Monday 20 May 2013

A Weeding It Out Day

This morning Rob did up his paperwork before we headed downtown to the Bank and our local Foodland grocery store.

Rob took a drive down by the Wiarton Marina before heading home.  The fog had been heavy first thing this morning.

Alas Rob did not have the day off despite it being a Holiday Monday.  No rest for the Wicked they say.  With the amount of hours he works he must be really be wicked to the bone.

The rain they had been calling for this afternoon never materialized.  Laundry went out on the clothesline, and I began two more grids in my flowerbeds.

Before and After.

Before and After

What had been cleaned out of the flower beds and the tomatoes and leeks we had picked up this morning for our vegetable garden.  I had also bought some Parsley and Basil for the Herb Garden.

When Rob returns from the call he is out on, we will be enjoying a Roasted Turkey Dinner.


30 Day Challenge Squat:  180 Squats (skipped the day of rest as I got my days mixed up)

52 Week Money Challenge:  Week 20 = $20.00 deposited

Truly this Victoria Day Holiday Weekend was perfect in every way when it came to how beautiful the weather was.  I can not imagine anyone complaining about it, as I sure had not been.

I am certain I would not surprise anyone if I were to say my back is sore, I am tired (what else is new), I can not wait for Dinner, I really wish I had a Fairy Godmother to do the dishes after Dinner, and I am really happy I got a big dent in one of my Flower Beds today, Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard.


  1. I think, I can smell your dinner all the way here....Nice job on those weeds!

  2. It was nice talking to you this morning Cindy!
    I managed to get some laundry dried too. Picked away at some Rubbermaid bins in the basement and sorted through a pile of fabrics upstairs. Didn't work outside though. The black flies and mosquitos are just too thick!
    The Man is feeling a bit better later today so maybe we'll get those planter boxes banged together tomorrow after he finishes work!
    Leftover Chinese for dinner here. I'll be happy to see the end of that.

  3. Your gardens look great Cindy. The one thing I miss is doing gardens. I have a miniature rose bush that my friends at Jersey Canada sent me when I had my mastectomy and I have managed to keep it going for over 10 years now. It is my flower of hope and I always get out there and get the weeds away from it before we do go away on our boat. I was thinking this year, I should dig it out, put it in a pot and take it on the boat with us. However, I think it is happier in its little rock garden. I was looking in the freezer last night and thinking I would like to have a turkey dinner also or even a chicken dinner. Those DeJong Acres birds are so delicious. I think it will have to wait until the fall, many places to go this week. We were up to the Marina today to get most of the dry and canned goods loaded along with all the cleaning supplies etc. Wed. we will launch and our clothes will go up. Then it will just be a matter of cleaning and away we go. I just checked my bank account and found that I received $.06 on my weekly money challange. :) for the first quarter of the year. Wow, I didn't even know I got interest on that account. I have decided that will be my spending money on our next trip. Wish I could say I was doing as well with my squats. My upper legs are really feeling the exercise. Just goes to show how out of shape I was and didn't even know it. Incredible weekend for weather, hope it lasts awhile. No rain here, not even the fog you had this morning. However, I am sure the farmers will want to see some rain soon. Okay, I'll let them have it but it must come between dusk and dawn. Had a great phone visit with Anita last night, what a busy weekend she had. Must run and get some more packing done. Alice

  4. Now that you're done your weeding, wanna come to do mine?? ;) lol!

  5. Cooking a turkey in this warm weather? Your garden is miles ahead of mine. For once I don't have the wedding issue but raspberry shoots are popping up all over the garden that need transplanting, however the blackflies are hanging around later then normal so everything must be done in strides. You plant a lot of tomatoes!

    1. A friend is sharing our garden with us this year, and I always share the produce with my garden with friends and family who do not have one. I am in need of lots of stewed tomatoes again this year, as my were all used up this Winter, M.

  6. we had a series of severe storms move through around suppertime until midnight last evening here in the southern end of Bruce County Cindy. Needed the rain however to get all the feild and garden cops started however so we were grateful to have it!

  7. That certainly is a foggy marina! Good shots.


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