Sunday 30 September 2012

I'm So DIZZY My Head Has Been Spinning !

"I am so Dizzy my head is spinning .... "

Ha !  Rob said I don't have to sing "Dizzy" as someone just has to look at me to know how dizzy I am ... I am sure I will figure out something to get him back with on that comment later !

"It was an awesome morning with it not as as cold as last week's mornings, nor any frost."


"Eastern sky."

"South East."

"Due South."

"Towards the West."

"Our backyard looking towards the Southwest."

This morning I tided up a few things, but obviously not enough as I am still feeling overwhelmed at how much needs doing, inside and out.  Canning and Preserving really sets me back a notch or two it seems.

I had to go pickup Rob around the lunch hour.  Down to Hepworth I went to retrieve him.  Once he was collected we made a stop on our way back home in Clavering.

Where is Clavering some might ask? well it is on Hwy. 6 almost dab right in the middle of Hepworth and Wiarton.  I have been meaning to stop there for sometime as Bobbi Switzer has purchased a place right there at Clavering's corner, as a secondary business location.

"Check out the Lighthouse ... isn't that cool ?"

I hadn't ran into Bobbi for sometime, so it was nice to do a little bit "quick" catching up on this and that.

"Check out these Kitchen Cutting Boards ... 100% Cedar !!!  never mind the Canadian Beaver."

"Fantastic Gift Idea for a home warming gift, or otherwise ... large boards are only $20.00 and the smaller shown by Bobbi below are $10.00.  Bobbi says they have been selling like crazy by "Word of Mouth", no advertising needed."

"Further up Hwy. 6, North of the Checkerboard, at Bobbi's other location at Cherry Hill, she has sheep and Llamas.  Bobbi also has raw wool for sale to be spun, or crafts, say for something like an Ole St. Nick's beard?"

"Custom orders available on unique Chainsaw Art by Bobbi Switzer."

Bobbi offers a bit of this and that at her new Clavering location.  Even fresh eggs at $3.00 a dozen or Homemade Jams can be purchased, and shelves full of books!

Well worth the stop to have a look see at .....

Edwards Outpost Hwy. 6 (Old Clavering Book Store)
Just South of Wiarton & North of Hepworth

Open Saturday & Sunday 10 am til 5 pm

Visit the Online Gallery:
Cellular No.:  519-377-4114

Thanks for the visit Bobbi, I will back again soon, hopefully when not so tired maybe !

Rob and I had to go do some "Crabby Cabbie" business before we headed back home.  First off we treated ourselves to a Tim Hortons coffee;  much needed I may add.  You never know who you might run into at Timmies, now do you?

"Oops, caught again ! my Cousin Brad caught me taking his and Paula's picture as Rob and I were pulling out.  Still he must have been prepared for me, as I did get a smile and a wave."

Finally with business complete, we did manage to get home some time after 2 pm.  Oh man, and I had such great plans for this day.  Before we got our Supper on the table, I got carrots ready for the dehydrators to be turned on at 7 pm.

"I was fortunate enough to receive yet another dehydrator today from a lovely acquaintance.  I have been entrusted with it until such a time, she should she ever need it back.  Great to now have 3 at my disposal.  Maybe some day I will have an extra $300 or so to be able to buy myself one of those State of the Art Dehydrators with the heat temperature and 9 trays?"

With the carrots out of the way, Rob and I got to using the Vacuum Sealer we got from my Auntie Gladys and Uncle Basil, as a couple of our Southampton friends had gifted us some fish yesterday.

"Lucky we were with this huge selection consisting of Trout, Whitefish and Pickerel (Walleye) from from the waters of the Saugeen River and the Great Lake Huron."

I can see a few Fish Dinners in our future .... and I am not disappointed about that fact.

Finally it was time to have our today's Supper.

"A Peameal Roast on top of a bed of garden fresh carrots slow cooked from frozen for 6 hours."

I was very lucky I had checked on it before I went out today, as I had forgotten to turn on the Slow Cooker.  How many times in the past I have gone to check our Dinner at the end of a long day to find out I had either not plugged in the unit, or turned it on .... grrrrrr !

"I am so happy I had caught my almost mishap, as I was too tired to make anything else, and we really enjoyed our Supper tonight."

There is still a basket of tomatoes ripening down in the basement, however I think I am safe to say this week I will be attending to other things rather then canning.  Oh man I have to catch up on all that "Crabby Cabbie" book work I have neglected the past how many weeks now ? ? ?  too many.

I really do not understand how I ever thought I was bored at any time in my life ... bone tired maybe, but never bored .... being very very overwhelmed and dizzy other times.

On that note I am hoping tomorrow brings me a day without feeling "dizzy with my head spinning", Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard".


  1. here's hoping this week is a little quieter for you.


  2. OH! my... Bobbi's store is my cuppa tea!!! full of things I love to see and buy...wood carving and homemade jam. You certainly have yourself sorted meals wise......Is that boiled ham? It reminds me of the boiled ham my Dad used to cure and cook. I haven't tasted one like that since I was a child! How can you be bored it doesn't look as if you have time to be bored!!! It seems to be you fill your day with plenty of variety!!!

    keep well

    Amanda :-)

  3. I love all the pics you share! You have such neat little shops around your area! I hope next week is a bit calmer for you and you get to rest a bit!!

  4. I have never thought to cook peameal like that! I always slice it up and fry it,

    I really enjoy reading your blog. My aunt lives in Southampton so I am somewhat familiar with the area.

  5. Looks like you are going to be nicely prepared for winter with all the canning, dehydrating and freezing that you are doing lately.I love the pictures of the morning sky, so pretty!

  6. Lovely to see shots of the land around you; it looks like a beautiful place.

  7. i WANT ONE OF THOSE bag closing machines!

  8. We are busy dehydrating the most beautiful apples we got from the neighbour this afternoon.
    Unfortunately I had to delete my Facebook account due to TOO MANY hackers stealing my identity there. Once I get back up and running I will reapply to the recipe exchange page.


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