Monday 31 March 2014

The First Sighting Of 2014 !

I had another crazy busy day today, but what made me happy was I experienced my first sighting of 2014.  There is something about seeing a Robin for the first time of the new Year that warms your whole being, and also validating Spring indeed is here to stay.

Making ready to begin a new nest.

How proud is he standing looking over his domain.

Yes I am now convinced Spring is here to stay.  Thank you Mr. or Mrs. Robin.

This morning I had a trip into Owen Sound.  I no sooner returned back home, with only time for a quick bowl of cereal and a banana, before I realized it was time to get ready to head out again.

Rob helped me get Bandit settled in to the back seat of the Van before we stopped to pick up the neighbour, and head South down the road to our Vet's in Mildmay.  Bandit was going to have his ear checked out that I thought maybe had quite a very large cyst on it.  Bandit was a very very good boy at the vets, standing ever so nicely while he had his ear punctured while the vet drew out the liquid within it.  The liquid was "clear" indicating no infection.  It was only a hematoma, pocketing up in his ear tip, a result of a tussle he had with Lexus last week over a stick (usually one gives in before this has ever happened). 

Bandit must have been taking after us human parents, as he managed to put on 5 lbs this Winter.  Time to get a wee bit more exercise me thinks like the rest of us.  

From Mildmay we headed on over to Southampton where I stopped in to have a quick meeting and interview with a person, then over to the Saugeen Gas Bar to get filled up before heading home.  I could not believe that it was 5 pm before I arrived back home !!!  Thank goodness for leftovers to make Dinner for Rob and I simple.

Needless to say, Bandit was very happy to be back home with Rob having lots of stories to tell him about his trip to the Vet with Mom.  

Here it is 7:47 already.  I still have dishes that need washed up before I get settled in for the evening to watch Masterchef Canada, Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard.

Sunday 30 March 2014

Crock Pot Bone-In Chicken

My poor dear Rob did not get home until after 3 am this morning.  He went to sleep, I could not get back to sleep.  He got about 4 hours sleep, I had about the same.  We were both tired today, but the beauty of it we didn't even have a "crabby" moment with each other all day (well maybe one that lasted a split second on Rob's part).

One of the first things I had came across this morning was this .....

Amen.  We are blessed.

Rob and I wanted to make a trip into Owen Sound today, so this morning I thought I should get something prepared and into the Crock Pot.  I had some fresh bone-in Chicken Breasts and Cremini Mushrooms, so I went searching for a "new to me" recipe.

I found the perfect recipe for my needs.  I first seasoned the chicken, after removing the skin, then sliced mushroom and mixed the sauce.  Chicken went into the Crock Pot with the Sauce & Mushrooms poured over top.  The Crock Pot was set on LOW for 6 hours.

I still had some Cremini Mushrooms to be used up.  I sliced them up, threw them in a pan with a tad of Olive Oil and cooked them up.  After they had cooled, into a freezer bag & into the freezer they went for a future use.  Much better then left in my Fridge pushed to the back & possibly forgotten and thrown out later.  By the way these are one of my favourite mushrooms, as they are full bodied flavour and all round yummy, holding their form.

Rob and I headed out for Owen Sound around lunch time.  We stopped at TSC, Staples, Deals and First Choice Haircutters.  We had no breakfast nor lunch, so I told Rob I would be good to eat out but not junk.

We ended up going to Wendy's Restaurant where I tried the new Chicken BBQ Ranch Salad, which I would not hesitate to have again, and Rob opted out for a Grilled Chicken on a bun, with some not so healthy fries (he did good on his choice regardless of the fries).

After Wendy's we headed on over to Walmart where we picked up a few items.  When walking out I asked Rob if he would mind if I got my hair cut, as it had been so long since I had it cut I could not remember when the last time was.  The Salon was called Smart Style.  

I was happy with my haircut, Rob was happy with the one he had at First Choice Haircutters, and Bandit? he is as hairy as ever so guess we should have taken him along with us maybe?

We had just gotten home around 5 pm when the Taxi phone rang.  Dinner was put off for another hour or so as the call had to be attended to.  Really Dinner was well worth waiting for and could not have been more perfect.

The Crock Pot Bone-in Chicken Breast with Mushroom Gravey was "Out of this World" in flavour and melt in your mouth tenderness.  I opted to serve it alongside Broad Egg Noodles, however Rice would have equally complimented this dish.  (I had used two very large chicken breasts rather then the 4 the recipe called for).

Recipe please?  FOR A PRINTABLE RECIPE *CLICK* HERE.  (Please do NOT tell Rob there was Sour Cream in this recipe, as he does not like it *smile*).

Rob and I had a great day together, thoroughly enjoying each others company.

The dishes are done up and I am feeling pretty much all in but for my shirt tail, as is Rob, Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard.

Saturday 29 March 2014

Come & Go Celebration

Today was a busy morning, as I had to take my friend into work, then pickup another friend and take her downtown for shopping.  Time flies when you are having "fun", and the morning was almost gone before I had realized.

The Handicraft House is only minutes up the Highway from where we live.

