Monday 1 October 2012

Things Do Happen In Threes

~Courtesy of Facebook~

Hello October it was a beautiful beginning to seeing you this day .... until I drove my Van downtown first thing to pickup some fresh rolls for Company coming to lunch with us today !

I had hardly gotten to town, just down the North hill (a really huge hill) and my brakes felt soft, then almost went down to the floor.  With a little encouraging they came back up again, then back down.  Not a good feeling when driving along.  I got back home, asking Rob if he would check the brake fluid.  It was right up, so next thing was a call to our Mechanic with a very loud "HELP" !!!  

Remember this was the same Van which went in last week for a passenger side bearing only to find out the right side tie rod needed replacing as well.

We called the insurance company to put Rob's old "Crabby Cabbie" vehicle on the road until I found what was going on with my brakes ... Rob followed me over to drop off the Van.  Leaving it behind, we began our exit from our mechanics driveway ...

"Only to have the old Crabby Cabbie van sputter and quit before we got out of  Jim and Lisa's driveway.  Can you believe it???"

"With our other vehicle having a suspect Master Brake Cylinder as being the culprit."

Oh man that would be four things all in a row, not three; what's up with that Mr. Murphy???  Both vehicles had to be left behind with us driving home my friend, Lisa's truck ... what a pal of a gal I have in Lisa !

"Yeppers that is one honking big GMC 2500 pickup my friend Lisa owns.  Yes that would be another "Cabby Cabbie" vehicle needing its battery charged you also see there."

"Lisa's truck had the whole driveway almost to herself, even getting some shade when she needed out of the warmth of the Sun."

"Sorry Lisa, we spoiled your girl while she was here so much, she put on her brakes when it was time to take her back home.  Ha !"

At least we were back home just before our company arrived.  My Cousin, Brad, and his wife, Paula, on their way back home from Dyer's Bay were able to stop by for lunch.

"I got Paula set up to leave a comment on Carla's blog to express her interest in the Secret Sister Swap Carla is getting together (thanks Carla) for all us wonderful sisters, while I got some lunch preparations done."

"This is a Delicata Squash I prepared to go along with our lunch.  Not one of us had ever tasted one before.  Drizzled with 2 tbsp. of Olive Oil and baked in a moderate 375* oven for approx. 30 minutes, stirred here and there ... it was delectable !   I would not hesitate serving another again."

"The Squash complimented the Baked Stuffed Green Peppers quite nicely."

Lunch was enjoyed along with the good company.  Before long off Paula and Brad went as they had to get back home by late afternoon.

I enjoyed looking at some photos, friend Bob Corp, had emailed us from Saugeen Shore's Pumpkinfest this past weekend.

"A 1926 Henderson motorcycle.  4 cylinder engine; Owner drove to New York city and back this month.  A 1914 Ford Model T, 1956 Mercury Station Wagon & a 1957 Chev Belair (I think?)."

Thanks Bob, Rob and I couldn't make it down there this Year, but sure appreciated you sending us these photos.

Okay the good news for the day is a Master Brake Cylinder has been ordered for our Van, and it was only the battery gone on the "Crabby Cabbie" vehicle which was still under warranty !!!  I am counting my Blessings the brake cylinder went now, as our Son, Paul, will be borrowing our Van in November to take Holly and the boys to Florida.  Not a good mix if it would have gone when they were on their trip !  Things do happen for a reason, yes?

Now for the final update on the September Savings Challenge I signed up for HERE

1.  Absolutely NO buying any household items, clothing, or any item pertaining to the household (getting rid of lots of items is totally acceptable);
I think I blew this to the tune of $4.50 I spent on a Corningware dish that I have used 2x since.  And I did spend $4.00 on a Pr. of Jeans, & 3 tops at the Sally Ann this past Saturday.  
2.  Try to generate some extra money by selling some unwanted, unused items on Swap or Kijiji sites;
Didn't have time to organize or sell one dang thing.  I did however donate a bag of clothing to the Sally Ann.
3.  Limit my "Crabby Cabbie's" Tim Horton spending to 1/2 of what it is on a daily basis (looking good so far, as there was no Timmies coffee awaiting ME on the kitchen counter this morning);
My "Crabby Cabbie" did really good on this as there was NOT a Timmies awaiting me every morning on our Kitchen Counter (just a few mornings which really was nice, thanks Honey for trying).
4.  Any spending done has to be on a "NEED ONLY" basis, not a "I WANT, I WANT", along with a tantrum following;
Passed !  Not one tantrum either I am pleased to report.
5.  Groceries limited to, and not exceeding $50.00 per week, "Eating Out" not to exceed $50.0 per month, $50.00 for miscellaneous or unexpected expenses;
Passed with flying colours, although it was touch and go a couple of times.
6.   Letters, mailing material costs limited to and not to exceed $20.00 (since I have now just began Post Crossing);
Passed.  There is still enough to mail 3 more international Post Cards off.
7.  Tracking and recording every receipt for the Month;
Passed !
8  All business expenses, gas, vehicle repairs, etc are exempt from this Challenge, as well as all the usual monthly "fixed" bills and medical expenses;
This stayed pretty within reason of the "norm", or a bit less I believe.
9.  Personal vehicle expenses/repairs also excluded as I need to get to my weekly Doctor appointment as well as pre-scheduled dates and/or appointments for the month (hoping this doesn't happen, but we all know how Murphy operates);
Thank goodness this was excluded from the Challenge, or it would have been a huge FAIL.
10.  Total September Spending Allowance of $320.00. 
PASSED with a A+ and change still in the envelope to the tune of approx. $6.00 left from the $320.00!!!

I am pleased I DID IT !!!  With flying colours !!!  Our bank account was in pretty good shape this month with every day living expenses kept down to a very dull roar.  I hope to keep up the NEED only and keep the WANT more at bay from here on in, even though I have been known to squeak when I walk at times, so my Rob tells me so.

"The first day of October with beauty still showing in the Flower beds."

Things do happen in threes, and sometimes fours, "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard".


  1. lets hope that's all the bad luck for the month for you both up there.


  2. Well done, Cindy!!! :) You rocked the month! Woot!! I think Murphy's been making the rounds lately! Hope he stays away from here!!! lol!

  3. Congrats on hitting you September goals!!!! I haven't totaled mine up yet, I don't think I did very well. I ended up buying some Christmas gifts that were too good a buy to pass up


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