Saturday 31 August 2013

Oops ! Messed Those Up.

I was tired last night after all that slaving over a hot oven making those way too yummy Peanut Butter Cookies (*smile*)   I heard Rob come in sometime through the wee hours of the morning.  Before I knew it there was somewhat of a grey light outside my window.  Checking the clock it was 6 am, time to get up.

I had packaged up the cookies for delivery before I made my usual Saturday morning "Crabby Cabbie" run.  After stopping in with a package of cookies for my friend, I stopped off the rest to the Wiarton District Optimist Club's Yard Sale downtown Wiarton.

8:30 am with lots of setting up still going on.  I never got back down there until around Lunch time to find the crowds had increased.  I really hope they did well since they do so much for the Youth in the Community.

Could anyone imagine me going to a "yard sale" and walking away from it empty handed?  I think not.  With Mom's Birthday coming up, I found a few things (that belonged to my friend, Lynn) that she is just going to absolutely LOVE !!!  As everyone knows when one resides in a Nursing Home their needs are limited, but I do know what my Mom loves and was grateful to be there early to make such a great find for her.

The last Saturday of every month the Wiarton Salvation Army's Thrift Store has a $4.00 Bag Sale. You fill a bag of clothing for $4.00, with every thing else in the store 1/2 price.  Since I was so close I also had to go over there to give them my support as well.

I got 4 blouses for Mom, one blouse and 2 pair of  jeans for myself.  All for $4.00, can you believe that !!!  The nose ? that is absolutely "priceless" is it not?

Rob had gone out on a call while I had been downtown, so he didn't get back home until late afternoon around 3'ish.  He had himself a much needed "snooze" until I called him for Dinner.

Rosemary-Crusted Pork Tenderloin with a side of Garden Fresh Yellow Beans & Beets.  Rob really enjoys when I do the Pork Tenderloin like this ... so tender and moist.


What did I possible mess up today? well see those Garden Fresh Yellow Beans on my plate? they look really good, right? well they would have tasted much better if they would have been cooked.  Yes, I am very tired, yes I did not barely have the beans on long enough for them to be cooked.  Did my husband complain? not once.  We will try again tomorrow night, as there is the 2nd Pork Tenderloin leftover for then that some Garden Fresh Yellow Beans would be nice cooked up to serve alongside it.

Rob was commented why we both are feeling tired all the time.  Me?  I think most of mine is from not ever sleeping fitful enough each night due to the Chronic Pain.  Rob? he works too much and needs a week of solid sleep I am sure.  Are we happy? for the most part, yes I believe we are.  Would I like changes? of course I would but that might all fall into place some day for us, in the meantime we are fed, warm and safe with some great family and a few really good friends, so what more can one ask for? I would think not too much more then that.

I am tired, as I am rambling ...

I had a very nice compliment from another local Business Owner this morning.  They had been telling someone how fair I was with promoting everyone in the Community and not picking or choosing the same ones, but trying to support everyone.  I believe in supporting the Communities we work and live in, and if I can do that by giving them a SHOUT OUT whenever I am able, then that is what I do.  The compliment? I was flattered.

Speaking of SHOUT OUTS, the Wiarton District Optimist Club is seeking Volunteers, so please contact them should you be interested.  Also The Wiarton Salvation Army Thrift Store is in great need of Clothing Item donations.  Donations can be made any day at the rear of the Berford Street Store.

Oops almost forgot about the Puppy update phone call I received today.  Oliver from the Everything 8 Litter, puppy belonging to Mercedes and Buddy, had his last Vet Visit this Year.  Need a "cuteness fix"? just *click* HERE.

Okay that is about it for my day today, "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard".

Friday 30 August 2013

Cancellations Did Not Hold Up Being Busy !

This morning Rob and I were both awake before 5 am, having gotten up and out of bed shortly after.  The nutty thing about that is Rob wasn't going to be going into work this morning, but still had to get up for a morning "pow wow" with our drivers.

I also had cancelled my weekly Doctor's appointment, as we had an appointment scheduled with an Insurance Company who was sending an inspector to meet up with us before providing us with a Commercial Automobile Insurance Quote for our Taxis.  

Since we were not expecting the gentleman until almost Noon, we had thought we had better get at the lawn since rain was predicted for later this day and throughout the Labour Day Holiday Weekend.  While I took care of the lawn cutting, Rob worked on getting our garden rototiller going. 

I finished the lawn up after 10:30 am to come in to find a message had been left by the inspector that he would not be making our scheduled appointment.  I called his number to find out on his way here he had been rear-ended by another automobile !!!  OH MY ... but enquired right away about his well being.  He was fine, however his vehicle was being towed.

