Thursday 31 October 2013

HAPPY Halloween !

I LOVE Halloween !!! truly it is my most favourite Holiday, if you could class it as a Holiday, out of the whole Year.

It is the time to dress up to go along Trick or Treating with a child, whether your own, a grandchild, or a "borrowed" one.  A pot of chili, or Spaghetti Sauce simmering on the stove for a "quick" meal before going out for the fun of going up and down the town streets collecting lots of goodies.

The high light of the night returning home to sort and count all the goodies, and luckily be shared with if there is something the child might think they have too many of, or think they might not like ... oh goodie is right.

Childless again this year, and every year since a few ago when my Great Nephew, Riley, got to big to go out "Trick or Treating" with his Auntie.

No photos of my Grand Boys this Year, however I still got photos of my girls & one boy !  Thanks Liz for emailing me photos of Chloe, Briar, and Josh & his friends.  Hopefully next Year maybe I can make the trip down to visit everyone for this Holiday Halloween night.

Aren't those little darlings scarrrryyyyy in their costumes?  really they would get lots of treats from me should they have came to my door.

How was my day?  it was busy with decluttering the inside of our telephone desk, cleaning the sideboard off of Crabby Cabbie clutter, going out on a call at 7 am, to ending the day with a last call at 7 pm.  Can I say, "tired"? of course I can and do it quite loudly if I had the energy to do so.

A quick meal has been put in my mouth and consumed in the form of a bland pasta....certainly nothing to write home about.  Bed? oh you look so very good so watch out as I will be heading to greet you very shortly, "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard".

Wednesday 30 October 2013

A New Hat To Wear

Last night was again not a very restful evening.  My day today, not as eventful as I had it planned out in my mind, as far as housework goes.

Today I, once again, found myself doing what I have been finding myself doing more often then naught, being covering for my dear "Crabby Cabbie".  What I did find time to do this afternoon was something I have had on my mind to do since processing all these pie pumpkins the past couple of days, that being making a batch of Chocolate Chip Pumpkin Cookies.  

Yes, Chocolate and Pumpkin does go together quite amazingly well together.  I was also much more fun to make cookies then to do housework, or dreaded "Crabby Cabbie" paperwork.

Chocolate meets Pumpkin filled batter.  Cooled Chocolate Chip Pumpkin cookies meets Cookie Tin.

This Rose adorned cookie tin belonged to my Mother.  I would hate to have to take a guess on how old this lovely tin is.  It is one of my favourite of the two I still have in my possession of my Mother's.  Both tins held many of a Christmas Cookie in them made by my Mother, the recipe being my Paternal Grandmother's.

 ..... Sweet Memories, very sweet indeed.

Pumpkin & Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe please?  PRINTABLE RECIPE *CLICK* HERE.

How did I spend my evening? it was not spent in the kitchen preparing Dinner for myself and my "Crabby Cabbie" husband, Rob, but attending a Wiarton Chamber of Commerce Meeting.   I now have a "New Hat to Wear", since I was inducted as a Board Member for the Wiarton Chamber this evening.

What "hat" will I wear on this board?  I will continue to update the Wiarton Facebook page, since setting it up in May of this Year, as well working on drumming up new Chamber Memberships.  Are you interested in learning more on being a Chamber Member?  please let me know as I would love to drop around a package to you.

To this evenings meeting I took along the Rose adorned tin of Chocolate Chip Pumpkin cookies, and happily returned home with an empty tin.  Truly they are a very good cookie I am sure you will find out when you make them yourself.

How am I now after a long day behind me?  a sinus headache menacing me, my neck feeling like it is ready to snap, and very very tired.  How am I feeling in my mind about this past day? very grateful that I am alive and well enough to have lived it as full as I could.

What made me smile this day? this did ....

What really spoke to me this day?  Thanks to Queen of Your Own Life, this did ...

On that note, I think I need to love myself by getting "me" to bed for some much needed rest, "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard".

Tuesday 29 October 2013

Another Reason To LOVE Sunflowers

This morning was very cold and frosty when I first opened the door before 8 am to step outside.  Cold enough that I did not want to stay out in it any longer then I had to.  
Finally by 8 am the Sun began making a more noticeable appearance in all its Glory and Beauty.

