Wednesday 31 July 2013

A Mixed Bag Of Everything

I could not believe I could barely get my sorry butt out of bed at 7 am this morning.  However since I am typing this now I suppose I eventually did, shortly after 7 am ... *smile*.

My day was not too eventful, however did consist a mixed bag of things getting done.

What might those things have been as I reflect back on my day ?

The Aussies come first and foremost, as in every one of my days, but this will not be happening when I am gone shortly on my mini trip, that will become Rob's first of his every day (hmmm, I really wonder how he is going to handle filling my shoes while I am gone?  I suspect he will be happy that I will be returning, or otherwise the Aussie might have to go?  Ha !).

Today was Wiarton Wednesday, so after my Aussie chores, Facebook updates and 2 cups of coffee, off I headed downtown Wiarton to set up the Crabby Cabbie table for the weekly draw.  Once this was all done I returned home to make the bed and a couple of things before heading back downtown again.

I spent the majority of my morning handing out Wiarton Wednesday description cards to visitors and Wiarton people I passed on main street as well as to local people ....

The "Crabby Cabbie" business card.  Hopefully we will get more known in the Wiarton Community by me doing this.  Small communities can be hard shells to "crack" sometimes, this I know since I am a small town Southampton Girl myself.

After I had done both sides of main street Wiarton I headed back to Koreen's Store, Ram Trophies & Sportswear where we decided what our lunch was going to be today.  Green Door Cafe was the choice of the day.  Koreen had their Loaded Chicken with fries (which is one of my favourites) while my choice today was ...

The Grilled Reuben Sandwich on Marbled Rye Bread with a side Caesar Salad.  Was it good? absolutely the best !

After we were finished with our lunch, or me with mine anyway, I had to scurry quick to get up to the Wiarton Hospital as I was scheduled for an x-ray of my nasal passages at 1:30 pm.  Off I went.  Once the x-rays were done I popped in quickly to see my friend Diane Sheppard, who was next door at Ultra Sound.

A quick hello and catch-up as I hadn't seen her for so long.  It was fun quick hello.

I then headed back home to Aussie duties then finish cutting the lawn before it rained.  Rob had gotten the front done last night while my friend Gayle had been over to weed, as I went out to give her a hand until dusk arrived and the hoards of mosquitoes with it.

The back forty took me up to almost our Dinner time.  No I had not planned on what I was having for Dinner, so it was a another trip downtown to pickup some buns, burgers, and a fruit tray (on sale for $10.00 this week for a great healthy treat for us).

What is my love doing now Dinner is over with? he had gone to bed to relax and it is only 6:37 pm now while I have been typing away doing this here post.  Poor guy can never get caught up on his sleep EVER it seems.

I have just recently learned the Bruce County Museum has been serving lunches and teas this Summer.  Should anyone like to learn more about this, please do so by *clicking* HERE.  I am thinking it would be a lovely day out to take in the Museum then have a nice lunch afterwards on the patio.  Would you think this too?

It really was a mixed bag of everything today for me.  What now? well I think I will put my feet up, have myself a cup of Java, let my Aussie gang out for some fun before their bedtime, then call it a night myself after I first watch MasterChef on TV (if I can keep my eyes open that long), "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard".

Tuesday 30 July 2013

I Saved Myself

Did I sleep last night?  yes, I believe I did.  Did my Sinus headache disappear? no, it did not.  Did I accomplish much today? no, not as much as I had wanted to.

What did I accomplish today?  Striped down both 2 beds, washed and hung out the bedding on the clothesline.  Made up our bed fresh.  Vacuumed the Living/dining room areas, tidied up the kitchen & earlier this morning made 3 stops downtown to "save" myself.

How did I save myself?  Remember the first of the Month I had made 2 Pumpkin Cheesecake Pies?  well only one had gotten eaten and I had froze the other one.

I had take the frozen Cheesecake out to thaw on Saturday to take along to my Family Reunion on Sunday.  This morning I had remembered there had still been half a pie left.  This was the problem.

Why was this a problem? because I LOVE pumpkin, and should I have kept that cheesecake in my fridge I could see it disappearing pretty quickly to places where it should not be going (mostly on my butt).