When I worked at an Insurance Adjusters in Kitchener, I learned the most accidents were rear end collisions being caused by people following too closely.  Do NOT follow another vehicle no matter what the weather, etc ... as they might quickly stop suddenly with you glancing at something going by and "bang" you end up hitting them.  The guy in the rear is usually always 100% AT FAULT, so please heed this good advice.

Hopefully we will be contacted by the first of the week with a rescheduled appointment.

This is one of our 5 vehicles.  I know we maintain them mechanically whenever one little thing does not sound right, and them being serviced every 5,000 km.  We also pride ourselves on keeping them as clean as we are possibly able (more then I can say for my personal Van at the moment, as I can't even keep up with my house !   Shame on me.)  PS.  The Dog does not go with the vehicle.

Would you give the Crabby Cabbie a "pass" on his Crabby vehicles?  And remember this is the last Holiday Weekend of the Summer, it being Labour Day Weekend so ....

I did take the time today to clean our bathroom sink and bathtub.  We have hard water, as well as minerals in our water with one of them being Iron which causes unsightly rust stains.

An acquaintance told me today she uses Baking Soda and Peroxide with great success, so I gave it a try with no success myself.  I returned to my old stand-by, Bowl Brite, however harsh it does the job right every time.  The only thing is it marks your taps if it happens to get on the stainless steel.

After I had made Rob a lunch of toasted Bacon & Tomato sandwiches, and had myself a relaxing coffee, I thought I would head downtown Wiarton to take in the Wiarton Farmer's Market.  I had only missed one Friday at the Market since it began this Year and that was the Friday after I had returned from down East.

Love seeing all the Fall "colours" at the Markets, as they are so warm and inviting.  By the way, I LOVE Sunflowers too.

Once I had a bit of a chit chat with my Market friends, I took a walk down main street where I came upon a flyer in the window of the Berford Street Tea Room that had caught my attention.

I am thinking this would be something interesting to go and listen in at.  I heard the speakers are also very well versed in the subject.  Maybe a "something" to mark the calendar with.  Admission? only a donation for the Foodbank.

I, as I usually do, ended back home again sometime after 3 pm.  What did I do then? not too much of anything as my muscles were screaming at me by that time today.  I pulled up the couch and relaxed until it was time to think about some Dinner for the two of us.

Rob had picked up some corn from Sinclair's in Hepworth on his way home last night.  This was our Dinner and it was sweet as sweet could be.  Really the best corn on the cob I have had yet this year.  Sinclair's is usually always the Best !

After Dinner I got myself going with the making of a double batch of The Best Peanut Butter Cookies.  

The first batch out of the oven were even cool enough for Rob to try before he left for work this evening.  I have made up 6 pkgs of 6 cookies each for the Wiarton Optimist Club's Annual Yard Sale tomorrow.  Here is a little "peek" at last year's sale by *clicking" HERE.

Recipe please?  PRINTABLE RECIPE *CLICK* HERE.  And they really are The Best Peanut Butter Cookies, just like the Buttermilk Banana Bread was the very Best I have also ever made.

It is now after 9:30 pm with me feeling a bit on the tired side and another busy day ahead of me tomorrow.  I am pretty sure it is time for me to say "good night", "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard".

Thursday 29 August 2013

Sweet Breads & Visits

This morning I got up and thought to myself, "I have a good handle on today".  Spoke too soon, as when I was out the door and downtown at the grocery store I realized I had my shopping list, however had forgotten my wallet .... OH MAN !!!!

Back home again to get my wallet, then I attempted it the second time, remembering I had to also go to Bennett's Great Canadian Dollar Store to pickup some foil pans for the sweet breads I was making today.  All said and done, I never got back home until 10 am to first let out the Aussies again, and hang a load of laundry out on the line (oops it is still out there), before beginning the motions of baking.

Finally ....

Zucchini grated, squeezed through Cheesecloth; Zucchini, Brown Sugar, Vanilla Yogurt and Egg in bowl to be mixed; dry ingredients mixed with wet; Blueberries adding all their goodness.

I LOVE Blueberries, and I LOVE this Blueberry Zucchini Bread thanks to Kevin of Closet Cooking for posting it last year, I have kept it as one of my favourites.

Next on the baking agenda was an All Time old favourite of mine.

One of the Best Banana Bread Recipes I have ever made is this Buttermilk Banana Bread for full flavor and moistness.  Wrapped and all ready to be donated to the Wiarton's Optimist Club's Yard Sale this upcoming Saturday at Wiarton's St. John's Church Parking lot on Berford Street.

By the time the loaves were cooling on the counter, and the dishes were done up I was tired.  Still I had to go down to Gateway Haven, as I had not seen my Mom since before I left to Nova Scotia, that being 2 weeks ago.  

