Saturday 20 October 2012

Out & About Having FUN !!!

Feeling much better and back to my old (heavy on the old) self today, I was up and at it first thing this morning out, about and in with our "Checkerboard Aussies" in the dampness and pouring rain.  Since being down and out of commission the past couple of days, it didn't take much for things to get to be a real mess around here in the housework department, especially since I had made another huge mess in the kitchen canning down the rest of the tomatoes Yesterday ....

What to do, what to do ????  What I did do was got myself dressed, turned my back on it all and walked on out the door ....

"My "Crabby Cabbie" wasn't even paying any mind to me this morning, so even more reason to be out the door !  Ha ! that will teach him ... "

Hehehe .... not really, as we had our coffee together and pretty much went out the door about the same time as each other.  Rob gone off to do what he does best by being the "Crabby Cabbie" on down to Saugeen Shores, as I headed on over to meet up with my friend, Toni with an "i" over in Owen Sound.

Toni and I met up to go together to the Georgian Shores United Church for the Harvest Craft & Vendor Event that had been going on over there today.

"Greeted by the "Help Shut the Lid On Cancer" Pink Toilet as soon as we walked through the door.  Special thanks to Margie Doman for all her efforts of getting the Pink Toilet placed at this Event."

"This would be Margie Doman, Heaven Scent Natural Products Representative.  To learn more about these "natural" products or to order, please contact Margie by calling 519-376-5685."

"The Christmas Spirit was in the air ... "

"That there big smile coming back at us is from Dale herself.  How could you ever go wrong with gift giving with Aunt Dale's Preserves and Pies.  Place an order anytime by calling Dale at 519-371-6004."

"This lady here I already had the pleasure of meeting and sampling her wares this past Summer at the Canada Day Events going on at Wiarton's Bluewater Park.  She makes a mean Pecan Butter Tart "Let Me Tell the World".  This is Cathy of Cathy's Confections, Unique, Homemade Chocolates & Treats.  Special orders can be placed anytime by giving Cathy herself a call at 519-934-1351.  Trust me, you will not be disappointed."

"Shhh...don't be telling my "Crabby Cabbie" but I bought him this Peanut Butter Chocolate covered apple from Cathy for him.  His Mother used to make Candy Apples, so I wanted to "treat" him."

"Look here, this is one of my favourite people ...  Abby Miners of Miners Maple Products showing off her "sweet" stuff to my friend Toni.  Really now should you ever come by any of Miners Maple Products you need to be sure to BUY the Maple Chipolte BBQ Sauce, it is "wicked" good and the very best according to my "Crabby Cabby" guy.  Year Round ordering can be done by calling Abby or Russel Miner at 519-376-7907.  Another great idea for gift giving you might not have thought of before?"

"A Scentsy display was also there .. awesome looking things to purchase.  Unfortunately both Toni and I are sensitive to certain scents so we could not linger too long here.  I could not help by stop to look at those sweet gift giving ideas for children though.  Surely you would be interested yourself by contacting Katie Fry at 519-376-4756 or checking out her web link by *clicking* HERE."

"Have a Bow Wow?  There were gift ideas there for him or her too.  Margie had even bought a new fleece coat for her Pugsy I had noticed." 

"A New Face in Town?  this would be "Jandi Gunn Designs".  Unique, comfortable and Chic ... Jandi's Designs can be found on her Facebook Page by clicking HERE or by calling 519-378-3735 and/or by Email: ."

"Norwex products are a line which is safe for our environment/health and lasts forever.  Interested in both? please contact Rep. Sharon Martin by clicking HERE."

"I could have spent lots of time listening to this lady explain about her products.  Why would that be? cause I LOVE cooking and baking and this was a Pampered Chef display !!!   Need to know more? please contact Pampered Chef Rep. Carolyn Marritt at 519-370-2244 or visit ."

"I can't believe how many wonderful people that I LOVE to see where there.  This is Kris Dawson's booth.  Kris is a Representative of Epicure Products.  I was at a Epicure Party at a friend's  place not too long ago where Kris was the Hostess.  To see how much fun it had been just go HERE."

"Loving yourself some All Natural Honey? then contact Melody and Martin at "

"Is this not a beautiful Handmade Angel?  Custom orders for these Angels can be made by contacting Toni Vary at "

"Rag Quilts N' Things by Barb.  Reasonable prices and Homemade are all of Barb's items.  Both Toni and I bought gift giving items from Barb.  Nice thing about this for me is Barb lives in Wiarton for any other gift giving needs I might have.  Lots of  Homemade Gifts from Barb, just give her a call at 519-534-4453."

"This lady here is Shirley McDougall.  Shirley is a Certified Body Talk Practitioner.  Need to learn more on Body Talk?  Contact Shirley herself at 519-371-4082 or by Email: .  Also on the 11th of November there is a Seminar coming up as well at the McQuay Tannery Senior's Center in Owen Sound.  Call Shirley for further details please."

"I think I could have spent way more time here at the "Woolies" booth then I had.  I really hope to be able to again come by meeting Bonnie in my travels somewhere down the line.  How could anyone go wrong with a motto such as "Go Natural, Avoid Chemicals, Buy Local"?  Bonnie's "Woolie" products and crafts were and are totally amazing !   There will be an "Open House" at Woolies in the Country on the 9th & 10th of November.  For further information please contact Bonnie by calling 519-376-5681 or by email "

I could have stayed much longer at this Event then we had, but you know ... things to do, people to see, and coffee at Timmies with Toni before I carried on with the rest of my day.

I set out to get the remainder of gift purchases for the Secret Sister box I was getting together.  Mission accomplished !  I am so happy and really really pleased with all the gifts I have for my Secret Sister, with hopes she will be as equally happy when she receives it in the mail.

My last stop of the day was at the Christmas store located in the The Fireplace at Springmount just outside of Owen Sound on my way back home.  Can't yet share my purchases until my Secret Sister receives her gift box, as I wouldn't know or not if she reads my blog???

"However I can share what I bought myself there to go on our Buffet Sideboard for Christmas.  These two Tea Light candle holders with a regular price of $16.95 each on them for a Grand Total of .... can you take a "Wild" guess?"

... if you had guessed 50 cents each you would have been right.  Can you believe I "scored" again? as I can barely believe it myself !

Another little Christmas idea I would like to share is one I came across on Pinterest.  Check it out HERE .  Who wouldn't love Bath Salts? they are so soothing, as well as adding to the relaxing effect of a nice long luxurious bath.  Think I just might be making myself some of this .....

"When looking out our patio door late this afternoon, I realized Buddy had company who had came around for a swim in his water dish.  Umm... must have been attracted to the "pink" watering hole.  Hahaha .... "

Wow that was most certainly another fun filled full day I had myself again "out & about having fun".  I enjoyed myself so much, I really don't think I regretted it one iota, even when I walked back  into my "upside down turned around household".

Tomorrow is another day, can anyone guess what I will be up to, "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard".


  1. you'll no doubt be out and about tomorrow!!! Does Buddy live outside all the time then, and the other three are indoor dogs?

    Try photobucket, simple and the way to go for the photos,


    1. Guess you will have to see about tomorrow. Buddy is outside most of the day, then always in at night. He has a shelter inside the dog run to be out of the weather. Thanks Gill, will check out Photobucket.


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