Saturday 31 May 2014

Whoosh !

Whoosh !!!! where did that day get to that is now long gone behind me???  I think I have had hardly time to breath, never mind barely live it, or so it seems.

Email between my friend, BJ, and myself started at 6 am, to make sure we were both up and ready to head out for an early morning walk.  We met up at BJ's place at 6:45 to head out with Lexus on a one hour walk.

I love walking through and about Wiarton, drinking in all the beauty and sounds.

Once our walk was over and I had returned home, I headed on out as I had to go back into Owen Sound this morning.  While I had been gone my brother was kind enough to drop around his gas pressure washer, as we wanted to clean our deck before getting it sealed with a Thompson's Water Treatment.  We are hoping to get this done tomorrow.

Lot of errands and running around I did today, plus two loads of laundry washed and hung out on the line.  It was  BEAUTIFUL Day in the Neighbourhood.

Rob not only pressure washed the deck, he also did the front stoop as well as weeded all our front flower beds and remulched them.  I am so HAPPY & appreciative that he did all of this today (not that I wasn't or don't do for him too, you know, I just try not always to "toot" my own horn ... hehehe).

I even managed to get a couple shots of the Straw flowers I planted, and the basket I did up for under the shade of one of our Maple trees, and I could not resist purchasing the pot of dark purple Calla Lilies yesterday ... so dark they actually look black most times.  I can't wait to split these up into more containers.

At some point this afternoon I actually popped a chicken into the oven, so we could have a have descent meal today.  I even picked some Rhubarb and cleaned it this afternoon with hopes I can make some Rhubarb Stew for myself and my brother tomorrow ... we both LOVE Rhubarb Stew.

The Chicken Dinner was awesome.  Rob did not even complain by saying his usual "chicken again" statement.  He was served yellow beans with his, while I had asparagus.

After our Dinner I called my neighbour to go for a walk.  Two 2 hour walks today, I hope my hips begin the decrease SOON !!!

Tomorrow I am hoping Rob and I can attend the Open House at the Waterview on the Bay in Wiarton.  Come on out if you are in the area ...

Here it is 8 pm already.  I still have to let all the Aussies out and about, and put the puppies away for the night here, Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard.

Friday 30 May 2014

What A Day !!!

My feet hit the floor at 5:30 am this morning & I never looked back (except to make the bed, of course).  I had the Lexus and the puppies, oh yes and Bandit, all out and fed by 6:30 am, while Rob took Buddy and Mercedes out for me, since I was heading down the road by 7:15 am.

I stopped at a friend's in Shallow Lake on my way en route to Owen Sound to do a favour for her before I arrived 10 minutes earlier to my 9 am appointment with the Specialist at the Owen Sound Hospital.

Oops best back track a wee bit here.  Wednesday I had a call from Dr. Nari Kaal's Office, Gastroenterology & Internal Medicine Specialist, with his secretary telling me they had a referral from Dr. Caulfield, who preformed my Colonoscopy last Thursday.  Apparently I have a polyp in a very "tricky" spot, hence the referral, since Dr. Caulfield, a General Surgeon, maybe felt more comfortable on my behalf to pass me over to Dr. Kaal.

I met Dr. Kaal at 9:30am this morning.  I have to say my very first impression of this Doctor was pleasant, and was quite put at ease speaking with him.  He explained in details any risks involved, assuring me if he could not remove the polyp by colonoscopy he would do so instead by surgery.  I have been scheduled for another "poopy" ordeal on the 30th of June.  

Should Dr. Kaal have time when he is "on call" his weekend at the hospital, he might reschedule me earlier for that same weekend.  I will be happy for this to be all dealt with and over with much sooner then later.  The joys after turning 50 years old !!!

Next ordeal of the day I dealt with was trying to hunt down a Gazebo for our deck.  Our deck faces the South and has direct hot sun all day long, making it unbearable to enjoy sitting out there, so a Gazebo would solves some of this problem.  Canadian Tire and Home Depot both had one on in their Sales Flyer this week.  

I first stopped at Canadian Tire where the base was on sale for $199.00, plus $149.00 for the canvas curtains and $79.00 for the Mosquito netting.  Next stop was Home Depot where they had the whole unit complete on sale for $238.00, however there were only 2 available in their Barrie store which is 2 1/2 hours away from us.  Give me a BREAK !!!

I thought since Sears was up the road I would stop into there.  They only had them for sale in their catalogue.  I took one along with me so I could call when I got back home.  I did take advantage of buying two extra firm pillows for 1/2 price at Sears.  I am sorry to think the Owen Sound Sears will be one to close down ... *sad*.

I had a quick 15 minutes before I had to head back home, so I took advantage by dropping in for a quick visit with my friend, Sharon.

I found Sharon doing what she does best ... sewing, or knitting when she is not sewing.  Sharon has been sewing for her daughter's little business, Katie's Kicks.  You may find out more about Katie's Kicks on her Facebook page by going HERE.  Custom orders made with LOVE by Daughter & Mother, inspired by Katie, Daughter and Granddaughter.

