Friday 12 October 2012

I Really Need To Get A "Grip"

The other day I had made the statement that I needed to get myself back on the "Fitness Bandwagon" sooner then later.  Today was that day !!!

Since I had knee surgery for a second time time on the same knee two years ago I became extremely "lax" on any type of regular exercise routine with fear of the Mencius in my right knee tearing yet a third time.  I might not have been so concerned, but it had torn again barely three months after I had surgery on it the first time, so I have been overcautious and a little fearful I suppose.

This has all resulted in no regular exercise program since on a daily basis other then every day living activities, having gotten more slack over the past six months.

The first thing I do when beginning a "fitness/exercise" program for myself is record my weight and measurements, as you can always loose "inches" and not "weight" at times, being another "good" thing.  With menopause having now taken a "firm hold" on my unwilling mind, I was "shocked" at how many inches I had put on in the past 6 months .... weight had not moved upwards only by two pounds, but OH MY GAWD !!!  the inches were enough to almost drive me into a hole and never come out !!!

Everyone has their own "comfortable" place for their own weight, inches, exercise regiment or whatever personal tastes they might have for themselves, so what I am comfortable being at, might be totally absurd for the next person.  So "judge" not other then my own self is what I work at practicing.

What almost drove me into a hole, never to resurface again, you might ask?

Weight:  152 lbs. (no biggie)
Hips:        42 inches (still okay, only added 1")
Waist:      33 inches (okay up 2", but I can live with that)
Breasts:    36 inches (haven't budged an inch, ha !)

STOMACH:  40 inches !!!  OH MY GAWD, a 4 inch increase in a matter of 6 months .... where is that hole????

Okay "shake: myself out of the shock I am sure I was in for a matter of minutes, which seemed more like hours, and get on with it !!!   I really need to get a "grip" on this.

This morning I started back doing the "Walk At Home" with Leslie Sansone.

"Nice and slow beginning with the "One Mile" walk until I can get myself back up to speed to be able to do the "Three Mile" walk once again.  The nice thing about doing these "Walk At Home" Cd's  is you are in your own home, in front of your own TV, and if you are uncoordinated, slow, miss a move or two ... who cares?  Not that you should if you are out in public in a structured setting otherwise, but still at home it is your OWN comfort zone."

Believe it or not, when you do Cardio or any type of regular exercise, with good eating practices (something else I have been slack on the past few months, this I blame on a number of things ... stress does much in many ways sometimes), it is a proven fact you gain more energy.  This has been proved over and over and over again, time after time.  How do I know this? as I am certain I had more energy two years ago when I was doing a daily regular exercise program then I do now, if my somewhat at times blurred memory is serving me correctly on this point.

The "Walk At Home" program I have chosen to get myself back on the "bandwagon" requires 1/2 hour commitment of my time every day.  I can spend 1/2 hour on a telephone call on any given day, so why not do something for myself wherein the benefits I will be reaping will be reward enough?

Today is the day I got back on a fitness exercise "Cardio" program for myself.

Wish me luck, as I know many have just a few short days ago ... as this requires Willpower, and Willpower is easy to set aside when your stomach is rumbling that you are hungry, when really you have already fed it enough... and Willpower is required when making good food choices, and passing up all those "yummy" foods containing all those "bad" fats.  There is much to consider when you take this first step forward to making a Healthy Lifestyle change for ones self.  Willpower is essential to even begin.

Falling off the bandwagon does happen to even the best of us, but getting back on takes Willpower !!!

"Ha, my poor "Crabby Cabbie" doesn't have too much choice when I buy the food and do the majority of the cooking.  I even made him his lunch/supper today before I sent him off out into that big ole' World down the way ... 2 turkey sandwiches, one fruit cup, banana, apple and four Pumpkin chocolate cookies (I have to allow him a treat or two on occasion)."

Oh yes, I had received an email from my Auntie this morning, after she had read my blog post of Yesterday to Uncle.  Uncle was wondering how the lady, who was so kind to gift me all those jars yesterday, had gotten a package from me with Homemade Cookies, and he didn't for the few jars he given me the day before?  I had to respond by asking her, what small fraction of "a" cookie should I send off to Uncle, since I had only gifted 6 cookies to the lady who had given me boxes of jars, compared to few?

I caved and sent my "Crabby Cabbie" off with a package this day to deliver to ...

"None other then my "whiny" Uncle.  Oops the spelling should have been "Whiny", but no matter I sure he got my point !  I do so believe payment of lots more jars should be coming forthwith  from him, for all the fractions of cookies I had enclosed in this bag ???  Ha !"

Shhh... don't be telling him, I would have gave him an extra two if I thought he would be "sharing" with the Auntie.  Ha !

Once I had done my 30 minute "Walk at Home" this morning, I got right to stripping our bedding to get it washed and hung out on the line whilst the Sun was shining.  What a change from yesterday's downpours, to a full Sunshine day, however cool it only being around 10*C.

Then I got at the preparations for my favourite salad I was making ....

"This is all that is required to make the most "delish" Black Bean & Feta Salad I have ever had."

"I had purchased this mini Juicer at the local Thrift Store.  Best $5.00 I could have spent."

"It is amazing that each Lemon produces 1/4 cup of juice.  I doubled the recipe so needed a 1/2 cup."

"All ingredients doubled and mixed together with 1/2 cup of fresh Lemon Juice and 2 Tbsp. of Olive Oil added and mixed in."

"Believe you, me, this Salad has me always going back for seconds.  Also a very Healthy Food choice it is as well with all its Fiber goodness, along with its simple low cal /fat dressing."

Black Bean & Feta Salad Recipe Please?  PRINTABLE RECIPE HERE.

I had forgotten, until today, that Rob had put out our Halloween Solar lanterns yesterday for me ....

"Since we had an abundance of Sun today, I will have to check when it is a bit darker (only minutes away now) to see how they "show".  I do so LOVE Halloween."

I had bought these lanterns last Year for $2.99 each, marked down from $12.99 each.  Another Steal of a Deal !

"Today is the "cut off" for the Secret Sister Swap.  Get on over to Carla's HERE, if you would like to get in on it ASAP !  Lots of fun and excitement it is."

Also Dear Lena is doing a great service for her friends who are in need right now.  Should you be able, please show your own support by dropping on over at Lena's, Frugal and Thankful.

That was pretty much my day in a "nutshell" or two.  It is getting really dark out there now it being just after 7:30 pm.  I best be getting my "pack" out, around, about and back in before it gets any darker or colder, "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard".


  1. Hey Cindy good for you trying to get nice and healthy again I am also trying but starting at a smaller scale!

    1. Good for you, Sharon. Everyone has to go their own pace and do what is good for them.

  2. I feel your PAIN in the inches department. My middle too has had a growth spurt over the past year!!! I love that walking video you are using but until I am sure my foot is up to the task I will be hitting the Gazzell on a daily basis and join you in this muffin top reduction. Together we can do this. You are on your own however in the eating dept, I gotta have my chocolate!! Love you Halloween lantern!

    1. Thanks Debby, I am looking forward to you joining forces with me in this muffin top reduction. *Sigh* I am still going to have a treat now and again, can't not reward ourselves here and there.

  3. You have fired me up too
    Back to weight waters for me x


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