Monday 27 June 2016

Got 'R Done

Rob was sick last weekend, and now I am.  Apparently it has been, and still is going around.  I have ear aches, sore throat, swollen glands and headaches (yesterday I also had stomach cramps).  I am just feeling crappy.

Despite feeling crappy, life still has to go on, does it not?

We have been busy getting at our property.  Our old horse trailer had been filled to the brim with scrap and junk that needed disposed of.  Not only did Rob dispose of the junk, he also disposed of the horse trailer !

A friend had lent Rob his dump trailer this past weekend.  Another friend had came over Saturday and Sunday mornings to give Rob a hand loading it.  One load went out this morning, and the dump trailer had came back for Rob to load up the horse trailer which they had cut up into pieces yesterday.  Believe me, you can ask Rob what a huge job this was.  Me? I am tickled pink to have that junk removed from our property.  As the old saying goes, "better late then never".

My friend Marg had snuck out on Saturday when I wasn't home and finished off the weeding of the front flower beds.  Rob and I had picked up new dirt to fill in the hole left from where we had removed the large perennial grass. I got it all spread around and it is ready for when we are able to get it mulched (hopefully still this year).  I am thinking I would like to put in a couple more Hostas as well as some Lavender (love lavender, doesn't everyone?).

Two big jobs off our list makes us feel pretty darn good.  It took us a bit to do well we worked around our usual daily commitments, but we got 'r done.

Since I am not feeling well, I have been informed there are not to be any kisses given out, so I am thinking I had better get feeling better real soon so I won't be missing out for long!

My heading is pounding, but I have been meaning to get a post done for the past few days, so this is it for this day, Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard.

Wednesday 22 June 2016

Hustle & Bustle

This past weekend was a hustle & bustle for me......

Saturday I had a luncheon for the Southampton Grade School girls (4th Annual) in Southampton at 11:30 am.  There had been eight of us girls this Year, and as usual we had a good time and a few laughs.  I love getting together with the girls I grew up and went to school with.  Nice to catch-up with everyone.

The same day my Cousin, Todd & his new wife, Tammy, were celebrating their marriage.  The reception was at 4 pm in Southampton.

I got home from the luncheon, got myself ready, then Rob and I headed out the door back to Southampton.  Had a great time, and it is always nice to see my Aunt Gerry and Uncle Reg, who had came up for the occasion.  We had to leave after dinner as Rob had a head cold and was not feeling the best.  The Elk & Finch had catered the meal, and the roast beef had been "melt in your mouth" delish !

And here are the newlyweds:

Sunday I kept myself busy with cutting the lawn and laundry.  That pretty much takes up the most part of a day in itself, does it not?

We took some time out after dinner one evening to sit out on our front stoop to do some chillaxing.

After my friends, BJ & Marg had came out to help me with the flower bed, Marg had said she was going to come back to help me with the last 1/4 that still needed done.  Well she came out on Tuesday, and I am certain it was the hottest day we had in the past week.

No matter about the heat, we got r' done.  Way back in the first photo you can see how large the pile of weeds & grasses that had been pulled.  That twitch grass goes forever and is a real b* to pull out.  There is a couple of spots that could be filled in with a new plant, and some other spots which need to be filled in with fresh earth.  I am hoping to get it all done and think about mulching it all next week.  Time will tell.

Today I cleaned the bathroom and cleaned up the Outdoor Living furniture in the Gazebo on our deck.

We have iron and minerals in our well water (drilled well), which results in our bathtub, sinks and toilet being stained with them.  I usually use Bowl Brite or Professional to clean everything.  This stuff is really potent so it is required to wear a mask and gloves.  We have sent a water sample away to find out exactly what the content is of the iron and minerals, then we will know what direction to take in getting a system to remove them.  Hopefully we hear back soon.

We have a new bathtub and vanity we would like to get installed in our bathroom, but until we figure out our water issues they have been put on hold.

I am so happy the Gazebo is all set up, as it is so nice to take a cuppa tea out there and just relax for a bit.  I have the white set at one end and the brown set at the other.  There are still a couple of things I want to place or take out but that will wait for another day.

We are in Strawberry Season now !  my Auntie Gladys emailed me my Grandma's Strawberry Pie recipe this afternoon.  Since it has been shared with me, I in turn will also share it.  For a PRINTABLE copy of this fresh Strawberry Pie recipe, please *CLICK* HERE.  Thanks Auntie Gladys.

Time to start thinking about dinner, so this is all she wrote this day, Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard.

Thursday 16 June 2016

It's Back !

Just the usual typical day around here this day.  Nothing really exciting whatsoever, other then Missy Portia .....

Appearing to gazing out into the World contemplating life, then watch out here she comes ! she is one busy little girl I must say.