I also got to see Sharon's 2 Himalayan Kitties, Tigger in the top three photos and Bounce in the bottom photo.  Tigger had "starred" in a McDonald's Fillet of Fish Commercial, and Bounce so much a Celebrity, but just as darn cute.  I really like Bounce.

Back in Wiarton I had to stop around to the Wiarton Farmer's Market, as I was hand delivering an invoice to the Market Manage today, Abby Miners, who also just happens to be my friend too *smile*.

Abby & I both had ourselves a great "chuckle" when this customer came across our path.  

I treated Rob and I to one of Kelsey's Savoury Corn Chowder Homemade Pies for lunch when I did arrive home after 1 pm this afternoon.  All I had to do was pop it in a preheated 350*f oven for 30 minutes.

After lunch I settled down to calling Sears to order the Gazebo I fell in love with in the Catalogue.  Man on man frustration set in AGAIN, as there were none in stock.  On I went to check out Gazebos online at Costco.  Same story there.  Of course there were ones available in the $1200.00 dollar range, way out of my budget.

What did I end up doing? I called Canadian Tire back asking how many of their "on sale" Gazebos did they have in stock.  I was told only TWO.  I asked if they would hold one for me along with the mosquito netting and the panels.  I got Rob on board and off we headed to Owen Sound.

Oh yes I did stop to smell the roses for a wee bit today, as in Rose Breasted Grosbeak ...

I was thrilled when this guy came to our feeder today.  The photos were not as clear as I would like but still I was thrilled he was here today, and hopefully back again.

Rob and I made it to Canadian Tire, stopped into the Dollar Store, and into the Home Depot Store so Rob could google the John Deere Lawn Tractors.  I also bought some very black Calla Lilies and a Patio tomato.

 Since the puppies are going to their Forever Homes next week I had picked up everything needed for their Puppy Gift Bags.  I just finished putting them all together at 7 pm.  The Gazebo? safe and sound in our basement waiting for our deck to be power washed and stained before it gets put up ... hopefully that will be done this weekend.

All the puppies have been put to bed for the night, as well as 4 adult Aussies.  I still need a shower before I even think about hitting the sack.  What a day !  I suspect I will be sleeping very well this evening, Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard.

Thursday 29 May 2014

Puppies & Visits

My feet hit the floor at 5:30 am, and I just sat down 1/2 an hour ago.

What a way to begin my morning by seeing all this wonderful colour outside our patio door.  Little grumpy looking in the bottom photo is he not? or maybe a bit on the stern side?

I had a cuppa tea, updated Facebook pages, took care of all the Aussies, then loaded up ...

.... all "Extraordinary 8" puppies by 8:15 am, and picked up Shea Lynn by 8:30 am.  Down the road to the Mildmay Vet Clinic we headed (about an hour drive from here.).

Special Thanks to Shea Lynn (who is one of Rusty's Forever Owners) who helped me with last Year & this Year's litters.  It is so much fun having someone come along to take part in the helping out end of things.  This Year with this litter had been a breeze for Shea & I, as last Year they had been soaked and quite the mess by the time we had made it to the Vets.  We had looked like something the cat had pulled through a pig barn and dragged in last Year.
Not an accident or barely a whimper out of hardly a one the whole trip there and back.  What a lovely litter of puppies this one is.

First up was little Red Tri Girl, then Black Tri Boy, next Red Tri "Ace" & Blue Merle "Buddy".

 Blue Merle Girl "Blu" in the background, then Red Merle "Ruby", Blue Merle "Sully", then Red Tri Girl "Dakota.
As I said, we couldn't have had a better bunch of puppies to travel there and back.  Round trip it had been four hours.  I barely got home with the pups fed and watered when I had to head back out the door for a 11:45 am appt..  Back home again I had to have everyone out and about before taking off again to pickup Shea Lynn, after loading up the smallest & the largest of the pups for a visit to the Gateway Nursing Home.

No sooner in the door were we stopped NUMEROUS times.  Once we visited with everyone on the way to the Day Away Program, we finally made it up to see my Mom with the pups.  Between there and back we were still stopped many many times.  Who doesn't love seeing puppies !!!

I am pretty certain we could have spent the whole afternoon at Gateway Nursing Home with those 2 puppies!  this I know for a fact.

For the 2nd time today I dropped Shea-Lyn back at her home, deposited 2 very tired puppies with their litter mates, spend minimal time with the remainder of our brood before heading back out the door for the how many times this day ?????

I did eventually get back home about 6 pm, with Rob arriving shortly after with a Sub each for us.  We were eating on the "fly" again.  He is exhausted gone to lay down, while I think I will be finishing up here and attending to all our Aussies needs before I call it a night.

I had a very odd thing happen to me today.  Apparently I was blamed for something I had not done, other then ask someone where they had been located & since I was going right by there and they had not yet left, I would go ahead to do what they had already been asked to do.  Now how can someone be blamed for someone else when they had not carried through themselves?   this I will never understand how that might work.  *Shaking Head* I suppose I should not let my feelings be hurt so easily thinking I was so easy to be blamed for something I had not done, or rather that I had maybe done correctly.

