Saturday 13 October 2012

Road Trip With The Girls !!!

"Morning came very early to me this day, but look at that sky !"

"Way down into Waterloo County by the time the Sun had already rose up with the fields being turned."

"We pulled in at our destination around 10:30 am..  My home away from home at my Best Friend's Home, Bob and Tim's, in the Village of New Dundee."

"The Great Room had just been nicely done over with new hardwood flooring and a Custom Mantle, with the walls still to be done with new paint."

"My Grandsons even were able to come over for a visit with me and everyone else there."

"This is the Gentleman we were all there to see ... Alex was doing each of our "readings" one by one."

Alex uses his "spiritual" physic gift to guide people.  All proceedings donated to Alex in exchange for a reading are in turn donated to the Kitchener-Waterloo Foodbank by Alex himself.  What a wonderful gesture this gentleman "pays forward" to others in need.

"Our Aiden's Birthday had been on the 12th of September.  Today I had brought his gift from myself and Poppa for him along, with a little gift for Connor as well so he wouldn't feel left out."

"I think Aiden really liked the Pirate of the Caribbean Corkboard we had gotten him for his room, much better then the "Big Cat" puzzle and new top and shorts he will need when they go to Disney World next month.  Our hosts, Bob and Tim, in their easy chairs looking on at all the excitement the boys were having."

"It is also their Mother, Holly's Birthday on the 1st of November, so I had also brought her gift along."

All of us girls had such a fun time.  What a lunch we had too provided by each of us in way of a pot luck.  There had been salad, dips and crackers, fruit and cookies ... all really really "yummy" stuff.  First time I had ever had Guacamole Dip ... it was awesome and then some !

"It was my Cousin Peggy's Birthday today, lots of birthday celebrations.  She had requested the family members who were there have a photo taken together.  Myself, Cousins and Sisters, Suzanne and Peggy, then Suzanne's two daughters, Paige and Krista."

"Sisters Suzanne and Peggy.  Nice ...   These gals used to take me to the Beach when I was a very little girl so many Years now gone by."

We all had ourselves such a wonderful time.   I am certain there had been a total of nine of us gals invading the privacy of Bob and Tim's home.  Couldn't get better Hosts then those two, however Tim did finally escape with the excuse of Bob's vehicle needing to be re-fueled.  Ha... good plan Tim !!!

Myself, Suzanne, my friend, Lynn and her daughter, Jaime, loaded ourselves back in the Van once we had all had our "readings" done by Alex and some luncheon goodies.  We were only about 10-15 minutes up the road when I had realized my camera had been left behind.  There is no way in Heaven or on Earth that could be left behind, it being one of my lifelines ... about we turned to go retrieve it lickity split !

On our way home, we had to stop at a little place we had passed through on our way there.

"A busy little place all nicely tucked in a bit off the road."

"The Gourd Art was amazing !!! "

"Lynn and Jaime were happy to oblige me by being "good" sports.  Two cutie pies they were."

"Across the wayside we couldn't help but notice this "big" girl."

"Then we were back on the road Homeward Bound."

What a fantastic Road Trip With the Girls I had this day ... thanks girls I look forward to another get together in our futures.

By the time we made it back into Wiarton, with Suzanne dropped back off at her vehicle and Lynn with her daughter safely back at their home, I arrived back at my own home just after 5:00 pm some time or another.  It had been pouring rain and is still doing so with really cold temps.

Once the "Pack" had first been looked after, I fired up the old wood stove, made myself a sandwich along with a cup of Java to sit back and upload my photos of the day.  Once again it is past 7:30 pm here ... as I sit here with warm thoughts of a fun day now past in the warmth of my own home, "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard".


  1. What a lovely home and a pretty area. Do you know what breed those draft horses plowing the field are? They look like Sorrel Belgians, however, it is not clear from the photo.

    ps - I borrowed that photo to send to some friends.

  2. I'm curious, what does a spiritual psychic tell you. Is he a fortune teller or psychic who might tell you about your future? I'm interested to know. You didn't go into it very far. Bess

  3. Wounds like a wonderful day

  4. Another fun day for you!! Your friend's house looks so lovely!

  5. lovely home. It's been a long time since I have seen Suzanne and Peggy, they both look well,


    1. I can't believe I stumbled across your blog. I haven't looked too much yet but I enjoyed the pictures from the Masterson Reinion. I haven't been in a while. I did see your brother when I was up home in July. Love the Aussies. We have here on the.boat with us in Florida. No more running sheep for him or me. I'll be following your blog now that I've found it. Good way to keep in touch. We do the same with a sail log. Especially when we're moving.

    2. Yes Gill, my friends do have a lovely home, and Suzanne and Peggy both seem to be well. Suzanne had drove down with me & Peggy drove over from Kitchener.

    3. Kathy Masterson? Oh my...I haven't seen you at a Reunion or otherwise for quite some time. Nice you dropped in and that you will be continuing to do so ... shoot me off an email some time to bring me up to speed on how you have been? and your family. xx


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