Thursday 25 October 2012

How Important Is Exercise ?

What an amazing day today it was Weatherwise !!! and otherwise too as it was being enjoyed so much.   I don't know about anywhere else in the World, but it just so happen to be almost 25*C (77*F) here in my little piece of Heaven.  Honest to Goodness !  and I am still counting on having an Indian Summer come our way too !!!  A long one is really what I am aiming for ... pleazzzz ?

I am happy to say I got two loads of clothing washed, along with a load of mats, and out on the load to dry all before 10:00 am., the bed made and some dust bunnies that required a bit of forceful removal from the dining room sideboard.  Next on the Bunny "hit list" will be our bedroom, hopefully getting done not too much later this day, or maybe tomorrow.

While milling around in our fridge a bit this morning I had to throw out some pretty yucky undesirables ... ewww I really hate when that happens.  I still had a lovely piece of Cabbage in there that I wanted to get used up, so what better way to use it then in my favourite salad.

"This salad is only really really good; it has a wonderful presentation about it too !  Love ME some Black Bean & Feta Salad, I do so .... "

"... and is there ever a simpler dressing then Fresh Lemon Juice and Olive Oil?  It never ceases to amaze me that every time I have made this salad, one Lemon has produced exactly the required 1/4 cup of juice !"

With the salad made and set in the fridge awaiting me to consume some for my supper later on, I got to thinking I hadn't really planned on anything for our Dinner today.  All the leftovers had been used up Yesterday.  Thank goodness having eggs on hand in the fridge have always been an easy "go to" solution for something quick, easy and good to make up a Dinner when I have been otherwise "stuck".

"First out of the Fridge is the Farm Fresh Eggs from my egg source, DeJong Acres Farm of course.  Then the green peppers and onions were diced , sauteed a bit before the eggs were added in."

"It wasn't too long before the egg was topped with Old Cheddar Cheese between two slices of  toasted Homemade Whole Wheat Battered Bread.  It was delish ... "

After our Dinner was over with there was then the matter of those dishes to be washed up.  This I did right away.  Still feeling a little bit weary I relaxed for a time this afternoon, while Rob "sawed logs" in his Lazy Boy chair.  Ha !  he wakes up just before it is time for him to adorn his "Crabby Cabbie" hat with a "why did you let me sleep so long".  My retort was, "do you think maybe you needed a bit more sleep?".  After all those long hours he puts in from Thursday until early Sunday morning, I really think he never gets "caught up" enough with his sleep most weeks.

Regardless it is Thursday night again.  Off further South my "Crabby Cabbie" headed towards Saugeen Shores to do what he does best, while I  ....

"Went out to check on our Wood supply for the arrival of the upcoming ... watch it there is a "dirty" word coming next, "WINTER" .  Wow they sure had cut, split and piled  a good lot in the drive shed the other day, as seen in the first picture.  The other two pictures is wood still left over from the previous Year.  I am hoping we will be good by the looks of things."

"I had also had Lexus out with me on Wood Inventory.  She was a pretty good help.  Then I had the little ripper, Missy Mercedes out for a "tear"."

After inventory was done, with everyone else having an out, around and about, I needed to get down to some serious business.

"Since I hadn't gotten around to it this morning, I needed to get my 1 Mile "Walk At Home" workout in with Leslie Sansone.  All the convincing in the World was not going to get Bandit participate."

I even tried to convince him he could do it no problem at all by first showing him this Video ....

... nope that still didn't convince him !

"Even explaining The Importance of Exercise to him didn't get him to budge.  Oh man, what am I to do with a couple of these Men in my life.  Don't they realize they aren't young, fit and as active as Buddy anymore and they have to "work it"?  Ha, I suppose not.|

It is never easy to get going, but once you do "get up and go" every day it gets easier and easier as the days go by .... really now, "would I tell an out and out lie otherwise"?, as I am certain I have only been known on occasion to tell the "odd" fiblet or two I am sure.

How Important Is Exercise?  To me pretty dang important especially when you read all the benefits going for it according to the above chart, as well as all the numerous testimonials and facts out there.  How important is exercise to you???  might I ask?

"Today I received another wonderful Post Card through Post Crossing.  This one arrived from Ostashkov, on the shore of Lake Seliger, in Russia.  I absolutely LOVE it !"

"Also after exercise and the mail had been collected from the Mailbox, I raked a these leaves away from the edge of the Rock Garden, onto the drive with hopes the prevailing South Winds will have them somewhere else but our property by morning.  Fingers crossed ...ha."

Before it gets too much later here, I really think I should be digging into some of that "oh so good" salad I made earlier today, "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard".


  1. good to see Bandit without his "collar" on!!!

    It was a gorgeous day here I agree.


  2. I love Leslie Sansone, I think she's great! I used her jogging DVD when I was trying to lose weight.. Great for indoor exercising! :) Bandit... What a lazy bum! ;) lol!!

  3. It was 4 degrees Celsius (39F) here this morning! Time to emigrate....

  4. Oh gosh what a coincidence! I was getting the blues past couple days because of rain & clouds where I am. My sister (who is my main medical info as she is a pediatrician) recommended exercise. Not just walking the dogs or hosuework but some cardio and yoga. Slow start but trying get there....Aimee


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