Sunday 31 August 2014

The Day Before Today

Last night I actually got to watch the second movie, or half of it, of the Lord of the Rings Trilogy, the Two Towers.  I LOVE the Hobbit and the sequences after, reading all the books years ago, and now (a little behind) but watching the movies.  I will watch the 2nd half of the movie I couldn't stay past 11:30 pm to watch.

Now back to the photographs I took the day before today.

Aiden & Connor were surprised when their Dad, Liz, Chloe, Briar and Mercedes all arrived at noon yesterday, as they didn't think they were going to be leaving to come here until that time.   Poppa Rob took us all out for lunch at the Greet Door Cafe where everyone was so good & ate everything on their plates.  

Once lunch was over with we headed over to Owen Sound to do some back to school shopping.  My niece, Joanne, had told us about the Urban Kids store in the Mall so we headed over there first.

Liz was beyond impressed with the kids clothes and prices at Urban Kids.  We will be going back there again to shop next time they come up.  The kids were happy with the new clothes they got too.

Next stop was La Senza where everyone was bored expect for Liz and I.  I was getting Liz a little something for her upcoming Birthday, as it was much nicer to have her pick something out she would like for herself as a bit of a "treat" just for her.  Despite the boredom Connor & Briar had some fun doing some poses for me.

Finally out of the Mall we next headed on over to my Niece's boyfriend's house, as his neighbour raised Miniature Donkeys (which we used to have 3 of ourselves back in Waterloo when we had lived there).

We were all very excited about our visit with the Donkeys.  This little girl was only 6 weeks old.  What a Doll.  

I was absolutely so happy capturing this wonderful moment Chloe was having with this Donkey.  She was in her element.

After the Donkeys we headed over to Giant Tiger then to take the kids to Jones' Falls on our way back home.

Who doesn't love trails, Falls and a good cuppa tea.

This day had been a full day spent with my Blended Family, "heavy" on the full and a bit nutty too ...

... as you can tell by the Family Picture they posed for (have I ever mentioned what a "ham" our 7 year old Connor is? or can you tell yourself by this photo?)

Today was another fun packed day.  The kids had gone off to the Beach, the girls & I had some "just for girls" fun, and then an after dinner walk.

Now it is time for me to go watch the 2nd half of that movie, Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard.

Saturday 30 August 2014

Beyond Beyond !

As soon as my feet hit the floor I have not stopped since 5:45 am.   It has been totally CRAZY beyond beyond !

The rest of our gang as in Paul, Liz and the two girls, Chloe & Briar arrived at lunch time.  Rob took us out for lunch at the Green Door Cafe at 1:15.  All the kids were good, each splitting a meal between the two girls and two boys, cleaning up their plates.

After lunch, leaving Rob behind, we headed on over to Owen Sound for some Back to School shopping.  Shopping, stopping to see miniature donkeys, going to Jones Falls, arriving back home to make supper for everyone for 7 pm.

It took a bit to get the trailer set up for the kids, as in beds made, TV & DVD player running.

Photos?  I have photos but I am too darn, darn, triple darn worn out to upload and edit them.  The kids are all going to head off to the beach tomorrow, weather permitting, and I will try to get caught up with photos for tomorrow's post, among lots of other things that need catching up around here.

This is all she wrote, Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard.

Friday 29 August 2014

Road Trip With Poppa

Everyone had a fitful sleep last night but for me.  I thought sleeping in the RV on the new memory foam mattress topper I had purchased I would have slept like a baby.  I regret to say that did not work out the way I had planned.  Maybe I need to be busier and more tired by the time evening rolls around at the end of my days?  I don't know but that will be something I have to get working on with getting back to daily walks after my gall bladder has been removed and hopefully somewhat of a routine can begin in my Life (I am almost scared to think that a routine will ever be possible in my life again ... bahhhhhh).

I was out the RV door by 6 am to get in to look after our Aussies.  I had Lexus out when I happened to notice the amazing sky this morning.  I finished up as quick as I could to head back out with my camera to capture ...

....  the sight that took my breathe away.  It is amazing is it not?  the beauty of it all keeps me in "awe".

The remained of my morning was spent trying to keep some order within our home, even though it wasn't going to be anything describe by far as "neat as a pin", and more like a "hurricane wreck", but truly worth every minute of having Aiden and Connor here.

