Sunday 14 October 2012

Rainy Day Sunday All Day Long

"It has been a Rainy Day Sunday All Day Long...."

What a change in temperature today from yesterday and last night when it was freezing cold ... brr.

"Ha... I was so cold at bedtime last night I had to dig way into the back of my sock drawer for my warm woolies.  Trust me if my feet are cold the rest of me NEVER gets warm, and these do the trick of warming them up for me."

Days like today really make me feel a bit on the lazy side .... I suggested to Rob maybe we could go move some wood around in the Wood Shed today, however he decided it was way to damp and would play too much havoc on his arthritis.  Never mind that, he needs to have one day to rest a bit as he hadn't removed his "Crabby Cabbie" hat until 4:30 am. this morning, so there was no worries with the decision he had made.

I might suffer from fatigue most of the time, but I would like to think I am not too much ever on the lazy side, quite on the contrary as I seem to need to be doing something or another.  Life is way too short to be lolly gagging it away all day long on a couch, is it not?

I got my my half hour Leslie Sansone workout done first thing, had myself a second cup of Java, then got a rack of Ribs ready for the Slow Cooker.

"I took the opportunity of trying out the Tomato Powder I had made.  I mixed the Tomato Powder up with Sea Salt, Pepper and Garlic powder .... "

".... then rubbed it into the Pork Ribs, placed in the Slow Cooker and topped with sliced onions."

Since I still had a bit of leftover Turkey, I got right to getting that used up to make our lunch.

"I had one container of homemade Chicken Stock still left in the freezer."

"It doesn't take much to put together a Hearty Soup if you have good base to start with."

"Into the stock it went until the carrots were just fork tender."

"It was so flavourful and yummy.  One bowl for me and two for Rob."

The weather seems to be changing so fast.  With the day being what it was, why not put together another batch of chicken stock for the freezer to have in reserve.  Down to the basement I went to bring up the Stock Pot.

"Four large (frozen) Chicken legs, Celery, Carrots, Onions, and Garlic all into the pot.

"Outside I ventured to retrieve some "fresh" Rosemary; can't get much fresher then just picked."

"A few hours later it was time to strain the stock.  Once it has completely cooled it will go into the fridge.  Tomorrow I will skim the fat and divide it into containers for the freezer for the next soup day.  I might even strain it again through Cheesecloth to make it even clearer."

Once I had the stock simmering away with the lunch dishes done up, I played around on my laptop while Rob watched a Movie on TV.  Around 3:00 pm I made us a little snack for a mid-afternoon treat.

"Homemade Black Bean & Corn Salsa on Corn Scoops ... Rob and I surely could eat these every day we love this Salsa that much."

Shortly after our little snack, Rob got called out on a "Crabby Cabbie" run.  While he was gone I prepared the veggies to go along with our Ribs and set the table.  I am thinking I have done up four sinks full of dishes so far today with Supper dishes still waiting for me to do them up ... *sigh* there is really something to be said for that saying, "Dish Pan Hands", isn't there?

Rob made it home in record time, with the veggies cooked to perfection and the ribs falling off the bones.

"The Ribs were delectable and the veggies cooked just right."

I was totally impressed with the rub I had made with the Tomato Powder.  I can't wait until I try it out by making Tomato Paste with it ....  hopefully soon.  

It is funny how a rainy dreary day can effect one's mood, isn't it?   No matter as I got a few things done, spend most of the day with my husband without having to run here or there to get something done or see somebody, and we had a great meal together.  It was a nice day.

Our "pack" at the moment is requesting my undivided attention, dusk is approaching far to quickly and I plan on putting my feet up here very shortly to enjoy the remainder of my evening together with Rob, "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard".


  1. It was a dreary day, but at least it was warm with it.


  2. Over this side of the world too....raining practically all day...and there is a chill in the air.
    Soup prep I think!

    many thanks for your lovely comments on my latest post Cindy :-)

    keep well

    Amanda :-)

    1. You will be more busy if you are going to be doing some soup prep ... it does pay off later on those busy days having something handy and homemade to reach out from the freezer, Amanda.

  3. I can smell all those yummy dishes from here!!!! Have you tried celery and carrots in your dehydrator yet? You will be over the top happy with them both, saves so much time putting a nice soup together

    1. Oh Yes, Debby, I have done both of those too. I need yet to do some more Celery; I only have one jar, however it is on sale this week. 20 lbs of carrots have been done, but maybe more would be in order along with more onions I am thinking. Just need to get myself organized and on it this week.

  4. Today definitely calls for some chicken soup.


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