Better to put such things behind me then to let such matters bother me I suppose.

Truly I am too busy to dwell on much these days.  I am beginning to wonder when will I ever get into my flower beds this Year, since I have already gave up the notion of putting in a Vegetable Garden, as I just could not stand the pressure of having it go to weeds on me due to lack of time.  Never mind the flower beds, as I have noticed the edging and trimming all need done too !!!

Oh woe is me, I do not have time to look forward to Winter coming this Year, as I am way too busy to even think about it never mind get everything done before Summer is upon us.  And to think I have another busy day looming ahead of me, Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard.

Wednesday 28 May 2014

One Down !

I can not say how absolutely "thrilled" I am at the service we had from Jeff Klages who did our Eavestroughs today.  

We called Jeff yesterday, and he was able to come today.  He showed up exactly 5 minutes prior to when he said he would, and was done the job by 11:00 am, also when he said he would be done.

This in "one down" off our list of things we want to get done this Year.  It looks so nice and clean.  Just think no more drip, drip, drip just outside our patio doors on our deck anymore, that in itself is a bonus to me.

I had text today from Rusty's owners, wondering if they could come visit the puppies again before they head off to their new homes next week.  Of course the more socializing we can get for the puppies, the better all around puppies we have.  I can NOT STRESS ENOUGH to any new puppy owner to socialize, socialize, socialize !!!!  

Rust got to come along with his Forever Home Owners.  There were kisses galore going on this day !!  lots of puppy love happening between the 7 week old pups and the 1 Year old Rusty.

Once our visit was over, I decided I needed to carry on and get out for a daily walk.

Lexus is such a good walker, never minding when we stop for me to take a photo.

Our neighbour, Pari, also came along for the walk.  We were walking by the McCallum's home when I had said hello to Don while going by.  He came out to speak, then invited us in to see his trains.  It was two years ago we had Aiden by for a visit with Mr. McCallum and his trains.

None other can be so impressive with all the scenery made by hand by Don McCallum himself.  Pari was in "awe" of everything.  Her husband had an extensive train set himself.

Check out when we visited 2 years ago with Aiden by going HERE.

We barely returned back home when I had to get ready to head out to a WDCC "After 5" function.  It had been held at the Wiarton Marina Ltd.  I was very impressed with learning about the history of the Marina.

Once back home after 7 pm, Rob got crates set up for me to put into the Van for tomorrow morning, as I am taking the puppies down to their very first visit to the vets.  Wish me LUCK !!! that is it a half descent quiet and somewhat clean ride.

On that note I believe I will be calling it a night here shortly, Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard.

Tuesday 27 May 2014

Finally Another Almost Dent

My dear Rob never arrived home until after 3 am this morning.  How do I know this? because he told me as it was one of the rare times I never woke up when he came in.  Bonus for me (must have been that big walk yesterday).

I left Rob in bed and did an errand this morning, hoping he would be more rested by the time I got back.  He didn't seem to overly rested, however I took advantage of his being home to see about getting a couple of things done over in Owen Sound.

We despartely are in need of more new windows, having to date replaced the front door entrance way, the back patio doors, and the bathroom window.  I made a couple of phone calls to price out replacing our bedroom and kitchen windows.

Van Dolder's in Owen Sound had been the cheapest.  We had also been told they had windows in the back that never made it out the front door, and there might be something in there that might suit us.  Off to Owen Sound we headed.

Rob still had some Pennies for VON saved up from last year, that we also wanted to drop off to the VON offices in Owen Sound as well.  This was our first stop.

Angela Campbell was thrilled to received the Pennies & bit of silver The "Crabby Cabbie had collected for the VON cause.  She will be calling us with a total once they have been tallied up.  Next stop was Van Dolders where we lucked in and found a window that will work in our kitchen for $150.00 Cash, saving us 1/2 of what it would have been had we ordered one.  Last stop was at the Garden Centre where I picked up a few plants for the deck planters I want to do up.  

Finally another almost dent in something getting down in the way of another window replaced.  I suppose I will have to bite the bullet and order in the bedroom window at regular price.  Next off my hit list is our eaves troughs.  A call has been put into the installer, who we are waiting to hear back from when he will be able to come.  The first guy who quoted us has never answered the 4 messages I have already left (is that anyway to do business would someone please tell me?)

I have barely bought anything in the way of annuals, and what little I have bought as already came to a grand total of $100.00 !!!  I am shocked as truly I hardly have gotten anything.  Hopefully I can get what I got planted by tomorrow and post some photos.

By the time Rob & I returned this afternoon, he had to go back to do a fare, while I had another errand to the North.  Finally I got back and downtown for a good 1 hour walk with my neighbour.  I sure did not feel like going, however I pushed myself to.  Lexus sure enjoyed the walk.

I barely can go out into the outside kennel run without being attacked any more.

Yes the ankle biters sure are growing, and ankle bite they sure do, but each and every one is a sweet as a button.

Dinner was easy with some leftovers.  Rob is out cutting the back forty, while I finish up here.  I suppose I will head out to the kitchen, after I first finish my cuppa tea, to get the dishes done up, Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard.