Once Rob had returned home from his regular morning run, we loaded up the boys to head on out on a ...

... road trip with Poppa.  It had been a one way 2 hour trip, and I must say our boys were very very good, and Portia? she slept on the floor at my feet the whole trip.

What Poppa went to check out did not pan out to his liking so we did an about round trip to head 'r back home.  By the time this was happening it had been lunch time, so A&W was our choice of lunch places along the way.

Going out to get us a seat, while Rob waited for our food, I told Aiden I would sit on the far side as some people might not like the pup close to them.  The lady beside us had said they like dogs, then said she knew me.  I must have looked astonished at that statement but then she went on to explain she knew me from my blog.  Well Elaine it was lovely to meet you today, and I was so happy you had spoke to me.  Elaine & her husband are from Toronto, and were visiting her brother in Mount Forest.  Elaine had came by my blog from someone else who had it as a favourite.  What are the odds of something like this happening? actually pretty darn good don't you think?

Elaine recently had a hip replacement and was telling me since she has experienced NO Arthritis pain since having it done.  So anyone out there who is maybe thinking having a hip replacement, please have faith there is life after surgery in some respects.  Thanks for sharing this with me Elaine, as it is always good to get more knowledge out there to others should they not know themselves, and lots of luck on your continued healing.

We got home mid-afternoon, with the boys and I turning around and heading right back out the door.  It had almost been 3 pm.

Aiden, Connor and I had to stop up at the Wiarton Home Building Centre, where the boys wanted their photo taken with the carved fawn.  Over in the flooring department they had a little fun sliding and dancing on the ceramic flooring.  That was fun watching them do that, and still brings a *smile* to my face.

Dinner?  we had Corn on the Cob, a Hot Dog, and Cheese & Crackers.  Dessert? an Ice Cream Bar.

Baths are over with, Aussies are all looked after for the last time this evening, and we are going to head out to the RV where hopefully I get to have a good night's sleep like Poppa and the boys, Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard.

Thursday 28 August 2014

Busy With A Capital "B"

Yesterday our Grandsons had been busy in the morning helping Poppa do some work, which they were payed $5.00 each.  

Of course by afternoon Grandma was transporting them downtown to Rankin River Trading Co. to get some Hot Wheel Cars and a couple of suckers.  Happy boys !

Last night we camped out in the RV.  The boys and Rob were very excited about that, and we had also picked up some DVD rentals.  Before all of that the real excitement had been when Connor had wiggled his wiggly tooth so much it had wiggled right out !

Yes a total of six teeth gone with Connor becoming a "toothless" wonder.  The Tooth Fairy did come to Grandma and Poppa's house leaving 8 shiny quarters behind for the boy.

Patiently waiting for Poppa to get the Movie set up to play.  We watched the movie, Blended.  The boys and I loved it !  Poppa went to bed before it was over.

This morning the boys watched the other movie we had picked out, Spiderman 2, while I did 3 loads of laundry and tried to get a bit organized although it wasn't happening much for me in that department.

My sister and her husband, Jeanne and Cecil, were coming up to Wiarton to try the Salmon fishing today, so I took the boys down to Bluewater Park to play this afternoon and to meet up with them for a bit of a visit.

Not only do the boys like playing in the sand, Portia did too ... BUM UP !!!

I love capturing our boys when they are not aware I am taking their photo.

My sister, Jeanne, and Aiden helping Great Uncle Cecil un-hook his fishing line.

Between calls my dear Rob worked hard at getting our new Gazebo up.  A start anyhow as it is hard work, especially when one is working alone at such a big undertaking.  Thanks honey.

Rob was very busy late this afternoon.  He was unable to make it to Dinner with the boys and I.  I had been so pooped from being awake all of last night, I decided we were going to have Dinner out at Red Fish Blue Fish, downtown Wiarton.

I had 1 pc Halibut & Chips, Aiden had Shrimp & Connor had Chicken Fingers & Chips.  Aiden loves him those Shrimp, just like his Dad ... Salads & Shrimp.

Yes I have been very Busy with a capital "B", since the boys have been here.  Not that I wasn't busy before they arrived, Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard.