Last night I thought I would try a little bit different method of slow cooking a pumpkin in the Crock Pot.

This was exactly the same method I did yesterday, other then I did not peel the pumpkin or cut it into smaller pieces.  I was quite pleased with doing it this way as well.  

I found this method through google, finding it over at Happy Housewife,  HERE.  I have another pumpkin in the Crock Pot on LOW to cook tonight, with about 4 more or so pumpkins to go.  I can see Pumpkin Muffins, Pumpkin Cake, Pumpkin Pie and Pumpkin Chocolate Chip cookies in the future.

I absolutely truly LOVE Sunflowers.  They intrigue me in almost every way imaginable from their thick stalks, huge flowered faces, droopy leaves and their amazing heights.  

Another reason to LOVE Sunflowers is what they attract at this time of Year, with the deep blue of the Blue Jays adding colour contrast to their stately beauty.  They keep my attention captured for many many moments from the time they sprout until they have fallen for the last time.

Despite how cold it was this morning, I still stripped our bedding and hung two loads of wash out on the line with hopes the Sun and breeze would dry it thoroughly.  I did not want to waste a day of Sunshine since the forecast holds more rain in the days ahead.

Early afternoon I was coming in with an empty laundry basket, when Bandit decided to come down the stairs knocking a Lily I had sitting at the top to be disposed of.  Immediately after this had happened Rob called to see if I could go do a run for him, and please leave right away.

Oh man, as I looked at the mess I was to come back home to, and then at the face that said, "you were the one who left the plant there for me to knock over".  Talk about adding "insult to injury" .... geesh, there was no way I could blame this one on Bandit.

I no sooner got home, nicely getting the "mess" cleaned up when I got called out again.  I called Rob to ask if he was home could he please collect the laundry from the line for me.  Thank goodness he did as I did not arrive back home until at least 6 pm.

We forged for ourselves for our dinners tonight.  I have the bed made up fresh, and am about ready to go enjoy it shortly, "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard".

Monday 28 October 2013

Pumpkin & Pooches

Really there was nothing too much in the way of any excitement in my Life this day.  I was covering for the "Crabby Cabbie" today and I could barely keep up with all the action I had ... that being pretty much next to none this day.

I did get a load of laundry done, dried, folded and put away, as well as a couple of sinks of dishes washed up, some vacuuming and dusting done.... surely this has to account for something?

What was my wonderful husband doing? well he was on his way to Kitchener.  I had thought since we got such a wonderful deal on a box of Turnips this past Saturday, I put it out there for some of my friends that if they would like a box for themselves, to let me know and he would stop to pick them up.  The only condition to this was they had to meet Rob at Tim Horton's in Southampton to pickup around his work schedule, or here at our home in Wiarton, as not to us out on any time or gas by running around delivering to anyone.

The poor guy picked up 8 boxes of Turnips at 50 lbs a box.  That was a lot of slugging.  Thanks Honey for acting on a gesture of Kindness.  You are the BEST !!!

Last night we had prepared a Pie Pumpkin to make Pumpkin Puree in the Crock Pot.  This was the first time I had ever attempted this.  

Into the Crock Pot at LOW the peeled chunked Pumpkin when with a cup of water.  The setting on this SMART Crock Pot on LOW runs the longest time for 10 hours.

This morning the setting had re-set itself to KEEP WARM.  I removed the pumpkin from the Crock Pot to leave cool.  Once cool I mashed it, after consulting my blogging friend, Karen of Living In My Valley (as she had already tried this method).  This one pumpkin yielded me 4 Cups of Puree.  A Pumpkin Pie Recipe calls for 2 cups.  NOTE:  It was not watery much whatsoever that I did not have to drain any off.

This evening I am going to try a wee bit different method in the Crock Pot by leaving the Peel.  This method I found HERE.  Since this Pumpkin Puree making is all new to me, I thought I would try a couple different methods and keep the one I like the best for next time.