Monday 26 May 2014

Love Them & Not ?

It was another busy day here as soon as I awoke.  Time to play "catch-up" after loosing all of last week, as the bed needed stripped and laundry needed doing.  Three loads to be exact.

My electric blanket was washed, line dried and put away until next Year now.

Once all the Aussies were looked after, and the laundry started,  I posted in the Facebook "Dropping Weight Sensibly" group to see if there had been anyone looking to go for a walk  this morning.  One of the ladies, who is also in Cindy's Recipe Exchange had responded.   We went for a great 1 hour walk.  It had been a little humid, however still there had been a nice breeze.  Thanks Lynda !!!

After the walk I had to drop around to Gateway Haven to sign some papers, make one business stop elsewhere, then headed it on home to hang another load of laundry out.

I was thrilled today as the Oriole has been a regular visitor on our deck the last couple of days, and today I captured him ....

I absolutely LOVE them & their song .... out of this World !

The Canadian Geese were up in our field behind the house later today.  They are striking against the greens and yellows of the hay field, are they not?

Love them & NOT are these Swallow nests that are made directly out our bedroom window Year after Year.  However I am impressed on the structure of their nests.

My poor Rob has was called out at 6 pm to head out to London, which is a good three hour drive from where he was picking the fellow up from.  Poor guy is not over being sick yet and travelling such a distance.  I hope he can put his head back and rest while he is waiting for the guy to bring him back home.   Good thing he has most of his day covered for him tomorrow that maybe he can get a bit of rest to catch up himself.

I have the bed all made up fresh, and hope to get some cleaning done tomorrow, as there is much in that area that needs doing.  Best get it done in the next couple of days as Thursday morning I will be heading down the road with 8 puppies to get their first set of shots at the Vets.

Speaking of puppies it is about time to get them all put in for the night.  I am off to do my Aussie duties for the last time this day, Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard.

Sunday 25 May 2014

An Amazing Pot Luck

As soon as my feet hit the floor I was running this morning.  Today was the Pot Luck Luncheon for Cindy's Recipe Exchange members who signed on to get together today down at the Church Hall in Hepworth.

I had to get busy once I had first let out all the Aussies and tended to the puppies first.

I had to get going on making my Cheesy Black Bean Salsa Dip, then peel and assemble 2 dozen Devilled Eggs.  The Dip when pretty easy, then came the eggs which ended up being a disaster as the yolks had been circled in black, and I wasn't making them into anything that I would want to take anywhere.  I put on another dozen eggs to boil.  By this time it had been after 9 am, and I had to be down at the Church in Hepworth (20 min. drive) at 10:45 to meet the lady who was opening up for us.

I pulled it off getting them done and plated, then got my hair brushed, some lipstick on and a change of top before loading them into the Van.  Rob had everything else loaded already for me.  We had made it to the Hall 2 minutes later then anticipated. 

Regardless of the more then 1/2 persons who had "signed up" for the Pot Luck not showing up, we still had 17 people and it had been a great time with an amazing selection.

Three "hot" Crock Pot items

Salads, dips and goodies galore ... never mind what a nice hall it is with a huge kitchen for many to move around and prep in !

I am pretty certain everyone who had attended, or would like to think everyone who had attended, had a great time, as I surely enjoyed myself finding it to be an amazing pot luck.   Who doesn't LOVE good food and people who LOVE good food?  The nice thing about it was there was some new faces who hadn't been to the one we had last Fall.

There had not been enough people in attendance to cover the $50.00 donation for the Hall at $2.00 per person, but everyone was fantastic about chipping in a bit more each so I hadn't had to pay more out of pocket myself.  Very kind of everyone else to do so, and I surely appreciated the gesture.

Everyone there was "open" to having an Annual Pot Luck Luncheon for Cindy's Recipe Exchange, but I will put it out there to see if anyone would care to have one this Fall again.

Once Rob and I had gotten home, I had to wash up the mess I had left behind when running out the door, and look after all our Aussies.  I think after 3:30 pm I might have sat down and drifted off for about 1/2 hour or so.

Although I was still breaking out in a cold sweat this morning, I am still feeling much better although not yet 100% (my taste buds are still "off").  Rob is not doing too well at all, and I am thinking he should stay home in bed tomorrow to get a better handle on how he is feeling.

I am going to be taking care of some puppies and Aussie very shortly here then calling it a night, Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard.

Saturday 24 May 2014

Dropping Like Flies

 Last night was another restless night for both Rob and I.  The good news is I am much better then what I was.  The bad news is Rob is worse today since he is only into the 2nd day of it.  I am pretty certain (from what I can remember) the 3rd and 4th days are the worse.

My poor Rob had a run at 5 am this morning regardless of how he was feeling, not arriving back home until mid-morning.  He managed to get a few more hours sleep until shortly after the lunch hour, then got up and cut the lawn.  He will be back in bed very early this evening.

I did not manage to get anything accomplished today other then an errand I had to do for Rob first thing this morning while he was gone, and a couple of my own downtown.  I did make him lunch, and shortly after had to go back to bed as the cold sweats seemed to be draining me even more.