How did I save myself?  I took that half of cheesecake downtown Wiarton and made four stops this morning to share a piece to four needy ladies who I knew would enjoy it more then I would enjoy widening my butt any more then it already is.  Yes I am pretty sure those 4 gals enjoyed it, as much as I did giving it to them.

Later this afternoon after I had made our bed up, I thought I would attempt cutting some of our lawn, as by this time my headache had subsided somewhat.  How did that go for me? not very well.  I took out Dear John Deere only to find out the mower was not working.  Then I took out the push mower and ran that for awhile until it got bunged up with grass and would not start again.

After all of that what did I do?  I gave it up and came back inside after taking all the Aussies out for a run.

Did I have any pleasure in my day? of course I did as I had a surprise visit from Rusty and his Forever Family.

What a sweetie Rusty is.  Him and the One & Only pup had a bit of playtime together.  His Forever Family has taught him to sit, shake a paw, lay down and roll over.  I was very impressed as my Aussies do not do all of that !  The coolest part about the whole visit was that he remembered me and made such a fuss when he heard my voice ... way too cute.

Also Rusty's Forever Mom, Jenn, had been at the Keady Market and could not resist buying me a little something she had came across ....

Ha, ha, ha .... I LOVE it.  My new work shirt when I drive a Crabby Cabbie vehicle !  Thanks Jenn, you are the best !

Did the remainder of my day go okay? yes, pretty good as Rob came home from work and grilled our Dinner.

New potato, coleslaw and Striploin Steak.  See that piece of Pumpkin Cheese Pie? that I had not touched all day long and left it for my Rob.  Better on someone else's butt then mine, right? now that was Will Power ! and I "saved" myself again.

Oops before I go here is a little something I came across today on the Explore the Bruce email I had received today.  Could this be the new Bruce County Theme Song? do we have one now I wonder?

Not sure about anyone else, but I LOVE it !!!

Here I am at 8:11 pm with all the Aussie gang still needing out and about one more time today.  I am off to get that done, and also to see how Rob is making out fixing our lawn mowers, "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard".

Monday 29 July 2013

A Little Colour In My Day

Most of my day yesterday was spent with a Sinus Headache.  All last night, despite the medication I had taken, I had been robbed of a good night's sleep.  Today they knocked me on my butt again along with dizzy spells I had also yesterday morning.  

Really I hate that I am seemingly ill 50% of my life, however it is not by choice and it is something I always strive to make the best of it most days, however there are days it does get me down and takes it toll.  Today was one of those days.  

I lean towards feeling a bit on the depressed side when I look around after a busy week of not accomplishing anything to realize I am feeling in so much pain I have to yet give up another day to it.  But ... I can still walk, talk, feel and see the beauty surrounding me regardless of how bad I might feel on any given day.

A walk around the house can at times bring somewhat of a Peaceful soothing whisper to my being ....

There are days I could rather do without having to look after four Aussies, but the days they give me joy have been more then the days they have not.

Lexus having some fun amusing herself with the pull rope.  A look of innocence one might think?  Not really as I had just chased  her from the veggie garden after she had been helping herself to the not quite ripe tomatoes.  What can I say? they love their veggies.  Bandit ran upstairs after laying in a puddle of muddy water.  Mercedes jumping up on me with muddy feet.  Buddy almost pulling my arm from its socket.  Do I love my Aussies? I do not hesitate to say, "Yes, I do"..

Dinner was easy this evening with Rob BBQing us each a homemade burger, served alongside salads.

The pain is still coarsing through the left side of my face.  I will try again some more medications and pray tonight I find less pain with it only being my usual along with a smidgen more sleep then last evening. Tomorrow?  I hope I accomplish more then the bit of invoicing I somehow managed to barely focus on getting done today.

Tomorrows always renew ones hope .... for a better day ahead, "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard".

Sunday 28 July 2013

Masterson Family Reunion 2013

Last night the storm carried on all through the night and late into this morning.  Finally it cleared when we were ready to head South on Hwy. 6, then West on Hwy. 21 to attend our Annual Masterson Family Reunion at the Long Dock at the Southampton Beach, situated where so many years ago the Bowling Alley stood leaving memories galore behind at that very same spot from generation to generation ending with mine.

We had first picked up my Mother who was going along with us this Year.

