Wednesday 8 May 2013

The Best Meatloaf Ever In My Books

Even though I was back to not sleeping too well again last night, my normal, I felt much better this morning.  I am thinking the new medication I began taking Monday morning had a couple of side effects with me the past two days, which can be normal with some medications.  I am very happy to have that hopefully behind me now.

As sluggish and miserable as I had been feeling yesterday, I took the advice of a friend by taking myself outside to enjoy Nature and the warmth of the Sun at my favourite setting spot, my laundry stoop.  To entertain me I also took Lexus and Bandit along.  Two clowns are better for entertaining then one, are they not?

"These photos were taken at the tail end of all the Fun that had been had by these two HERE."

Since I was feeling so much better today, so my bed or fun and games were not options for me this day.

"Even though the weather outside my windows was amazing, I was chained to my dining room table doing the Year's first Quarter.  Even our neighbourhood Red-tail Hawk was enjoying the Sun on his usual perch across the field in the South/East of us, with the freshly ploughed garden plot starting to dry."

Once I had accomplished what I had to set out to do, taking me right up into the early afternoon, I headed on downtown Wiarton to our bank to pay our dues to the MAN !  That debt is now settled up until the next quarter again comes around.  Thank goodness that is out of the way AGAIN !

How many times have I sat in a Doctor's or Dentist's office skimming through magazines with recipes "jumping" out at me that I scribbled out on little pieces of paper or whatnot I happen to find in the bottom of my purse?  I came across one two months ago in a pile of loose recipes that I am certain I have had for more then a couple years.  I had hung it up on my recipe clipboard with full intentions of trying it.  Today was that day.

I had a pound of Ground Moose Meat out defrosted that I wanted to get used up, so this recipe was perfect to use it in.  Barbecued Meatloaf With Caramelized Onions taken from a Reader's Digest Magazine.

"While the onions were sauteing in the pan, with Cider Vinegar and Brown sugar added after they had been cooked down, then allowed to caramelize, I mixed the remaining ingredients into the pound of ground Moose meat.  Shaped with some of the caramelized onions chopped  and added to it, into the oven it went for approx. 1 hour."

"Just under an hour, I removed  the pan from the oven to drain any excess liquids before topping with the remainder of the Caramelized Onions that I had also added a bit of Barbecue Sauce to.  Back into the oven it went for another 20 minutes."

"I honestly have to say this is one of the very Best Meatloaves I have every made.  Although I restrained myself, Rob did go back for a second helping."

Recipe?  It is now going on to the hour of 8 pm, with clean-up in the kitchen still needing down, as well as all of our Aussies still needing out, about and settled back in for the night yet.  I promise I will type my adaption of this recipe out tomorrow and post it then.  No worries about the Moose meat, as I used it just because I needed to start using it up, however the original recipe calls for lean ground beef.

In the meantime, I can not believe how many of our family, and friends, in person and on-line, have rallied together for Rob and I to Vote every day in supporting us to help us get our Wish for our Crabby Cabbie Business.  There are people locally and from all corners of the World voting for us !!!!

We are getting down to the nitty gritty with only 4 more days to Vote once every 24 hours ... YIKES !!! my fingers, toes, and eyes are crossed.

Because of YOUR support and daily votes we are now at 921 Votes 53 more then yesterday.  We are averaging about 40 new daily votes.  Remember you can only vote once within a 24 hour period or the vote will not take.

Many thanks to ALL our friends who have also been sharing the link to their own personal Facebook pages, what a wonderful gesture on all your parts.  Many Members of our Family and our friends, in person and online, have been showing US the most overwhelming support, I can not begin to say how much Rob and I appreciate it all.

Once again, please Vote daily for MY "Crabby Cabbie", until the 12th of May, here is the link:

As always, and forever, Thank YOU !!!  from me and my ....

Serving Saugeen Shores & Area.  
Southampton:  519-373-7700 or Port Elgin:  519-379-7700

Rob is out cutting some of the lawn I never managed to get to the other day.  I best be wrapping things up here pretty quickly and get to my kitchen mess and other chores before we call it a night, "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard".


  1. Oh pooh, I haven't done my squats for today!!
    Jane x

  2. I have been having great luck with melatonin the last few months- insomnia hits me hard often as well.
    Hope you can get a few more restful nights.

  3. NO squats for me either, too tired for that. THAT"S MY EXCUSE AND I AM STICKING TO IT!!!


  4. Is there anything quite as happy as a dog? I don't think so.

    I hope you get more rest.

  5. Sounds great. I've been looking for a yummy meatloaf and this sounds like it.

    Consider yourself hugged,


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