I did not feel like eating much today, however decided I best cook some kind of dinner for us.

Slow Cooker Ribs in Chipotle Sauce, along with Brown Rice &  steamed Fresh Ontario Asparagus.  It was our first "real" meal since .... I can't remember when.

After Dinner the Egret was back posing just inside our first field.  I managed a couple of his poses before he took of to the field further back after he had spotted me on the deck.

Tomorrow has been planned for the past few months as a Pot Luck Luncheon for Cindy's Recipe Exchange.  To date there had been over 32 people who had signed up that they were attending.  Today they have been dropping like flies, mostly from sickness, or another commitment.  I am still hoping there will be at least 1/2 the ones there who said they would be.  Time will tell tomorrow.  Regardless I am looking forward to meeting some new faces and seeing familiar ones.

I still have to make the couple of items I am making to take along tomorrow, however I really can't make them until first thing in the morning.  Hopefully I will be up early to get a head start on getting them done and arriving on time to set up and greet everyone before they arrive.

I am pretty sure I will have an early evening myself, however not too early with hopes I get to sleep a whole night through, Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard.

Friday 23 May 2014

Back To The Bad, Good & The Ugly

Another Bad, Good & Ugly post, not necessarily in that order.  I must report I am still feeling under the weather, but from the previous few days there is finely some improvement in the battle of getting through this cold/flu bug, or whatever the heck hit me so hard last Saturday that has yet to leave my body.

The Bad is that Rob had been running a temp all day, with a great possibility that I shared with him.  I beyond feel for him for what is yet to come, minus prepping for a colonoscopy in-between.  Speaking of which that leads me to the topic of the Ugly .....

... this is where it all becomes UGLY once you begin the dreaded cleansing of the bowels in preparation for the next day, which is a breeze I might add in comparison.  Do NOT, and I stress DO NOT forget to take the Gas Pills as instructed or I have heard you will pay dearly (I took in them in fear of paying dearly).  Your best friend for the next 14 hours (at least) will be located in your bathroom, and the other one you might want to keep sipping on to stay hydrated.

This is approximately how much paper you will want on hand from start to finish ....

The Good is once you have been back to your Doctor having been cleared of not having any polyps means you are good to go for the next five years.  More Good being should you have had polyps removed, you have avoided the risks of Colon Cancer, and will have to follow up once again.  Either way is Good, being a Win Win situation of knowing by giving you bit of peace of mind after spending approximately 14 hours of it being Ugly.

Highly recommended after you have turned 50 years of age (I snuck out of it for five years, but it caught up with me eventually).

More Good .... how flattered and honoured I was to have been nominated and selected for a 2014 Volunteer Award for the Town of South Bruce Peninsula.  Special thanks for my Friend and fellow Chamber Volunteer & Director, Koreen Ryan, for the nomination, and the Town of South Bruce Peninsula for selecting me.

Although I could not taste anything properly at the Awards BBQ, Rob assured me it had all been very good.  As far as conversation at the table went?  very difficult unless I was right beside the person as I could not hear a thing out of my right ear.

My friend, Koreen, had also been nominated by the Wiarton Willie Festival Committee for all the amazing work she has done for the Festival on and behind the scenes.  We are pictured, as each Awarded Volunteer had been with the Mayor John Close, and MPP Bill Walker.

Each and every Volunteer honoured last evening were in well deserved in receiving a 2014 Volunteer Award.  The backbones of our Communities that bind our communities.

Each Volunteer were awarded with a Certificate from the Town of South Bruce Peninsula Mayor, Larry Miller the MP, and Bill Walker MPP.

Special thanks to my VON friends I used to volunteer up for coming out to give me their support.  Thanks Diane, BJ, Andrea, Chris, & Marlene it was most wonderful to have you all there for me !!!!  You meet so many wonderful friends when you Volunteer.

There that wasn't too bad, as I am certain there was more Good to all of that then Bad & Ugly, right?

Just a little cuteness to finish it all up.

I am still praying I start to feel 100% better by tomorrow, even though my ears and nose are still plugged solid and I have a headache that loves me to death.  I know that is an absolute big order, however Cindy's Recipe Exchange is having their 2nd Potluck Luncheon this Sunday, and I am so way behind with everything .... my house is a disaster and never mind me being organized on what I am making and taking to the Pot Luck yet !

Please do not let the house fall down around my head yet before I have a chance to get back up !!!!

Hopefully nobody will be coming by to visit until I have a change to recuperate 100% and get my house back into order, which will more then likely be a month of Sundays at the rate everything else seems to pile up on me from time to time ... yes there is now 2 months of Crabby Cabbie book waiting for me (AGAIN).

For some reason two year ago seemed like much simpler times for me???  Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard.

Thursday 22 May 2014

Done With That

All I can say is I am more then happy to be "done with that".  Preparation for a colonoscopy has been added to my I Would NOT Wish that on my Worse Enemy list.  Should anyone try to tell you that is is a breeze, run the other way as their nose will be growing and tripping you up as you try to run away.