When I arrived at Gateway Haven, I also slipped down to the Home & Community Support Services' Day Away Program, as Ralph & Friends were playing there this afternoon.  Always good to see everyone there.  Next I headed up to see Mom.  I spent time having her try on the blouses I had gotten her before I had left.  She LOVES Black/White and kept it on when I had left.  She hadn't been wearing them as she had thought they had been too long for her.  Well by having her try them on with me there, she realized they suited her just fine.  She does looks lovely with the Black/White top on.

To someone who I do not hear from much any more, who I always ask about.  A big HELLO to Beverly Shular.  Maybe we will get to talk again some day soon.

I took my leave and was out in the parking lot when I ran into the Co-ordinator of the Day Away Program.  I had to go back in side as ....

... does anyone remember who this little guy is?  This is Ozzie aka Peanut, who was given a Forever Home with Julie & her Family, including Buddy who they had gotten from the Checkerboard Aussies' first litter over two years ago now.  Julie and her family could not be more happy with Ozzie, as he is such a laid back little guy who absolutely LOVES people.  What a more then pleasant surprise it was for me to see him today, and he even remembered who I was ... has to be the voice, right?

I finally did make it back home again about 5 pm.  With the Aussies all looked after, I took to sitting down and laying my head back as my body decided it was going to succumb to a Fibro Flare-up, feeling like I had been put through a wringer.  

No rest for the wicked.  By the time Rob was in Wiarton the phone had rang for a run to Owen Sound.  I decided to go with him, as there was one particular "special" person I wanted to get in to see.

I was happy Rob and I stopped by the Rehab Center to have a short visit with my Uncle Basil.  Here is Rob all gun-ho on taking full credit of the "treat" we had taken in for him.  Of course, Uncle always had no problem playing along.  Yeppers two Hams in a Basket.

At this point, it had been 8 pm.  Poor Rob had not ate all day, so we stopped at our regular little Chinese Restaurant on our way out of Owen Sound.  As it was we didn't arrive home until 9 pm.

Rob is tired, and I am tired, with yet another busy day ahead of  the both of us again tomorrow, "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard".

Wednesday 28 August 2013

Out & About Town

Last night's Dinner, then it was out the door and off to .....

.... our "once a Year" trip to the Owen Sound Drive-in, where we watched:

Rob and I could only take in We're The Millers, as that didn't finish until almost 11 pm, and we both needed to get home for our beauty sleep, so we never got to see 2 Guns.

Our morning today began early at 5:30 am, as that was pretty much the time we both got up.  

Rob headed out down to Saugeen Shores with his Crabby Cabbie hat firmly set upon his head, while I stayed back with my Crabby Cabbie *smile* to give our Wiarton driver a day off.  I had not too bad of a day, and obviously a much better one then Rob did as he informed me when I had called him later that morning.

The Transmission hose had blown in one of our Crabby Cabbie vehicles, which ensued a tow to where we were fortunate to have it repaired today.  Thanks Jeff !!!  Another expense we could well afford NOT to have.  On the "flip side" it was better to happen today with somewhere that had been open, and not on the upcoming Holiday Weekend when it is one of our busier times.

How did this damage happen?  Our Saugeen Shores driver had a run in with a very large raccoon last night.  These things do happen with the critters out and about after dark, and I am talking about those 4 legged hairy ones.

I did not get anything done today, other then the dishes as between being Out & About Town all day long, I was on the phone dealing with, yes again, more Crabby Cabbie business.

I did manage to stop to take a couple of photos for the Wiarton Facebook page, and after Dinner stop on the Oxeden Road to enjoy watching the sailboats out on Colpoy's Bay.  What a beautiful sight, is it not?

Early evening I found myself downtown Wiarton taking in the entertainment for the very last Wiarton Wednesday of the Summer.  The Night Train Blues Band was enjoyable and had my toe tapping.  The Video I took of them still hasn't finished uploading, so that will be on tomorrow's post.

I spoke to my Auntie Gladys today.  Uncle Basil has began Rehab on his right leg and ankle this day.  All your prayers for a Speedy Recovery were more then appreciated, by myself as well as my Auntie.  Thank YOU all.

Tomorrow I am hoping I have not too many interruptions so I can carry on where I left off with the much needed cleaning of our house.  I also need to get some baking done to donate for the Wiarton Optimist Club's Yard Sale this upcoming Saturday.  What am I going to make?  I am thinking Banana Bread, Zucchini Pineapple Bread and maybe some Peanut Butter Cookies, oh yes and maybe I will experiment with some Peach Cakes?

On that note I am off and running, not too quickly, towards my comfy bed to take in an episode of MasterChef, "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard".

Tuesday 27 August 2013

Mr. Postman Please

Today brought "catch up" time.  I had thought I was going to have to cover one of our Drivers today, but it turns out tomorrow worked out better for me to cover.  In the meantime I had cancelled another appointment, but that is one which can easily be rescheduled for another time.