When I returned back home there was time to take out all the Aussies, have a quick lunch, get showered and ready to head on South to my Hometown Southampton for a Come & Go 90th Birthday Celebration.

My friend's Mom turned 90 years old, and her family were having a Celebration for her at the Anglican Church this afternoon from 2 until 4:30 pm.  I meet up with my Auntie Gladys at 2:30, along with her best friend, Marnie.

Happy 90th Birthday Margaret ! 

Margaret was a Scottish War Bride, brought to Canada by her Husband, Basil Shular (now deceased), Mother of six children, Doug (now deceased), Stuart, Ross, Heather, Bonnie and Gord.  Heather and I had been best friends many years ago now, so I had spent many days and evenings at the Shular's home.

I also seen a few other ladies that I had known in years gone by, which is always nice.  Funny my Auntie and I both noticed all the elderly Church ladies serving, and wondered who will do this when they are gone ???   It will then be a lost generation? will we have to rally up people to bring back the Churches?  I wonder .... and yes if I had to I would be one of those people as the Church does bring members of the Communities together I believe.

That was the whole afternoon spent away, as by the time I had stopped for fuel, and again in town to take a couple of photos, it was 5 pm before I managed to arrive back home.

Photos?  of course photos, as Cathy of Cathy's Confections now has her handmade chocolates ready available downtown Wiarton at Rankin River Trading Co.

I LOVE Cathy & her homemade chocolates, and really I can't think of who would not.  If you are passing through Wiarton drop on in to get yourself some, or better yet yourself and more to make a great gift giving idea.  Not in Wiarton? well drop on into Harrington's in Southampton, as you will also find Cathy's Chocolate Creations there too.

Dinner?  that was easy peasy as one, two, three.

French Toast with local home grown Syrup from Dejong Acres Farm.  Oh yum, yum, yum.

I am all in but for my shirttail I am so tired.  My dear Rob worked all day yesterday, all night last night, and is still out working.  He is really tired.  At least I had his Dinner made before he had to go back out again, my poor dear.  No rest for the wicked, or really is it suppose to be "no rest for the weary"?

That all she wrote this day, Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard.

Friday 28 March 2014

Pretty Shitty Here & There

I was pleased I got a great night's rest last night being in bed and sleeping by 8:00 pm and sleeping right through until 5 am.  I needed that !  and sure wish that could be a norm for me every night, not the in bed so early part, but the sleeping all night part (smile).

Once again I did not accomplish too much today.  Although I was happy I was well rested since some of my day was pretty shitty in my books (even though I have had much worse happen).

It was pouring Cats & Dogs all morning.  I had to go out this morning and I was soaked to the butt, never mind how careful one had to tread with all the ice and slushiness going on.

Today was far from a total write-off kind of shitty day as I did score some good deals down at the local Foodland store this morning.  One of the salads I had picked up at been my favourite with Raspberry Poppyseed Dressing.  Oh yum.

The really shitty part of the day was to realize the water was backing up into our basement.  Rob thankfully had come home, getting the shop vac hooked up and sitting in the laundry tub, to suck up and drain.  To add insult to injury out of the two dehumidifiers we have neither one works (just our luck).  

At the same time the water backup was going on we also got a phone call from a person who wanted to come see one of our 1 year old pups we are re-homing.  As the saying goes, "if it doesn't rain it pours" !!!   No worries it all got done.

We weren't the only ones that were having a shitty day today too, as ....

Downtown Wiarton was obviously having some water issues.  Not a great thing to be happening for the stores & shops on a Friday afternoon, but what else was there to do?  The bonus is there is lots of parking behind the stores.

We were speculating there might be problems with all this snow we still have, and a "flash" thaw with high temps and rain.  Still this is nothing compared to World disasters, so my shitty days in comparison are very minute.

A friend sent me a link concerning Migraines and Cayenne Pepper, which I thought I would share (just copy & paste the following link into your browser, or highlight, right click and select "go to"):

I am not to certain about trying this yet until I get my stomach issues, if any, resolved.  She said not to start with a whole tsp. a day but work up to it a little bit at a time.  She also takes a tsp. of Ginger a day as well.  How to take it? she dilutes it in warm water with lemon, or in a glass of juice.  Thanks for the tips Holly, I am open to trying anything and will give it a shot after I find out what is going on with my Gall Bladder issues.

It doesn't matter how much you spoil them, they still give you a little "lip" from time to time, then act coy, and then have the nerve to laugh at you.  *shaking head*

Despite the few shitty moments this day brought, there were lots of good ones in it too, and that I am thankful for, Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard.

Thursday 27 March 2014

2 For 1 Special

It still has not stopped.  The snow was coming down this heavy this morning, and it is still coming down.  I am thinking it will never stop.

Today was again another non-productive day, although I did get my bedroom dusted.  I was tired.  It did not help any when I called my girlfriend, Shannon, to have her yawning through the phone.  And here I am still yawning, just like it is still snowing outside my windows.  Still, still, still ....