I had a huge perennial grass in the front flower bed which was taking over the far end of the garden.  Rob was kind enough to dig it out for me today, as I would never have been able to manage it myself.

Going out to retrieve the mail I heard the "sound", only to realize it's back.....

This is what is to be expected when one has three walnut trees on one's property.  Very bold too he was as he never budged as I stood under the tree taking these photos.  Cheeky bugger.

It was a gorgeous day here today.  Quite a bit overcast this morning, but then a full sky of sunshine this afternoon.  My laundry which I had hung out on the line earlier today had no problem at all getting dried.

Rob had a trip out of town this afternoon, just arriving back home now, so I had best be off and running, Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard.

Wednesday 15 June 2016

The Garden Is Alive !

This morning I was up and at it early getting the dishes done up, the bed made and whatever else needed it doing as two of my friends were arriving at 9 am.

I had broke down a couple of weeks ago and asked my friends, BJ & Marg, if they would consider coming to help me with my flower bed that I had neglected for 2 years (since I had no desire the last couple years to even attempt weeding)  Now that I have been feeling better, after considering taking out the garden, I decided I wanted to keep it as I have enjoyed it in so many past years after I had first put it in.

The three of us got going just after 9 am, going until 12:15.  The time went really quickly with us talking and laughing as we worked.  I made them stop, as they would have kept going, since I had made lunch reservations for us at 12:30 at the Green Door Cafe.

We managed to get 3/4 of the garden weeded.

What a huge difference as you can tell from the before & after photos.  The garden is alive!!!  A few perennials got knocked around, however they are hardy and will all come back to their normal state.

The girls told me they would come back to help me finish it off.  We are hoping for a big rain day so we can weed a day after when the soil is not so hard.

The beauty of all this, in my books, is that I had two friends not only come and help me, but also never judged me.  Good friends are the best !!!  I am blessed with fantastic friends.

To be quite honest I am very much "out of shape" as that bit of gardening has set my muscles to aching and I am tired.  It is a good tired, one of those that make you look at what you have accomplished and take pleasure in.  Pleasure? something I hadn't been feeling for a long time, and quite ecstatic to feel this way once again.

The rest of my day?  I had to go out to take some photos this afternoon, then Rob and I had a lovely dinner of BBQ's Spatchcock Chicken and fresh asparagus.  Oh yum it was !

To all my Family & Friends supporting me through my illness .....

This is all she wrote this day, Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard.

Tuesday 14 June 2016

A Little Slow

I have been a little slow posting since my last Blog Post, however I have had great intentions to do so before now, however Life just kept getting in my way.

I was back at my Doctors last Friday.  He increased my new meds by 25mg, and we are hoping we can stay at 50mg without any increased.  The good news? I graduated from seeing him every two weeks to seeing him in a months time ! also that I have actually been feeling like a human being again !!!  Hooray for the new meds and me !

Our friends, Doug & Vicki, had been up with their RV to visit with us this past weekend.  We had a great weekend !  Vicki and I managed to hit up a couple of yard sales, then Saturday evening we all had dinner at the Harriston Park Inn in Owen Sound.  Vicki & I had the Lasagna, which we agreed was as good as our own homemade, and the guys each had a steak dinner.  More on the Harriston Park Inn by *clicking* HERE.

Now onto a few photo/highlights of the past week:

Rob and I had been at Subway for a meal Friday evening.  With my sub I thought I would try the Pure Leaf Green Tea with Honey....oh my did I ever like it.  We found that Shopper's Drugmart sells the large bottle (1.75 L) at the most reasonable price, so Rob picked me up a Raspberry as they didn't have the other.  Yes the raspberry is very good too, however I think my fav is the Green Tea & Honey.
A great Summertime beverage.

Growing up we had a patch of Rhubarb growing in our backyard, quite large if I remember correctly.  Every year I remember my Mom making Rhubarb Stew (some people call it Rhubarb Sauce).  I started a couple of Rhubarb plants a couple of years ago.

Saturday I made Rhubarb Stew for my brother, who absolutely loves it.  I think I have pretty much made it for him since I have had Rhubarb, except for one year.  He is very appreciative when he receives his Rhubarb Stew.  It is so easy to make:  6 cups of cut up Rhubarb, 2 tbsp. of water, and 1 cup of sugar, simmered on medium heat until the Rhubarb breaks down and sugar dissolves.  Cool & serve plain or over Ice cream if preferred.  Yummy !

My rose bush at the west side of our house began blooming.  This is the exact kind of rose bush that was at the side of the house at my Mom & Dad's when I was growing up.  Love when it is blooming and showy.

This is one of my favourite times of the Year with everything fresh and coming into all its glory.  Three of my many Hostas which I love admiring, and one very nice Iris full of colour.