Once I knew I was staying at home ... hooray !  I got a load of laundry in.  Our Company packed up to leave back for their home by 10 am, so we had a brief good-bye before they headed South down the road.

With laundry hung out, and Aussies all content, I got going on ripping the dining room apart.  A bit of organizing done first, dusting and vacuuming completed, I then got going on washing a "grid" in the dining room area.

The "pull apart" stage, then the finished areas.  My helper , Bandit, was not too much help to me this day, but he is good about spreading his hair about and giving me *smiles* of encouragement from time to time.

I never did get the area around the wood stove done, or in front of the patio doors and side window.  Tomorrow ... so much to do and not ever enough time to do it all most days.  Each and every room needs cleaned.  Hopefully tomorrow I can get the front entrance way done, then those other areas done before I even think about the living room area, bathroom, and bedrooms.  *Sigh* no rest for the wicked, and this girl really must be some wicked.

I made some hard-boiled eggs today so I would have them to make Rob his favourite Devilled Eggs tomorrow .. ssh it is a surprise.  This evening's Dinner was leftover Ribs for Rob and Chicken for me, along with Beets and Stuffed Zucchini for both of us, and Beet Greens for me, and sliced tomatoes for Rob.  The Stuffed Zucchini before they were placed on the BBQ.

Just a bit of SHOUT OUT for the Wiarton District Optimist Club that had been "shared" on Wiarton's Facebook Page:

SHOUT OUT WIARTON!!!! The Wiarton District Optimist Club will be having their annual yard sale this Saturday August 31st 2013. They would appreciate your help with contributions again this year.

If you are cleaning up and clearing out please contact or 519-270-4670 (evenings only) and arrangements will be made for drop off or pick up of your donation items. 

Baking is also welcome, as there will be another Baking Table set up as well this year. As always , the proceeds go to Local Wiarton Youth projects and Activities.

I donated baked Quick Breads and Cookies last Year, and hoping to make some time to do a bit of baking for them again before the end of the week.  

The YARD SALE will be August 31st. (Saturday) beside St. John's United Church on Berford St., Wiarton from 8 am -3 pm.

I was thinking today, as I do more then my share of this, that how *sad* it is with all the communication being done on the Internet now that the "Art of Writing" has been lost.  I used to enjoy writing letters always before the Internet came along, from a very young age.  I remember the pride I always took in my writing skills, and often think of my Grade School Teacher, Mrs. Pearson.

I am challenging anyone who reads this blog post to writing "one" letter to someone within the next Month, whether it be to a friend, family member, or otherwise.  Please confirm you have done so by leaving a comment on my blog, or by email at 

I do not know about anyone else but I sure know I really enjoy getting mail in my mailbox that isn't in the form of advertisement or a bill.  What about you?  Should anyone ever like to drop me a line via "snail mail", I would LOVE that !  at 245 Hwy. 6, South Bruce Peninsula, Ontario  N0H 2T0

I must wrap up this post, as I have a DATE with the love of my life, who would not be Bandit, but with my less hairy husband, "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard".

Monday 26 August 2013

50% Off ! Happy People ! Beauty !

That was some Thunderstorm we had go through our "neck of the woods" last night.  There was an amazing Lightening Show at 4 am if anyone cared to take it in as I had.  6 am arrived with me up getting a coffee into me, updating our Facebook pages, then hitting the shower, leaving the Aussie's needs to Rob this morning, as .....

Vicki and I had been out the door before 8 am as we wanted to check out the new Value Village in Owen Sound who were having a 50% off Sale today.  First impressions on entering the store was how bright, clean and airy it had been with lots of room between the aisles.

The Customer Service experiences we had been totally amazing.  Vicki and I had been through the doors right at 9 am opening.  By the time we were ready to "check out" it had almost been 11 am with the store having had filled up with lots of Shoppers there taking advantage of the Savings from the 50% Sale.

I was a happy person today as I was able to go shopping with my girlfriend, Vicki, and then my girlfriend, Toni with an "i" was able to meet up with us for lunch afterwards at Wendys.  Two other happy people had been our husbands, Rob & Doug, as they both were the ones who had benefited from our Value Village shopping spree this day.  Lucky guys ! look at the size of those bags.  I had spent $51.42, a savings of 50% and Vicki, purchased at least $35.00 worth.  We were pretty happy shoppers this day.

When we got home, Vicki took to their trailer, while Rob and I had ourselves a coffee before heading downtown Wiarton to do our banking.  We weren't barely back home when it was time to get our Dinner going.  Before leaving I had put Pork Back Ribs, thanks to Vicki and Doug, in the New Crock Pot I had gotten at the Garage Sale this past Saturday (the Smart Program one with all the bad reviews if anyone remembers).

