Thursday 16 May 2013

The Upcoming Victoria May 24 Weekend

I can barely believe tomorrow marks the beginning of another Victoria Day May 24 Holiday weekend.  When I was younger we could barely contain ourselves for such a weekend to come around.  It didn't only mean an extra day off from school or work, it meant that Summer was just around the corner with a weekend of camping or outdoor fun to celebrate.

I can remember being a silly teenager with other friends taking a dip into the freezing Sauble River one year, just because ... other years of camping with it being cold, damp and rainy only for the Sun to appear on the Monday when it was time to head back home, just because... it was the May 24 Weekend.  I am happy those days are now behind me, as when I think of those times I shutter with thoughts of cold, just because... I am much older and wiser now.  Ha !

What is beginning in and around our communities is a few of the Outdoor Farmer's Markets.  Here in Wiarton the market begins downtown main street tomorrow from 10 am to 2 pm.  Please take a peek at some of its vendors from one of my visits there last year within my day by *clicking* HERE.

Take note, the Wiarton Farmer's Market will be at the new downtown Wiarton location this Year.  Lots of parking up behind Saddler's Home Hardware side of the street.  While you are parked back there it would be a great idea to drop into The Cluttered Cupboard (right beside the back of the Hardware Store) as I promise you will not be disappointed.

Another local Market is held Saturday mornings in Lion's Head from 9 am to 1 pm.  I have visited this Market once, but loved it now I have and will return again this Year.  It was late in the Season, actually the very last day of this Market last Year when I attended to it HERE.

I LOVE outdoor Markets, I LOVE local products and I LOVE my Community, can you tell?

What did I do today? well I figured I best accomplish something constructive, and I still haven't gotten around to cleaning my fridge out *blush*, but what I did do was a big job to me in itself.

"First I rallied my cleaning crew together and ... "

"... we got going on moving, vacuuming and washing down the Dining room area and hallway floors."

That is a big job!  at least in my books it is.  I left the living room area to be done for another day.

It was well after lunch when everything was put back into its place.  Mind you there were 3 dogs taken in and out in-between the time it also took me to clean this area.  Big job !

Once I had a bit of lunch I made a coffee for myself and put in a phone call to a Blogger acquaintance I have gotten to know through her Blog, comments left on my Blog, and emails, all through our common interest of cooking/baking.  I was not a bit disappointed with my conversation with Lynn of Turnips 2 Tangerines one iota.  Thank you for the chat, Lynn, I look forward to more future chats some time.

I am so happy to get to speak to some of the people I have met through blogging.  It really does open up a whole new World for myself, and I am certain many others.  What is even more cool is to really hear the Voice behind the Writing !  Really cool.

Now for those of us who could use a dose of cuteness, you can find it right HERE.  You don't want to miss out on this update of cuteness.

With a dose of cuteness out of the way, we all can use a dose of good humour can we not?

Ha! I really do not think I have any worries in this department with my husband, as in 20 years of being together I can only remember a handful where he didn't like something I cooked.  However I do remember him commenting a few times on how I folded his pants, but I am pretty certain when I stopped folding his clothes that complaint might have stopped then ... and he is still here with me, so I don't think I smacked him too silly.  *smile*.

That was pretty much my day other then having a round of fetch with Bandit, Lexus and Mercedes earlier today, with videos to follow tomorrow.  Buddy? I need to purchase a new long training lead, with my goal this Summer being to teach him how to play with and fetch a ball for me.  This should be an interesting challenge for me I think, and maybe him too.

I am off to make our Dinner in the form of a Ham, Mushroom and Cheese Quiche, "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard".


  1. Quite a woman's poem!

    Our farmer's markets are gearing up. The main one here in Ottawa is on Sundays, and I believe they're already under way.

  2. I got Chris house trained pretty early on!
    Jane x

  3. Have a great Victoria Day Weekend Cindy!


  4. Hi Cindy!! It was so nice "talking" with you today...I should have warned you that I would talk your ear off...since there aren't many people to talk to up here in the Woods of WI:) Did you guess, I like to interrupt too:) Have a Great Victoria Day Weekend and have fun at the Farmers Market! I love the "Woman's Poem" Haha My hubby mentioned he didn't like the way I folded his pants once....he has gotten really good at folding his own:) Your Dining room looks Great!! Lynn
    PS~I always enjoy reading about What's Happening in Wiarton~

  5. I love the outdoor markets too! Hubby complained once too often about how I ironed his shirts and has been ironing his own for 20+ years now! Those little puppies are sooo cute!


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