I had to go downtown to download the photos I had taken for the Wiarton Willie Festival 2014. This didn't take too long, but still once you leave the house it seems difficult to get going on anything once you return (or maybe it is just me).

This afternoon I had my consultation with Dr. Jon Caulfield, General Surgeon.  He performed Rob's Colonoscopy, as well as his Gallbladder surgery.  Rob liked him, as did I when I met him today.  He knows his stuff and takes the time to explain it to you, so far as even drawing me a diagram on how the liver, gall bladder, pancreas and stomach works.  He also has a sense of humour, as when it was decided how it was going to go with me he went down the hall to order me a "2 for 1 Special".

What on Earth would be a 2 for 1 Special?  This would be a colonoscopy as well as a stomach scope.  He ordered me to have it As Soon As Possible.  The volunteers who had been there (one being my bff's Mom) told me that the ASAP would be within a week or two, as the long list wasn't being booked until September.

Did you know that Colon Cancer is one of the largest cancer risks to have, and by detecting it early has saved thousands upon thousands of lives.  After the age of 50 years it is recommended to be done, and thereafter every 10 years.

My Gallstones?  he will evaluate the situation once he goes in to scope my stomach, then I will know afterwards if my Gallbladder will need removed or not.

I will know Monday when I call his office when I will be scheduled for the 2 for 1 Special.

Dinner tonight?  I cheated and bought a takeout rotisserie chicken and some potato wedges at the local Foodland store.  The chicken I removed the skin from it before eating, and the wedges were baked and not deep fried.

That was my whole day of excitement, or not, in a nut shell.  I do not know why, but I am totally exhausted and my head aches.  I will be heading for my bed at a very early hour this evening praying for whole night's sleep, Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard.

Wednesday 26 March 2014

A Productive Day Not At Home

I really found today to be productive, not at home but just the same productive.  I did not think it was going to be so when I first woke up and could barely move.

Unfortunately I started my day with a severe Fibromyalgia "flare-up".  What I did do before I left the house was take some meds, which finally did take effect by the time we arrived at our scheduled 11 am appointment in Port Elgin.

I was very exited since I was meeting up with Brad Smith, Owner of Canvas Studios, and creator of .  I do not know how websites or such work, so I was in "awe" to be included in this meeting with me representing the WDCC, along with Danielle Mulasmajiic, Economic Development Officer for the Town of South Bruce Peninsula.

Brad does amazing work from what I have seen thus far, and very easy to converse with as well.  I have another scheduled meeting in the next couple of months which I am looking forward to him to showing a few tricks of the trade "hands on".  Thanks Brad !

Should anyone be curious in respect to MORE of Brad's work?  stop on in to check out the Hoity Toity Cellars, a local Bruce County winery, by *clicking* HERE.

By the time we got back into Wiarton it was well after the Lunch Hour.  I had one more quick stop before I got back home.  After arriving home I had a small window of time to have a quick sandwich, and deal with a couple of phone calls before heading back down the road for my Chiropractor's appt. at 3 pm.

Once again back in Wiarton, another three stops before finally landing back at home for the last time today, and this was not until 5 pm !  By this time it was time to get myself in "what to make for dinner mode".  This was easy as we still had enough leftover turkey to throw together a casserole.

Once I got the egg noodles on to boil, I diced up onion and celery first sauteing before adding in a can of Cream of Chicken Soup along with Chicken Broth.  Chopped Turkey is folded in along with the sauce and noodles into an oven proof casserole.  Sprinkle top with shredded Cheddar Cheese.  Cover & bake at 350* F for 350.

This Leftover Turkey Casserole had to be one of my most favourite comfort foods.  My biggest mistake this time around?  I forgot to add frozen peas to the mix.

Tomorrow?  I am hoping to stay at home to get a pot of Turkey Stock made, as well as some housework, then off to my dreaded consultation appointment with the specialist, who by the way is suppose to be one pretty awesome guy according to my Rob who has had the pleasure of being under his care a couple of times in the past.

On that note I am going to call it a wrap, Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard.

Tuesday 25 March 2014

Jekyll & Hyde ????

 Old Man Winter & Mother Nature or?  Dr. Jekyll & Mrs. Hyde.
This morning at around 11 am, and afternoon by 2 pm  

This past Winter will not be one that will be forgotten anytime soon.  What is going to be even worse is the East Coast of Canada is suppose to get really hard tonight and tomorrow with Blizzard conditions.  Hopefully my oldest Sister Jeanne, and her hubby, Cecil, will be hunkered in safe and sound in their little place up on the cliff.  I will have to phone her later to check in on her.

Of course when Rob was driving home in all that nasty weather this morning one of the windshield wipers decided not to cooperate as well as it was suppose to, not that it was bad enough he had to drive 40 km it was that bad.

What a trooper my Rob is out there fixing his wiper in cold windy snowy weather.  That is my Crabby Cabbie dependable no matter the weather.

Today we had the Purolator drop off a package to us.  Rob's Q2 Blueant Head set gave up the ghost.  Thank goodness there was still 5 months left on the warranty wherein the Company replaced it with a newer Q3.  I also got a phone call today from The Source Express in Wiarton to tell me the Jabra Bluetooth head set I had ordered in had arrived.  

