 52 Week Money Challenge.  After purchasing the new leather recliners back in September I am left with $620.00 in my Challenge Account, part of that money being also from the sealed pot which I had contributed to for a Year..  It is a no brainer that this money will be going towards the new washer and dryer.

I will be doing the 52 Week Challenge again beginning the 1st Week of January 2015.  Will there be anyone joining me again?  and the ones who stuck it out with me this past Year, how did you do and what did you spend your savings on?

I will be making a list of people joining me along with the 2015 52 Week Money Challenge next Friday, so please let me know if you will be "on board" again.

This afternoon I could not believe that I went back to bed and had a sleep !  I really know I am not feeling well when that happens.  Here it is 7 pm and I am ready to go back to bed again already !!!

I am going to try stay up for a bit with hopes I will sleep the night away and not feel so dragged out tomorrow.  Truly I have barely done anything the past couple of weeks so I do not know what is draining me so much.

This weekend I am hoping Rob can pull out the old washer so I can clean all the spiders and yech from behind it.  I hate spiders, and yes they have their own breeding grounds in our basement EWWWWW !

I think putting up my feet and  a cuppa tea might now be the last order of this day, Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard.

Thursday 25 December 2014

Merry Christmas 2014

I had a wonderful sleep .again last night .... almost blissful and bittersweet it had been.  When 5 am came out went Lexus, Bandit & Buddy, with Portia not long after then right back into her bed, as I also followed suit back into mine.

The phone rang at 7 am and I had been put on Facetime with the grandchildren.  I never quite seen 5 kids ever open gifts in a few minutes flat as I had witnessed this morning .... wowsers !  It had still been fun to watch.

My Brother picked me up just before 11 am and we headed up to visit Mother.

There had been a bit of reminiscing over some photos of our Dad.  Riley was also somewhat interested too (Riley is my Great Nephew, my brother's Grandson).

Time out for some more photos.  Riley is so TALL ! we all feel like midgets beside him.

A rare photo of my brother and I.  My only brother I might add.

It was also nice to have a photo of Mom & I together as well.  Riley did a great picture.

We walked Mom down to the dining room where they were having a Christmas Dinner for the residents.  Allan dropped me off at home, and I was to go see him later.

This afternoon was very peaceful with Rob having a good snooze, and I checking out washing machines online for tomorrow's Boxing Day Sales.  Just before 4 pm Rob got called out.  Of course it was right before we were to leave for my brother's for Dinner.

My brother and his wife had invited us for Christmas Dinner at 5 pm.  Rob was back in time for us to get over there by then.  We had a lovely meal and were back home shortly after 7 pm.  I was embarrassed as I couldn't stop yawning after Dinner.  Needless to say Rob and I are both "full to the top".

Tomorrow I will be racking my brain over what washing machine to pick out.  I am thinking I will be getting a top loader again, as the front loader most certainly didn't last too long at only 6 years old.

I hope everyone had a most wonderful Christmas wherever and whoever you might have spent it with, and don't forget ....

Going to get my feet up and watch me a bit of TV before I hit the sack, Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard.

Wednesday 24 December 2014

Christmas Eve Day

This morning I got up and took everyone out at 5 am, then put them all back to bed where I went myself until almost 9 am.  I am exhausted and can not seem to catch up with any rest.

I had been invited by the Chamber staff to join them for a little get together before they left for home today.  By 10 am I had to get going if I was to make it down there by 11 am.

With my trusty kitchen help I made up two dishes.  One to take along and the other for the freezer.

This Cheesy Salsa Dip always goes over well wherever I take it, and it is Rob's favourite.  I had some brought home for him which he had for his dinner.  The get together with the girls was a fun time as always.

This afternoon I think I could have slept the day away.  I was just about to lay down for a bit when the Repairman for the washing machine called to say  he was on his way.  He arrived, took 2 minutes to look at the washer, told me the bearings and more were probably gone in it and that I needed a new washer.  Two minutes and $50.00 later was rather disappointing, but business is business.

Boxing Day will find us shopping for a new washing machine.  He had told me to stay away from the new top loaders and stick with a Whirlpool front loader.  We will see.  Sears has one on sale right now for $750.00 which I will take a look at Friday.

I had called Sears to see what time they would be open Friday and their hours will be 6 am til 6 pm.  Needless to say I was quite surprised at their early opening time.  I will not be there that early.