This afternoon I had to slip out for a bit on a couple of errands.  When I returned I went out to the kitchen to seen a turned over container where I had left a bit of Roast Beef in.  Putting two and two together pretty quickly I called out to Bandit, who never came but hightailed it downstairs as quick as he could go.  This is our Bandit Boy who "does no wrong" almost NEVER in his 8 years.

Our Poor Bandit Boy  wearing his "I Got Up on the Counter and Stole Food" Sign of Shame, very shamefully.

It has been really a long day, but I am feeling pretty good that I did accomplish a few things in our home.... few is much better then none.  I am hoping tomorrow brings more things accomplished, "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard".

Sunday 27 October 2013

Do What I Like To Do !

Today I decided I was going to leave everything that needs to be done, or started in the way of cleaning, Crabby Cabbie paperwork, organizing, etc and let it all go to Hell in a Handbag, and do what I like to do !

It has been quite a while since I have spent the most part of a day in my kitchen, doing what I like to do, and the Butternut Squash sitting on my counter top for the past couple weeks has been desperately seeking me out, as the Pie Pumpkins still laying out in a muddy garden.

I first googled a method to make Butternut Squash Soup.  This is the one I followed HERE, to make my own.  Instead of using a Peeler, I took my cue from my Auntie Gladys and put the seeded and chunked squash in the mircowave.  After 6 minutes I removed it to cool, then peeling was made Easy Peasy as anything. I then cut the squash into smaller pieces.  After adding chopped onion to the heated olive oil in pot, I placed the squash in afterward, with sliced fresh ginger and garlic following.  I then added a 900 ml carton of Chicken Broth.  I simmered until the squash was thoroughly cooked, then pureed with my handheld immersion blender.

This was the very first time I had attempted to ever make Butternut Squash Soup.

The outcome was an amazing cream soup very agreeable to my liking.  I had purchased a heavy cream to add, but found it was not needed.

Rob did not care for the soup.  This is "okay" as it means there is more for me, and at less then 100 calories per serving this is a very healthy meal as a "stand alone" all on its own.

Once the mess of the Soup making had been cleaned up, I concentrated on the Pie Pumpkins.  First I had to go retrieve a couple from the muddy garden.  Next the dirt had been washed of and seeds scooped out.  I had one almost peeled when Rob took over to give my wrists a break.  

With all the prep done, one pumpkin filled the Crock Pot.  I have added one cup of water and turned it on for 10 hours on LOW.  Who cued my on how to do this method of making my own Pumpkin Puree? that would be my blogger/facebook friend Karen over at Living in My Valley.  Thanks again Karen x .

The Pumpkin Puree method is to be continued tomorrow.

Dinner tonight was nice and easy as I had a Roast Beef cooking most of the day in my other Crock Pot. The Roast Beef along with cooked carrots and turnip was a great Sunday evening meal for the two of us.

Today I had been thinking to myself I should start a list of all my friends.  Right after this thought I stopped in my thought tracks to think again ... I could never possibly create a list of all my friends, as I would be terribly hurt if I would forget one or two, causing myself much grief if I did.

My friends come in all kinds of different packages, and each package is special to me.  How could I list all those specialities?  I would not know where to begin when I really give it some thought.

Today I scanned a photo of Rob and I on our Wedding Day 17 years ago yesterday.  Wow I can see why I married Rob, he was quite the looker in my eyes, which were the only ones that counted 19 years ago when we had our very first date on the 26th of October.  And 17 years later, he is still a looker in my eyes.  Love you Grizzy Bear xo

I am feeling very weary and tired at the moment.  Always lots ahead of me to be done with no changes of this fact tomorrow.  Regardless I did get to enjoy doing what I love doing this day, "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard".

Saturday 26 October 2013

A Plan Wrecker He Is !

I had a pretty good cuddly warm sleep last night right until 5 am this morning.  I was so cuddled in and still tired I wanted to stay in my bed for much much longer, cause my muscles were happy were they were.  I had to get up as of course, like most every day, I had made plans for this day.

Right of the get go the day did not go according to plan, as by the time Rob and I did head on down the highway together it had been much much later then planned.  This did not bother Rob in the least as I hadn't told him what my plans were.  He had thought we were heading down to have lunch with the kids in New Hamburg this day.