Despite how the sky was when we first started out with the promise of all the homemade foods and the buckets of Kentucky Fried Chicken (the driving power to get Rob there) we knew would be awaiting us we were not held back from arriving on time.

The Count for this Year's Reunion was 58 Family Members.  Cousins milling around, my Uncle Reg taking a picture of me while I took his picture.  My Aunt Gerry having some fun with me.  We were all putting in time before the feast began.  And a delicious feast it had been.

All the nieces had stopped over to where Mother was sitting to say "hello".  Even our son, Paul, had called to say "hello" to Grandma.  Mother is getting pretty high tech talking on a Cell phone, but then again my Auntie Gerry and Uncle Reg just recently purchased themselves an IPad, finally upgrading from Snail Mail.  Not bad for 2 Spring Chickies in their ... years.

Here Rob is, I am thinking, buttering up, with Aunt Pearlina, who is 92 years young.  Aunt Pearlina had no problem having fun with me by sticking out her tongue at my camera.  Love her to pieces !

The Masterson Reunion stems from Wesley and Alma Masterson's nine children, their children, their children, their children and their children (thinking I got that right).  

Hubby being the oldest of the family, who would have been my Grandfather Wes's Nephew, and my father Fritz's 1st Cousin, started running the Reunion this Year then being handed to the next oldest going right down the line to the youngest, being Aunt Gladys.  The only fair way we had decided last year so everyone would have a turn at heading up the Reunion from one year to the next.

This year's motley crew heading up the Reunion would be Hubby's "fun loving" family members, Bill, Jay, Vermayle, Julie and Melissa.  

Cousin Betty Jane, who lives out West, asked if we could take photos of the family members who attended the Reunion this year.  This is what we did to the best of our ability as follows:

Hubby (Lloyd) Masterson's Family above and below.

Ron Masterson's Family, Fritz (Harold) Masterson's Family, Jean Masterson's Family, & Jack Masterson's Family.

Bernice Masterson's Family, Dorothy Masterson's Family, Bill Masterson's Family & Glady's Masterson's Family.

Oooopsie ... and Geraldine Masterson's Family, who should be inbetween Bill and Gladys Masterson.  Sorry Auntie Gerry, I would not EVER forget you and Uncle Reg.

Most importantly hold dear to your heart and never fret ....

It was a wonderful Family Reunion day.  The Family was fun, the food good, the children happy, and I am tired as I now sit here wanting my bed very shortly, but still feeling happy, "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard".

Saturday 27 July 2013

Families Are To Be Cherished

Last night I did not have time to upload the three videos I had taken of Aiden & Connor at the last morning of Vacation Bible School.  I took the time this morning and am definitely thrilled to share with everyone.

They had performed three different songs together ....

I have personally watched each and everyone of these three videos a few times ... *smile*

Today was another overwhelming day for me, as being overwhelmed seems to be part of my nature for some reason.  I suppose others are timid, talk a lot (this is me too), are bold (maybe me a wee bit at times), and all kinds of personalities that make our old World go around.

Why was I overwhelmed again ?  well my house has been turned upside down topsy turvy, however if it wasn't I would not have had much time to enjoy the boys being here this week.  I also had to go on a Crabby Cabbie run first thing this morning after I had finished up my Aussie duties.  Once I had made a trip late this morning to the grocery store I had also had to get going on making a salad for my Family Reunion, and as we all know these things do not do themselves, why not is beyond my understanding ????

I made up one of my favourite salads.  

This Black Bean & Feta Salad is not only good and full of fiber, with its simple dressing of olive oil and fresh lemon juice it is a very good traveller to take along to any get together.


After the dishes were done up, I had a coffee with Rob and the Aussies were taken care of a couple more times today, it was time to take off down to Port Elgin to my Aunt and Uncles for a pre-family get together before tomorrow's reunion.

Before I went to Port Elgin I had first made a stop in my hometown of Southampton, as my dearest hubby, Rob, had gotten me a vehicle for this upcoming Winter that will hopefully make me feel more safe and secure since my accident 2 years ago.