I am still tired, I am not feeling the best, and I am hoping everyone else here will think an early bedtime will be a good idea this evening, Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard.

Tuesday 23 December 2014

Short & Sweet

I broke down last night and took a medication to help me sleep.  It worked giving me a sleep all night through until 5 am.  It truly felt good.  After all the Aussies had been looked after, a coffee in my system I then had a shower by 6:30 am.

This morning I had more running around downtown here and there.  I also had to pick up a few things at the grocery store.  Another stop was in at Rankin River Trading Co. as I had ordered a new Duvet Cover w/shams and a duvet last month.  The cover had came in yesterday.

It is Brunelli's Quinoa Collection.  Grey with Taupe and Cream.  Once my washing machine is fixed I will wash it up and get it on our bed to get a better photo of it.  I will put our Quilt which is on our bed now away again until Summer.

The temperature is to go up to 9*C the next day.  At that temp we won't need a duvet on the bed.  It is suppose to drop later Christmas Day and snow with high winds beginning tomorrow evening.

By the time lunch time had came and gone I started lagging.  I was tired with nothing the rest of the day getting done unfortunately.  After Christmas I need to pull the rag out and get something down or else ....

This evening we had planned to meet our Driver, John, and his Wife, Lori, for an evening out to Dinner at the Twin Dragon Chinese Restaurant in Owen Sound.  We met up with them at 7 pm and had a great dinner together.

Yesterday Lori had sent a tray of Christmas baking home for us, bless her soul, and this evening they had give us a card with a Gift Card for John's Fish & Chips in Owen Sound.  We will have to get together again with them in the New Year to enjoy that together.

Rob is hurting today from all they wood he did yesterday.  This is no surprise to me, poor guy.

Pssst.... only 2 more sleeps til Christmas Day !  *SMILE*

I am hoping I get another good night's sleep ahead of me, as tomorrow I have plans to get something done more then what I did today, so just a short & sweet post today, Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard.

Monday 22 December 2014

Oh Man

Oh man what a long last night was.  I fell asleep at 10 pm, the phone rang at 10:30 pm, and I am sure I awake the rest of the night.  Rob got back in at 12:30 am, and by 5:15 I felt like I was just drifting off when Lexus wanted out ..... oh man was I tired today.

I had to do a few errands such as banking, and post office this morning so I headed downtown Wiarton by 9:30 am not getting back home until after 11:00.

Rob had a friend come over to help take wood from out of the Wood Shed and load into our basement.  They made a good haul today so bring on the cold weather !

Gateway Haven was having the room my Mom is in re-done today with everything taken out, sanitized and all the floors redone.  My brother picked her up this morning to have her at his place until after lunch.  Before taking her back he picked me up to go along as we had something for her.

I had to laugh when I got into his vehicle as there she was with her new Winter Coat on that I had picked out for her last Year, and her Capri and sandals on with no socks !!!  Oh my dear Mother ... I am happy there had been no snow on the ground.

Once we got her back to her room all the furniture was still out in the hallway..  She went over to her chair, moved the stuff off it, and then sat herself down.  Very content as long as she was in her chair.

Mom loves stuffed Bears, so she was really  happy when we had given her a Santa Claus and Mrs. Claus Bear, along with a couple of Reindeer.   This way she can enjoy them a few days before Christmas Day.

My brother, Allan, and I will go back up Christmas morning to spend some time with her.  They have a nice Dinner there for the residents that same day, and Allan had her for a great luncheon today.

Truly I was so tired today I didn't get a damn, damn, triple damn thing done around here today, other then the bed made, dishes done and Aussies out and in all day long.  Oh yes I did call the repair man about our washing machine.  He is coming sometime Wednesday ... YIKES there goes more
money out the door at the worse time of Year, but then is there ever a good time of Year for money to go out the door?  I think not.

Oh yes Portia decided to get herself in a bit more trouble then usual this morning ....

Santa has already gotten her a present for Christmas Day, so guess she isn't going to get any doggie coal for this mess.

Rob made us a great Dinner of a Peameal Bacon & Cheese Omelette tonight  Poor guy is already in his chair snoring.  I am really certain his back will be feeling it in the coming days.

Oh yes I had checked in at my Doctor's today to see about the results of my MRCP.  He had not been in today, so I am sorry to think he might be sick himself before Christmas.  Sure not wishing that on anyone.  Hopefully I hear from him tomorrow sometime.

