Monday 30 June 2014

Puppy Love

This morning Rob was out the door first thing and back at it.  I hadn't been long behind him as I headed on downtown on an errand with my friend Vicki before they had to head home.

The weather man was calling for Thunder Storms for today and tomorrow so they did not want to be caught trying to get home with their truck and trailers in nasty weather.  As it turned out there ended up with no rain today, however they are calling for 70% Thunder Storms yet tomorrow.  We are hoping not as there is a lot at stake with the Canada Day Celebrations and Fireworks tomorrow in Bluewater Park.

Once Doug and Vicki headed on down the road, I headed back into Wiarton to hand out Rack Cards for Wiarton Wednesday which is beginning this coming Wednesday, July 2nd.  Quite a few of the Wiarton Business are each offering a "special" every Wednesday in the months of July/August.  Rob, as in the Crabby Cabbie, is giving a ballot to every fare who uses our Taxi on Wednesdays for a chance to win 5 In Town Fares drawn at the end of August.

Come to Wiarton & say, "I got it on Wiarton Wednesay" !!!  On Facebook? join on board by going HERE.

When Rob had gotten back into town he had met me downtown and treated me to a coffee, then I had to finish dropping in and out of the rest of Wiarton Businesses.  It was nice to go into the some of the air conditioned stores for a break and a quick chat.

This afternoon I am pretty certain I must have had a 15 minute Cat Nap.  Sometimes those Cat Naps can  revive you enough to make it through the rest of the day.

Rob was running late afternoon, so we had a late Dinner of BBQ'd Hot Dogs (Rob's fav meal).  By the time my neighbour, Pari & I got out for a walk it wasn't until 7:30 !

I could not believe this baby Jack Rabbit coming right up to us ... NOT an ounce of fear.  They are so funny to watch playing.  Off he went across to greener grasses across the road.

I have been getting lots of puppy updates from our "Everything 8" 2014 litter the past couple of day, which I have been delighted to get.

First is our Blue Merle female, Blu, who had been camping, then Blue Merle male, Sully, celebrating Canada Day, our little Red Tri female, Dakota, who had also been camping this past weekend, and last but not least our Blue Merle male, Buddy (who had just came out of the pool). Lots of Puppy Love, adorable each and every one.  

We are so blessed that each on of our pups have gotten wonderful Forever Homes, and even more blessed that most of them keep in touch with us.

Tomorrow is another busy busy day with Month End Billing, this, that and many other things that always need doing, Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard.

Sunday 29 June 2014

Humidity You Say?

Up by 6 am, all the Aussies out and about with a load of laundry on the go by 7 am, then out the door to try and beat the humidity ....

... for an early morning walk with our Buddy.  Humidity you say?  never beat it, however still NOT complaining after this past Winter.  We still managed a 4.66 km walk.

I managed to get two loads of laundry washed and hung out on the line, which pleased me.  My poor Rob hadn't gotten in until 4 am this morning, so with me being out the door and gone it made for a quiet household for him.  Regardless the poor guy still got up around 10 am ... geesh he needed more beauty sleep then that.

Rob had a call to make, but when he got back after lunch we decided to go out on the bikes.  First time this Year for Vicki and I to go.  We headed on up to Ferndale, North of Hwy. 6.

Oh my goodness, I found my newest favourite Chapman's Ice Cream which is Chocolate Monkey, Banana & Chocolate.  Vicki had a St. Jabob's Apple Pie which she has deemed her new favourite flavour.  Rob and Doug both had a Strawberry Milkshake to cool them down.  

After our treats we headed over to Bruce County Road #9 to enjoy the scenic route on the way back home.
Once home I retrieved the two loads of laundry off the clothes line, and good thing I had as it rained liked the dickens late this afternoon.  Thank goodness Rob got himself a bit more shut-eye this afternoon.

Vicki took a photo of our Lexus while we had been enjoying some breeze under our Maple Trees today.  I had also gotten a photo of her pup, Sully, a couple of days ago, so here are both photos.

Poor Lexus does have the look of "humidity you say?" on her face, and her pup, Sully, is all decked out and ready to go on a fishing trip with his Forever Family... way too cute.

When Doug & Vicki come visiting we usually have one meal out, Vicki does one meal, then I do the next.

Tonight Vicki made BBQ'd Striploin Steaks, Baked Potatoes and Caesar Salad ... which all hit the spot for the four of us.  Tomorrow night I think I am doing Pork Ribs with Maple Chipolte BBQ sauce along with a salad and maybe rice.

I am exhausted, and even though I am NOT complaining, the humidity effects my fibro, arthritis and asthma, as I know it effects many people.  The weather forecast is more T-Storms tomorrow with a severe T-Storm warning being issued for Canada Day (Tuesday), which will be a shame with so many Celebration Events planned.  Weather can not be dictated to, so all must make the best as we can with what we get I suppose.