I was not comfortable using my speaker phone when driving so ordered the headset so I can be "hands free" in a better sense of the word.  This way I do not have to pull over to dial a number before putting it on speaker to talk.  The fines for using cell phones are going upwards anywhere to $1,000 fines, so the investment of $74.00 incl. taxes makes a lot more sense does it not?

What was this day good for ?

Cleaning and seasoning my Cast Iron Skillet then setting it on top the Wood Stove to let it dry, then admiring the "Handkerchief" colour of paint Rob picked out for our bedroom (whenever that day might ever arrive, but a baby step in the right direction had been made).  Need some know how on cleaning/seasoning your Cast Iron Skillet? just go HERE.  Tips & help on painting? please send my way ... *smile*.

Oh yes I almost forgot about all the scammer emails I have been getting sent to my various email accounts from "Canada Revenue".  Is this not just totally ridiculous ????

This scam I am thinking is to procure your personal information from you on their form so they have access to it.  This is a guess as I never did the *click here* part knowing it would not be a good thing regardless to do so.

It is scary to think that some innocent people might actually buy into some of these scammers.  We watched a portion of the news tonight wherein a disabled man had a two year online relationship with a lady spending $850,000.00 of his parent's inheritance on her.  I shook my head in disbelief in sadness that someone could be taken in so badly, never mind the vultures who prey on such persons.  

I have a busy morning lined up tomorrow as first thing I am meeting up with the Economic Development Officer with the Town of South Bruce Peninsula so we can go over a few things together with the developer of the website.  I am pretty pumped about this, as I am usually with anything that has to do with promoting the Community we live in.  Have you thought about coming up to our wonderful little community?  check out our website by dropping in HERE.

Today the Wiarton District Chamber of Commerce Business, who has a Facebook Page, that was featured on the Wiarton Facebook page was The Cluttered Cupboard.  This is certainly one of my favourite Wiarton Stores, and I think many others think the same as I do.  Should you have a Facebook Acct, please check out their page by going HERE, and giving it a big LIKE, or not then you may read a bit about it by going HERE.  For anyone who reads my blog on a regular basis knows who I speak of as I have featured them many times here in past posts.

Busy, busy and busier most day I am afraid, but much better then being a bored bump on a log doing nothing but sitting in a corner whiling Life away ....

I am dreading my Thursday afternoon appointment with the said Dr. John Caulfield, as it is the follow-up for the gallstone I found out I had in December??  I am also thinking my Family Doctor also slipped in a request for a colonoscopy (very very sneaky of him in my opinion).  I will not worry about this but await to see what happens on Thursday.

Look at the time already ? 8:22 pm.  Time for me to sign off, cozy up in my bed and watch a bit of TV to relax before I call it a day, Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard.

Monday 24 March 2014

The Story Behind The ...

I had thought today was going to be a crazy busy day, but what I found it out to be a day spent crazily anticipating it to be, in turn not getting too much accomplished whatsoever.  Do you not just hate those crazy like days ????

This morning I had an appointment to meet up with a lady who I admire and met 2 years ago at Canada Day in the Park, in Wiarton's Bluewater Park.  I would like to re-introduce Cathy of Cathy's Confections, who did a Guest Post that you can read all about her, by going HERE.

I had an idea that Cathy Confections could possibly pair up with a local merchant, so I had met with Cathy, and her husband, Clare, this morning for a pre-arranged introduction.  After my job there was done I took my leave, but before doing so Cathy gifted me with a couple of her sweets ... she knows I love Dogs, and Roosters I am sure, as that is exactly what I got in the form of chocolate.  I had to admit, but the Rooster is no longer.  Thanks Cathy, and truly I hope your newest business adventure with Cathy's Confections is a wonderful success for you.  

Should you like to follow Cathy's Confections on Facebook, you may do so by *clicking* HERE.

A couple of times today I found myself outside in the brilliant Sunshine having some fun with our Aussies.

Bandit's favourite pastime in the snow is to make Snow Angels (obviously with his tongue sticking out).

A Buddy Birthday update:  Buddy was very happy with his Birthday Gift of a new bone which he thoroughly enjoyed this morning.  

Now for the story behind the .....

.... empty cellophane wrapper.  A week or so ago I had bought some "healthy" cookies for Rob & I when in need for a light snack. Mine were Cranberry Orange, and his Oatmeal Raisin (as I do not really care too much for raisins). I had my last pkg on the kitchen counter waiting for me to have my afternoon cuppa tea. When I went to have my tea the cookies were nowhere to be found. I thought I had set them somewhere else, which would not surprise me. Later on when moving a small box that hubby's new Bluetooth headset arrived in today, not knowing what possessed me to look inside, I discovered this empty cellophane packaging... can you imagine the nerve of someone I love and trust doing this to ME ????

And that folks is the story behind the ....