When we had finally began our journey South out of Bruce County it had been overcast and a bit on the wet damp and windy side, but nothing too serious as been reported further South.  I was quite enjoying the Fall scenery. 

You can well imagine my excitement when we had spotted the Dunkeld Turnip Waxing Plant.  Of course we bought us some Turnip ... I LOVE me some Turnip, and at the $10.00 for a whole box of small Turnips I really loved it.  Before Thanksgiving I had paid almost $3.00 for one turnip at .57 cents a pound !

As we headed further South through Clifford we were beginning to see the evidence of the snow we had been hearing about South of us.

Past Harriston Rob realized he had not the work phones with him to "call forward" the business numbers to our driver that was going in for his afternoon shift today.  Do you know what this meant???? yes, it meant that halfway into our trip where we were going we had to turn around to head back home.  These "said" phones were locked in his work van which nobody else had access to.

*Sigh*  I had to breakdown and tell Rob that the surprise I had up my sleeve was that we had actually been heading down to New Dundee to the Hallman School's Reunion, where he had attended school, and then afterwards to our favourite restaurant in Kitchener, Golf's Steakhouse.  What a disappointment for me, and once I had told Rob I think he had been a bit disappointed too, especially missing out a dinner at Golf's.

I told Rob since he had wrecked all of my plans I had made for every day of the week this past week, he was just a big old "Plan Wrecker" he is.  He laughed at this and said he was a "Home Wrecker".  No dear that is not quite the same thing ... ha !

Today is our 17th Anniversary of Marriage.  I wanted this to be a "special" day for him.  Rob mentioned that it was not meant  for us to go, and do you know this I can understand.

Heading back North up the highway towards home, we made the best of it all and had ourselves some fun together.  What the heck else is one to do?

By the time we had arrived home and changed up the phones it had been going on to 3:00 pm.  We decided we would try a restaurant between Owen Sound and Chatsworth we have been hearing so much raving about since it opened a couple of years back.

It being late afternoon, and still before the Dinner hour, there had been no wait for a table.  Coming in the front door a cooler of baked goodies were right in eye's view.  The decor and seating were very comfortable.  A very nice homey atmosphere it is.

I ordered my favourite Dinner, Liver, Bacon & Onions, while Rob ordered a striploin steak med-well.  The bottom photo was a homemade pecan tart we thought we would give a try later on today.

The portions were very good with everything hot, and barely a wait for our meals after they had been ordered.  The "clincher" both our meals were terribly greasy onions which were served over top both the liver and Rob's steak were slick with oil, and his steak was med-rare.  Since the waitress had only came around once to ask how our meals were, before we had barely a first bite, we never had a chance to relay this to her.

Really totally our fault we never said anything, as this point in the day we had not yet eaten anything so we had both been pretty hungry, and just ate what was in front of us.  Will we go back?  no we did not think so.

We tried the homemade pecan butter tarts partway on our way home.  The crust was tough, and there had been maybe one pecan in the tart I had.  Really truly for all the raving we had heard about this restaurant I was expecting something as good in comparison as two of our other favourite restaurants, being the Redwood Restaurant in Clifford, and The Green Door Cafe in Wiarton.  Another disappointment for this day.

Coming in to Wiarton, Rob made a stop for me at the Painted Turtle. I LOVE Halloween and had to stop to take some photos of how the Painted Turtle was done up for Halloween.

The store front was not only "done up" for Halloween, they rent Halloween Costumes too !!!  I especially LOVE the pumpkin display they have going on, don't you?

Back home and settled in with a coffee I check in on my Facebook page to see that a "whole bunch" of well wishers had expressed Congratulations to Rob and I.  My friend, Toni with an "i" had also posted a photo to my Facebook page.  Once seeing this picture, I had commented that Rob had "shrunk" meaning he was a head shorter then me as depicted in the picture.  Well she called me and told me to *click* on picture too see the "whole" picture ..... please do not go any further if you do NOT have a sense of humour.

This was the WHOLE picture after clicking on it !  Oh my did we both laugh when we seen what the WHOLE picture showed.

Really my friend, Toni with an "i" that made my day regardless of how the day's plans had seemingly been wrecked, or not.