Hoping I get some sleep this evening.  All ceiling fans are going full speed ahead, Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard.

Saturday 28 June 2014

New Treasures

My friend, Pari and I just returned from a 4.66 km walk that we did in 1 hour.  We are getting much better now we have been at it for a steady 2 weeks.  Good thing we went for a walk as our friends, Doug & Vicki are visiting and we had Chinese Buffet for Dinner, and I also have to confess I had ice cream two times today ... shame on me !

First thing this morning I called Pari as every Canada Day Weekend there are lots of Yard Sales in and about Wiarton.  I picked her up and we headed on downtown.  We must have landed at 10 sales.

Yes I had my trunk pretty full with new treasures.  The little sweet treasure in the photo to the right unfortunately wasn't for sale.  She had been sitting so still apparently she had startled a few people when she did move.  So sweet.

There are only a couple of my new treasures.  I absolutely love the wooden and wrought iron set of ducks, as well as the Church Birdhouse.  I had also gotten a small patio table, as I have been searching for one, shown in the trunk photo for the sum of $2.00.  Should anyone know me they realize how truly frugal and careful I am about purchases the majority of the time.  The Garden Bears I loved as well as the demi tea cup.  Oh yes I must not forget the 2 very deep mixing bowls, which are difficult to find now a days as the new ones are usually so shallow.

The treasure I was amazed at getting was this Antique Cranberry and Prism lamp.  Is it not gorgeous ?  I had admired it a couple of weeks ago at this same place when they had a yard sale, however it was priced at $95.00 or best offer.  I was afraid to offer and insult so I hadn't.  Today they said any offer would not be refused.  I asked the lady what her best price would be and she let me have it for ......

.... a mere $15.00 !!!  can you believe it?  I can already picture it in my last and forever home in my Minds Eye, as well as some other treasures I have put away.

I had also bought a lovely pair of boots for $10.00.  Another deal was 2 pairs of capris, a pair of jeans, a dress, a pair of slacks for Rob, and a few tops for a total of $4.00 !!!  yes I did well this day in my purchasing of new treasures.

I had just pulled back in our driveway from Yard Sailing to have ....

... our friends, Vicki & Doug, pull in behind me.  Hooray !!! them visiting has been long overdue in my books (even though I almost talk to Vicki every day, it is not the same as seeing her in person).

Once they had gotten their 5th wheel set up I took them out to a couple of the Yard Sales, then we went  for Homemade Ice cream downtown at Lloyd's Smoke Shop.  Vicki had Strawberry Rhubarb, I had Black Cherry and Doug had French Vanilla ... oh so good.

After 5 pm we headed out over to Owen Sound to the Twin Dragon (our favourite Chinese spot) to have a really good Chinese Buffet Dinner.

I am hoping tomorrow will be as wonderful as today was with the rain holding off so we can get out and about on our Motorcycles for good ride.

In the meantime I am going to call it a day, Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard.

Friday 27 June 2014

Very Excited Friends Are Arriving

That was a good day behind me, but I am not certain it was very productive.  It has been one of those days where I was busy all day but never seemed to accomplish much.  Really I am not sure I like those days as much as seeing what I have accomplished, however I do know I hadn't been sitting on my butt all day.

I did spend some time with my Aussies today, and also admired ...

... our Buddy boy, as well as the Johnson's Geranium Blue in our front flower beds.  They are so beautiful, as much as Buddy is handsome.

My Rob was out of town all afternoon, not arriving back home until 7:00 pm.

I am very excited as our long time friends are arriving tomorrow for the weekend.  We are hoping the weather holds beautiful so we might get a chance to get out on our Motorcycles on Sunday.  Now that will be a treat if that happens.

My neighbour, Pari, Bandit and I just returned from a 5 km walk downtown Wiarton.  A lovely evening it is.  Lots of heavy traffic with people heading North to their cottages or to camp this Canada Day Holiday Weekend.

Hopefully I get myself a good night's sleep this evening, as I am hoping to check out a couple of Yard Sales tomorrow.  On that note I am signing off for the night, Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard.

Thursday 26 June 2014

Happy 9th Birthday Big Guy

Our Missy Mercedes and I just returned not too long ago from a 3.51 km walk.  It was a lovely evening to be out walking.  It is nice to have someone to walk with, however if I do not I enjoy my own and one of our Aussies for company too.

Today was spent ...

... with me doing 2nd quarter Crabby Cabbie bookwork, Rob tearing the old decking off, me wishing I could spend the day with a good book under our Gazebo, and Bandit relaxing in the shade taking it easy as it is his 9th Birthday today.  Happy Birthday Big Guy with lots of hugs, kisses and a couple of special treats for him today.

Rob did amazing today on the deck.  He has only one little piece to finish which is not shown in the photos.  Way to go my Man !!!