By the time Rob collected me back from the Hospital at 10:30 am, after being there since 8 am, I was ready to come home and go back to bed.

I slept this afternoon, got up at 2:30 pm, showered and got ready to go attend the 2014 Town of South Bruce Peninsula Volunteer Awards.  It was a lovely evening, I had just wished I could have felt better to enjoy it more.

I am still stuffed up and can not hear out of my ears.  Needless to say I am ready for my bed AGAIN, and will have to recap my day with photos tomorrow, as at the moment my head feels like it might come detached from my shoulders.

I hate to admit this however since I have spend the last few days in bed, my bed was not made until today before I crawled back into it.  It really felt good crawling into a "made bed", and I do not know how I could stand it unmade for that long, other then I had been too sick to really care.

I am now concerned Rob is getting what I have, since he is freezing cold one moment, and burning up the next.  Praying it does not last as long with him should it set in with him.

Thank goodness Rob was home with me today, or otherwise I would not have managed the dogs by myself if he hadn't done it all for me today.  Thanks Honey.

On that note it is Good-night, Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard.

Wednesday 21 May 2014

Out Of Commission

It has not been a very good day all round for me today.  I am still feeling poopy, "poopy" going to be the operative word very shortly.  Rob stay clear of the bathroom !

Dr. Caulfield's office called today.  I had told her I was getting over a cold of five days, and she never said that would affect me going for my procedures tomorrow.  She also told me it would be okay to take Sinus meds or antihistamine if need be.  I am going to try not to, as taking meds on an empty stomach does not go over well either.  The coughing has somewhat subsided, however my back is killing me from spending so much time in bed I am guessing.

Once you have gone over the Magic Age of 50 years it is time to have a Colonoscopy.  I have avoided it for the past 5 years.  Actually it is good to have, as Rob had cancerous polyps a couple of times.  The Stats on Colon Cancer are very High according to Dr Caulfield.  You can read more about that HERE.

Not having anything to eat is having its toll on me, and once the "mixture" begins working, I will be out of commission from now until almost until before the lunch hour tomorrow.

I truly wish I could be more funny about the situation, but truly I am not feeling well enough to right now.

That is all she wrote, Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard.

Tuesday 20 May 2014

Bed Bound

I was in a sound sleep when the phone rang at 10 pm last night in my sickly frame of mind.  Nothing urgent so that was a blessing.  You know that "start" you get when you are awoken out of a dead sleep by the phone in the night hours?  It took me quite awhile to get back to sleep however I helped it along by taking a little pill, as I need my sleep and need to beat this cold before Thursday morning.

I did manage to get back to sleep until 4 am.  I finally got out of bed about 6 am.  I did the normal Aussie chores first thing, then fed and cleaned the puppies by 8 am.

My day was not too exciting as I went back to bed by 9 am, got up around lunch hour, and went back to bed about 2 pm just getting back up before 6 pm..  It is already 7 pm.  Most of my day has been spent being bed bound and sleeping.  You know I am sick when that happens.

Once I had gotten up I had to make a couple of phone calls.  One to the Greyhound Parcel delivery, and another to the Tax man, who apparently has no problem sending out "we have not received your payment" letters after the fact they have cashed your money order over a month prior to sending out the letter.  Get your S**T together Taxman instead of harassing the honest guys will you !!!  *Sigh*

By the way, the number on the Tax letter could not even help me, the guy gave me another number to call tomorrow after 9 am  * shaking head *.

When friends had dropped by yesterday to see the puppies, Bandit had been also having a game of fetch.

Unfortunately our big guy is layed up now as he pulled a muscle in his left haunch.  I could cry for him, the poor boy.  We have been giving in one low dose of Aspirin 81 mg (coated) every 12 hours to give him some relief.  He will not be allowed out with any of the two girls, or anyone holding a ball for some time until he is 100% better.

I have finished off my cuppa Ginger, Lemon & Raw Honey Tea, and thinking I will be back in bed with my electric blanket soon after a hot shower to warm my bones.

Oh yes I also got my Hydro Bill today in the mail, with a reminder the New Electricity Prices started May 1st, after the face I had forgotten until receiving the notice.  Geesh ....

For the Summer Hours "time of use" pricing please go HERE.

Now I am going to have to remember to change up my time of usage November 1st !!  I know by then I will probably have forgotten again.

Tomorrow morning I look forward to beginning a Clear Liquid Diet prior to having scopes done Thursday morning.  Not the best way to loose weight, but I will take it !

I am off towards my bed, and shower, not necessarily in that order, Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkeboard.

Monday 19 May 2014

Magic Potion?

My dear Rob didn't arrive again until the wee hours of the morning at 4 am AGAIN.  Poor guy.  He is still tired and I am still sick.

I did gargle with Listerine which did take the feeling of swallowing broken glass down my throat away.  After I had been out and about with all the Aussies this morning, and had fed and cleaned the Puppies, I went back to be until almost lunch time.

My longtime Blogger friend, Lena of Frugal and Thankful, post the link to my Facebook page about the "magic potion" when she had been sick.  Thanks Lena.   Rob and I have just gotten back from the store after picking up Raw Ginger.