I am always very grateful for leftovers.  I can even remember times when I would be disappointed if company dropped in unexpected and stayed for Dinner, as that meant my plans for leftovers were no more.  The Turkey we had for yesterday's dinner turned into a great meal for this evening's dinner.

One of the girls on Cindy's Recipe Exchange had just purchased a new iron skillet.  We all had a fabulous time sharing all our experiences with cast iron skillet cooking, and keeping the skillet "seasoned", as you can all well imagine.  This inspired me this evening to pull out one of my skillets to fry up the leftover mashed potatoes in.

I remember so well my own Mother frying up leftover potatoes, and thinking how good the crust from the bottom of the skillet was ... still my favourite part of fried potatoes.

I have had my Dinner, but my dear Rob still has not.  Just as I was starting the fried potatoes he go called out.  He called to say he was going to be later then expected for me to go ahead with my meal.  When he did arrive back home he was heating up the gravey when the phone rang again .. he was called out again.  My poor dear I hope when he gets back home (again) he will get his Dinner.  Thank goodness he had a nice hot bath this afternoon, or he would really be running into problems later I am thinking.  Hahahaha ... poor guy, guess that is the way the cookie crumbles, does it not Rob????

And those were the "highlights" of my day, Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard.

Sunday 23 March 2014

Blueberry Ice Cream ????

Last night was a nasty sleep night for me.  As I always think four hours of sleep has to be better then none sleep though, so this I was thankful for.  I even spoiled myself a bit last night before heading off to bed.

I had pulled out the foot spa my friend, Pari, had gotten me for my Birthday to give it a whirl.  Warm water and Epsom Salts while watching The Vikings.  I was content.  Maybe if I would have had a whole Epsom Salt Bath I might have slept better? who knows as the foot soak had been lovely.

Today Rob was gone down the road with a friend to pickup a car we had gifted our Son back before Christmas.  They had purchased something they had liked better, and the brake lines need replaced on it, so we brought it home as I will drive it this Summer.  It is a 4 cyl. Toyota Camry and hopefully it will cut down on fuel consumption for us.  The vehicle is 20 years old, and was an estate vehicle when we had purchased it, being very well cared for all along.

I did a load of laundry and spent some time outside with our Aussie Gang.  It was cold, but the Sunshine as lovely.  I had Buddy out for his romp and I had kept thinking I had missed his Birthday, thinking it had been in February .... oh man was I ever wrong !!!

I looked back on Buddy's Birthday photos I had posted last Year to realize it had been January 26th !!!  shame on me *hanging head*.  I have even had his Birthday treat put away for him .. he will get that tomorrow morning.  Handsome dude, is he not?

I had to make a quick trip to pickup some up, and dropped around to our local Foodland store to pick myself up some Yogurt (I could eat it by the pail full I am sure).  There has been word out that the RMR Blueberry Pie Ice Cream is out, so I took a wander over to the ice cream bunkers.

1 Litre of RMR Blueberry Pie Ice Cream was $2.99.  I LOVE Blueberries, but I was strong and placed it right back in the ice cream bunker. 

Check out how the RMR Blueberry Pie Ice Cream came to be .... too funny.

Rick Mercer kills me and I absolutely LOVE it !!!  also proceeds of the Chapman's Blueberry Pie Ice Cream is going to a great cause.

We had one Turkey left in our freezer.  Today was the day it was going to be cooked up to be served up with mashed potatoes, brussel sprouts and baby carrots.  Rob was home late this afternoon, and Dinner was on the table for 5:30 pm.

It was very very good.  We didn't even miss that it had not been stuffed, nor there was no dinner rolls.  It was all good as it was.

The Turkey carcass had been striped with the bones wrapped and in the fridge for turkey stock, the dishes are all done up, and I am sitting doing this here post while having a cuppa tea.

Tomorrow?  I had double booked an appointment and had to chance that up, with another one directly after it.  Another busy day.  Hopefully Tuesday will be a bit of break as there are two events I have going again on Wednesday.  Busy, busy and busier.

On that note I think it is about time to take the Aussies out and about for their last romp of the night, then call it a day myself, Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard.

Saturday 22 March 2014

Not Much Of This Or That

There has been not much of this or that going on in my day this day, other then being a bit disappointed to see more snow had fallen AGAIN throughout the night (but really nothing from what they had called for).

My day didn't really get off to the greatest start as I was having one of those, "no matter what I do or say I can not please anyone day".  You know, you are damned if you do, and damned if you don't kind of days?  even though all you have been doing is trying to help.  All I am pretty sure I lost 95% of any energy I had being upset over this and the other 5% crying about it.

Thank goodness I have a couple of really great friends I can confide in, as that is exactly where it took me.

My one girlfriend and I have been friends since we were 15 years old with all our history going from there right through with the birth of our children, the breakdown of our first marriages, and so on and so forth.  We lost contact for a number of years, but now we have reconnected it has been like there has been no break whatsoever in our friendship.

I have much to be thankful in this area of my Life, as to have a few lifetime forever friends is more rewarding then having hundreds of false friends in my eyes.