I had a text from my girlfriend Lynn that there was fresh baked Banana Muffins in her Mailbox for my spoiled husband, who had been known to demand Lynn make cookies for him... no shame whatsoever that guy.  I can't believe he hasn't asked Auntie for a Carrot Cake lately !!!  Of course I had to make the trip into town to collect the muffins.

Oh yes my dear Husband relished every bite of those homemade fresh Banana Muffins.  Thanks Lynn, you are the best girlfriend !!!

Since we were both busy today, I had thrown a chicken in the Crock Pot this morning, as I knew there would be too much time or energy to make much of anything once Dinner time rolled around.

The chicken with fresh turnip and brown rice hit the spot when we finally go to sit down to enjoy it.  Thank goodness for my Crock Pot.

It was a lovely weather day, and it was a productive day.  Both made me very very happy, Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard.

Wednesday 25 June 2014

What Woman Want

This morning?  I just spent putting around the house.  I was to do the book work, however that ended up not only not getting done, but not even started.  *Sigh* life is such some days.

After lunch I decided to have some "me" time, and that consisted of ...

... finally getting past the 3 - 4 km walks up to 5 km this afternoon !  YAY me !  I was very happy, and just love tracking it on my iphone with the Endomondo App.  

By the time I returned home from the walk, I had to shower and get ready to head downtown to the What Woman Want (or at least what we should know) seminar being put on by Sponsors, Peak Reality, Nicoletta Jensen, Barrister & Solicitor, RBC Wealth Management, BDO & RBC Financial Group.

What did the speakers cover?

-  How Women & Men differ in Retirement
-  Investing with Low Interest Rates
-  Property Financing
-  Property Challenges for Seniors
-  Tax Opportunities
-  Your Future by Desgin
-  Protecting Your Wealth

A light Luncheon was provided at 5:30 pm, prior to the speakers beginning at 6:00 pm.

The light luncheon was provided by Luscious Bakery~Deli~Cafe from Sauble Beach, and yes it was all very Luscious !  even the gluten free Raspberry Almond & Brownie Bars were "Out of this World".  They had lots of Door Prizes, with my friend Sue, who I went with having the good fortune of winning one.

I was not only happy I went for the outing, I actually learned a few things.  Some good and a few disturbing regarding the Pros & Cons of upcoming retirement.  However all knowledge is good knowledge.  The whole of the Seminar was fantastic and very well done.  I would not hesitate to attend another, and would encourage others to as well.  Good job by all speakers.

The speakers began at 6:00 pm, with one break in-between it ended at 8:00 pm.

Here it is 9:16 pm, and I am about ready to put my feet up in bed and watch myself some TV very shortly, North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard.

Tuesday 24 June 2014

Homemade & Good !

Last night seems like a very long time ago now.  I think it was well after midnight when I broke down to take something to sleep, something I resist doing more often then naught.

After my usual morning duties I headed on downtown to the Wiarton Tourism Information Centre in the Old Train Station in the beautiful Bluewater Park.

Thanks to Holly Morrow, who works full-time at the Centre for folding all the Canada Day Pamphlets on behalf of the Wiarton District Chamber of Commerce.  Need a Canada Day schedule of events?  drop in to see Holly please.  When arriving back home the amount of Pollen on the outside swing caught my eye.  Yesterday we could barely see our car as it had been so covered with yellow pollen .... just nasty for allergy sufferers.

Canada Day in Wiarton's Bluewater Park on Tuesday July 1st, 2014.  Sponsored by the WDCC & hosted by the Wiarton District Optimist Club.

This afternoon I had another Dentist appointment in Lion's Head at 3 pm.  I had contacted my Cousin Paula, who is on vacation at their Cottage further North to see if she would like to meet up for coffee and a walk.

Paula & I met at Marydale's Restaurant in Lion's Head, however it had poured rained so instead of getting for a walk and visit we had more coffee and a visit.  At 3 pm I was off to see Dr. Pat (Pasquale) Duronio.

My throat is still raw with white specs still on it.  Dr. Pat not only prescribed me antibiotics, he also adjusted my partial for me.  I go back to follow up with him again next week.

I had taken Hamburger out to make something for our Dinner tonight, trying a different "new to me" Homemade Cheesy Hamburger Helper Recipe on the Diva's Can Cook Too website.  It was better then the very first made from scratch hamburger helper recipe I had tried.  Both Rob & I loved this one.  You can not beat Homemade & Good !


Once Dinner was over with my neighbour, Bandit and I did a 4.42 km walk.  Two nights in a row !  I feel a momentum happening here !!!