The important part of this day, as is every one of my days is that I am with the person I love, and I do so love my husband Rob with my whole being, this day and everyday whatever each day might bring us, "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard".

Friday 25 October 2013

A Good Day This Day

This morning I was awake just before the alarm went off before 5:55 am.  This made me feel good.  The kiss my husband gave me before heading out for work made me feel good.  The looks and kisses I got from each of our four Aussies made me feel good.

I headed North of the Checkerboard on a mission to pickup an Exercise Bicycle "Free to Good Home" from one place, as well as some Yarn from another place, before going to my bi-weekly scheduled Doctor's appointment was making me feel good.

Driving and taking it all in this morning really made me feel good.  Is it not  beautiful?  (Auntie Gladys & Uncle do you recognize where I was from the bottom photo?).

I had wonderful in and out breathes when I took these lovely billowing clouds all in which made me feel good.

After I had collected the two "Free" items to a good home, I carried on to my Doctor's appointment.  The results were in from the Cat Scan I had for my Nose/Sinus, showing something "abnormal".  This will be further addressed by the Ear/Throat/Nose Specialist I go see in November.  I got my usual shot in the arm for my allergy which was good, and then in the "other arm" my Flu Shot.  

The Flu Shot into my muscle did NOT make me feel good !!! 

Once I got back home I was, once again for the 5th time this week (but who is counting) I was handed over the "Crabby Cabbie" phone ... *sigh*, I am such a dedicated loving committed wife, am I not?  Pat on back.

I had to head downtown to drop off the application for The "Crabby Cabbie" to go into Wiarton's Christmas Parade this Year.  Applications were to be dropped off at Gilbert's Shoes.

When in at Gilbert's Shoes, I was very happy Louise shared one of her Lowry Maraschino Cherries with me ... I LOVE me Chocolate Covered Maraschino Cherries !!!  This made me feel good.

With no calls coming my way, I headed back home to let out the Aussies and do some paperwork that needed attending to.  Finally after the lunch hour I received a call ... off I went downtown again.  Since I had to wait for my fare to finish up I had some time to put in ....

I took advantage of my "Crabby Cabbie" down time, by taking in a couple of things that are upcoming downtown Wiarton at the St. John's United Church, as well as the Legion Member selling Remembrance Day Poppies.  The upcoming St. John's Events? the Christmas Bazaar makes me feel good as I LOVE them, and I KNOW the Turkey Dinner would make my Auntie Gladys feel really GOOD, as she really LOVES Turkey Dinners (as does my Rob) !!!  Remembrance Day should make us all feel GOOD for what our Veterans gave for us.

I did get another "Crabby Cabbie" fare.  This one was another of our regular customers, who is an eighty-four year old "upbeat" lady.  Once I arrived at her home to drop her off we must have sat and talked for at least 15 minutes or so.  She got out and said to me, "thank you for the girl talk".  This made me feel good.

Still with a bit of extra time on my hands, I headed on over to Mary Weir's home.

Mary used to doing sewing, and I loved taking to her the bit of sewing I had needing done for my Mother from time to time.  Mary also does quilting, and knits items to be sold at her Church's Christmas Bazaar, which is the Frank Street Baptist Church, the same our Grandboys go to VBS when they come visit in the Summer.  Mary had relayed to me in one of our discussions that the price of Yarn was getting way to expensive to buy now a days.

I took the huge garbage bag plus of Yarn over to Mary's today, which made her not only very surprised but one very happy lady.  I was fortunate enough to be shown what Mary had already knitted in the way of socks, slippers and toques for their upcoming Church Bazaar on the 9th of November.  I really loved the apron Mary had sewn also for the Bazaar.  This one she was modelling for me was one of two she had made.

Making someone happy made me feel good.  How could it not?  I love love love making someone else feel good when I can.

Once I had gotten my first fare back home from town, I got to return home for the remainder of the day myself, as our Wiarton Driver had returned to takeover from me.  Phew .. cause I had to dust 1/4 inch of dust off the furniture in our bedroom and get the bed made if nothing else got done this day (which it didn't).

