Wednesday 31 October 2012

Happy Halloween 2012 !!!

 "Happy Halloween Everyone .... "Pumpkins Up"!" 

~ Photo Courtesy Via Email this Morning (thanks Marie) ~

I had been invited out to a Halloween Zumba last evening, by my friend, BJ, who is a Zumba Instructor here in Wiarton.  I was there in respect to taking a few photos (over 400 is what I had taken, with around 200 turning out?).  I had also been appointed the "pick out costumes for prizes" person.  

Wow I had never been to a Zumba class before ... everyone has so much fun !  Check it out yourself.

"BJ had lots of Halloween Music selections to Zumba to.  She started most of the first part instructing up front on the Stage, then .... "

"Got down on the floor with everyone else getting some more Halloween Spirit going with Michael Jackson's "Thriller"."

"Once all the girls had Halloween Zumbaed their little hearts out there was an amazing spread of goodies waiting them."

"BJ had really been in the Halloween Spirit by providing "Witches Fingers", along with rings for everyone.  Scarrrrrry .... "

I really enjoyed watching everyone have a Halloween of a Zumba good time.  Thanks for inviting me along BJ !

Should anyone really want to keep fit and have fun both at the same time through Zumba, please give BJ Guest a call at 519-534-3687 for either the Tuesday evening Wiarton location or the Thursday morning Sauble Beach location.  $5.00 Drop-in applicable.

With all the weather changes the past few days I have been a huge aching puddle of pain between my Osteoarthritis, Rhematoid Arthritis and Fibromyalgia ... along with the usual dreaded headaches.  Unfortunately I had to cancel on on Volunteering for the Wednesday morning Wiarton VON SMART Exercise program.  It is really frustrating to be feeling so much pain, with so many people not understanding of it because 1) they can't see it; or 2) they don't have it themselves, so they do not even try to imagine what it would be like since they have never experienced themselves.

I try so hard to empathize and understand towards others when they express they are feeling not well or having something myself has never experienced.  Just because I can't see it, does not mean it is not there and happening to that person(s).

Along with good days and bad days, you take people the same way I suppose.  Those who are caring and understanding, and then those who are self-centered, unfeeling and close minded (unless it comes to themselves of course).  I feel I have to speak out, as the more people who do speak out, hopefully gives a better chance for others to have a better understanding of the realities of some things they "can not see" for themselves.

These of course, as always, are my opinions and not those of anyone else, but I am sure there are others like myself who tend to feel the same way as I do.

 "Today was a good day to stay in with a nice hot cup of Earl Grey Tea."

I also had done some setting up of photos, along with deciding which ones I wanted to share this day.  These next two photos are from BJ's husband, Paul, from when they had been way up "North of the Checkerboard" yesterday showing some of what we had received in way of High Winds from the edge of the Frankenstorm.

"This photo was taken out at Indian Head Cove.  *Click* this link HERE, and you will see what it looks like on a "good" day."

~ Photo Courtesy of Paul Guest ~

"This photo is of the Grotto.  Amazing shot is it not?"  *Click* HERE to find out more about Bruce Peninsula's Grotto."

~ Photo Courtesy of Paul Guest ~

Amazing photos and so much appreciated they had been shared with me, so I could further share them here. Thanks Paul !

Speaking of Paul.  My Paul went into the Wiarton Salvation Thrift Shop with me this past Saturday when they had been visiting.  I really should have purchased this for him for tonight ...

"What do you think?  I think the "do" and the "colour" are befitting of my youngest Son !  Hahaha...."

Two and a half hours away to come right up here to "wring" my neck for posting the photo won't be happening any time sad too bad ...hahaha!

Other then making my bed, doing up a few dishes, taking the "Checkerboard Aussies" in, out and about when need be, and sitting on my behind the majority of the day, I did manage to do two very small, but productive, things this afternoon.

"I removed and washed the glass shades from our Living Room lamps.  Oh I do so love me those glass shades ... easy to take off wash, dry and put right back on."

"I also got most of the huge bunch of fresh Parsley my Auntie and Uncle had sent home with me the other day, all washed up and into the dehydrator.  I am making another salad in the next day or so, keeping out enough for that."

"Today brought with it some Happy Mail in the way of some Free Samples.  Nice...thinking Rob is going to love that Schick Hydro Razor for Men, as much as I love mine for Woman!  Thank you !"

My Co-VON Volunteer, Diane, had dropped around late this afternoon to drop off some stuff for me.

"Check out all this lovely Yarn, Co-Volunteer and friend, Cathy, sent along to me for my Sister Donna to use for the Charity knitting she does.  Thank you so much, Cathy, as I know how much this will be appreciated !!! "

"Co-Volunteer and friend, BJ, sent me the "finger".  Um, not too certain how I am suppose to react over this one, however Diane and I did have quite a laugh about it !   Thanks BJ , I really appreciate "The Finger" too !"

Happy Days for modern technology as "hot off the press" I just got the following photo ...

"I do so believe these two Transformers have taken over our Grand Boys bodies ... scary stuff goes on at Halloween you know?  Happy "Trick or Treating" boys !  xoxoxo "

I just now got off the phone with both Aiden and Connor.  They were so excited with all the Loot they had gotten, never any mind to how wet they both where from the rain.  Aiden told me "two bags full right to the top, Grandma, with just only two blocks!"  Ha !  I do remember those Halloweens so well myself ... why would I remember those times?  cause I LOVE me some HALLOWEEN that is why !!!

Since I didn't go anywhere today or really do anything much today other then lay around reading articles or editing some photos, it was a pretty eventful day around here.  By the way, where did the past 31 days go, "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard".


  1. your son needs a GAY BEST FRIEND....
    ( to advise him on hair products)

    1. John I will pass that his way. Maybe his Uncles Tim & Bob could help him out in that department somewhat? Ha !xx

  2. those finger cookies are creepy!!! The kids look good though. I hope it stays fair tonight for them.

    I got that sample pack, I use the razors myself. Didn't get the band aids though?


    1. I just might keep that razor to myself them.

  3. Hope you feel better soon and Thanks for voicing one of my pet peeves today. But you look so good comment does not help the pain that keeps us from getting a good nights sleep or help us struggle through the day. Hugs from Heathen Woman

    1. How true is that ... as I always say "the pain behind the smile". Hugs backatcha HW ! xx

  4. I so understand suffering alone, people who have never had an illness just don't get it. Hugs from way down South. The grands look like they were having a great time. For someone who was down and out you sure got a heck of a lot done!!!! Hope tomorrow is a better day with your health

    1. Debby you of all I can always count on understanding as I know you "get it"... hugs are the best ! thank you. Those Grands were over the World when I called them last night; wonder if it was the candy high? Hahaha

  5. So sorry Cindy to hear you aren't feeling well that's a nasty combination of ailments. I so very much understand where you comment about the lack of sympathy ...hell! no sympathy who wants sympathy but some consideration wouldn't be such a bad idea. People care far too much about self and should try and comprehend others more.
    Love the transformers gear they look the part!
    Wild wild photos....seen some incredible scenes on TV....

    Take care now

    Amanda :-)

    1. Yes Amanda, sympathy is not required, but kindness, consideration and understanding would be lovely. Some people have an illness that make their life unbearable at times, day in and day out, with others having the attitude "get over it" ! Would those same people "get over it" themselves, I wonder?

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    1. Why thanks John, I will share this with my "pet group" on FB :)


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