Sad news today when yet another Music Icon passed away at 70 Years of age.  RIP Joe Cocker.

I think this weary gal is going to have herself an early evening, Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard.

Sunday 21 December 2014

Where Did It Go To So Fast ?

The day flew right by me somehow ... the nice part about it was I spent almost the WHOLE day with Rob.

I was very quiet this morning, letting Rob sleep in, until he got up for us to decide we were going to head into Owen Sound to take advantage of the 75 cent per lb. sale on Turkeys at Walmart.  At that price we could not afford not to put one more in our freezer.

First stop was at Sears, as Rob wanted to just look at washing machines, in case ours can not be repaired (however I think it should be no problem).  After looking at them I think if I do ever have to get another one I might go back to a top loader again.

Sears had Winter Footwear on sale for 60% off today only.  I took Rob over to the shoe department where he got a beautiful lightweight pair of Clark's ankle winter boots for $64.00, Regular priced at $169.99.  The Sales Lady said not many people buy Clarks unless they are on sale as they are so expensive.  What a deal !  The bonus being they are lightweight with Rob being inside the Taxi so much of his time.  The shoe/boot Rob bought is HERE.

Next stop was Walmart where we got a Turkey, and only a couple of other things.  I was very happy about the Turkey as it was a Lilydale.  I do like Lilydale products.  We hadn't even left Walmart when Rob got a work call ... off we went to that.

In the meantime before we even had left home to began shopping I had a text from someone about one of the Festive Five Puppies.  I was to meet back at our house with the people once we had been done in Owen Sound.  Before we had left I had sent them a couple of photos, this one included ...

Surely this photo had to put a *smile* on everyone's faces?  it still puts one on mine.

By the time we returned home, received the people who dropped over about the puppies, and sat down to Dinner it had almost been 6 pm !

Never a meal goes by at our house where you have to eat alone, as there is usually an Aussie flanking each side.

Almost 7 pm here now the day heading into the evening, where did it go to so fast ?  and only 3 MORE DAYS til Christmas !!!  The best part about this Year is Fuel prices are down and the weather has been much better then last Year.  Yes???

On that note I best leave things well enough alone with fear I might jinx myself, Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard.

Saturday 20 December 2014

The Festive Five

I was having the most wonderful sleep last night until .... about midnight when our Portia needed out (she has been so good lately, not sure what's going on  now with her).  Just back to bed when Rob comes in to say, "did you know there were puppies?"  I answered, "yes, I figured she would have had them tonight".  All the signs had been there yesterday.

Pleased to introduce you all to ....

The "Festive Five" 2014 Litter.  
From left to right, red tri female, black tri male, blue Merle male, blue Merle female & blue Merle female (light like her daddy, Bandit).  
A very healthy shiny bunch they are.  Mama Lexus is doing a fine job of being a great mama.

The Blue Merle Male already has a new FOREVER HOME, and will be heading there in 8 weeks on Valentine's Day 2015.  A very lucky boy indeed he is.

Today I got 2 load of laundry done.  When I took out the 2nd load I realized that something was terribly wrong with my washing machine of only 5 years old.  A belt around the inside tub of my front loader was in pieces .... ARHHHHH really I do not need this with a machine not even yet close to 10 years old !!!  never mind being without a washing machine.

Of all appliances to go !!!  a stove would be easier as at least there is always a slow cooker or BBQ as back up, but a washing machine ? NO, I am not going to be using my Mom's old washing board no matter what.  Final answer.

Now do I try to find a repair man over the Holidays? or do I just give up and try to find a replacement washing machine?  Who knows what to do when things do not last as they should?

My girlfriend, Colleen, her sister and I were all to meet at 2 pm at the Green Door Cafe downtown Wiarton for lunch today.  Colleen was not feeling good today, so we have put it off until after the holidays.

I did manage to slip out this afternoon to have a coffee with another girlfriend.  That was fun and gave me a bit of a break.  After I had returned home a couple came by to inquire about the puppies.  The afternoon went by fairly quickly.

I managed to get lots of dog hair swept up from the floors, as well as a bit of dusting done.  Never fear there is still lots to be done, especially since I had been out of commission almost 4 days this past week.

This evening I think I will make a coffee, sit back to relax and pickup the, over two year old project, knitting needles for a couple of rows, Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard.