I headed out into the garden to get some beets, as I was cooking them up, along with the greens to go with the Stuffed Zucchini I was also making for our Dinner.  

Dinner was Simply Delish !!!  What more is there to say other then the Ribs were falling off the bones, the Stuffed Zucchini was grilled to perfection, and the Beets and Greens were melt in your mouth.

By the way, this first slow cooked meal I made in the Rival SMART Program Crock Pot turned out to be a winner !  I was more then pleased with its performance, and hopefully for many more meals hereafter it continues to be the same.

Since the weather had turned out most beautiful this afternoon with the rain having gone from the skies, we decided to go out on the bikes after we had cleaned up from Dinner.  

Doug wanted to go somewhere to have an Ice Cream Cone.  Off to Sauble Beach we headed.  I left Doug, Vicki and Rob behind at the Dairy Queen while I walked the 2 blocks down to the beach to Scoopers, as I am really not too much of a fan of Soft Ice Cream.

The funny thing about going for ice cream was that Vicki and I had stopped downtown Wiarton on our way home from shopping at Lloyd's Smoke Shop to have each a Homemade Ice Cream Cone.  Shhh... we never did tell the guys.  Just a wee bit of guilty tinges I am sure, but not as much as the load I am certain my hips are feeling after two ice cream cones in one day !!!

While I was waiting for the others to come down to the beach front to collect me, I enjoyed watching the setting Sun.  Lake Huron absolutely has some of the best Sunsets the World has ever seen.

Once the Sun begins its decent, it is not long before it is gone ...


We truly have so much beauty in our every days, do we not?  Whatever "bad" day we might find ourselves having, I am certain there can always be found one "good" thing in that whole day.

My girlfriend, Brenda called me tonight.  I had not spoken to her since before they had left on a 2 year stint to Ethiopia.  We chatted it up for over a good half hour, but being as tired as I am, and my blog post still having to be done I had to let her go with promises we would get together soon for tea and catch up more at that time.

I am tired, and tomorrow brings another busy day for me, "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard".

Sunday 25 August 2013

Beaner The Weiner

I was up and out of bed by 7 am this morning, as I had a run to Owen Sound leaving here by 8:30.  My poor dear Rob didn't get home until 4:30 am this morning, but was out of bed at 10 am when I arrived back home.

While the guys had a visit, Vicki and I had doggie fun, as the girls hadn't yet met Beaner the Weiner.

Lexus absolutely LOVED Beaner.  She is such a player and barely could keep up with this little guy's puppy energy.  

Where did she go?  Next out was Missy Mercedes who loves to play but not quite as much as Lexus does.  Left alone again ... our little 10 month old Miniature Dachshund who is 8 lbs soaking wet.

Once the play time was over with the doggies being all worn out, we decided to get our bikes out and head up North of the Checkerboard for a ride.  It was a bit overcast, but nothing really too much to worry about.

Yes my Rob is a "certified" DOT.  Further up the Highway the farmer's were hard at work trying to get their hay off.

We made it to Lion's Head, but were quick to turn around to head back as the rain drops had begun to fall.  Back out towards Hwy 6, past my Dr. Loney's office where I spend each Friday morning.

When we got home, barely wet as it hadn't been too bad, we went back out in the Van to head over to Owen Sound to have ourselves some lunch at Swiss Chalet.  By this time I had the beginnings of a migraine.  Fortunately I had some T-2's in the Van which helped take the edge off a wee bit.  By the time we got home I felt sick to my stomach and headed straight to bed at 5 pm, sleeping it off until 8 pm.

Back up at 8 pm a T-Storm was moving in.  I hurried out to get Buddy for a bit of a walk in before it hit, then Lexus, then Mercedes, and hearing the Thunder Bandit would not budge from the house.  Back in just before the torrents of rain, much needed, arrived along with some Thunder and lightening.  It lasted maybe an hour is all.

My Auntie had called me with some disheartening news last night.  My dear Uncle Basil had a small stroke in the way of a bleed, not a TIA.  He is in the Owen Sound Hospital being taken care of with limited movement in his right leg and some in his right arm.  His speech is fine, thank goodness, as I know how difficult it had been for the family when my Grandpa Masterson, my Auntie & Dad's father, had lost his speech from his stroke many years gone by.

For information on strokes, please check out the following website put out by the Mayo Clinic:

Auntie called me tonight and Uncle will be kept with an MRI ordered for tomorrow I believe, and physio for his leg and arm to begin thereafter.  Prayers are always in order, and most appreciated.  Thanks to all in advance for all who are able to pass one up for my Uncle Basil and Auntie Gladys.

Now to lighten things up a bit, this is a video I took Wednesday evening of Ralph & Friends who performed for Wiarton Wednesday.  Ralph and his family were neighbours to my Grandparents at one time many years ago in my Hometown of Southampton.

