Thursday 18 October 2012

A Tad Disappointed

It was another "rough" night last evening, with very few hours of sleep.  I did resort myself to staying in bed regardless of being awake with the exception of a couple bathroom trips and one to the kitchen ....

"I apparently have a bit of a Stomach Flu bug, or Gastroenteritis, with these two items being my newest best friends the past 24 hours.  They did work, however the Maalox needed assistance from the Gravol to give me almost 100% relief of stomach cramps which I thought were going to rip me right open.  Never mind how bloated I am, along with the nausea I had been also having.  I think I jinxed myself the other day buy even the mere mention of "Tis the Flu and Cold Season"."

To make matters even worse, our son Paul called this morning to say he had the day off and he and Connor were going to come up to visit us for the day.  Nope, didn't happen with me being too sick for them to come, as well as it being something I really don't care to "share" with anyone else.  Needless to say, I was a "tad disappointed" about missing out on a visit with them.

"Yep, this is me when I am sick.  Miserable, depressed and bored to tears.  I hate laying around when there is obviously so much living to be gotten done in this life surrounding me or otherwise."

Umm... could it be I have been doing just a little bit too much living that got me run down to get myself in this "state of sickness" someone might ask?  Nah .... how can too much good living make you sick, is my rebuttal to that question.

I know, I know, and I know, it goes like this, "feed a cold and starve the flu", but I was beginning to feel a bit hungry late this morning.  Good thing I had made that homemade Chicken Broth just the other day, and there was chicken from it in the fridge just waiting to be used up.

"Yes I got right on that by doing a little chopping and dicing of Chicken, carrots and onion."

"With another 1 1/2 cups of chicken bagged up and put in the freezer for another time, hopefully one that doesn't involve Cold or Flu."

"Also into the pot went some of the celery I had also just recently dehydrated."

"Surrounded by the weekly Sale Flyers, I enjoyed every spoonful of the Homemade Chicken Soup I had whipped up for myself."

Since I am not a huge TV fan, I kept my body rested and my mind busy with my laptop most of the day, with great luck of keeping a headache at bay.  I watched a Youtube video which I received from a lovely West Coast acquaintance of mine.  Thanks Marie.  I enjoyed it so much I of course have to "share" it with everyone else too.

I am amazed at the talent of people who put these Videos together.  Some day I will maybe be gifted with a talent too. This I keep praying for as I know there has to be something "great" buried within my person somewhere that possesses a wee bit of talent !!!  Ha .... send a little prayer my way for me in this respect, will ya?

I did have to go out twice today.  We had to drop my Van off to get the Winter Tires put on this morning, then return to pick it back up this afternoon.  Yes, it is time to be thinking about Winter Tires and whatnot ... you will find a 10 Winter Tip Checklist by *clicking* right HERE.

That  had been the extent of my outings this day, if I don't count my out, about and back ins with our "Checkerboard Aussies".  Glad I had done that not too long ago as we had just experienced a "driving" rain from the South, which wouldn't have been too pleasant to have been caught out in one bit.  Oh yes, I almost forgot, I did do a load of jeans and hung them out on the line before it rained.  It was windy enough that they had dried long before the rain had arrived...good thing for me.

"This is my ever lonely tree out in the corner of our one field.  I love this tree.  I wanted to take its picture with it being in full colour before it looses its leaves.  I hope whenever we move again I will be as happy with a new place as I am with our view here.  I never tire of looking out across our fields towards our bush."

Another little "share" I had came across in my web surfing this day was this one I also liked .... especially with Christmas (oops did I say that already) just around the corner.

Would this not be a great "rule of thumb" to apply when buying gifts for our children, or grandchildren?  makes perfect sense to me.  My boys usually got more what they "needed" then what they "wanted" for Christmas and Birthdays if I recall, with clothes usually being mostly part of their gifts.

Usually when one has too much time on their hands to think, myself finding this to be the case when I am sick, I got to thinking about and reflecting back on some of the small businesses or such I have came across and blogged about in the past year and a half in my travels.