Friday 19 December 2014

Better Today

Not too great in the sleep department again last night.  Awake the majority of the night, out with Lexus at 3 am, however Rob got up with them at 6 am and I got to stay in bed until 8 am.  That was very much appreciated.

I finally rid myself of the dreaded sinus headache mid-morning, which made it a much better today for me.  Geesh some things just don't want to let go do they?

I didn't get much done today but I did get the bed stripped washed and made up fresh again, as well as dishes done, dinner made and snuck a shower in there for myself at some point while hydro rates weren't at the highest peak.

This morning we also went downtown to do a couple of errands, as well as stopping in at the hospital for Rob to have some blood taken.

Absolutely love the tree the Wiarton Hospital's Lab Staff puts up every Year.  

It had been very busy downtown, as well as in the grocery store when we stopped in for a few items.

This afternoon I finished up with the bedding, and found myself out and in with Lexus more then usual.  She has really dropped and has also starting nesting, two sure signs those puppies will be here anytime soon.  Pretty exciting !

The past week was made pretty nice for me, despite how miserable I had been feeling at times,  as I received some photos that made me happy ...

First I got photos of Oliver on the way to the groomer then back from the groomer.  Oliver is from Mercedes & Buddy's 2013 Litter.  He is quite cute in my opinion.

These photos of Sully of our Extraordinary 8 2014 Litter I also received.  The first one when he was not too impressed with his Forever Home Mom, then much to his relief they had been removed for the 2nd photo.  Another handsome pup if I do say so myself.

I am very fortunate to have such good homes for our pups, and that they stay in touch with me so I can see and hear about each of their life journeys.

Tomorrow is another day, with me hopefully getting some more "catch-up" done, Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard.

Thursday 18 December 2014

Happy That Is Over

Last night felt like what a bit of HELL must feel like ....

I began the prep yesterday at 3 pm for the colonoscopy today.  By 6 pm I was pacing the hallway with the same pains I have been experiencing with the duct obstruction attacks I have been experiencing since having my Gall Bladder removed September 2nd.  

It had took me some time to walk it out after gingerale and Ovol Gas Pills.  

1 am arrived with me in the bathroom in so much discomfort I could barely stand it.  Finally I began throwing up, then again up at 3 am with the same thing.  The dogs hearing me up thought they should all be up and out too, so poor Rob was up both times letting our very pregnant Lexus out and in, as well as little Portia.  

As if the nausea, throwing up and "other end" was not enough punishment a Sinus Headache struck me down as well, with the pain searing through my left eye with the pain causing my teeth and jaw to feel as if they were going to shatter.  

I was praying for strength to get through this day.  

Rob dropped me off for the appt, where it took well over an hour for the procedure to begin.  Staff at the Wiarton Hospital is fantastic, and compassionate I might add considering how many of the same cases they see day in and day out.  True people who got into their profession because they care about other Human beings in my eyes (makes you wonder about the ones who are in such jobs and don't give a diddly damn, doesn't it?).

When I was in the procedure room Dr. Caulfield asked if I was still experiencing the pain attacks.  Bless him for remembering Dr. Uffen had consulted him when I had been in emergency last month.  I told him I had went to have the MRCP this past Tuesday, and I had still been having the attacks.  Hopefully someone will be looking at the results soon, however I just might call Dr. Diodati's office tomorrow, my GP, to see if they have them back yet.

After I had came to and was revived the Nurse called Rob, and he picked me up at 12:45 pm.

I had 2 pieces of rye toast when I got home and went to bed.  Did I rest? heck no as of all days, Murphy's Law, the phone kept ringing, and of course and the dog's decided they needed to bark for some reason or another when hearing me talk on the phone.

My ID tag along with a tag in "red" listing my allergies.  My lounge wear I got into almost as soon as I arrived back home (an old Fantasia Sleepwear nightie), and the dreaded box of substance that makes you feel like you are going to loose your innards that I threw in the wood stove as soon as I layed eyes on it again.

Yes I can truthfully say I am happy that is over with.  The good news?  there had been no more polyps, and my headache is finally gone.  Better news?

... was that Rob made me the yummiest cheesy omelet that I have tasted in a long time.  Thanks Honey you are the Best Husband (most of the time) !