Ralph & Friends enjoy performing for the Seniors throughout some of the Nursing Homes in Bruce County.  I personally have had the pleasure of listening to them at a couple of Wiarton's Day Away Programs at Gateway Haven.  Most enjoyable and fun.

Vicki & I are heading out early tomorrow for this Sale, as I haven't yet been at the new Owen Sound Value Village.

Here it is after 9:30 pm.  I hope I am able to get myself some sleep after having slept the migraine away after 3 hours, "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard". 

Saturday 24 August 2013

Patience Does NOT Always Come Easy

This morning Rob came in at 4 am.  Of course I was wide awake when he came in, but made myself stay in bed until 6:30 am.  When I did get up it was to a beautiful day that has lasted right through.

Aussies looked after, coffee had, then out the door I went to the 9 am pre-booked call I had.  Once I had returned from it I had noticed a few Garage Sales around town so I had stopped.  With no cash on me I had the one lady put the stuff I wanted and asked if she would give me 15 minutes or so to head back home to get it.  Not a problem.

I came home and not only retrieved my money, but Rob too, as he had been up and outside.

I had purchased a small Serving Platter, 8 pasta bowls, 2 hot pads, a Wicker Picnic Basket and a Crock Pot for $33.00.  Rob got 2 brand new sinks (as both our bathroom ones need replacing) for $5.00 each, and this display cabinet with clock for $15.00.  I was pleased with my purchases and he with his.  I was really pleased with the prices of the brand new sinks, but really will they ever get installed?  Hmm ... I wonder.

Back home I had a bite to eat while Rob tried going back to bed for awhile.

About 2 pm a 5th Wheel pulled into our driveway bringing our friends, Doug & Vicki, along with their little Beaner the Weiner Doggie.  It has been quite some time since their last visit.

Bandit & Beaner had a wonderful time playing together.  Bandit really is pretty good with all other dogs (except for our Buddy Boy who wants to rule the roost).

Really they are both really handsome dudes, are they not?

Vicki and I left all the guys to themselves to go downtown Wiarton to take in a couple of the stores.

I was so happy with my find at the Salvation Army Store.  An original China Clown Doll.  Original? you can tell by the "tear" on its cheek.  This is the 2nd original I have been able to find and purchase.

We were all pretty tired by the time Vicki and I had our mini shopping excursion, and decided to go back downtown to all have dinner at the Green Door Cafe.

When I got back home I took my memory card out from my camera to load the photos onto my laptop.  It took me over 1/2 hour to do this as the Memory Card apparently must be worn out from over usage (really can you imagine why?).  Yes patience does NOT always come easy, however I persevered and managed to get them somehow to load.  Needless to say THAT Memory Card did not go back into my camera.

For some reason, after only a Year, I am beginning to think my Camera is starting to wear out as well.  Geez whiz I sure wish they would make things to last like they used to, especially for the price we pay for everything now a days.

I have also been doing some "googling" on the SMART Crock Pot I purchased today, and must say the findings have not been at all favourable.  Most say the temps are way out of whack with them never being used again.  I suppose I will tell tomorrow as it will be put to use then.  Wish me luck.

Enough "venting" for now, as I need to get my Aussies out and about for the last time this evening, and get myself to bed and some sleep tonight, "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard".

Friday 23 August 2013

Eww Just Nasty !

Poor Rob and I both had an awful night with barely any sleep at all between the two of us.  I had gone into a semi-lull when Rob starting talking to me.  I was very nice about it and answered him quite civilly.  He finally got up and went into work around 11 pm.  I never really got back to sleep and called to check on him at 2 am.

3 am arrived with Rob getting into bed, and tossing, turning and getting up as painful Charlie Horses were menacing him all night long, in turn keeping me awake, no fault of Robs.

Needless to say by the time our one driver pulled in just before 7 am to start work, we were both ready to have a fitful sleep .... a never fail.

Rob and I both had an appointment with our Good Doctor, North of the Checkerboard, in Lion's Head this morning so off we went.  I had my allergy shot and a great blood pressure reading this day.  Since my x-ray results on my sinus came back showing nothing, a MRI has been ordered.  I really do not know what they don't skip the x-rays in such cases and go right to an MRI in the first place to save costs.  This also happened when I had a torn Mencius two years ago, which showed on the MRI but not on the x-ray.

Some things are way beyond my understanding at times.

Once back home Rob headed on his way down to work in Saugeen Shores with his Crabby Cabbie hat firmly set upon his head.  Me?  I managed to take all the Aussies out and about, do the dishes then head on out myself ....

