Sunday 28 October 2012

Hurricane Sandy Turns "Frankenstorm"

Five o'clock am, voices travel from the far part of the house down into our bedroom.

My "Crabby Cabbie" has arrived home and was conversing with our Paul, who had fallen asleep in the Easy chair in the living room.  It is cold, Paul goes to retrieve kindling from the basement in order for Rob to "fire" up the wood stove.

Rob does eventually come to bed, with me lying there until 7 pm before I arise to come out to a warm house and my three boys, or four should I count our Bandit boy.

"Bandit gets lots of attention when the boys are visiting."

Once Holly had gotten up from bed, Paul and I headed downtown into Wiarton to retrieve us all a treat by getting us a Tim Horton coffee and the boys a box of Tim Bit Donuts.

"Frost layed itself across the roof tops and the clouds were cold and uninviting  when this day had first began."

When Paul and I had returned with the Tim Horton goodies we had been surprised Rob was up with having only had 2 hours, if that, of sleep.

"I suppose if he hadn't gotten up he wouldn't had time to spend with everyone or torment them all in his usual fashion.  I am pretty sure he had "grabbed" Holly's Blackberry from the table with them all trying to get it back from him here.  Ha ! never a dull moment."

Paul had promised the boys we would go for a walk this morning before they had to head back home, so the four of us got ready to head back towards town.  I was just hoping when we had returned Holly hadn't been any worse for wear by Rob's teasing ... as it was she did survive after all.

"The boys and I thought it pretty cool to follow this vehicle into town."

"We decided to bypass the Wiarton Marina and go straight down by the Water Treatment plant beside Colpoy's Bay."

"The Bay in front of us with the escarpment behind."

"We weren't too certain how fish could be caught in this cold windy weather with the water breaking as it had been?"

"It is not too often I get my photo taken with the Boys, so we took the opportunity of doing so.  Ha ... Aiden had said, "hurray up Daddy my *smile* is freezing"."

"Here are three of my boys !  The Fall colours always make such a lovely "natural" back drop for family photos."

"It didn't take us long to load ourselves back in the truck and head it up the North Hill on our way back to a cozy warm house."

The kids packed up their stuff and headed on home before the Lunch hour.  Thank goodness I got out of more meal making and dishes ... those dishes are never ending !!!  Ha !

My poor Rob went back to bed.  Me?  not a darn thing I did this afternoon as my whole body was in surmountable pain with every muscle from "head to toe" feeling as they were going to come right through my skin.  I am thinking this Fibromyalgia "flare up" has been caused with this sudden onslaught of weather change we are experiencing right now.  *Sigh* not a good thing for such ailments at these times, or otherwise.

Another day spent in a lull of fatigue and pain behind the scenes of the comfort of my own home, rather then out and covering the pain most times with a "mask" of "I am fine".  Anyone else who suffers from Fibromyalgia knows exactly what I mean when I speak of hiding behind a "mask" of wellness when inside the muscles are screaming and there is pain shooting through various parts of  your body.

Weather changes? there is lots of that going on right now with the onslaught of Hurricane Sandy, meeting up with two other storm fronts to the creation of a "Frankenstorm" so it has been named in the wake of a fast approaching Halloween.

It wasn't too long ago a friend had posted to her Facebook page a warning for the Grey Bruce areas, which can be found by *clicking* HERE .

Batten down the "hatches" to be prepared, as we never know what is every around the corner, now do we? Thoughts and prayers to all for to be safe and protected that are or will be in the path of this storm.

I had what I had thought to be 1 cup of pumpkin needing used up in the fridge, which turned out to be 1 1/2 cup.  I had a friend send me a recipe for Pumpkin Spice Muffins which I changed up to make my "own" late this afternoon.

"I gathered everything I would need together on the counter then got going on putting it all into action with 12 Muffin cups nicely filled.  I don't care much for "cooked" raisins, so I plunked a few in half the muffins for Rob, who does so love raisins cooked or not."

"The are really a Muffin moist and full of flavor.  I think next time I will add some apple to it to see how that turns out?   Another definite, "keeper" to be added to my ever growing collection of recipes."


Before I forget I must "share" the "what I thought to be a good read" on the behalf of women, over at my friend, John's at Tok Tok Place.  I found both humor in it to some extent, as well seeing the irony and bare truth of it all ... touche' for it being "put out there" in the defense of all woman in the work place, or not.  Thanks to John for posting.  For this read I speak of please *click* HERE.

I know it wouldn't surprise too many if I made the statement I am "tired" and won't be long from my bed this evening.  It has been a very busy couple of days in my life, however enjoyable, "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard."


  1. Sorry you are having trouble with fibromyalgia - hope you have an improvement soon or will you get problems for the whole of winter - I do hope not for if it is cold weather that aggravates it I fear you are not in the best place for it.

  2. Love the pics. Aimee

  3. Hope you get feeling better soon!! Love the picture of you and the boys

  4. So sorry you are not feeling good. Hope you'll be better real soon. Battling this hurricane, having lots of rain and wind here with some strong gusts to 60 MPH. Hopefully we won't lose power. That's always a big concern. Hope it doesn't reach you later in the week. Bess

    1. Oh dear Bess ... please be safe down there. Our Winds here have been gaining momentum. There has been talk about power outages. Thanks goodness we heat with wood, so that is not a cold out right now.


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