It is very handy having a hubby who cooks and doesn't mind doing so.  Now I think about it most men in my family don't mind cooking, such as my Brother Allan, my Uncle Basil, my BIL Cecil, just a couple who come to mind, including my husband.

After being set back the past three days I really need to play "catch up" again around here AGAIN, especially before those puppies make their arrival, Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard.

Wednesday 17 December 2014

Very Quick

Just a very quick post this evening as I am not having a very good time with pain caused by the suspected bile obstruction.  I have been pacing the hallway for the past hour as sitting gives me great discomfort.  I am hoping this passes with me not having to go back to the Emergency Department.  I also have a headache that will not have me sit in front of my laptop for too long.

I had some running to do today.  I had some Christmas Cards to drop off to my Mother so this was to be included in the errand running.  I was up at the Nursing Home about 11:30, with my sister and her husband arriving just before I was ready to leave and Mom's lunch.  Visit was a bit on the short side but still a visit.

Mom looked great today, wearing a top I had gotten her some time ago.  She usually gets something she really likes and that is what she wants to wear day in and day out, so it was nice to see her switch her outfit up today.  I got her cards all organized for her in the card holder Aunt Gladys had sent up for her.  They look nice displayed.

I thought I might go a little further with this post, however I am in too much discomfort.  To add insult to injury I am also prepping today for a dreaded Colonoscopy we all have to face after the age of 50 hits us.  A very poopy situation that is truly very important in preventative measures to detect early stages of colon cancer.  A must but not the greatest when it will be my third this Year.

Need to learn more about Colon Cancer *click* HERE.

Hopefully I get some relief soon, and most importantly some kind of sleep this evening, Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard.

Tuesday 16 December 2014

Not What I Was Expecting

Up and at it this morning to my usual routine then down to meet with staff at the WDCC office to finish up some paperwork to finalize the Santa Claus Parade.

It is funny how some people tend to think Events just create themselves. Should they understand what really goes on behind the scenes I am sure they would be quick about "getting it".

Could you imagine how much goes into an Event as huge as the Olympics?  I could not begin to imagine.

It is amazing what the Wiarton Willie Committee creates a whole Year before the actual Event of the Wiarton Willie Festival. There is a tremendous amount of planning which goes into it, and really did you know it was mostly manned all by Volunteers?  Amazing is it not?  I most certainly take my hat off to them, and all Volunteers in such respect.

I can not say enough how valuable Volunteers are !  they are the backbone behind every Community.

Many people get much satisfaction in being a Volunteer, feeling useful and part of something within their Community or elsewhere.

Volunteering should be fun and something a person is passionate about. Should it be anything other then, a person might have to reevaluate the situation maybe moving on to something else, or taking a breather.  One should never feel pressured or obligated when they are a Volunteer, however when you have committed a block of time say right off the bat "nay or yay" you can do it without feeling pressured.

Now when it comes to myself I find I have a difficult time saying, "no", however I must admit I have gotten much better at doing so.  I do like volunteering, and have prior to doing so been passionate about the area I reside in.  Now the Santa Claus Parade is over I will not commit myself to anything for quite awhile as I need to "catch up" with my own life for the time being.

I will still give an hour of my time, or less, each day to the part I enjoy, and attend each monthly meeting, also give 3 extra hours per month to another commitment.  Other then that I need to focus on home for the time being.  This upcoming Summer I want my flowerbeds weeded, I want to begin walking twice a day, and start cooking one "new to me" recipe once a week, if possible again.

We will see how the plan in my head goes, as in the past every time I tend to make plans they always have seemed to take off in quite a different direction.

Also my youngest son is getting married next Year.  That is something else I would like to concentrate on before his "big day".  Lot to think about, and maybe to help with before hand.

After 11:45 am I was not to eat anything today prior to the MRCP I was scheduled for at the Owen Sound Hospital at 3:45 pm today.  The Doctor I had seen last Friday at the Wiarton Emergency had thought I would have dye put through me, which in turn might hopefully push out any obstruction of bile in ducts, if that so be the case.  Well it was most certainly was not what I was expecting as I did not have dye put through me when they did the MRI of my duct/pancreas areas.

The MRI lasted less then 1/2 hour, and results will be back to my Doctor within a week's time.  Hopefully I will hear back at that time, as we all know how much we dislike the anticipation awaiting news of test results?

