Tuesday 9 October 2012

A Very Happy Kitchen !

"My dear sweet Bandit dog."

"Last night poor Bandit was at the mercy of his Master for some "bugging" with the "Cone of Shame" still firmly fixed around his neck.  I am pleased to report he is feeling way much better then he has been, hopefully with the removal of the "cone" soon."

The last few weeks or so sleep has been, once again, a commodity in my life.  The bonus this day was looking out to see a promise ....

".... of a beautiful day ahead in the Eastern Skies."

I had enough of my kitchen floor being crusted in dried tomato juice and seeds.  It was beginning to feel and look even nastier.  With Tomatoes at bay hopefully still another week way before the last part bushel will be ripe, I tackled the Kitchen this morning !

First off there was some re-arranging and wiping down of all counter tops, along with some cupboard doors.  Then the battle of the floor.  Welding both a scouring pad, cloth and very hot pail of water laced with vinegar, I got to it ....

"She be a "Very Happy Kitchen" for the time being, until the next Tomato onslaught."

Once a load of laundry was hung on the line, Rob and I had to go downtown Wiarton to do a couple of errands.  Rob dropped of some bags to the Salvation Store for me, while I nipped into the Dollar Store for a little bit, then we headed over to the Foodland store as I needed some Cottage Cheese for the Supper I was putting together for us today.

"I had really not been too happy with the brown bag tied with green ribbon that I had done up Aiden's Birthday gift in, so I couldn't refuse picking up these colourful bags at the Dollar Store for some gifting.  Much better and way too cute to boot !"

I had the strangest thing happen.  I was searching up around in the top of our bedroom closet for a gift box.  I found a couple stuck up there in a bag.

"The strange thing was when I pulled the bag down from the shelf it pretty much began disintegrated in my hands.  A plastic bag doing this? never before I had such a thing happen to me before.  Strange .... maybe it had been a really really old bag.   Rob was kind enough to fetch the vacuum cleaner to suck up the mess for me."

"Yesterday when I had been doing up the Salsa, I had came upon this rather badly damaged "snap lid" pulled out from a brand new box of lids.  I called the Company, as over approx. the past 5 years I had this happen to me a couple of times.  The chap I spoke to gave me excellent Customer Service, with the promise of a voucher for a package of new lids being sent off in the mail for me.  I had even offered to email him a photo of the damage, however it had not been necessary.  Thank you, Bernardin ! much appreciated, especially when I use "a lot" of their products Year after Year."

Not only did I have a "very happy kitchen" today, I also had a very happy Van.  I took advantage of the cooler weather, along with sunshine in the day, to vacuum out our personal Van from front to rear.  What a job that was ... Rob did help me do a wee bit, which always is appreciated, as well as dragging in and out the humongous Shop Vac for me.  Bonus !!!

With the laundry gathered from the clothes line, the afternoon had almost slipped on by us ... time to think about getting our supper prepared before I knew it.

"Chicken & Cheese Lasagna Rollups made with leftover Turkey."


"While at the Foodland Store, we had spotted mushrooms on the "reduced" rack.  I could not walk away from them.  Fourteen packages for $7.00.  Whatever would I do with all these mushroom, well let me show you ..... "

"After our Supper,  Rob had been busy helping himself to my Camera again, while I was busy, as usual, working away at  ....."

"... placing all those mushrooms on the racks of the dehydrators."

"All three dehydrators loaded and rocking to the hum of their fans."

I use quite a few mushrooms throughout the Winter months for stews, soups and omelets, so what better way to store them but for drying them first?  Two more packages still in the fridge to be done tomorrow evening.  They will be all ready by the time I get up in the morning ... hopefully it not being at 4 am again as it had been this morning.

"I was happy to learn Yesterday that a new "Fitness Studio" had opened in Wiarton.  I will be contacting Terri Hastings to learn more about it with regarding location, fitness evaluations, and membership rates.  It just might be something of interest to a few others out there?"

....and before I forgot, I have just sent off an email to Terri Hastings.  Oh my feeble tired mind at times, if I don't do it right when I think about it !

I am tired ... it makes for a long day when one arises in the "wee" hours of the morning, does it not?

Oops ... one more really cool thing I had also just came across the other day.  I have not tried it myself however I wanted to "share" as it is right up my ally with being Easy Peasy as 1-2-3.  Check it out at the following web link:


Sound pretty cool, eh?  Maybe some time when the kids are up visiting I can give it a try out, if I remember by then .... ha !

The "Voice" is on now, which is one of the few shows I do enjoy watching.  I am off like a "dirty shirt", "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard".


  1. Wanna come & make my kitchen happy?? ;) lol! Great buy on all those mushrooms! Yum! I bet Bandit can't wait to get that cone off!! Poor thing!!

    1. Betcha mine was unhappier a lot longer then yours ! Hahaha ..

  2. I have hopes of making my kitchen happy next week with a deep cleaning. I will take more than a day I am afraid :( I know you are loving the dehydrators they are such a money saver!!! Hope you can get some much needed sleep tonight!

  3. My kitchen wants to be happy too...Now it just has a mild smile of clean countertops. But it really needs some deep cleaning before my parents come.I had someting similar happening with cheap plastic tablecloths from a Dollar store.And they were only about a year old. I think it happens to very cheap material.


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