Tuesday 2 October 2012

Blast From The Past !

I had another big day ahead of me planned out for today.  With not too much sleep under my belt I still dragged myself up out of bed (Ha, regardless our "pack" needed me) to get get ready and going.

"Honest to Goodness, I chugged back as much as I could before I got going but I am afraid I never got the effect I needed for that extra Java Boost I was hoping for."

"As I was leaving I was amazed at the show the Violas, that had re-seeded themselves, were putting on.  The cooler weather must agree with them wholeheartedly."

"I took the scenic route across the Oliphant Road over to towards the Sauble Beach Pkwy."

"I could not resist stopping at the Sauble Falls.  Is it not beautiful?"

"Travelling along the road from Sauble Beach towards my Hometown of Southampton."

I made it to the Southampton Hospital where my Auntie Gladys has been since Sunday.  I am please to report she was released today and they are monitoring her.  Phew ... I sure can't have anything happen to her, as she looks after my "Crabby Cabbie" way too good !

Then I headed on over to Port Elgin, 5 miles away from Southampton, on the "other" side of the tracks of course.  Ha ! growing up they were there and we were here, and I believe that is still how it is looked at by some even though both towns are now all under "Saugeen Shores".  The High School still in Port Elgin and the Hospital in Southampton, so we had to come together.  Me? I could have cared less as I had a ton of friends in both places growing up.

That is exactly what I was off to do this day ... meet up with one of my friends whom both of  have managed to keep contact with each other all these years, however sporadic.

"This is my friend, Mike."

We had a great time catching up on families, our kids and of course all the fun and memories we held dear to us way back when????  It was great to see Mike's Mom too, as I hadn't seen her like in FOREVER !!!

Mike took me out for a kind of Brunch I suppose, then we headed on over to have a visit with his brother, Mark.  Dang it all, we should have stopped in to see his other brother, Tim, who works at a store downtown.  Next time maybe?

What a Blast from the Past the three of us had !!!  Then Mark pulled out an old photo album he still had with photos of all of us and tons of people I have not seen since way back in the 70's !!!  Ha !  what a laugh, and really we could have been the 70's Show from what I seen of the photos .... seriously we could have.

"Yes this is me at Sweet 16.  Remember the stubbie Beer Bottles way back then?  No, that was not in my hand, but in the hand of the person who had been beside me."

Mark and Mike kept saying to me, "your hair was so BLONDE then".  A few shades darker now I am afraid to admit, but still I do not colour it.

"Thanks Mark and Mike, I really had a "Blast from the Past" catching up, and look forward to another the next time Mike comes to town for another visit."

Still there was some sad catching up we also did, as I learned of a few friends we used to "hang with" had passed from being in accidents or what not.  *Sad*.  I was always the baby of the crowd as everyone else was always 5 years or so my Junior.  I suppose I could say I had a lot of people looking out for me back then, or would like to think I had ...

After we had our visit with Mark, Mike went along while I did my shopping at Walmart.  That too was a blast ... as we still continued catching up with our kids and our way of life as it is now.

I was so excited as I actually did my very first "Price Match" at Walmart.  Since Zehrs have Butterball Turkeys on for 99 cents a pound this week, way over in Owen Sound, I had taken their flyer along with me and Walmart had matched the sale price !  Wow ... I got 2 really nice 10 lb or so turkeys for about $20.00 !!!  I like the Price Match shopping deal.

The time Mike and I had spent together had to come to an end, so I dropped him off back at his Mother's and headed it back home.  I was tired and my neck had just about had it, since I have not been too kind to it the last few days or so.  I was happy to get home to spend a bit of time with Rob before he had to put his "Crabby Cabbie" hat on and leave for his day/evening.

"I had to stop to take a photo of this Corn Field being combined.  It doesn't seem that long ago when I had been a "Combine Widow" when Rob had been doing Custom Cropping for a farmer when we lived in Waterloo.  I remember them going around the clock some days, not unlike the "Crabby Cabbie" he is now, but without the fares."

Needless to say, nothing got done around here today, with our bed still needing made.  That won't go for long, as I will not get into it tonight until it is made.  I made myself a coffee, put on the CD Mike had made for me to see what tunes he had picked, then surfed a few photos posted on my Facebook page from 2008.

"This would be our Aiden at 3 1/2 years old & Bandit at 2 1/2 years old.  They are still fast friends now at 8 and 7 years old ."

"Some "way too big" shorts I had gotten Aiden at the Thrift Store, as his Mother never wanted what she brought for him to get dirty.  Ha ! I fixed that up in short works, never mind the pun on short!"

"This was Bandit when he was 2 years old.  Rob had been working on the truck & he just took it upon himself to jump on up there.  I couldn't believe I had the camera outside with me when it had happened."

"Rob's right-hand man is right."
Last Spring I had signed up for a Sister Secret Swap over at Carla's, My 1/2 A Dozen Daily .....

... Carla just so happens to be doing another Secret Sister Swap so get on over there to sign up.  How do you do that?  just *click* HERE and you will find out.  You don't have to have a BLOG to join in on all the fun !

It has been a long day for me.  I am all in but for my shirttail, so hence the early time on posting my day.  My head feels like it is ready to explode and I need to sit back, relax and let the meds kick in.  I still wouldn't have traded this "Blast from the Past" day in for another though, feeling pretty dang content with that fact, "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard".


  1. 1. Hi Mike!
    2. You were HOT when you were 16, Cindy!
    3. Oh sure that was somebody else's stubby...
    4. I've been to Oliphant! Beautiful place!
    5. That swap looks super fun.
    6. And isn't Aiden just as cute as a bug's ear!
    7. You should totally teach Bandit to hold a wrench.\
    6. Get some rest, woman!

  2. it's fun to have a blast from the past.

    You do need to take it a bit easier though.


  3. How fun to be able to spend time with old friends!!! Glad to know I am not the only OCD person who can't sleep at night if the bed is not made!Ha

  4. Whoa Cindy - such a hottie at 16!


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