NOTE:  You will NOT want to have this tea without the honey (YECK factor if you do).  Check out the Magic Potion cold remedy by going HERE.  I have also rubbed Vick's Vapour Rub on the bottoms of my feet, as this helped the last cold I had.

Our Rusty's FOREVER HOME gang came over late this afternoon to visit the puppies.  Not only did they visit they helped me with deworming of all 8 of them, which I was grateful for, as Rob was still sleeping and it gave him a break from helping me.

The little Runt is in the first photo, she is a doll.  By the time their company had left everyone was pooped right out !

I had wanted to get an individual photo of each and everyone one, however I wasn't feeling good.  Next time, which will probably be next week.  Can you believe they will be 6 weeks old already? and going to their FOREVER HOMES in a short 2 weeks time?

I am going to take care of the puppies for the last time today, Rob will take care of everyone else for me, as I am going to be calling it a night to seek out my bed here very shortly, Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard.

Sunday 18 May 2014

He Is Tired & I Am Sick

The Early Morning was beautiful this day, as every morning is when one wakes up to greet the day ....

I have been so fortunate not to have too many sicknesses this past Year, other then my usual headaches & aches & pains, however maybe I bragged too much about not being sick and jinxed myself.  Dang, dang, triple dang "me" when I do that to myself.  My glands are swollen, my throat is sore, I have a dry sore hacking cough and I am FREEZING inside and out.  All good indications I am sick.

I can NOT be sick for this Thursday as I have my morning visit to the Hospital, and I am pretty sure if I am sick they will not "knock me out" to do their exploratory procedures.  I will just have to rid myself of this before Thursday.  That same day, I also do not want to miss out on the 2014 Volunteer Awards BBQ being hosted by The Town of South Bruce Peninsula (even though I have no idea what I am going to wear that day.  More to stew about).

Regardless today had to go forward with a couple of loads of laundry and puppies first outing, since it was a balmy 18*C here today.  Rob even got the lawns cut in-between calls.  Bandit and I even got out for an early morning walk down by Colpoy's Bay and the Wiarton Marina.

It was just Bandit and I out walking, not another being was out enjoying this little "slice of heaven" we live in.

Here is all the "Extraordinary 8" 2014 Litter babies after I had first put them out later this morning.  They had all been very nervous, however food lured them in, also coming around more once Mama Lexus had been put out with them.  The largest Female Red Tri was the bravest, and very outgoing.  There is always one who loves sitting in the empty food dish.

Dinner was simple with Rob putting some Wieners on the BBQ, along with toasting the buns (I love toasted buns).  With a little onion on mine, and mustard on his, we ate like Royalty.

Rob never got home until 4 am, and was up by 9:30 am.  Poor guy is tired, and I am sick.  A fine pair we make, Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard.

Saturday 17 May 2014

Victoria Weekend Garage Sailing

 The Sun might have been out but the wind was cold .... a balmy 7*C today.  My poor Crabby Cabbie hadn't gotten home and to sleep until well after 2:30 am, only to get back up at 6:00 am to head back out again.

Lots I wanted to do today, but with it being Victoria Day Weekend, I knew it would be a Garage Sailing Day today.  I gave my neighbour a call and we headed on towards Wiarton about 10 am.  I am pretty certain we made several stops.  There is usually more Garage Sales this weekend in years past, however I am pretty certain the cold weather deterred some.

Pari made a few purchases.  I bought two brooches for my Mom, and some Yarn for a crafty friend of mine, and for myself I ....

.... added a new Antique Oil Lamp to my small collection.  Believe it or not, when the power goes out Rob and I put these lanterns to good use.  I liked this one, not really elaborate however unique in its own way.

We never arrived back home until about 12:30 pm.  My dear Rob was sleeping however got up shortly after I had came in.  We barely seen each other it seemed when he was out the door by 3:30 pm on a call.  I decided my day had been shot from the first time I had gone out that I might as well go on out again..  I called Pari again to see if she wanted to go out for a walk with me.  I bundled up, went to collect her and downtown Wiarton we headed again for the second time today.

What a beautiful day despite the coldness of the air.  We walked up around the top of Wiarton and down the North Hill back into town.

After our hour long walk I came home to make a light Dinner of Eggs and Toast for Rob while I had leftover Chicken and Brown Rice from the night before.

I had been going through some photos my Auntie had given me and came across some of my Mother and Father.

This was taken at the Walker House in Southampton on my Mom & Dad's 25th Wedding Anniversary.  I think I was about 10 years old then if the photo stamp of 1969 was right.  I laughed at the 2nd photo of my Mom as she must have been "q'd" to say CHEESE.  The young guy to my dad's left is my brother Allan.  

The part I remember that day was my brother and his wife having picking Mom, Dad and myself up on the pretence they were taking us out to Dinner in Owen Sound, and I guess it was a surprise when they went into the Walker House in Southampton.  The Cake I believe my oldest Sister Jeanne made, or it could have been my Sister-in-Law.  I will have to ask Jeanne as she will be sure to know.

I remember the dress Mom had on that day too.  Funny what sticks with us in our memories and what does not, isn't it?