My hubby got home at a fairly descent hour today, and took us for a $5.00 Sub at Wiarton's Subway.  This made me feel really good as I only had to heat up some homemade soup to go along with it for our Dinner, and there were minimal dishes to be done up afterwards.

It was a GOOD day this day, "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard".

Thursday 24 October 2013

Chilled Into Changed Up Plans Again !

I woke up thinking I had a whole day ahead of me to commit myself to cleaning my shambles of a house, a scheduled walk with a friend, then an outing with another friend later in the day.  Forward I went with my day.

I did not really admire the mess on my deck first thing, but my Auntie will admire I took out my "big calendar" to mark appointments on it (now to remember to check it will be the next feat).

The snow did not stay long.  I could not but help admire our Manitoba Red Maples.  It will not be long before our trees will  find themselves "naked".

My day I had planned for "me" got as far as a load of darks put into the washer, the bed made, and a few stray dishes in the sink done up before I realized I was covering "again" for The "Crabby Cabbie" again this day.  How many days has that been already this week? and had I not just did 3 months of his paperwork already for him?  

Good thing Rob and I have a good marriage, as I am not sure where the one I have with The "Crabby Cabbie" is going with all this "overload" that has been directed my way lately ... ha !

It was with regret I had to call my one friend to cancel our walk, and by early afternoon I found myself contacting the other friend to cancel our 5 pm plans, as by that time I was feeling exhausted and had gotten myself a chill.  I knew by the time I was to meet up with Rob for our appointment just before 5 pm, I would be "done by dinner", wanting nothing more to come home, have a bite to eat, do this post, and go to bed.  My plans this day? gone to Hell in a Handbag, except for ....

Jennifer Crawley is a self-taught artist, who has set up house in Wiarton.  She was having her first Open House today from 5 to 8 pm.  Since I was under the weather, I called to see if she could see me at 4 pm.  This way I could carry on with my, once again, changed plans for the day.  Jennifer was more then accommodating.

Located behind Wiarton's Main Street, I entered off of Lousia Street.  Very easy to find with such an awesome work of Art  displayed at the building in front of the entrance.  I was thrilled to have Artist Jennifer Crawley explain her passions to me.

Jennifer's artwork is vast in what she has covered from a Cuba collection to Georgian Bay paintings, all vivid and very much alive !

Jennifer is well worth the follow on her Facebook page by going HERE, as well as on her Website you may find HERE.  Jennifer welcomes private bookings and/or viewings by appointment, please feel free to contact her at 519-534-9522, as I can almost guarantee you will be as delighted by this energetic talented young lady as I was.

Wiarton should be so lucky to have yet another talented person within its folds.  Welcome Jennifer !

I was just finishing up my visit with Jennifer when my phone rang.  Right on schedule, just before 5 pm, Rob had arrived in Town for our appointment.

As I walked down to meet Rob where he was parked, I could not help but think Remembrance Day is not too far away now.  I had also been surprised to find a Clematis still in bloom at this time of year, regardless of its sheltered home.  I found Rob with no problem, but he had spotted me at about the same time I "snapped" his picture, and again, this time ignoring that I was even there with the camera, as we sat waiting for our appointment.

Today our Mortgage was due to be renewed.  I think I have lived the last 20+ years looking forward to being Mortgage Free, and hoping I will be young enough to still enjoy life when that happens.  We have 6 more years, unfortunately taking us a couple years past "Freedom 55", unless we have a windfall happen our way.

Really there are so many others not as comfortable in Life, so to complain when I should be grateful on how far Rob and I have made it together in our 19 years together this upcoming Saturday, I think we have done exceptionally well together as a "tag" team all those years.

I still have a chill in my bones I need to rid myself of.  I am thinking a hot bath and a warm bed might be the next order of my day, "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard".

Wednesday 23 October 2013

Busy But Amazing & Fun It Was

Did I begin this day in an early to me usual manner? of course I did at 5:00 am.  Am I tired now? of course I am but it was a good day as I have finish up another busy day, however it was amazing and fun ....

I had an invite to get together with a friend over at Rural Rootz in Wiarton (drop in on their website to see them yourself by going HERE, as I guarantee you will not be disappointed).  Somewhere I have passed many times in the past 10 years, however never getting around to stopping in at.  Really could anyone believe I never got around to stopping in somewhere in my Community? that is amazing in itself, is it not?  