Emotional upset can so totally drain us of energy, can it not?  Truly I think emotional drain can at times be much more exhausting then physical.

After pouring out my heart and soul, I was still drained, however felt so much better for another understanding and relating to what I was feeling.  It feels liberating to have someone you can confide in that has also felt similar experiences to what you have yourself.

I am grateful to have friends where we do not judge each other, but understand.  Friends who we do not have to walk on eggshells or beat around the bush about things  Friends who if we say something that might hurt the other, that we are friends enough to say, "I am sorry" or "I screwed up" ....  I always pray that I am as good of friend back to my friends, even though I find myself speaking out of turn more often then naught, or saying something that might not be just so or politically correct.  My friends, my true friends, know where my heart is, and overlook these imperfections I have.

Gotta love how the "spelling error" was pointed out & acknowledged.  Much better then me just ignoring my faults where grammar & spelling errors are concerned. *smile*

I do not have to mention any names, for I know those who know in their hearts where my heart is realize who they are.  I cannot begin to express enough how much your friendship(s) me to me.  Thank you always, and I do love you all for being my friend(s) and loving me back no matter what.

I did manage to go forward with my day.  

After the lunch hour I had met up with an acquaintance, who I had quite the chat with.  Sometimes you just "connect" with a person, and for me this was one of those times.  This chat was good for me this day, as it took my mind off dwelling on myself.  Thanks for that chat, and I do look forward to many more.

This afternoon I got to spend a bit of time with my husband before he had to head out to do what he does best as the Crabby Cabbie, who really isn't that crabby at all most of the time.  I also managed to get some dusting and vacuuming done today, which leaves doing a couple of loads of laundry to be done for tomorrow.  Is there always something to do around here?  all of that plus more !!!

It was just me and the Aussies for dinner tonight.  They all had theirs in the morning, so I only had to worry about something for myself which was easy enough by whipping up a couple of eggs scrambled with toast and a piece of cheddar cheese.

That is all she wrote this day, Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard.

Friday 21 March 2014

Really Are They Serious ?????

After I had finished up my blog post last night I headed off to bed and was gone, gone, gone ... which was not a bad thing for me considering I was still "pooped" today.

Last night was truly lots of fun and worth the late night for me.  Not getting home until 9 pm is late for me these days.  It was so cool to have a projector screen and a monitor hooked into the laptop to access Facebook, which I was sharing the "basics" on.  Hopefully everyone went home a little bit more knowledgeable then when they arrived.

This morning I had someone call me who wanted to come meet our Aussies, Bandit, Lexus, Mercedes and Buddy, as they are interested in one of Bandit and Lexus' pups which are due mid-April.  When the couple showed they were introduced to each and every one of our Checkerboard Aussies, who they were very impressed with.  I was very proud each one of our four were at their very best behaviour, with barely a one jumping up on our visitors.  It was decided before the couple left that they "signed on" for one of the new pups when the litter arrives.  It is nice when your dogs speak for themselves I find.

Yesterday we had another nasty day with wind and snow.

Our lane way exposed to the west was plugged in pretty dang good with barely a cow path.  Rob spent some time getting it cleared out today, as it was not only plugged it had been very heavy.  Our Tractor has been put through its paces this past Winter ... and really considering today is the first full day of Spring, what's up with that???

Tomorrow Environment Canada has a Snowfall Warning in effect !!!  Really, are they serious ????  Check it out for yourself by *clicking* HERE.  *shaking head*

I so enjoyed the warmth and the full day of Sunshine this day.  It was 5 degrees above freezing, and it actually felt balmy in comparison to what we have been having in prior days.

I had Bandit & Mercedes out for a big romp.  They are so amusing.  Bandit had the stick, finally tuckered out, Mercedes had him where she wanted and off she went, stick in mouth.

One of our Crabby Cabbie vehicles had the battery go in it today.  Rob and I had to go meet our driver to do a vehicle exchange with him.  I enjoyed spending a bit of time together.  When we returned home to retrieve our mail there had been a very pleasant surprise in the mailbox for me.

There I had found a Media "pass" to the Kemble Maple Syrup & Arts Show on the 5th of April.  What a most pleasant surprise.  Rob and I had attended 2 years ago, having an amazing time together that day ... please enjoy it too, by *clicking* HERE.  That post had been a very laborious and extensive post but such an enjoyable memory for both Rob & I.

Should you have a Facebook Account, please check out the Kemble Maple Syrup Event by going HERE, or if you do not you may learn more details by going HERE.  A fun day for anyone to get out and enjoy !!!

I am planning on going, however not too happy as I do not think my Rob will be able to go along with me.  This makes me *sad*.  What does make me happy is I will get to see my friends Anita Dejong of Dejong Acres Farm, and Abby Miners of Miners' Maple Products, whose farms are both included in the Tour.

I had nicely sat down to think about having a nice hot cuppa tea when I glanced up at the clock to realize I had a 3:30 appt with the Chiropractor !!!  YIKES the clock was almost at 3 pm.  I quick gave my neighbour friend, Pari a call to see if she wanted to go along for the ride, picked her up and was off like a shot down the highway towards Sauble Beach.  I was only minutes late.  I really needed the adjustment as I my neck, shoulder and back had been pretty tight from bending this way and that last night.