Wednesday 27 August 2014

Movie Night !

Me, myself, and I, along with our Aiden and Connor, had ourselves a very busy day.  It is 8 pm, and we are still going strong and ready to have ourselves a "movie night".

I have lots of photos from today, however since we are having a "movie night" I do not have time to to upload our photos from today if we are to have time to watch at least one ....  it will be Spider Man 2 we watch first.

Tomorrow is another day, and tomorrow I will do another post with photos from today, as well as photos of the visit we had from one of our Extraordinary 8 2014 pups.

One really exciting thing that did happen today was that  Connor lost a tooth !  and tonight the Tooth Fairy will be coming to visit him, Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard.

Tuesday 26 August 2014

What A Day That Was !

Last night was an extremely restless evening for me.  I had been up at 2 taking Portia out, then at 4 am the phone started ringing, every 20 minutes with someone's fax machine dialing our number, right up until after 5:30 am.  I was peeved about that ... then it was time to really get up for the day by 6 am.

Aiden, Connor and I headed out the door just before 10 am.  The boys had no idea where we were going.  The day was very warm and the Sun in the sky, a perfect day for where I was taking them to ...

Story Book Park, over by Owen Sound.  They had been very excited.  We started out with taking the train first around the park so we could get our bearing a bit before heading out on foot to decide what we would do first.

They hit the rides first.  I could not believe these same rides were the same as my parents used to take me to when I was a little girl up at Sauble Beach !  I had wondered if they had been the very same ones?  Geesh that would be something wouldn't it?

The majority of the day was spend at the Waterpark, more so at the Water Slides then at the Splash Pads.  They had so much fun here !

I was one tired Grandma, but still they talked me into going on the Strawberry Ride that went around, around and around.  OMG I thought I was going to be sick ... the same feeling I had 31 years ago when I had taken my 37 year old on them when he was 6 years old !

More fun ....

The last ride before leaving the park after 4 hours of Fun !

After we had left the Park we stopped for Ice Cream, then went to the Giant Tiger Store in Owen Sound.  Aiden got new shoes and a hat, and Connor got a new shirt, both Birthday Gifts from Poppa and I.

We eventually did make it back home, much to my relief, where I got Dinner on the go then if the day hadn't been enough off for a walk we went.

Down we walked past the Wiarton Marina toward the Water Treatment Plant.  The boys had fun throwing rocks and wading, while Portia had fun grabbing and barking at the waves.

What a day that was !  and I am pretty much beyond ready for bed, Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard.

Monday 25 August 2014

Dinosaurs, Reptiles & Amphitheatre

Today started with the purpose of getting Rob a new lazy boy chair, as his old one of 16 years gave up the ghost.  I had found a leather recliner rocker in excellent used condition on Kijij that had been at Thompson's Furniture in Paisley on consignment.

The boys and I picked up Pari and headed on down to Paisley at 10 am to get Poppa a new Lazy Boy chair for a great Cash & Carry price.  Yes it passed the "comfort" test when we got it out of the van a 1/2 hour ago.

After picking up the chair we headed into Southampton for a bite of lunch at Tim Hortons.  I never usually take my receipt after I pay when I am asked, but today for some reason I did take it.  Good thing I had as they charged me for a Medium Mocha when I had ordered a Small, and charged me for a small coffee that I had not even ordered, but not even got.  That was good for an overcharge of $2 and change.  I suppose it pays to keep an eye on your receipts.

Once we were done with lunch we headed on over to the Bruce County Museum.

The original museum was the old School that my sister Jeanne and brother Allan had gone to, as well as my parent.  The new edition of the museum had been added on much much later.  Today was the last day for the "up & close" experience with live reptiles, and the Dinosaur Exhibit was also still on.

First stop was to see the Dinosaur Exhibit.  Aiden did a video game, and they both uncovered some dinosaur bones.

Next stop was the Ship and Cannon demonstration.  That had been fun !

Right after at 1 pm Reptile were live !  that was fun as we got to see Snakes and Lizard.

The boys got to touch 2 different kinds of snakes and 2 lizards.

Outside we did a look about of the one room school house.  Pari pretended she was the School Marm.  Aiden and Connor checked out the very very long wood box of the wood stove.