Yes I drove up to Tobermory right after the Lunch hour to pickup some Hikers to return them to their vehicle left in Lion's Head.  What a nice couple they had been.  Since the other Crabbys were too busy I have to "fill-in" on occasion.  For some reason these occasions are becoming more frequent then not lately ... hmmm.  It would not be so bad, but when a girl doesn't get a paycheck I begin to wonder what my forehead says ... *smile*.

With the hikers safely dropped off to their vehicle I made my way back home as well.  Barely finishing up some lunch when I got another call to pick someone up at the Hospital and take them home.  What a kind helpful Soul I am beginning to see myself as ... ha !

The Crabby Cabbie Wiarton does enjoy meeting Hikers who are from all over.  This nice young couple happened to be from Hamilton, Ontario.

With most of the day eaten up I was happy to have gotten the bed made and a bit of laundry waiting to be folded and put away done.  Anything else done?  NO !!!

When Rob and our driver, Jeff, returned late afternoon from work, Jeff was kind enough to help Rob replace some Brake Pads on our Wiarton Crabby Cabbie vehicle that needed replacing.  Before they had gotten to that my friend Gayle had came out to pick some veggies from the garden for their dinner this evening.

We found some garden culprits that were just down right nasty !!!

I am glad Gayle found them on the Tomato plants, as I could hardly make them out since they blend so well with the plants.  Yes these are big fat, obviously well fed, Tomato Hornworms.  Ewww, ewwww, and triple Ewww !!!  

Would you care to learn more about these unsightly "Eww Factor" creatures? then *click* right HERE.  And as suggested in the article to step on them, I could not bring myself to do that, so into the burn barrel they went.  I didn't care for doing that too much either.  EWWWW !

Despite my fatigue today, I did take a moment to admire the flowers.  These Clematis make such a spectacular show who could not gaze upon them in admiration.

Our dinner was very simply a bowl of Homemade Hamburger Soup and a grilled cheese.  This suited us both just fine.

The dishes have been done, Rob is having a wee siesta before returning to work this evening, I am going to take the Gang all out for the last time this evening, then very shortly after call it a night myself, "Just North Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard".

Thursday 22 August 2013

Colour YOUR Plate

I was more then pleased to wake up this morning feeling more rested then I had the day before.  It sure determines how one goes about their day when this happens, does it not?  

I had to try to get a few things done around here before I was called out somewhere else here or there, instead of being left to concentrate on what needs to get done.

I began the chore of cleaning this morning.  When I removed everything from our Side Board I was dismayed to find the plant, which I thought had no hole in the bottom, had left a water mark.  *Sigh*

I got the jar of Mayo out of the fridge and did two applications of rubbing it in the mark.  It did come out somewhat and looks much better then it had when I had first discovered it.  For some more "tips" on How to Remove Water Stains from Wood Furniture check out this website by *clicking* HERE.

My day was thrown off, again, as planned with Rob showing back up home today.  He had plans on replacing some seats in our Saugeen Shores vehicle.  I had needed to do a couple of errands downtown Wiarton, so I suggested we "try out" the Jeep he had bought me for this Winter.  Off we went.  

Once we were downtown Rob wanted to stop in at Pinkerton's Auto Supply to pickup a couple things.  I stayed in the Jeep as we had Mercedes with us and I wanted to keep the windows down.  Sitting there minding my own business there was a "boom" from the front of the Jeep causing my heart to jump into my mouth (or so it felt it had) with steam coming from under the hood.  Rob and the owner of Pinkertons, Eric, came out to see what the "boom" was all about.  They had thought a Rad hose had blown.  Wrong ....

Once the hood had cooled down enough to open it, they found the side of the rad had blown out.  Both guys had said they had never seen that happen before in their lives, and trust me both Rob and Eric have worked on lots of vehicles over the years.  Best it happened where it had, and that it had not happened to me being stuck out in the boonies somewhere.  We had to call a Cab to get us and Mercedes back home.  Good thing we have a connection with the local Cab Company.

The guys figure since the Jeep had sat for almost a Year that the thermostat had ceased up causing it to overheat while sitting there idling.  $140.00 for a new rad, plus labour to have it installed ... *sigh*, such is my life at times.

Back at home Rob called me out to the deck to see a very large sized plane circling.  It must have been doing so to land at the Wiarton Keppel Airport.  Wiarton does have an airport with International status by the way.  Pretty amazing for a town the size of Wiarton.

Yes indeed it was a very large plane circling over top our house.

Rob, and Bandit, did get going on not only changing seats in the Vans, but also giving it a "deep" clean.  We do strive to keep our vehicles clean and presentable for our Customers.

I had heard, through the grapevine, that the Wiarton Day Away was having an outing down at Bluewater Park today.  I thought Bandit and I would go to make a social visit with the group this afternoon.

One of the first things to "catch my eye" on Colpoy's Bay when arriving at the Park.  We are so fortunate to have so much beauty and so many outdoor activities at our disposal.