Returning back home it was time to make our Dinner of broiled T-bone steaks, baked potatoes and Caesar Salad..  I am still "pooped", Rob is "pooped" and we still have to take out our gang out for their last romp of the evening.

I am pretty certain it is going to be an early night here for the two of us here, Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard.

Thursday 20 March 2014

Happy Spring Equinox

The word equinox is derived from the Latin word aequinoctium meaning equal night. An Equinox occurs two times during the year when the sun crosses the celestial equator, an imaginary line through the sky, and appears directly above the equator, the imaginary line that divides the earth into the northern and southern hemispheres. When this occurs, the length of the day and the length or night are approximately equal at every place on earth. While the earth orbits around the sun, the position of the sun changes in relation to the equator. Between the March, or vernal equinox and the September, or autumnal equinox, the sun appears north of the equator. It appears south of the equator in the time between the September equinox and the March equinox.

The word solstice is derived from the Latin words sol meaning sun and sistere which means to stand still. On the winter and summer solstices the sun appears, from the viewpoint here on earth, to halt in its journey across the sky and stop for a moment, having reached it’s northernmost or southernmost extreme. It then starts its journey back again.

In the northern hemisphere, the autumnal equinox will occur either on September 22 or September 23, again depending on the earth's position in a given year. This day also marks the beginning of autumn. In the northern hemisphere, the vernal or spring equinox will occur either on March 20 or March 21, depending on the earth's position in a given year. This day also marks the beginning spring.


Really it is looking a lot like Christmas ! and how many Christmas' are we looking for a lovely white blanket of white snow, with today dreaming of a sky full of sunshine along with a balmy warm southern breeze.

North of the Checkerboard one part of Hwy 6 was pretty bad from the reports I seen posted on Facebook, with Tobermory and Lion's Head schools both closed.  Needless to say it has been a long long Winter for some of us.

I had still been feeling a bit down today, with those weepy and sad feelings.  I remembered to take my 2000 UI of Vitamin D, as I certainly do not want to have a deficiency as I had last Year.  It is recommended Vitamin D can be taken up to 2000 UI daily, and more under a physician's direction  Read more on this by *clicking* HERE.

I finally managed to shirk off how I was feeling by mid-morning and got on with some household chores ... blah, blah, blah, and blah !!!  Since I had a 6:30 commitment I wanted something easy to prepare for our Dinner tonight.  I had some ground moose meat thawed and a cabbage in the fridge making  it was a "no brainer" for me to make a Cabbage Casserole.

I love Cabbage, and I love this is such an easy to make one pot Dinner.


This afternoon I had two unexpected phone calls from friends.  One was from my blogger friend, Gill of That British Woman Blog.  It was so nice to "catch up" as we have both been so busy, me with life and her with a planned move and grand babies.  Sometimes we just have to stop whatever we are doing, pickup the phone and have us a chat from time to time.  Thanks Gill !

The second call I had from my childhood Southampton friend, Fran.  She had been laying in bed last night thinking my birthday was sometime in March, so she had better call me.  It was nice to touch base with her and catch up too.  We also confirmed plans for our 3rd Annual Luncheon get together with some of Public school friends in June, as well as the G.C. Huston 60th Anniversary Celebration at our Public School in June as well (I best be checking that date again & get it on my BIG calendar)

This evening was a get together at the Wiarton District Chamber Office for a few of us for me share what I know on some Facebook Basics on "How to Do".  It was fun with the four of us, including me, in attendance.  We covered quite a bit in the couple of hours we were together.

I even learned how to set up and use the overhead screen and projector.  There is always something we can learn new everyday, and even more fun when it is something that interests us, it is not?

Needless to say I am exhausted, and needless to say I am going to head off to bed very shortly, Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard.

Wednesday 19 March 2014

What A Beautiful Surprise !

I was having not the greatest day today, feeling a little down and blue.  These days happen, but regardless of knowing they happen does not mean I have to like them any better ..... 

When I am feeling like this I do not seem to care about doing anything, and the less I do the worse I feel about it.  Blah, blah, blah ... as the day went on, not stopping to wait for me to feel better about it. 

I received a call about 1 pm asking me if I would be home as I had a delivery coming.  Yes I was home until I had to leave at 3 pm for my 3:30 Chiropractor appt..  Around 2 pm a van pulled in, a lady got out carrying a huge bouquet of flowers.

My BFF Colleen had sent me a beautiful bouquet of Spring Flowers for my Birthday.

Did this lift my spirits today? it sure did girlfriend and I love you for loving me as you do.  Thank you Colleen.  xxooxx

I do not think in the 8 years we have known each other we have missed out on one Birthday for the other until this Year.

This year Colleen tripped over her "big toe", fell and banged up her ribs and a few other body parts pretty good.  Needless to say it was the first year she was not at my door for my Birthday bearing Cake and a little "something" for my Birthday in person.  Geez Girlfriend don't be tripping over that big toe anymore !!!!!  remove it should it get in your way again, will ya??? 