Before Dinner I had received a call from Dr. Shelig's secretary.  Dr. Shelig is the Heart Specialist who performed the Stress Tests I had back on April 30th.  He had told me if I didn't hear back from him within 10 days or so everything was fine.  His secretary said all the tests had came back in and he would like to follow-up with me on the 8th of July.  I just wonder if there is nothing to follow-up on why would he want to see me?  I found Dr. Shelig very direct and to the point.  I liked him and felt confident going to him.
 *Big Breath* and try not to worry until I have seen him on the 8th of July.

By the way it has been over 2 months since my Rob has quit smoking cigarettes.  I can not begin to express how happy I am for him ... it is such a horrible difficult habit to quit, and I know this first had as I was a total "B" lots of times when I first quit 5 years ago ... either bitchy or in tears.  Good for you Rob !  Love you even more for accomplishing this great feat !!! xoxoxo

With a big walk under my belt two nights in a row, I sure hope I sleep better this evening then last night, Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard.

Monday 23 June 2014

Bring It On !

Busy busy busy, but fun day it was this day.  This morning I managed to get two baskets of partially fold laundry, fully folded and put away, as well as getting some tidying done before my Niece Joanne arrived.

Today we were meeting up for our annual luncheon, as Cousin Brad & Paula are at their cottage in Dyer's Bay this week.  I also invited my neighbour, Pari, along since she knows my Niece, as well as my Auntie Gladys, and it is nice for her to get out.

We had planned on and made reservations at The Pacific Hotel, downtown Wiarton.  I had not eaten there since the new owners took over a few years ago now, and only a couple of times for 2 for 1 Chicken Wings when the previous owners had been there.  I had heard good things about the food, so we were going to give it a whirl.

We had met up at 12:00 on the dot !  all got in, settled and ordered our lunches, as Cousin Peggy had to be back to work by 1:00 pm.

My Cousin Brad, his Wife, Paula, Auntie Gladys, myself, Pari, Niece Joanne, Cousin Peggy, and Cousin Viola.  Thanks to Brad for setting up my Camera and activating the "timer".

Lunch?  let me begin with that we were the only ones in the whole place.  Peggy was very smart, as she had to get going with having limited time, ordering a bowl of soup and side of garlic bread.  I am thinking she had her lunch done with before the Seafood Salads that Pari & Viola had ordered came out, while the rest of us sat there for quite some time before even seeing ours.  Brad & I had ordered the same meal, but his and Paula's came out while Auntie and I still waited for ours.

If you go to The Pacific Hotel for a meal, make sure you have LOTS of time as we never got our meals all at once, nor until almost after being there for a hour.

Seafood Salad was disappointing, and the Crab was still frozen with ice in it.  the Mango Salad was good, however Joanne said maybe a nice piece of crusty french stick would have been good on the side.  Paula enjoyed the Veggie Wrap and Side Salad, however said the wrap could have been filled more.  The Caribbean Chicken Club, both Brad & I had, was AMAZING !!!  the combo of the mango with hot pepper rings burst with flavor.  Definitely a winner in both our eyes.  Auntie had the Pulled Pork Sandwich, which I never captured, which she had said was also excellent.

As I said, if you have lots of time then give The Pacific Hotel at try.  Every Thursday they have their Chicken Wings on "special" 2 orders for the price of 1.

Once lunch was over we checked out a couple of downtown Wiarton Shops.  We parted ways as Joanne had wanted to get home before 3 pm.  Pari and Joanne wanted coffee and dessert, so we stopped in briefly for them to have a treat (I am proud to say I passed as I had been quite stuffed with my yummy lunch).  Ha ! just before we were to leave with our beverages, Paula and Brad also had stopped in for a beverage and treat too.

I dropped Pari off at her home, and Joanne took off to hers.  I wasn't home long enough to make a phone call, when I called Pari to see if she wanted to go for a walk.  We did a nice 4.30 km walk in 54.33 minutes, and burned 286 calories.  I love tracking my walking with the the Endomondo App on my Iphone !

Once back home we had 10 cords of hardwood delivered.  I know, I know, we have 30 acres of bush which has hardwood in it, however Rob does not have the time, nor the energy to fell trees, bring them up and split it anymore, so we are doing what we have to do ....

Winter?  bring it on 

Hopefully 10 cords will be enough, considering we still have 3 cords left in the Wood Shed.

Dinner for Rob and I this evening was simply a Grilled Cheese Sandwich with Watermelon on the side.  I could, and do eat a whole Watermelon myself within two or three days.  And it is good for you, not to mention it is only 48 calories for 1 cup.  I could eat Watermelon til the cows came home.

Time to concentrate more on watching MasterChef , Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard.

Sunday 22 June 2014

Home Alone

This morning my Rob rolled in about 4 am.  I had no problem hearing him come in as I was sleeping very lightly, and the Barn Swallow, who are nesting outside our bedroom were rustling and all others were beginning their morning chirping.  We spoke briefly and before I knew it when I looked at the clock it was 8 am !!!