I came home to have a grilled cheese sandwich, and the thoughts of not looking forward to not eating any solid foods tomorrow, as I have yet more testing coming up Thursday, being my third Colonscopy this Year.  For someone who avoided them for the past 5 years I have been most certainly making up for lost time ... UGH !

Okay that is about it for this day, and tonight is another episode of The "Voice" and who gets voted off.

That is all she wrote this day, Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard.

(DISCLOSURE:  The opinions within my daily journal in the form of these Blog Posts are my own and NOT affiliated with any group I might belong to or anyone else's opinions).

Monday 15 December 2014

Family Christmas Luncheon

I had the worse night of sleep again last night with no help from our Aussies again with Lexus needing out at 4:30 am.  Poor girl.  I tossed and turned all night thinking about stuff I should have filed forever never to return to my mind.  Why does the past come back to haunt one in the wee hours of the night? it is beyond me.

The morning went fast before I had to leave to pick up my neighbour Pari at 10:30 am, as we were heading down to Southampton to meet up with a couple of my Aunts and Cousins for a Christmas Lunch get together.

We arrived at the Walker House to meet at 11:30 am.  There had been 11 of us. Myself, Pari, my sister, Jeanne, her daughter, Joanne, Cousins Krista, Vi, Marlene, Suzanne, Peggy, and Aunts Gladys & Shirley.  It was great to see everyone, however when you have such a large group at a table it is very difficult to really visit much with everyone.

I had been down at the end with Pari, Krista, Joanne and Aunt Gladys.  There was no lack of chatter at any part of the table ... it was all good.

Lunch? totally amazing.  The "specials" were Fish & Chips, Hot Turkey, and Vegetable Lasagna w/ Caesar Salad.  I choose the latter.

Three of the Lunch choices at our table.  Stacked Vegetable Salad w/ Asiago Cheese & a reduced Balsamic Vinegar, Vegetable Lasagna, & Grilled Shrimp with Soup.

Truly the meals were "top notch" delicious with amazing portion sizes for the prices.  Curious about the full menu at the Walker House check it out HERE.

By the time we finished up, I drove back to Wiarton to drop Pari off at her home, I had made it to my 2 pm meeting just in time.  That was over by 3:30 pm.  I was tired and happy to get back home.

Dinner tonight?  I had half of my Lasagna leftover I had brought home, and Rob had his leftover Turkey which he loves so much.  Easy peasy as one-two-three, just the way I like it.

I am exhausted with another full day ahead of me tomorrow.  The "Voice" is getting down to the nitty gritty of eliminations, and that is what I will be watching tonight at 8 pm here, Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard.

(DISCLOSURE:  The opinions within my daily journal in the form of these Blog Posts are my own and NOT affiliated with any group I might belong to or anyone else's opinions).

Sunday 14 December 2014

Comfort Food At Its Best

I am on a roll after loosing so much sleep last week I actually was good from 10 pm til 4 am this morning ... whoohoo for me !  I can survive on 6 hours of sleep, anything less it gets tense, absolutely no sleep is chaotic and deadly (not necessarily for me).

I did not do anything at home this day.  This morning I had to be quiet since Rob didn't get to bed until 3 am.  Really it sucks, but it is nothing that can be helped.  Regardless Rob was up around 10 am anyhow, getting an hour more sleep then I, however he always has seemed to need more sleep then I do.

About 11 we decided to head over to Owen Sound to the Walmart as they have Canada Grade A Turkeys on for 75 cents a lb., and that is one cheap nutritious meal to be having, especially with lots of leftovers for additional meals.  I can't remember Turkeys being that cheap for a long long long ... very long time, can you?

Before we left we took a Turkey we had in the freezer out to make room for a new one, or two, then we would be all set for our Dinner tonight.  We did actually get two.  There was 1 per limit, so we each got a 10 lb one, which is a nice size for us.

Have I ever mentioned how much Rob loves him some Turkey????  he could eat it 7 days a week I am sure.  Since I have a busy week ahead of me he had it all planned out to have a Turkey today so he wouldn't have to worry about meals the remainder of the week.  Smart man that he is.

The Turkey had a cold water bath to start the thawing process while we were gone to Owen Sound.  It had still been frozen when it went into the Oven, however we were not too concerned about having stuffing.  (it is my plate shown, as Rob does not care for Giblets at all & I do love me soem Giblets).

 Comfort food at its best !