After my Chiropractor appt. I came back home to do finish up a bit of Crabby Cabbie paperwork I had on the go, and make a few phone calls as well before I headed out to the 2nd Annual Wiarton Job Fair that the WDCC was hosting.

There were 25 Businesses represented this Year with a great turn-out of people.  Another successful Community Event the Wiarton Chamber of Commerce has hosted.  The Wiarton Tim Hortons was kind enough to supply coffee and Timbits for people coming and going.  Chamber Administrator, Lindsay Kramer,  and Chamber Board Director, Koreen Ryan, had put many hours into spearheading this 2nd Annual successful event.  Much work goes on behind the scenes leading up to events such as these.  Also Chamber President, Paul Deacon, had been in attendance greeting people & mingling ... nice touch on the behalf our all our Chamber Members.

I stayed to take some photos of all the Businesses in attendance, before heading home to get some Dinner put together for Rob and I around 7 pm.  Grilled Cheese and Salad made for an easy and good meal.

I had a beautiful surprise today, which was all it took to turn the whole day around for me, Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard.

Tuesday 18 March 2014

What An Overwhelming Wonderful Birthday !

This happened Yesterday over on HAVE1.COM's Facebook Page where I had entered my Crabby Cabbie in a Give Away  .....

and the two winning companies for our embroidered baseball cap contest are: The "Crabby Cabbie" and Melior Carpet Cleaning - Congratulations and thank you to all that entered. Stay tuned for more contests and special promotions.

And what did my Crabby Cabbie win as the results of HAVE1.COM having this Give Away & me entering him into it ???  Well ..... this was what I had entered him into:

We are holding a contest for two individual chances to win a dozen ball caps embroidered with your company's logo, name or local sports team logo on them with a value of up to $100 (includes artwork digitizing & choice of different styles / colours of hats). To enter this contest please share this status on your wall, and post a photo of your company's logo/team logo or comment on this status with your company's name/team name, weblink or Facebook page link. We will then choose two individual winners from all that have entered on March 14th.

Thanks HAVE1.COM your Give Aways are always appreciated !  we are looking forward to having some of your professionalism being sported by our Crabby Cabbie Drivers soon.  You also may go to LIKE the HAVE1.COM Facebook to have a chance to enter in to win one of their Give Aways they have from time to time by *clicking* HERE, or checking out what they might have to offer you on a Business or Personal level with all their creative talents.

Last evening ended with Rob bringing me home a Spring Bouquet of flowers for my Birthday today, as he wanted me to have them to wake up to this morning.  I also got a lovely Birthday Card from my oldest Sister in the mail today.  Thanks Jeanne ... xoxoxo

My brother, Alan, called me later today to wish me Happy Birthday, as well over 150 Facebook Friends !  and our Elizabeth send me a very "special" Card from all of them via email this morning that I hope shares okay on here.  You will probably have to copy & paste the following link into your browser, or highlight, right click and "go to",  but it is so worth seeing our Paul in piglets and the boys having had built their Volcanoes !

Rob had left this morning shortly after 6:00 am, and we never got to see each other again until after 4:00 pm.  Mind you we did lots of talking on the phone in-between the times of not seeing each other.  That is what best friends do, do they not?

Rob suggested we go out for my Birthday for Dinner.  Mind you I am pretty certain by now that the 4 lbs I lost in February I have gained back plus some (I promise I will get back on the Band Wagon tomorrow girls).  There is not too much open on a Tuesday evening in the way of Dining out, however we thought we would try the Blue Fish Red Fish downtown Wiarton, as we had only been there a long long time ago once.  It was open until 7 pm, so we headed down around 6 pm.

We ordered some heavy Birthday cocktails which we enjoyed while we took in the Menu up on the Chalkboard.  We both decided on the "special" which was 1 pc of Basa Fish with Chips for $8.45 per person.

Rob never fails to amuse me, and did not disappoint me for my Birthday.

The Basa was a very good choice, enjoyed by both Rob and I.

I hate to admit after having a full plate of food that I did to coming home to still eat a very large piece of Snickers Cake that Rob had also brought home to me last night ... shame for shame on me ! but it was only for today !!!

Before we went out for dinner I got to drool over the virtual dessert my Blogger friend, Lynn had made me over at her blog that you can also drool over too by going "HERE".  OMG, I am stuffed full and still drooling looking at that Lemon Tart ! thanks Lynn xxx

For those who were curious on what was in this package from my friend, Pari?  it was a foot spa, as she thinks I go way too much and deserve to relax and soak my feet doing it every evening.  I also got an M&M GC too !  I am blessed with such great family & good friends, I truly am.

I am tired to the bone, must be the extra year I am  (never mind the extra pounds I put on the past couple of days ...boohooo poor me)

.... to each and everyone who was kind enough to make my Birthday so special with all your kindness & Birthday Wishes. xxx

On that note, this double nickel gal is heading towards her bed for some R & R, "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard.
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