Here is my "new to me" Winter vehicle, a 2000 Jeep Laredo  4 wheel drive.  Other then the front of the hood, the body is in excellent condition. However the interior leaves much to be desired as it is filthy, and I really mean it needs an extreme cleaning done in there.  I am certain it will take me the most part of a day to get it half descent presentable, but as long as I feel safe and secure this Winter driving I am "on board" for a good cleaning up of it.  There is my happy Crabby Cabbie Rob with his Tow Truck Buddy, Rob, both making faces at me taking their picture.  One nutbar of a Rob to another I suppose ... hehehe.

I arrived at my Aunties and Uncles, where more Aunts and Uncles and cousin were congregated to have a feast of take-out Chinese food from the Lido Restaurant.  I worked as a waitress at that restaurant when I was sixteen years old, which seems like a whole lifetime away now.

My Cousin Troy giving his Mother, my Auntie Gladys, some help unpacking the food for the rest of us milling around waiting to line up for the feast.  Thanks to Uncle Basil and Uncle Reg who footed the bill for this treat we all enjoyed, and to my Crabby Cabbie Rob for picking it up for us.  Really it was an excellent meal enjoyed by each and everyone of us.

After the feast we had a cuppa tea and lots of stories and laughs amongst us.  These are times I cherish as some of my most special memories spent with family.  This is how family times should be spent, or so I have always thought them to be or more so desired them always to be.

I feel more blessed in my life now as I know it in my later years then ever to have and feel the love from my family.  Truly I do appreciate each and everyone of them.  I am happy I moved back home to Bruce County 10 years ago, or I might never have known this family bond I now cherish with some.

Anyhow I made it back home North of Wiarton just before 9 pm to let some pretty happy to see me Aussies out, about and back in before the heavy rains, thunder and lightening began.

I have my fingers, toes and legs crossed that the weather will clear for our reunion tomorrow, especially for the kids to be able to play the games organized for them.

Grammar, spelling errors?  so sad, too bad, I am way too tired to care about it at the moment, never mind even giving it another thought.

On that note I am heading down the hallway and right into my bed for hopefully a great night's sleep, "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard".

Friday 26 July 2013

Day 5 ~ The Boys Last Day

Today was not only another crazy busy day it was also the boys last day here with Grandma and Poppa,
and ....

.... their last morning at the Baptist Church Vacation Bible School.

I dropped the boys off at 8:30 am then headed on up North of the Checkerboard to my Doctor's appointment at 9:00 am.  Yes I made it on time.  

As my Doctor was getting ready to give me a B12 shot my Cell phone rang.  It was the Baptist Church calling me.  Of course the first thing I thought something was wrong with one of the boys.  No this was thankfully not the case, they wanted to let me know there was gong to be some fun and presentations for the last morning with a BBQ to follow afterwards beginning at 10:30 am, did I know?  No I had thought there was a BBQ but for me not to be back there until 11:30.  I was grateful they had called me.

I finished up with my Doctor's appointment, headed home to let the Aussies out, made one stop to see my friend, Abby, at the Wiarton Farmer's Market to pickup another one of her new inventions to resample in my cooking experiments, then made it by 10:30 to .....

The beginning of the last presentation for the Rocky Mountain Rescue (last year their theme had been Pirates).  Yes caught my boys on camera in "natural" positions of interest.

There had been three songs, which I have videoed, however those take time for me to upload and I will have to post them on tomorrow's post.  They also had a game made up of  two teams, then they had an actual member of the local OPP's Rescue Team come in to speak to everyone.

It had been most interesting to hear how Rescue was done up here on the Bruce Peninsula.  We were also shown how small of a package of food this officer had to survive on for 3 days for a survival test out in the bush.  You would not believe how cool the night vision eyewear was he demonstrated.  Really some pretty neat and exciting stuff we learned about.

Before everyone broke to go home we had a really yummy lunch of Hot Dogs, Watermelon, Cupcakes, and Ice Cream Cones.  Then there was also a very lovely girl there to make animals out of balloons for each and everyone of the 21 children who attended VBS.

Aiden has been a part of the Wiarton Baptist Church's VBS since it began 3 years ago.  That is actually where I first met my now friend Sharon.  Sharon actually was kind enough to drive along with me to meet up with the boy's Mother to drop them off this afternoon.  Thanks again Sharon !

I can not say enough about how wonderful the Church Members and Volunteers are who have donated their time the past 3 years to make so many children's lives a bit happier by hosting the VBS.   Thank you to each and everyone.