I have had all the Aussies out for a run.  I am out of steam.  I HAVE to stay home tomorrow to get caught up on a few things.  With all the rain we have had we need some dry days soon or our lawns are going to be part of the hay fields soon, and the twitch grass is going to be my flower beds.

That is all she wrote, Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard.

Friday 16 May 2014

Frigid Cold

I am pretty sure we had a relapse going back momentarily into the Ice Age of Winter today.  It had been frigid cold from my point of view.  Brrrrrr.....

Not only had there been a cold fast drizzle coming down first thing this morning when I was out walking Buddy across the  field, there had been reports of snow flurries North of the Checkerboard.  Glad they kept them there as I was cold enough.

I was just thinking the other morning how nice it was to get up and not have to have the wood stove "fired" up, but here it was again today a completely different story.

Today was the re-opening of the Wiarton Farmer's Market for the Season.  I am pretty sure I had only missed one Market Friday last Season, and that was the one week I had the grandboys here.  After a few minor household chores (even though my whole house needs rehauled) I headed downtown Wiarton to attend the Market around 10:30 am.

... and there I found my friend Abby of Miners' Maple Products schmoozing with the Wiarton Mayor John Close.  Cheeky girl trying to still the Homemade Market Pies he had just purchased.  She however did wangle some loot off him for some of her own yummy Maple Syrup Product.  Way to go Abby !   Oh yes I had also ran into my friend, BJ, bottom right hand photo with the potted mums.

I returned home for not too long before both Rob and I had to go back downtown to the bank and two more errands I had not gotten to the first time.  The day flies when you are running around half of it.

This afternoon I spend cleaning off the Telephone Desk, and doing some filing.  Oh yes I also made a call to Brother Canada for some troubleshooting on getting my Fax machine working again, that had taken at least a 1/2 hour.

Both the dust bunnies and the laundry are piling up (still).....*sigh*.

The cleaned off telephone desk.  No "before" photo but the paper waiting to be burned is proof enough how messy the desk had been.  Always a "catch all" spot, it is.

I had taken Chicken Thighs out this morning to put into the Crock Pot.

Once the thighs had cooked on the LOW setting for approx. 6 hours, I removed them to drain the grease from the Crock Pot.  I then returned them to the pot pouring Miners' Maple Chipolte BBQ Sauce over top, turning the Crock Pot onto the HIGH setting for another hour.

Chicken Thighs with Chipolte Sauce and a side of fluffy Brown Rice was oh so YUMMY !

This Weekend is a Holiday "Victoria Day" Weekend, aka May "24" Weekend.  Apparently the Sun is to be out for the weekend, however that does not mean the temperatures are going to be by any means WARM.

Heavy Frost Warning has been forecasted for tonight.  We still have a good supply of wood in the shed, Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard.

Thursday 15 May 2014

Torrents Of Rain

 Up and at it early this morning, Aussies looked after, pups cleaned and fed, not necessarily in that order, a quick shower, some phone calls on behalf of my Crabby Cabbie, and out the door I went to meet up with my Auntie at 11 am at the Gateway Haven Nursing Home.

Today we had planned on having Lunch with my Mother.  By the time I had arrived Auntie Gladys was already in Mom's room putting the amazing Rose she had gotten her into a vase with water.  We had some time before Lunch so we headed downstairs to the cafe for a coffee and visit.

Lunch was two choices (always).  First was Soup and Tuna Salad Sandwich, second was a Fruit Plate with Cottage Cheese (my choice, but had Mom's soup she did not want).  Dessert was jello or stewed rhubarb.  It was a nice "Light" lunch.

Once lunch was over Auntie headed out her way & I had to some errands downtown.  First I had to head up to the Wiarton Home Building Centre to meet up with fellow Chamber Director, Paul Sutter, then down to the Town Hall.  Next stop was Bluebird Flowers to pick up a lovely planter from all the WDCC Board Director Volunteers for fellow Board Director Josie Myles.  One more stop at the Chamber Office before heading home.  Oops there had been a quick stop into The Great Canadian Dollar Store too.

Why we had gotten Josie a planter? why is because she is celebrating 20 Years of Business !!  Congratulations to Josie's of Wiarton .... drop on it to see their lovely selection of Spring/Summer wear, and also have a chance at drawing a really nice Prize from the Prize Urn.  Two more days of  Anniversary Celebrations still at Josie's of Wiarton.

There had been "torrents of rain" this afternoon & I got caught in it twice.  Rob, who had been at home working on a van, also got caught in it however resumed working once it had finally stopped.  Lots of Rain !!! but of course as it is the Victoria Day Holiday weekend coming up, right?

I had forgotten all about the 2 - 3 legged Tea Cups I had picked up the other day.  They are the demi tea cups, not the full size, and both are fine porcelain.  Very dainty indeed.

I didn't get home until late this afternoon, and by that time was time for more feeding puppies and cleaning.  Around and around and around she goes.  Nothing else got done today other then making my bed and doing up some dishes.  *sigh*

Here it is 8:17 pm, time to almost call it a night, Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard.
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