Once my first commitment of the day was completed, I headed out to Country Road 13, which is the way you would head over to Oliphant from Hwy 6 at the top of the Wiarton North Hill ... very easy peasy to find and get to.

Once I arrived at Rural Rootz, I headed up the windy road into the forest towards a visit with my friend, Janet of  Some might remember seeing Janet on my blog posts a couple of times before, most recently this past Spring 2013 HERE.  We had a really great visit, and I am looking forward to when we can have another.

Not only did I have an amazing and fun visit with Janet, I also had the pleasure of meeting Dianne Adams. 

Dianne is getting to be quite well known  about & about in South Bruce Peninsula by her "Strike a Pose".  Janet and I "struck a pose" for Dianne today, however we are yet to see the photo she took.  YIKES it could be scary !!! but it really was fun at the time.  Dianne has a brand new Yoga DVD she has just released ~ YOGA with Dianne Adams, "Stretch & Flow" ~.  For a copy of Dianne's DVD, please give Janet a call out at Rural Rootz the next month at 519-534-2522.  Copies are only $15.00 each.  You can easily follow Dianne on Facebook by doing so HERE.

The remainder of the day was spend in travel by representing the "Crabby Cabbie" out and about Wiarton.  I went to a couple of places that I was familiar with, and not too familiar with.

Once place I was being "watched" very carefully, while at the other it seemed as if I was all alone other then a "hole" way out yonder.  

I am certain the Sunshine in the above photo is quite noticeable, however most of the late afternoon had been getting intermittent periods of wet cold snow, with no exception at the moment this late in the day.  Between wet snow and hail, it really has been another much cooler day.  I am so NOT ready for Winter.

Since I did not get home until late afternoon, I had been grateful that I had leftover cooked chicken thighs in the fridge.  What to do with these leftovers?  easy peasy ....

... chopped up fresh leeks and onion sauteed in a bit of oil, added to turnip and carrot that I had cooked up within 15 minutes in the Pressure Cooker, along with some Cauliflower, all mixed together with the chicken and a jar of turkey gravey, topped with a mixture of Bisquick and ....

... voila' a very tasty Dinner of Chicken Pot Pie was served up in just over an hour's time of combined prep and cooking times.

Today I had made plans in my head to visit with Janet, go to my other meeting in Hepworth, head over to Sauble Beach to visit with my girlfriend, Colleen, then drop in with some Kleenex for my Mom, before returning home to clean.

Have I learned yet NOT to make plans in my head or otherwise since it never fails that my "Crabby Cabbie" husband usually has a way to change them up on me, "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard".

Tuesday 22 October 2013

Little Dreamer

I hate to whine and complain, but when I come back to this entry in my personal journal I can hopefully say to myself, "I have had worse days and better days".  Today was one of those days where I felt like a "Mack Truck" hit me with every one of my muscles screaming out at me and trying to escape my skin.

Not sleeping does not help, as that is apparently when one's body heals.  I am busy as I can be to hopefully not find time to think about pain, but today that was not working for me.  Regardless I was still inspired by a quote I had googled in the wee hours of this morning... 

Morning is nature's way of saying, live life one more time, make a difference, touch one heart, encourage one mind and inspire one soul.

A year ago I received some "Happy Mail" from a lovely lady who corresponded with me through my blog.

My most favourite Holiday of the Year is Halloween.  I kept my youngest Son going out "Trick or Treating" until he was 13 years old, and got to take my Great Nephew, Riley, out until a couple of years ago.  I need a new "kid" to go out "Trick & Treating" with, so if anyone knows one in the area, please let me know.

I was very happy to receive this lovely Halloween runner from Bess.  It most certainly lifted my Halloween spirits last year, and again this year when I got it out (really I did iron it, however I should have used the steam).  Thanks Bess, I couldn't wait until after Thanksgiving was over to get it out from the China Cabinet drawer.

I really didn't get nothing else much done this morning, other then the bed made and the kitchen tidied up somewhat.  I am still recovering from doing all that "Crabby Cabbie" book work I am sure. *Wink*

Later on today there had been some racket going on out side.  I looked out to find ....