Rob got going on getting our Gazebo cleaned up after this past Fall/Winter.  We have all our Summer furniture put in, so now it is just a matter of me getting it the way I want it "just so".  Not sure when this will happen, but hopefully by next week.

Rob was out this afternoon pruning some of our pine trees, and maple trees.  The lower pine tree branches needed pruned so we could get by with the lawn tractor.

This is how & where my husband relaxes.  He obviously never is short of beverages some days !

Today I actually got my kitchen floor washed as well as the area around the Wood Stove and along the patio door.  Will wonders every cease? it has been a long time coming, and believe me I am so happy I am able to get at things once again.

When my friend, Sharon, & I had been out walking the other day, Wiarton Willie had been out having himself a bit of dinner.  He does not mind having his photo taken at all, as you can see.

I got a text from an unknown person today, asking me how I was.  I was delighted to know it was my friend, Lynn from Turnips 2 Tangerines.  It is so nice to have friends close and afar, is it not?  Lynn has a Foodie Blog, and that is how we became friends through our blogs.  Interested in some new recipes? check Lynn's blog out by *clicking* HERE.

I have a Chamber meeting this evening, so I best be off and running here (can you believe I am running again, just after spending months on my couch??  YAY me!), Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard.

Thursday 9 June 2016

LOVE BBQ Season !

Another beautiful day behind us, as I look forward to more in the days ahead.

What did I do today?  the usual make the bed, do up the dishes .... then the unusual as I cleaned one side of the patio doors today.  Why only one side? well the sun came around to that side of the house and I find it easier to clean windows without direct sun on them.  Do not know why, but do know this works for me.  Will try to get at it first thing tomorrow morning before the Sun moves into the South, as really one sparkly patio door window will just not do.

This afternoon I opted not to stay in to do housework, meaning wash the kitchen floor (which is in dire need of a washing), but took myself outside and cut the lawn.
This time of Year is one of my favourites with everything fresh and green.

Oops I almost forgot, I also got out for a walk with my friend, Sharon, this afternoon.  I walked a total of 11015 steps so far today which is the equivalent to 7.3 km (4.53 miles).  I am pretty amazed that going out walking is not as strenuous to me as it was a couple of months ago, especially since I really haven't been out walking much the past 3 weeks.  I am happy Sharon is back from her holiday so I have someone to go walking with on a more regular basis.  Thanks Sharon !

My bff, Vicki, and her hubby, are coming up with their RV this weekend.  Vicki and I usually don't have any problems keeping ourselves busy when they come up.  We are going to go to the Wiarton Farmer's Market tomorrow, and if there are any Yard Sales Saturday I am certain we will make our presence known at them as well.  Fingers crossed the weather is as lovely as it was today.

Dinner was delish again tonight.  I LOVE BBQ Season !!!!  Rob made himself a couple of beef burgers, and he made me a Turkey Burger.  Burgers and salad most certainly hit the spot.

I haven't gotten back to the point of cooking and baking like I used to yet.  First of all I am still not feeling like it, and secondly I have been very strict on sticking to my 1200-1400 calorie a day diet.  Gaining 60 lbs from medications I had been taking last year, has not been as easy to come off as it was going on, so I have been very diligent in sticking to my daily calorie intake .... it is coming off slow but steady.  I was happy this morning as I got into a pair of jeans that would not have fit me a couple of weeks ago.  Yay me !!!

Tomorrow I have my bi-weekly appointment with my Doctor.  I am pretty certain he will be increasing my medication.  I have been very happy with how I have been feeling on the new meds, with really no side effects this time around, other then I have still been having anxiety attacks, but still a much better mood.  Plus I have been doing more then what I had been two weeks ago !!!!

Fortunately it not being as cold today as it had been yesterday, we did not have to fire up the wood stove this morning, and not either this evening.  It sure has been an up and down Spring, has it not?

This is all she wrote this day, Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard.

Tuesday 7 June 2016

A Happy Mail Day

I really hate wishing my Life away, but I am happy, and relieved, I have gotten through the last 24 hours....

My yesterday, which was going along pretty good up until after I had posted my blog post when I then had received a phone call that sent me topsy turvy and right back into my roller coaster mode.

Last night I barely slept as anxiety had me in its grips once again.

Fortunately by 9 am this morning I had some news which got me somewhat levelled out again.  Loosing a night's sleep, feeling anxious and stressed had left me for exhaustion this day.

It just happened I had an appointment with my counsellor today.  Truly an hour session didn't go far enough, but I did gain some insight in what emotions I had been dealing with those last 24 hours.  It is difficult to change the mould after so many years of ones thought process being one way.

My support system, girlfriends, Vicki and Shannon, thankfully were only a phone call or a message away for me today.  Thanks girls xxx !