Once the boys and I had lunch, Aiden 3 hot dogs, watermelon and an ice cream cone, Connor 2 hot dogs, watermelon and an ice cream cone, we made it back home to let out the Aussies and have a 1/2 hour breather before taking them to meet their Mother just over an hour away.

I was very happy that I got a big kiss and hug from each of them before I left them with their Mother.  They both want to come back next Year for VBS, and this I am looking forward to already.

Sharon and I had a great drive back home, as we had lots of catching up to do since we have both been so busy the past Year to really spend any time together.  It was a great visit.

With Sharon dropped off, I had to pickup a parcel downtown Wiarton for the Crabby Cabbie.  I had no idea why the Crabby Cabbie would be receiving a parcel from anyone, as Rob had assured me he had not ordered anything.

You can imagine my surprise when I opened the package to find this framed document, along with a personalized letter from our local MPP, Bill Walker.  Nice touch Bruce-Grey MPP.

Now to figure out how the local MPP would know that we were even in existence beforehand to even expand.  I am always forever in speculation, amazement and awe at times over such occurrences.

And would it be strange to say it is weird to see my name as Cindy Roth, instead of Cindy Masterson-Roth? Hmmm, will have to get used of that one too ... *smile*

Can I say "tired"?  I most certainly can say "tired", "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard".

Thursday 25 July 2013

Day 4 ~ The Boys

The pace of the past few weeks has caught up with me again.  Not only was my body screaming at me with a Fibro "flare-up", my brain fog felt like hundreds of pounds pushing on my brain.  Sleep I felt I could have used around the clock today.  This however not how to live life, so up and at it I got to it this morning... but YIKES not until 7 am !!!

Aussie chores done, load of laundry in, everyone fed breakfast and dressed, then out the door for Day 4 of Vacation Bible School.

First thing this morning the sight of two pairs of shoes at the entrance way pulled at my heart strings.  We did manage to make it to VBS on time despite our late start this morning.  A full line of little guy's clothes to be sent back home with them clean.

After I had came back home from dropping off the boys I got the bed made, did up the dishes I had left from last night, and puttered a wee bit with this and that.  The most strenuous thing I did today was put out and take in the laundry from the line.

Out on our deck to admire the Chickens & Hens on our patio table.  The Barn Swallows return to their nesting spot outside our bedroom window despite our many efforts of deterring them.  The way they build their nest is totally amazing in itself.  It actually looks quite cozy, does it not?

I picked up the boys at 11:30, then we went downtown to the Sally Ann Store and to another store to pickup them up each a Hatch'Em Growing Pet.  For $1.99 each they had themselves lots of fun with them.

After the boys finished their lunch they went outside to play for the afternoon.  I made like a wet washcloth on the couch.  Rob's daughter, and her two boys were coming to have Dinner with us tonight, so by 4:30 I had to drag myself up to get a potato salad put together.

There is not too many people that do not like a Classic Potato and Egg Salad, is there?  I know Aiden LOVES it, always asking for a 2nd helping.

Rob arrived home, with Sarah and the boys arriving shortly after.  She is cottaging about 5 minutes from where we live on Berford Lake.  A central place to be cottaging on the Peninsula with everything in close driving proximity.

Here is our four grandson having their dinner all together out on the Deck.  Greyson, Aiden, Chase & Connor.  They really got on quite well all together, as the ice had been broken when we had went to Bluewater Park together on Monday.

I had picked up each of the boys one of those Glider planes you put together.  After Dinner they were out having a blast with them.  Amazing how a .79 cent item can amuse them sometimes more then a $100. ticket item.

Just before Sarah and the boys left, Chase had landed his plane up in the Maple Tree.  Sarah had a good aim with a stick to get it back down.

Rob is outside with our Wiarton driver, the boys are sitting at the table colouring, I have one more dog and the One & Only puppy to bring in yet for the night, then I am going to call it a night, Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard".

Wednesday 24 July 2013

Day 3 ~ The Boys

Brrr ... it was cool this morning out there.  What a climate change after the sweltering temps and humidity of last week.

Aiden was busy with my Camera this morning with Poppa, Bandit and his Hot Wheels as his subject unbeknownst to them.