I was shocked as I am never in bed at 8 am, always up by 5 am, and more shocked that our Lexus hadn't let a peep out of her.  I suppose whatever "bug" I have had must have taken a toll on me for me to sleep that long.  Truly it felt good and I could have stayed there longer.

Rob had to be out the door by 11:30 am as he had a previous commitment this day.  I just spoke to him and he thinks he should be home within the 1/2 hour.  Good !!! is what I say to that as I miss him.

Today I got the Crabby Cabbie payroll put in, two load of laundry out on the clothesline, the bath tub scrubbed out (finally), bed made, dishes done up, deposit at the bank done, a pile of weeds picked up, and the Month of May's paperwork organized to go on the books.  The laundry has been all brought in, however not put away.

I even managed to have myself a bit of relaxation for about 1/2 hour this afternoon in the Gazebo.  I am still tired.

Did you know the Lady Slipper is an Orchid?  Did you know the Bruce Peninsula had an Annual Orchid Festival?  yes it does and you can find out all about it by going HERE.

My Fibromyalgia has been having a hay day with my body the past couple of weeks.  I feel like every muscle is popping out of my skin at any given time.  The combination of the fatigue and the "bug" I am getting over has me worn to a frazzle some days with barely enough energy to pull my pants up, never mind take my Aussies out and in.  However thank goodness I have our Aussies, as there are days I know I wouldn't want to get out of bed if it wasn't for them, and truly when one has Fibro you need to keep moving whether you want to or not.

I am going to now wait for my husband to arrive home, and maybe have a cuppa tea out in the Gazebo while I do that, Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard.

Saturday 21 June 2014

Lucked Out

I have to admit I slept pretty good last night, which was a huge bonus in my books.  I wasn't feeling too bad this morning until I had a bite to eat when my stomach started up again.  It took a bit but by mid-morning I was almost back to a normal state of being.

I got the bed made, dishes done up, of course all the Aussies looked after, our bedroom dusted, then "part" of the bathroom cleaned when I sat down to have a break.  

While having a cuppa tea I thought I would check out the ads on Kiji as I have been looking for a small outdoor occasional table for inside the Gazebo.  I actually found something that would work perfect.  The funny part about finding it is that it was on the same street my Auntie Gladys and Uncle Basil live on.  What was even funnier the guy had the last name of my Aunt Gerry & Uncle Reg McArthur.  

It was already mid-morning and I had told the guy I would be down there by lunch time.  I called my neighbour, Pari, who went along with me for the ride.  When we got down to Port Elgin we parked at my Aunties and walked up to check it out before making a decision.  Yes I decided to take it so it was loaded up into my Van.

I had to stop into the Walmart Store just up the street, so Auntie invited us for a BBQ outside of Walmart they were having for a Fundraiser.

The money was being raised for the Special Olympics to send a few out to Vancouver this Year.  Hamburger or Hot Dog and drink by donation.  Auntie treated Uncle, Pari and myself.  There had even been fried onions !! they know how to get you.  Thanks Auntie !

By the time we had gotten into Walmart and back home it had almost been 2 pm.  Where does the time go ... I suppose almost an hour driving each way has to count for some of it.  I had also really lucked out today as not only did I get a table I go a WHOLE set of

.... Wicker Patio furniture which had never seen outside.  It is in mint condition and included the cushions.  The asking price had been $195.00 or best offer, any guesses on what I got it for ?   I am still think as to whether or not I should try and save for an indoor/outdoor carpet for inside the Gazebo?  any thoughts on that point from anyone else would be appreciated.

Rob made us a quick Dinner of pre-cooked Back Ribs and Chicken Nuggets along with a side of French Fries.  Worked for me !

Feeling sluggish and not having had been for a walk over a week between appointments, day surgery and stomach bugs I forced myself to call my neighbour to see if she would be on board on going for a walk with me.  Thank goodness she had said YES !!!  and we ended up going for a 4 km walk downtown Wiarton.

I felt much better for the walk and having company to go with.

Earlier this afternoon there had been ambulances heading up Hwy 6.  An accident obviously further up had happened.  Rob has since been called out to the hospital to transport some people.  Good to know they had only received cuts and bruises, and nothing life threatening.  I have no idea of what happened, nor should I, however Summer arrived today, along with more traffic on our highways and more people being impatient about getting to where they are going.

Please do at least the speed limit, not under nor much over, and please if you need to get somewhere fast, leave a bit earlier.  Trust me accidents can be caused by people going too slow and persons wanting to get past them.

On the whole I think I had a pretty good day, other then only part of the bathroom being cleaned AGAIN, Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard.

Friday 20 June 2014

Tired Of ....

Last night Rob had me over to the Owen Sound Hospital, which is approximately a 30 minute drive depending on traffic or the mood the driver is in, for 10:30 pm for a MRI.