I always love promoting small business, or the "little guy" out there in the big pond of fish so to speak, and what a nice way to do so when I am out and about anyway.  The one thing I enjoy receiving back from these "sharing" experiences is when I have blogged about someones business or otherwise, and that person(s) has sent a warm thank you as a token of their appreciation back my way.  How nice is that !  I know myself, should someone put forth something about our "Crabby Cabbie" business, I am so head over heels grateful for that.

What I don't understand is the ones I have emailed a "link" back to my blog where I have posted about them and their business, and they haven't even taken the time out to send an email back to me containing a couple little words of "thank you, so much appreciated" in way of an acknowledgment.  *Sigh* I am not looking for anything in the way of them giving me something, but really is a "thank you" so much to expect? like anything else in this life, I suppose for some it must be.

Oh well, this will not stop me from doing what I enjoy doing in any of my future endeavours of putting things "out there" for others or in the way of events.  There is always that "wonderful" few who always make up more then enough for others who we feel "fall short" at times in the way of appreciation, is there not?

And yes, sometimes I really think I do just think "too much".

Since I have been feeling too ill then spending most of my day laying around doing not much other then surfing the web or eating soup, I really have enjoyed doing this blog post at a much earlier time in the day then when  I am used to doing it.  What does this mean?  exactly what I did last night ... out, about and in with all our "Checkerboard Aussies" once darkness sets in,  to then hitting the sack a little bit earlier then my "norm".

Since I was in much worse shape last night then I am now, I had even taken the "pack" out and back in much earlier last night then ever, with Rob coming home after work to take them all out again for me.  Thanks honey, you are a total "gem" some days, with me really really really appreciating you doing that for little ole' me.

On that note, I think (oops there I go doing that thinking stuff again) I will sign off, make myself a nice hot cup of tea and curl up with a Chatelaine magazine, maybe leaving that sink full of dishes for a later time, "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard".


  1. matt is one of my guilty objects of desire
    I adore him and his videos

  2. Awww... (((hugs))) I hope you're feeling better very soon!! I agree that a simple "thank-you" is not too much to ask, Cindy! Now rest up & get better!!

    1. Thanks Carla, those hugs are always appreciated. Resting is so so boring. *sigh*

  3. feel better soon and yes some of us do appreciate your blogs and all your efforts to help out when yes, you should be home resting up. Thanks again , Lynn

    1. Thanks Lynn...and I appreciate all you do to help out in our Community too! it would be a very sorry World without people like you volunteering their time.

  4. Feel better soon!! I to have a real problem with people who can't say or send a simple thnak you. I have a new rule for gift giving I have been using for a few years. No thank you note or call for a shower gift don't expect a wedding gift, ditto on baby gifts. I have had frineds ask about their child not reciving a wedding or baby gift. I just let them know if the person can't spend 47 cents on a stamp to say thank you then they are SOL

    1. Thanks Debby ! I have been doing "zilch" pretty much all day here. I remember that one baby shower where it cost you a whole meal, plus plus plus, with no notice ... or something like that, with no mention of a "thank you"... I also have given a few gifts in past, then when asked if they like them the response was, oh what had you given there was so much !!! Grrrrrr.....

  5. Oh you, poor thing, get better soon! I guess it's a much needed break for you but it's still no fun :( Especially because you couldn't see your son and Connor today :(

    1. I think that part had to be the worse part of it all, Lena. Thanks for your well wishes.

  6. I'm sorry you're sick! Stomach flu is the WORST. I'd rather have, oh, I dunno, LEPROSY I think! (Kidding!) Glad to hear you took it easy and lapped up some of that delish looking soup.

    About the doing good for people thing? I hear ya, I really do. You're doing the right thing, though, so keep your chin up and doing what you're doing. The world will be a better place because of people like you.

    1. Thanks Cathy ... don't be getting started on those really old Leprosy jokes now! I am going to keep doing what I do, too bad some people just don't see it. I have truly met so many wonderful people since I have been blogging my online journal, such as yourself, who make up for those "others".

  7. Hope you feel better soon! I'm craving my Granny's chicken soup after looking at your pictures...

    1. Thanks Em, I appreciate your kind words. The soup was so good !

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