Friday 26 October 2012

Lick & A Promise It Was

My dear "Crabby Cabbie", Rob, arrived home in the wee hours of the morn, waking me around the hour of 3:30 am to say, "Happy Anniversary", adding, "I got to say it first this time" .... oh yes I do have to LOVE him, now don't I? even after 16 Years and a proceeding 2 Years before "Married Life" in the mix.

"October 26, 1996 the day had been Sunny and Warm.  A beautiful Fall Day.  Why was this day chosen for us to be married on? well this day had been the Second Anniversary of our very First Date is why."

There most certainly have been many ups, downs, hills and valleys in our past 18 years together.   I have never once regretted marrying my "soul mate" in the least little bit ever.  There still are, and still will be, many more trials and tribulations ahead of us, with the knowledge we will always have each other as they unfold before us .... through all the "good times and the bad times" we will see them through together.

This day I was not to drive alone on my way up "North of the Checkerboard" to my weekly Doctor's appointment.  This day I had Rob to go along with me for Company as he was scheduled to get his Flu Shot today too.

Rob had not gotten home until 3:30 am, so had not much sleep by the time I had woken him to go as our scheduled Doctor's appointment was at 9:00 am.  Off we went just after 8:30 am, arriving 5 minutes earlier then our appointed time (he drives obviously a bit faster then I).  The Doctor had not been in yet, so the girls were kind enough to provide Rob with a much needed cup of coffee ... thank goodness !  We waited as long as we possibly could, but by the time the clock at struck 10 o'clock the Doctor had not yet shown.  We had to leave as Rob had to work this day from morning until evening.  We rescheduled another appointment for the upcoming Tuesday.

By the time we had gotten back home it was just after 10:30 am (he must have gone a bit slower on our return...ha!), with 2 hours of our day already behind us and nothing accomplished.  I really hate when my day starts like this.  What a waste of time and energy is about how I feel about it all.  Regardless the day was not going to wait any longer for me, so "on board" I got.

Lots of dust bunnies to be rounded up, along with a brand new Bandit I collected from off the floors (and carpets).  I am happy to say I might not have gotten any "deep" cleaning done, but I did give a couple rooms a good "Lick and A Promise"  ....

"I had somehow acquired a new front entrance area carpet ... looks pretty plushy and warm from this angle, does it not ? and I do love those white, black and grey colours throughout it."

How many paragraphs back had I raved about the wonders of 18 years of togetherness?  Upon going into to begin the "lick and promise" in our back spare bedroom I had the pleasure of coming across some unfinished business that I believe had begun days ago ....

"I was thrilled to come home the other day to the realization the window air conditioner unit had been removed, only to find out this day it had not only been removed but left laying, along with all tools that had assisted in removing it, on the floor still in the room !!!  
Oh my "shattered" nerves ....  !"

That could have been another "little" downside to my day, but on the flip side ....

"This pile of leaves in the drive is all that was left of that very very long pile of leaves which I had there Yesterday ... thank you Southern Winds !  good job well done !!!"

I also had lots of "Happy Mail" today.  Two in my Mailbox via Post Crossings and one in my Email Inbox.

"I was thrilled to have received this card from The Netherlands, and even more thrilled the Sender had translated for me .... "Are you going on a journey with me?"  How nice was this?"

"Just as thrilled to have also received this one from its Sender who had attended to the 3rd International Post Crossing Meet-up, in Bielefeld, Germany.  Not only was it signed by the Sender, but signatures of many attending at the Meet-up.  Thank you all!"

"The "Happy Mail" I received in my Email Inbox was from Sparkle's Mom, Marie, from way out in Western Canada.  Some might remember way back in June, Sparkle was adopted by Marie from Turtle Garden Animal Rescue, since having made each others lives "complete" by being together.  Here is the note and photo I received from Marie:  Sparkle got her new coat today, Vesta, the Librarian made it for her, pretty spiffy, eh? She wants to be a model but she doesn't know how to do it without leaving home!!!  Cheers Marie."  

I love hearing "Happy Tail" stories, don't you?  I am honored to have been there right at the beginning of Marie and Sparkle's "Happy Tail" story.   Life can be so good, even with those Hills and Valleys spread throughout it, can it not?

"What does your "pickle jar" look like?"

I don't know about anyone else, but I want LOTS of golf balls and pebbles in my life, and I don't even golf !

Almost 7:30 pm already here, with four "Checkerboard Aussies" soon needing my undivided attention, lots of little things yet to be done, and a phone call to my "Soul Mate" of the past 18 Years to be made before I call it a day, "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard".


  1. Happy Wedding Anniversary to both of you,


  2. Replies
    1. I would assume it being my fav, John, the one with the Sun Flower in the middle of it?

  3. Cindy and Rob....

    Happy, Happy Anniversary. May you have many more to celebrate. Bess

  4. Happy Anniversary and, as John said, that bedspread is great - just love the colours.

    1. Thank you, Susan. I am certain it is as old as long as we have been married. I could not bare to part with it hoping it lasts another 20 Years !

  5. Happy Anniversary!!! :) I agree, marriage isn't always easy, but it's always worth it!! May you have many more wonderful years together!!! xox

  6. Look at you so stylish on this picture!! Happy anniversary, my dear friend!!


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