The Museum backs onto Fairy Lake.  The snapping turtles were out sunning themselves.  A common sight for me growing up in Southampton.

Next stop was the Amphitheatre at Saugeen First Nations.  We all enjoyed the walk.

Over looking the Saugeen River.  Beautiful views always.

We finally got home at 4:30 after a long eventful day.  Dinner was Grilled Steak and veggies.  Dessert was popcicles.

Can I say, "tired"? of course I can and the boys haven't even began to wind down yet, Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard.

Sunday 24 August 2014

They Are HERE !!!

I headed down Hwy. 6 South this morning then over onto 9 going the back roads to get were I was going.  I left the house at 7:30 am and made it to Petersburg just over a couple of hours later where I met up with my Son, Paul.  

Today I was picking up our Grandsons, Aiden and Connor.

Paul and I were meeting to put in some time before I picked the boys up.  First stop was Costco along with my list.  You know when you go into a store like Costco one never sticks to their list, right?

The only thing I got that was off my list was Rye Bread and the SensiCool Pillows.  I LOVE Rye Bread, and if nobody has ever tried a Grilled Cheese on Rye Bread you don't know what you are missing out on.  2 loaves for $4.79 was a steal of a deal compared to our local store here.  The pillow?  I am always flipping my pillow trying to be cool, so I am hoping this pillow will be the solution.  Will keep you posted Vicki.

After Costco we checked out the Strip Mall across the way where some Name Brand Outlet Stores were.  SportChek had a huge sign for 50% off.  Paul and I went in to check it out.  I got a great deal on a pair of Ryka athletic shoes and Fila Socks.  I tried to pay for them, however the sales person got sidetracked as they were showing Paul a video of the DC owner street racing in San Francisco.  Boys will be boys, as I patiently waited for them to enjoy the video ... *smile*.

Next on our agenda had been lunch.  Paul was hungry.  Of to his favourite place for lunch .... the Red Lobster.  I joined the Red Lobster Club on my iphone, and we got a FREE appetizer or dessert.  We chose ...

.... the Shrimp Nachos.  Good thing we split them as it was lots !  Paul and I both had the lunch portion of Crab Linguine.  It had been a little bit too salty for my liking.  We both were full when we left ... and not to forget how "yummy" those Garlic Cheese Buns are.  Including beverages, taxes and tip our bill had only been $33.00

After our lunch we had time for a couple more stores before it was time to pickup Aiden and Connor.  Before 2 pm we had loaded up our boys, dropped their Daddy off at his car and were off heading North home to Poppa like a Herd of Turtles.

We made a "pit stop" along the way to get some Fresh Corn on the Cob for our Dinner.  Connor was ensuring there was no water in the ditch before he crossed over.  Yes the boys picked us out some pretty good cobs, and the price was right at $4.00 /dozen.

We made it home in good timing by 5 pm.  I am so HAPPY they are here !!!

The first place the boys went to was the outside toy box.  The next order of the day was to help Poppa chuck the corn.  Connor was into corn shucking so much by the look on his face.

While I got dinner going, the boys decided they would clean out the toy box, inside and out.  They did a really good job.  I had really needed a good cleaning.

Dinner was good.  Aiden had a Chicken Burger stuffed with Bacon and Cheese, along with a Cob of Corn, Connor had a Hot Dog with a Cob of Corn, I had a Turkey Burger with 2 Cobs of Corn, and Rob had a Hamburger with 4 Cobs of Corn.  Rob LOVES Corn on the Cob.

Portia got a new squeaky toy today.  It has 3 squeaks in it, and had been keeping her very occupied.  Bandit has been occupied with his Beef Knuckle Bone.  Everyone is happy.  Next trip to the Pet Store Lexus and Buddy get a treat for themselves.

Today before Paul and I parted ways we had to have a long overdue photo of us together.

Kids will never stop being kids no matter what the age, will they?

After Dinner and much playing it was bath time for the boys.

See the resemblance between the Father & the Son?  *smile*

Rob is in bed, well deserved, Aiden is building a puzzle, and Connor is playing cars.  I will be taking Miss Portia out soon, who by the way had been growing leaps and bounds the past 2 weeks, and then off to bed myself to try out that new Cool Gel Memory Pillow, Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard.
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