After I had been a bit evened out this morning I did manage to get the dining room floor vacuumed and washed (much needed).  This evening? Rob grilled us a perfect Striploin Steak dinner that was to die for.  I am very blessed to have, not only a supportive husband, but one that is an excellent BBQer (new word).

So much for washing the floors, as it had rained last night resulting in wet muddy feets of a couple of four legged furbabies .....

Bandit not only had muddy feet, he also had a bit of an attitude with his "smirk", or as one of our puppy owners called it, an "aussietude" !

I received some Happy Mail in today's post.  I have had a Facebook friend from Ireland for the past eight years or so who was so kind to post me ....

.... these lovely magnets of the largest river in Ireland, the River Shannon, which runs outside of where he lives, and an Irish Wolfhound.  More on the River Shannon may be found HERE.  Thanks Dave, I so very much appreciated getting happy mail from you. (don't know if he reads my blog but wanted to make certain my thank yous are all in order).

In the mail I had also received a note from my blogger friend, Lynn.  Lynn writes under her foodie blog name, Turnips 2 Tangerines.  You may drop into Lynn's blog by *clicking* HERE.  Thanks Lynn! xx

I LOVE HAPPY MAIL ! don't you?

I have been rambling and babbling this whole post.  I am tired.  This is how I will leave it this day while I head towards an evening hopefully with a fitful night's sleep for me, Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard.

Monday 6 June 2016

Two Moons

Here I find myself at the beginning of a new week already ..... yes, we all know how fast time can fly by us, do we not?

Last week we had to head down to the City of London as Rob had a consultation with a back specialist which we have been waiting for the appointment since last year.  It sure takes time to get into some of these specialist that is for sure.  I had been quite impressed that we didn't have to wait too long past our 11 am appointment, which was a real bonus (especially when the parking meter is ticking outside; not cheap to park at these big hospitals).

We both liked the specialist, whose name I can't pronounce unless I hear it said first.  The results are for Rob to go back in a couple of weeks, when we get a call with another appointment, to have needles put in his vertebrae.  It was also discussed should the pain blockers not work then they would burn the nerves.  It all sounds a little scary, or more so painful, but if it stops the awful daily pain he is in then so be it.

The rest of the week I barely remember what I did or didn't do, which is really a good reason why I should begin blogging again daily so I do remember ....

Saturday I went to a 20 mile Yard Sale with my friend, BJ.  With all the starting and stopping along the way that took up the whole morning !  I was happy to get some relatively current DVD movies for Rob for $1 each, which made me pleased as punch.  Rob had to go to Toronto this day, and wasn't back until well after dinner time, so a friend and I went downtown to the Wiarton Inn for some dinner.

Sunday turned out to be a fairly nice day, considering we had tons of rain come our way throughout the night before.

My stamina isn't what it should be since I haven't been very active the past Year, but I still managed to clear out a very small section of the front flower bed.  Look at all that was pulled out of that very small section and what still has to be done !  

I seriously thought I would just mow the gardens in, but I used to really enjoy them so I thought I would try to make a go of them.  I broke down last week and asked two friends if they would come out to help me weed it (they both said yes, and I am hoping they don't regret that once they see what a mess it is).  The sad part was I hadn't even touched them last year .... and anyone who knows me would know my flowerbeds barely had a weed in them when I was on my "high" in life.

A few people on Facebook have been doing "spatchcock" chicken, so yesterday I thought Rob and I would also give it a go.

Before and after photos of our "spatchcock" chicken.  Should you be interested in trying this out yourself just *click* HERE for a video on it.

Today they were calling for, and still are, 40% chance of  Thunderstorms.  So far the sky has been full of sunshine and white fluffy clouds with no sign of rain.  We will see.

I had a friend call me this morning to tell me to watch tonight's sky for two moons.  Really two moons? that is because she took the time today and washed her floors !!!  Well let me tell you, you best be watching the sky tonight for four moons, cause I washed my hallway and living room floors today !!!  I must be feeling better with the new medication cause I would be scared to tell anyone when the last time was that I had washed my floors.  Awful to say, but that is exactly how sick I have been over the past year and a half or so.  

Yes life most certainly got out of hand on me while I was sick and powerless.  I have to stop being anxious and realize it took that long to get in such a disarray that it won't change back up to the way it was overnight.  Hopefully, with the help of the new medications, I can get over my anxiety attacks and get a little bit more done each day .... the depression has slowly started to lift, so this has been very positive too.

Encouraging news this morning when I got on the bathroom scales, I was down another pound !  With 60 pounds put on from all the different meds I have been on the past year, being back down 12 pounds has been very enlightening.

Thank for for sharing my journey with me, Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard.
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