The MRI only took 20 minutes.  Those machines make the worse noises ! and I had a ferocious headache.  The MRI person was more then pleasant.  I asked him not to bother with the music in the headset as it could never be heard over the MRI machine anyhow.  He agreed.

I am claustrophobic, so instead of taking medication to relax I learned a washcloth over my eyes prior to going into the MRI machine works wonders for me.  The only thing, other then the headache, that bothered me was fear of moving as I felt myself drooling ... I was embarrassed for myself.  Hahaha !

Rob had to leave me there as he had a pickup to do.  Once I was done with the 600 pictures !!! which the technician said hopefully they would find something, and I replied with "yes, hopefully it just isn't all in my head".  When I was ready to leave I hoofed it down to the Tim Horton's coffee shop which was only a couple of City blocks away to wait for him to come collect me.  We were back home shortly after midnight.  I slept like a baby.

This more I was drained like beyond no tomorrow.  I pushed myself to do a bit of sweeping, and of course took care of all our Aussie's needs.  Then it all began with an upset tummy and running to the bathroom.  I was bad I could have sworn I was prepping for another Colonoscopy again.  Thank Goodness I had Imodium on hand as that is what I had to take.

By this afternoon I was out in the Gazebo and passed out on the lounge for at least a couple of hours.  Rob made our Dinner, which is always appreciated.

BBQ'd Lemon Pepper Chicken with side of Potatoes and Peas.  From what I could taste it was awesome as usual.  Thanks Rob !

Yesterday we had an "extra" Aussie on the property ...

Lexus had a good combing out, loving every moment of it.  Yes there was an "extra" Aussies all over the property once I was done with her.  She could still use a couple more combings to get a couple more Aussies from out of her.  Another day.

The three Walnut trees on our property have matured in turn attracting squirrels last year, and now for the first time living in here in eleven years we have Chipmunks.  The Aussies know they are lurking ...

Lexus is very hearing in tune to the Chippies.  Are they over there, or over there? maybe back there again???  When I went out this morning there was one right there, showing absolutely no fear of me .. funny how they adapt to humans so quickly is it not?

Now for some "Extraordinary 8" puppy updates.

I entered on of our puppy photos in the Annual Pet Valu Photo Calendar Contest.  Two of our Forever Puppy Homes followed suit.  First one was entry for "Buddy" and the second was "Sully", both Blue Merle Males.  Handsome sweet pups are they not?

And more updates ...

First photo is of Ace, who is playing around with his new Pal, second is of Blu, who was apparently such a good girl at her 2nd visit with the Vet, and third is the little girl, Mayc, who is still cute as a button.

Truly I could not be happier then getting updates from most of our Forever Puppy Homes.  It is nice to follow their lives and their growth.

Rob and I goofing around with a "selfie" at the Drive-in Tuesday night.  Always have to have a bit of fun from time to time.

When I was at the Dentist Tuesday afternoon he had spotted a red spot on the back of my throat that had white specks on it.  I am now convinced this is what has turned into what I have now with the sore throat, headaches, heightened aching and bad tummy.  I figured it would be a matter of time before something "got me".

Since I am tired of being sick and tired, I am off to say "hello" to my bed very shortly,  Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard.

Thursday 19 June 2014


Yes I am Dizzy, and have been  for about the past Year or so. Hopefully the MRI I am scheduled to have will shed some light on exactly why I have been.  Not my Blood Pressure as that is almost perfect most days.  Dr. Diodati has ordered an IAC MRI for me.  We will see, and hopefully it is not all in my "head".

Today I also had my followup appointment with Dr. Caulfield, who performed the first Colonoscopy I had on May 22nd, when I had his "2 for 1 Special" scopes.  My stomach checked out just fine, however Dr. Kaal has recommended I go back in six months time to Dr. Caulfield for another Colonoscopy.  Three in one year ! seems a little much does it not? however preventive measurements are to be safer then sorry.

We also discussed the quite large Gallstone that had showed up in my Gall Bladder.  He has suggested I have my Gall Bladder removed.  This is to take place on the 2nd of September this Year.

I can most certainly not say I have not have had my share of hospitals this Year.  I hope this will be the end of it, and not jinxing myself now it has been said.

Good thing we are SOUTH of the Checkerboard, as I just noticed some new T-shirts that Rankin River Trading Co. just got in their store the other day ....

.... and one of the stories behind "North of the Checkerboard" can be found by *clicking* HERE.

I have a meeting in 6 minutes with the WDCC.  I best be off and running, Just North of Wiarton & South off the Checkerboard.

Wednesday 18 June 2014

Dragging My ...

 Last night we left the house to get into our Car for a change, instead of a Taxi Van, to head off on our Annual Drive-In Theatre Date to Owen Sound.  Always a treat I look forward to.