The "social" visit with the Day Away group was fantastic.  Bandit was a huge hit with everyone and got lots of petting.

Before leaving the Park Bandit happily came across some more admirers.  He lapped up all the attention he was receiving.

By the time I arrived home from our outing Rob had left back to work.  After doing a wee bit Crabby Cabbie administration work, Lexus and I head out to the garden to pick some fresh produce for our Dinner this evening.  When picking some yellow beans, I soon discovered Lexus was right behind me helping herself to the beans I had already placed in the basket ... our Aussies do love their fresh veggies and fruits.

Rob was home by 6:30 for dinner to grill the Pork Loin Chops.

With all the fresh garden bounty do you "Colour YOUR Plate"?  Beets, Yellow Beans and Beet Greens ... a bit of heavenly food all served up on a plate.

After our Dinner I had nicely sat myself down to do my blog post when I received a text from Rusty's Forever Family.  Rusty is one of Mercedes and Buddy's pups, who is now almost 4 months old.  We were invited down to the Wiarton Dog Park, where we had never been before.  Off we went, Missy Mercedes and I.

Mother & Son had a blast together.  Mercedes was on her lead, as there were other dogs in the park and with this being her first time I wanted to make sure she was comfortable before letting her off the lead.  She did amazing and had such fun.  I would have had lots of photos with her off the lead playing with her pup, but go figure my batteries gave up the Ghost !

Here it is almost 10 pm already.  I am heading off down the hallway to hopefully a fitful night of sleep ahead of me, "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard".

Wednesday 21 August 2013

Another Wiarton Wednesday And ...

Last night found me exhausted this morning as I felt as I had barely slept a wink at all.  Pain was searing through my neck and other parts of my body.  I really can't remember me feeling this badly for some time, which is a good thing.  

Poor Rob had a call at 3 am from the OPP for him to go pickup some people over by Oliphant, so I am certain with his sleep disrupted he was feeling pretty tired too.  What a pair we make some days ... good thing we have each other, this I am thankful most always.

Apparently last evening was another Blue Moon.  Not have a high tech camera as some of my friends do, I was still able to capture a glimpse of it this early morning before it got started.  

This morning I headed up to Hope Baby to pickup these two lovely young girls who were having themselves an adventure by hiking the Bruce Trail from Wiarton to Tobermory.  They were have a break in the trail by having The Crabby Cabbie drive them from Hope Bay to Lion's Head where they would take up the trail again.  They were doing it as a project through the London YMCA Youth group.

When I returned from Lion's Head I had to get going on still more Crabby Cabbie stuff.  Really can I believe it ?????  Finally with that accomplished I managed to get a sink full of dishes washed up and my bed made.   All that was getting done around here today !!!

Heading down to meet Rob in Southampton was the next thing on my Agenda for my afternoon.

As I was about to pull out this little guy caught my eye.  The little fledgling that had been just out of the nest yesterday was hip hopping all around lickety split.  Way too cute.

When I finally arrived in Southampton Rob treated me to nice cold Fruit Smoothie at the Tim Hortons.  I had a Tangerine Mango I believe.  A little bit on the too sweet side for me, but now I have tried one and know.  Yes my poor tired Crabby Cabbie going over the paperwork I had brought down to him.  It had to be dealt with this day.

I left him behind as I headed back home again for about the 4th time this day.  When I got home our new Wiarton Driver, Jeff, had been in our driveway under a shade tree.  I had barely said "hello" to him when we had received a call from the Hospital to do a run.  I went along for the ride to show him the paperwork. Once done he dropped me back at home and went on his way, I had some Aussie time, then sat on my kester for a bit as it had been too hot to do anything butt but.  No pun intended .. *smile*.

Finally my Crabby Cabbie Rob arrived home.  Too hot to cook anything I thought I had better use up the leftover chicken I had in the fridge.  I decided to cook up some bacon and make him a Toasted Chicken Club Sandwich with Potato/Egg Salad on the side.

Really who doesn't love a Clubhouse Sandwich?

With dinner done and out of the way it had been after 7 pm by this time.  I had to run downtown if I was to take in the Entertainment for Wiarton Wednesday, especially since I knew some of the entertainers.

Entertainment at Wiarton's Berford Street Parkette was Ralph & Friends.  
Bob Love, Ralph Shular, Doug Sutherland, Brenda Sparks .....

... and Bob Corp were the people I knew, other then Lyle's daughter on Guitar.  It was a good night and they brought out lots of people who enjoyed their Old Time Country Tunes.

Before I knew it, it was 8 pm and time for Ralph & Friends to pack up.  I had to drop around to see my friend, then head it home to look after all the Aussies for the last time this evening.

9 pm found me sitting down reflecting back on this day, "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard".
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