Our Lexus has been rounding out quite nicely and is a picture of good health.  I suspect she will whelp her pups late this week or at the first of next week.  Her estimated due date was on or about the 23rd of December.   Today when I was out with her I checked and she has begun to bag up, so everything is going according to schedule.

Bandit was giving her a "sniff" to check her out then he got himself a "kiss" back.   Still in puppy love.  I think they have only had one serious fight since we brought Lexus home 6 years ago on the 23rd of December, a date I will not be soon to forget.

I suppose I did do something around here today, as preparing a Turkey Dinner, and doing cleanup most certainly is not doing nothing.  On that note I think I will kick back and relax now, Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard.

Saturday 13 December 2014

Christmas Carols or Songs

It was heavenly to sleep all night until 4 am.  I finally got up at 6:00 am to attend to all our Aussies morning needs, put Portia back to bed and went back myself.  I never slept but I was tired and it felt really good staying in bed for a very rare change.

This morning I had errands to run downtown Wiarton.  I also stopped around to have a visit with my girlfriend.  Really by the time I had finished my errands this morning had ran into the afternoon.

There is lots of electricity in the air lately concerning the new South Bruce Peninsula council voted in for the next four year term over the possibility of some very political matters effecting our Communities of Wiarton and Sauble Beach which have many people quite concerned.  I am not a really a political person, however there is much volunteering which goes on between these two communities that I feel are needed, and hopefully this new council does not abolish the groups/programs that support the events that are supported by them, which in turn brings outside people to spend time in our towns.

I certainly know how much volunteer time goes into some of the Community Events, and it would be a shame should we loose these along with some very important groups which make them happen.  I suppose time will tell how the cards of the new council will be played out.  Hopefully Small Businesses will also be supported, as with no support for businesses to flourish there would be no Communities.

This afternoon I spent tidying up then making a Dinner requested by my husband.  We have not had a casserole for sometime, and with leftover rotisserie chicken in the fridge he thought it most appropriate for me to make him one today.

Casseroles are soooo good.  Sauteed celery and onion with sweet peas added in, mixed with Cream of Mushroom & Chicken Soups along with cut up leftover chicken turned into a casserole with hot cooked egg noodles and shredded cheddar cheese, then baked in a 350* oven until heated thoroughly.  Yes definitely sooo good.

Now for a bit of humour that had me laughing also this afternoon ... a new fad "diet" ....

Not that I don't have lots of Dog Food here from Costco for such a diet, however it is the Kirkland brand not Purina ... hahahaha.

Christmas is only twelve days away now with everyone asking each other if they are ready for Christmas.  I think I am ready for it, or will be by the time the kids come up in January when we will have our Christmas together.

I came across a neat website about The History of Christmas, when I had been searching for how Christmas Carols came to be, which I found to be quite interesting.  Someone else might find it as interesting as I did, so just *click* HERE to view.

One of my Christmas Carols is "What Child Is This", and played by Lindsey Stirling even makes it sweeter.

Almost magical is it not? what is your favourite Christmas Carol or Song?  It just happens next Year's Santa Claus Parade's Theme will be Christmas Songs.  I can't wait to see what people come up with for their floats.  It should be a "musical delight" !

And for today that is all she wrote, Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard.

Friday 12 December 2014

Two Steps Back

The wee hours of the morning found me awakened by pain searing in my ankles, wrists and neck.  I finally got up at 4 am to take an anti-inflammatory and a couple of T-2's.  5:00 arrived with severe pains in my pancreas area, worsening by 6 am when Rob took me up to the Wiarton Emergency.

It had been 2 weeks since my last attack and visit to Emergency.  I didn't wait for the pain to become as bad this time around before I headed there.

The "on-call" doctor ordered me a shot of gravol and Toradol, however within 20 minutes she had to order a shot of Morphine for me, which took an hour to kick in.  Blood work was also ordered which took four hours to come back.

The blood work showed my liver being a little "off" which is common with having bile clogging ducts.  The next "on-call" Doctor hopes the MRCP I have scheduled next week will maybe unclog the ducts when the dye goes through.  He also assured me if there was something needing looked after that there wouldn't be a 4 month wait to get into the Specialist.  That all sound most promising, now to hold out from having any more attacks until we figure out how it can fixed.

I finally got "released" at about lunch time.  Need some information on Bile Duct Obstruction? just *click* HERE.