When we arrived at the Drive-In we of course had to park in a spot that covered all our needs.  Before we knew it Bugs Bunny had his "stint" on screen and the Movie began about 9 pm.

The Movie which was first on was Maleficent starring Angelina Jolie.  I loved the Movie, however Rob not so much, however by the time the 2nd Movie "Blended" had started, starring Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore, it had been midnight.  Midnight? it was long past our bedtime and we headed back home down the foggy highway.

 Needless to say we were both tired today, as us old farts are used to being asleep by 10 pm and up by 6 am.  Today was no exception on being up by 6 am, even though we didn't get to bed until 1 am.

My whole body ached like no tomorrow from head to toe.  I found myself dragging my butt from the time I awoke.

I  had been at the Dentist yesterday.  He had spotted a red spot with white spots on the back of my throat.  Hmmm ... hence the sore throat today?

By mid-afternoon I found myself barely staying awake sitting up on the couch.  By the time Rob had gotten home from a call at 4 pm I had a full blown sinus/migraine headache and headed to bed.  Rob just woke me up a 1/2 hour ago so I would sleep tonight maybe.

I sure hope I have a good sleep tonight and feel much better tomorrow, as it even hurts to move my arms/hands to type, since I have a very busy day.  First thing at 10 am I have a followup appointment with Dr. Caulfied, who performed my first colonoscopy and scope, a WDCC meeting at 6 pm, and an MRI in Owen Sound at 10:30 pm.

Yes I need some energy plus to get myself  through tomorrow, never mind the Crabby Cabbie paperwork that had been piling up on me (AGAIN).  I am now heading back to my bed, Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard.

Tuesday 17 June 2014

Dang It All

Dang it all I barely slept a wink in the wee hours of this morning.  One reason was my body was giving me grief with the Fibromyalgia heightening with the approaching storm warnings.  A second reason is something, or rather someone's attitude toward me the past couple of Months has been bothering me.

Funny thing is about this "someone", ever since they made the statement to me almost a Year ago that they "never get upset", I have seen nothing but anger, resentments and negative attitudes numerous times from this same person.  I have always tried to keep business separate from personal as well, however it is very difficult for other people to do so I am thinking ... immaturity is it? or control? always angry unhappy people? or misinformed maybe?  I can only speculate when one is not communicating or being mature about their actions.

The whole thing is I can only control how I am, and not anything anyone else decides for themselves.  How do I further deal with the very noticeable rudeness of this person? continue to ignore it and just continue on as I have been?  or confront it?  Personally I do not care for confrontation one bit, however still think people should not expect that their opinion(s) always be right.  And truly is there anything wrong with people agreeing to disagree?  I think not as Rob and I have had to do this many times in our lives together.

*Sigh* hopefully me putting it out here in front of me in writing will help me let it go much better then I have been, especially when I have so many POSITIVE LOVING people in my LIFE.  I am truly blessed.

I can almost put a bet on that I wasn't worrying about such nonsense a Year ago.  Let's go see by *clicking* back a Year in Time to HERE.  Nope NO WORRY just happy times with Family.

Today I entered our very handsome Bandit's photo in a Pet Photo Contest.  Should you happen to have a Facebook Account, as I think you might require one, I most certainly would appreciate your daily Vote on his photo as follows:

Copy & Paste this link into your Browser:

or find the link at our Facebook Page:

Thank YOU in advance to all who are able to VOTE for us.

Truly he is a handsome dude, and I LOVE this Black & White I captured of him two Years ago.  Just think in another 9 days he is going to be 9 Years Old.  Where has time gone with our once little defiant Blue Merle of a fluff ball, Bandit ?

I am thinking I am going to be enjoying a Date Night very soon with my very loving husband, and that in itself puts a *smile* on my face, Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard.

Monday 16 June 2014

Man Toy

Last night I noticed something that gives me the creeps and that was a whole nest of Spiders directly outside our front door.  I wasn't long getting Rob and the Raid.  This morning I got the broom and cleaned the whole dead mess off the shutter.  YECH I hate Spiders !!!!  ewwwww

Rob and I have lots of work cut out for each of us each and every day.  The problem is trying to fit it all in when Rob can between calls, and I between commitments.  Tomorrow I have Dentist and Thursday a followup appointment with a Specialist.  

Today was a lovely day, so I left the mess inside the house, to take advantage of trying to deal with the mess outside the house.

While I got my Tools out, gardening gloves, Japanese Hoe and pruners, Rob got Shovel, Chainsaw and Wheelbarrow together.  I was gong to begin tackling the front garden of perennials while Rob put some support posts underneath our top deck.  Rob did well getting done what he started out to do finished, and I got a good dent in the garden even though it really isn't too noticeable at the moment.