Quite the accumulation of hail pellets and a very unsettled looking sky.

Later this afternoon the sky still remained unsettled, even though there were reports of a beautiful Rainbow over Colpoy's Bay, I was only to see it in another's photo.  I had to be content to gaze upon the greenness of the grass and billowing darkness of the skies laid out before me here.

Rob called me on his way home, would I drive one of the Cabs over to our mechanics and he would drop around to pick me up.  On the way home he stopped so I could take more photos of the progress made on the home located on Wiarton's South Hill.

I am tickled pink on how much more has been accomplished, and at the thoughts of what much more will be done soon.

I could see myself wandering from room to room in this home ....

I have all my life been a dreamer ... I used to read the History books from schools like novels, lapping up up every word I read on their pages.  I imagine myself living in those times, walking elegantly down swirling staircases going below to a Ball Room, or Great Room for a feast with Royals, Gents and Ladies in Waiting.

Dream, dream, dream ... carry me into your Worlds of Past.

Pisces are known to be dreamers, did you know this?  you can read yourself right HERE, as I do come by it honestly.

I did have a wonderful gesture of giving happen to me this day.  It was a surprise I would never had guessed or suspected.  Rob's cousin, Joyce, called to say she had something for me and would like to drop in on her way home.  

Truly I was beyond surprised when she gifted me this lovely 3-legged cup with saucer she had come by with me in mind.  Thank you Joyce !   And another friend had given me these two wooden stools our Elizabeth is going to make-over for Chloe and Briar with their names on top to gift them for Christmas.  Liz is going to be so happy when she sees them !  I love days when there are things that make your heart swell with gratitude.  Thanks to Judy for the stools as a couple of other items I appreciated that had came my way.

Truly I am exhausted, however my dear husband is going to look after the Aussies this evening for me on their last out and about, so I can take to my bed earlier then normal this evening, "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard".

Monday 21 October 2013

Mental Disorders? Friends?

I have been finding there is a lot of truth to the above when it comes to some of my friends lately.  Remember the photo I posted of myself yesterday with the hat I absolutely LOVE and was so happy to receive from my friend Toni with an "i"?  well she has herself a husband, by the name of Bob, (who apparently we recently found out is somehow related to me through marriage somehow) who has some kind of disorder.  I will let a few others then myself be the judge of what type of disorder it might be once they view the following photos he was posting last evening on Facebook:

Apparently I have gone from enjoying taking photos to promoting pickles, and then onto promoting Bob's favourite food in the World.  This is nothing, the one that takes the whole Enchilada is ....

... when Toni emailed me this one this morning.  Now this I am really really afraid to "caption".  

Not only am I afraid to "caption" the above, I am wondering if I should be more afraid of my friends having more serious mental issues then myself.  It is a scary World I live in some days ...

Now back to more serious things like the day I just had myself, right?  Ha ! that would almost bore anyone to tears I am certain.

Truly this was most of the day, as it has been the last few days.  Am I happy about these rainy days? you darn tootin' I am, as it not Snow (but there have been lots of rumblings about that appearing later this week, so I have been hearing through the grapevine).

Other then having to go out once this day to cover for our Wiarton driver, my day mostly consisted of ....

.... The "Crabby Cabbie" book work.  See, Bandit wasn't even impressed about it today.  But really I am happy happy happy, as I plowed through it all and finished the remaining two months that needed doing !!!  

Truly there is Life After Book Work ....

With there only being a slight drizzle I took out the Aussies, one by one, to enjoy the last few remains of the gardens.

Lexus, as does Mercedes as well, always enjoy the Bounties of the Garden.  The look of satisfaction is difficult not to notice all over Lexus' face, is it not?

Rob did not arrive home until well after 6:00 pm this evening, which was just as well since I did not get the last of the paperwork done up until very late afternoon.  Dinner this evening? my old reliable "stand-by" of bacon, scrambled eggs and toast was cooked and served up this evening.

Truly I am feeling much better with that book work out of the way (until next time), making me wonder why do I procrastinate so badly on such things, "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard".
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