By the way until I woke up I think I had a fairly good night's sleep.  Guess there is an upside to every downside?

This afternoon I had a meeting at the Chamber office at 1:30 to finalize some of the Santa Claus Parade details.  After that I dropped off the leftover Santa Claus Treat Bags to the Community Living, who the Chamber donated them to this Year.  Last Year any leftover had been donated to the Wiarton Pioneer Kids.  I finished up the afternoon with a trip into to our Bank.

Needless to say I was hungry as I hadn't ate all day.  Rob was kind enough to take us out for Chinese Food for Dinner.  I also told him if I have another attack he will be running me back in to Emergency.

I was very disappointed of loosing almost a whole day.  I had just seemed to get a handle on the Crabby Cabbie paperwork, the house cleaning, and getting somewhat organized, then WHAM two steps back.

I suppose I will have to get back up, dust myself off and carry on, Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard.

Thursday 11 December 2014

Lunching Out With Mom

I pretty much had not too bad of a night's sleep, but then after a few sleepless nights I needed one part good one.  The problem is that they never come at the time you need it before a busy day ahead, do they?  Portia must have been played out from yesterday as she slept right through the night too.  Good girl !

After I got going this morning I had to go out to scourge for some kindling.  This is my biggest beef year after year with my hubby, "please make sure there is lots of kindling so I have no problem starting the wood stove".  This did not happen this year, but I do have to admit last year was the only one I never had to worry about not having any .... one out of how many ain't bad, is it?

I took a boo into the wood shed before I found some kindling.  Looks good to me !  Yes I did manage to find some kindling laying out about the ground where the wood had been before piled into the shed.  The fan we have on top of our wood stove is one of two.  Our friend, Diane, had given us a two blade one when we had gotten the stove from them.  The three blade one is what we had for years that had pretty much died on us.  I decided a couple of weeks ago to call Caframo, the company who makes the fans, who also is located right here in Wiarton.  They told me repairs are not done at their plant to call the Wiarton Home Building Centre to get a new motor repair kit at a cost of around $12.00.  Al, one of the Wiarton Home Building Centre's staff, not only ordered it in for us, he installed it as well at no extra charge.  Cost was less then $16.00 with taxes.  Thank YOU, Al !!!  

Caframo in Wiarton has some amazing technology from fans to their Joi Lights (which I won one 2 years ago at a function in Wiarton).  Great gift giving ideas.  You may check out more about Caframo by going to their website HERE.

Next thing on my agenda this morning had been to clean out the upstairs wood stove before I started any more dusting or vacuuming, as some realize how much dust a wood stove creates.  Despite the dust I love the type of heat it provides for our bodies, gas/propane doesn't even come close to the warmth of it.

I got r' done, leaving a pail almost full for my Mr. Rob to take outside to dump.  Hopefully he stood out of the way of the wind when he dumped it.  He never came back in white as ash, so he must have done good.

This afternoon I had planned to meet up with my sister, Jeanne, and her hubby, Cecil, to have lunch with Mom at Gateway Haven.

We had a great lunch of lentil soup, sliced turkey, a side salad, sweet bread with nuts, a butter tart and a cuppa tea.  When we were leaving the 3 of us could not believe seeing a Primrose still blooming.

I love that I can text and receive photos from the kids on my phone now.  I had called Paul to tell him I was lunching with Grandma and to please send us a selfie of himself for her.

Yes indeed he sent a selfie being a smartie pants he is with his tongue out.  Grandma loved it, and blew him a kiss back which I sent to him back via text.  I just LOVE it !

When I had arrived back home I was feeling a bit on the ill side.  I had first stopped at the grocery store to pick up a few things first, and had broken out in quite the sweat there.  I actually didn't do much of anything when I did get home other then a few more photos ...

Rob and I were getting our boy Bandit into the Christmas Spirit this afternoon.  He would make a great Santa's helper do you not think?

Well so much for the Santa hat, as I just looked down at my feet to see Portia had gotten it down from the back of the couch, where I should have known better then to have put it, and has it half eaten.

 *Sigh* I LOVE my Aussies, really I do, and I had actually been thinking this only a mere hour ago.

I have a meeting this evening with the Wiarton Chamber.  Rob is on his own for Dinner I am thinking, which will be no bother for him whatsoever.  Me?  I will probably grab quick sandwich before it is time to leave, Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard.
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