The skies were dark with threats of rain that never did come.  That did not stop us from heading on down to Day 3 of Vacation Bible School.

I came home to do a load of laundry, make beds and do up some dishes in the sink.  With also taking out and about the Aussies it wasn't long before it was time to head back down to get the boys.  Two and a half hours gets eaten up pretty fast when you have to go back out again.

This afternoon Mercedes had some fun with her pup, while the boys kept themselves busy building a house for slugs (ewww) and one caterpillar.

I had kept myself busy with cleaning up from lunch then making potato salad for tonight's dinner.  Aiden came into the house to get me as they had made me something "special".

The "special" was a comfortable chair they put together complete with cushions and a stool for me to rest my feet up on.  The boys had themselves a bit of relaxation up against the dog house.  Yes I had full view of the goings on in the slug house.  Aiden and Connor then fancied themselves a bit of chain link fence climbing.  It was a busy afternoon.

Poppa was home in good time for Dinner tonight.  Steak on the BBQ, Potato & Egg Salads and Coleslaw.  I had my first feed of  fresh garden beets right from our very own garden.  Oh yum !

Once Dinner was over and done with, dishes rinsed and left on the counter, we headed downtown Wiarton to take in some of the Wiarton Wednesday events.

First stop was at the Berford Street Parkette to see what Farmer's Market vendors were there this evening.  Rob was attempting to pilfer off Miner's Maple Products table while owner, Abby Miners', was off getting herself some Dinner.  Everyone seems to love those jugs of Maple Syrup.

Further up the street Bluewater Travel was having a Pampered Chef Demonstration that was looking pretty good, while over in front of Pinkerton's Auto Supply the Eighth Street Orchestra was belting out some grooving tunes.

Oh yes how could I ever miss out on how yummy the pulled lamb was as demonstrated by Nicole Dejong.  Really I think this girl could do some serious modelling ... she certainly is loving that "pulled lamb" on a bun.  Lamb anyone? check out Dejong Acres Farms to order yours.  I do LOVE lamb.

We got back home at 8 pm to find our friends, who are helping out with the garden this year, here doing some weeding.  After a brief visit I had to head in to get Connor into a bath while I started to organize my photos, then Aiden followed suit.

Can I say tired? I most certainly can, "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard".

Tuesday 23 July 2013

Day 2: The Boys & Us

The boys must have been really really tired.  Boys as in Rob, Aiden and Connor, as all three slept in after 7 am this morning.  Aiden and I had to wake Connor up, again, in time for breakfast and to get ready for Vacation Bible School this morning.

I had just been out with the Aussies when the rumbling began from the North heading this way.  

The skies had gotten really dark before the downpour of rain began.  Bandit does not care for Thunderstorms at all so he was staying as close to Aiden as he could.  By the time breakfast was done and we had headed out the door to VBS the downpour of rain had stopped.  Day 2 and they were off without barely a goodbye, or actually now that I think about I never did get a goodbye, when they headed on into VBS.

I had a couple of errands to run downtown before I headed back home.  Before I knew it, it had been time to head back down to collect the boys.

Connor had left a "wee" bit of homemade Hamburger Soup in his bowl from his lunch.  They had the great pleasure of giving it to Bandit who was forever grateful as you can tell right down to the last lick.

I did a few household chores before we headed on downtown for the second time today.  Auntie Gladys had given the boys each $5. when we had been there Sunday.  This $5. had been burning a hole in their pockets as you can well imagine.

We dropped into Bennett's "The Great Canadian Dollar Store" where they had picked out some Hotwheel Cars until going down the aisle to discover some Stuffies.  They both wanted one, however they were $5.99 each.  I told them to go ahead and each pick one out as I would chip in the extra loot.

A little further down the aisle I went looking back to enjoy observing them as they were making the "big" decision on which one they were going to choose.

In our travels we happened upon Sarah and  the other two grandboys, Chase & Greyson.     Greyson was showing me his ice cream cone was Mint Chocolate Chip.  After we had been at Bennetts the boys and I also treated ourselves to an Ice Cream Cone from Lloyd's Smoke Shop.  Lloyd's have Homemade Ice Cream they make themselves.  Yummy.