Early this morning I had gotten some Portulaca for the front containers, and planted a Begonia into the cat planter I had spray painted yesterday, I also added some Trailing Lobelia later.  I also was happy to see the Straw Flowers had finally taken hold in their container.  Bandit?  he was way over yonder under the largest Maple Tree's shade.

Funny thing Rob just sold an older model Riding Tractor recently.  Aunt Gladys called yesterday saying her neighbour had a fairly new Lawn Tractor for sale, were we interested.  Rob and I headed on down to Port Elgin after 5 pm today to take a look.  Two other people were going to be looking at it later, however that would never happen as ....

Rob made a deal, loaded it up and  brought it on home.  Another "man toy".  Needless to say some of our lawn was cut this evening before our Dinner was ready when we finally got to sit down to eat just before 9 pm.  I hope this Lawn Tractor does us for awhile, as it is only 6 years old.  We have so much lawn that needs cutting.  Thanks for thinking of us Aunt Gladys and Uncle Basil.

Walking by the shed I noticed the Baby Robins had left the nest.  I was also reminded the garden directly below still needed some TLC ... another day.

Psssst ... I was happy with learning some "special' news, this being that my beautiful young talented Blogger Friend, Lena, shared recently.  You may read all about that HERE.

A little bit of Aussie *smiles*?  check it out HERE.

Both Rob and I had a busy day as per usual.  We were both happy for what we had accomplished this day.

Tomorrow is a new day with hopefully another good dent in getting more done, Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard.

Sunday 15 June 2014

Happy Father's Day

Happy Father's Day to all the Fathers out there, and to all the Mother's who have done their own job as well as that of a Father to their very Best !

My own Father, Harold Edwin Masterson, known as "Fritz" passed away 33 years ago June 1981.

I miss my Dad so many days ....

Over the past couple of previous days Rob managed to get the load of gravel we had delivered Friday spread as well as grating our driveway.

Hopefully this will solve our problems of low spots where water sits, and the problem of the muck we had after the Winter thaw.  Time will tell after our next substantial rainfall.

Rob also rigged up the solar light in the Gazebo.  He told me they had been on when he arrived home at 4 am this morning.  I hope I remember to check them out after dark myself this evening.

Today I thought Rob deserved to be treated out to a Father's Day Brunch.  Coal Shed Willie's (where I used to cook at a few years ago), recently has been purchased by new owners, who renamed it "Dockside Willie's".  We thought we would try it out today.

Wiarton Willie, whose home is along the same building, was out grazing on his lunch when we had arrived.  Rob was trying at all costs to avoid my taking his photo with his little "smile" on his face.  We both had the Western Omelet.  It was good, but nothing out of the ordinary, wherein I would more so rate my own omelets exceptional in comparison, however it was nice to be waited on, cooked for and walk away without the mess.  Total for 2 Western Omelets, 2 coffee, tax and tip was $25.00.  We will try it again.  The view is amazing overlooking Bluewater Park and Colpoy's Bay.

Rob decided we go for a wee walk throughout Bluewater Park.  The view are always stellar are they not?  The Sun was out in full force with a cool breeze coming off Colpoy's Bay, but still quite comfortable with a light jacket or sweater.  Lots of people had been out picnicking in the Park.

When we got back home Rob and I actually got to have about 1/2 hour of R & R in our new Gazebo on our new deck together.  This was the first.  Bandit apparently was feeling a bit bored and decided he was going to work on waking Rob up with many many kisses.
He almost had the look on his face of "should I or shouldn't I".

Our rest was short lived, as Rob was called out and had to head over to Owen Sound.  I thought I might as well get the 3 patio tomatoes I had bought a week ago planted, since I had picked up some black earth when we had been out.

Last Fall I had gotten otherwise busy and left the tomato baskets in the Garden, where they got bent beyond repair after that hard Winter we endured.  Thank goodness for my friend, Judy, who had given me some baskets she had no longer any use for.  I got all three planted, two for me and one for my friend, Pari.  These two will be added to the other one I had already bought earlier.  Since I gave up the garden this year thinking I would be too busy for one, I hope we have a nice yield from the Patio Tomato plants.

Once I had retrieved the laundry late afternoon from the clothes line, and made up our bed fresh, Rob and I started our Dinner together.

Grilled Pork Tenderloin, oh so ever slightly pink inside, along with fresh Brussel Sprouts and a Baked Potato.  Very good.

As I sat down after Dinner to do my blog post, Rob got called out again.  No rest for the weary.  Still I hope I made his day a bit special.  Paul, Aiden and Connor called him just before we had Dinner, so that in itself was "special".

Tomorrow I have to remember not to have a cuppa tea when I get up, as I have to fast for some blood work I want to get done tomorrow.

I think I will take all our Aussies out and about for a bit, then maybe go sit our in our Gazebo to relax for a time before calling it a night, Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard.
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