The remainder of the afternoon had been spent at home with the boys playing Hotwheels, and I doing a bit of this and that.  At one point I went out to weed a row in the veggie garden, wherein the boys had came out to also give me a hand.  They really did a good job as long as their attention span stayed with them.  1/4 row later it had left them.

Before long it was time to get our Dinner together as Poppa had arrived home around 5 pm.  I went to take a photo of our Dinner, and Connor stopped me as he wanted a photo of "his" dinner taken.

Our boy the "ham".  Doesn't get much cuter then this.

The day could not go by without there being some roughhousing with Poppa.  Aiden was telling Poppa, "squish us, squish us".  Oh my they would have been beyond squashed had Poppa seriously sat on either one of them.

This photo was taken for Auntie Gladys, so they could show her the stuffies they had gotten themselves with her gift of money.  Thanks Auntie Gladys !!!  xoxo

This is how I had pretty much left them when I had headed out the door before 7:30 pm to a Wiarton Chamber of Commerce Meeting.

When I had returned home, Poppa had them all safe and sound sleeping in their beds.  Ah ... how nice was that for me.  I am looking forward to another day ahead tomorrow with the boys, "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard".

Monday 22 July 2013

Day 1 : Boys Galore !

My daily routine just got busier, if you can imagine how it could get any busier then it already was?  but with 2 boys in the house that is the way it is.

Boy oh boy they had been tired.  Aiden never got up until after 7 am, and Connor had to woke up around 8 am, as we had to be at Vacation Bible School for 9 am.  Poor Poppa never arrived home until at least 7:30 am, as he had been called out at 1:30 am to do a taxi run.  While we were heading out the door this morning, Poppa was heading to bed.

Day One of VBS with The Rocky Mountain being the theme this Year.

While the boys were at VBS I returned home to attend to my Aussie Chores, do a load of laundry and tidy up a wee bit.

I was, once again honoured, to have one of the recipes I had made "featured" over at Michelle's weekly "See Ya in the Gumbo".  It was nice to see the Slow Cooker Pork Tenderloin featured as it is really really really good.  Check it out by *clicking* HERE.

I  did not get too much done at home before I had to go back at 11:30 to collect the boys.

Once collected I headed on down to Bluewater Park where I was meeting up with my step-daughter, Sarah, and our other two grandboys, Chase and Greyson.

It had not taken long for the boys to get over being shy and playing together.  Oh man they hit the water and were making a muddy mess of each other on the shoreline.  Messy but fun for them.

Sarah and I had a great visit together.  I had turned around from where we were sitting and low and behold my Cousin Vi, her husband, Ross, and their 2 grandchildren, McCara and Brody were there behind us.  They had been up at the Wiarton Marina where their daughter and husband's boat is docked.  We also got to see my friend Sharon and her visiting Grandboys.  It was quite the afternoon.

Our boys had made an honest attempt to get the sand mud from their bodies, then make a run through the Splash Pad before our lunch of Pizza.

After lunch the boys played a little more, and before you knew it it was 2 pm.  I had to get going as there were people coming about 4 pm to view the last two puppies.  We all said our "good-byes" and will be sure to get together again soon before the end of the week with Sarah and the boys.

Back home we all got cleaned up then let the puppies out for some play time.

It had gotten rather hot and sticky again this afternoon, so the boys made sure there was a full dish of water for the puppy boys.

Connor loved having fun with the puppies.  I am sure we all got worn out with the play time were were having together.

The puppy boy Connor had named "white stripe" left to his new Forever Home this day, while the littlest "Peanut" was left behind ..... still seeking a Forever Home himself.

We all had a light supper together.  Aiden is having a few round of Wii games, while Connor is having his bath, and Poppa is back to bed.  Poppa had been up for a bit this afternoon, but had been busy fixing one of his Crabby Cabbie vehicles while we had been puppy playing.

Yes today has been a day full of Boys Galore, as I am sure everyone knows by now there is a new Royal Baby Boy, 3rd in line for England's throne ....

I am thinking we might have one very noisy baby boy puppy here tonight, as he will be very lonely and missing his brother.  The other two boys will be scrubbed nice and clean before they hit the sheets of their beds this evening, and Grandma????  I will be more then likely fast asleep as soon as my head hits the pillow tonight, "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard".
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