Thursday 11 October 2012

Pumpkin Meeting Chocolate, Along With Pure Beauty

"Morning has broken.  My day has begun ... "

Who on God's green Earth would not LOVE Cat Stevens would be beyond me .... he is earthy.

Nothing too unusual went on with our morning routine, other then my own dear husband sneaking on occasion to steal one or two of what I had been making, behind my back of course.  Just like kids husbands are, thinking we don't know what is going on behind our backs ....

"All the goodness of Chocolate meeting Pumpkin was going on in my Kitchen this morning."

"A double batch filled up the very very large Turkey platter I have .... minus a few missing in action."

Should you LOVE Pumpkin and LOVE Chocolate then it will be ...

  Recipe please?  PRINTABLE RECIPE.

Speaking of Turkeys, as I was finishing up the last of the cookie batter, I glanced out our dining room window to see what other then ....

"A whole flock of Wild Turkeys making there way through our property on the way towards the bush.  These ones must have escaped the "Turkey Platter" over the Thanksgiving Weekend."

The weather really doesn't seem to affect them much, as it has been dreary wet and pouring down rain here all day long, and still ....

I had to head down to Southampton to get some gas today, with a stop along the way but not without ...

"Leaving the house "empty" handed."

"Especially since I had been "gifted" all of these canning jars !  Thanks Mary Ann.  Truly your kindness of giving has been most appreciated.  Happy you also enjoyed the Cookies !"

See all the sharing I LOVE doing gets "Payed Back" the more I seem to "Pay Forward".  It can end up being one huge "sharing circle" if you join up for it, can it not?  I give because it makes me feel good to put a *smile* on someones face, not because I expect anything back ... however when I do get something shared with me, I do love the *smile* it puts on my own face.  Do you love sharing???

"After getting our vehicle filled up with fuel, I met up with my "Crabby Cabbie" at the Southampton Tim Hortons.  I then got him to "taxi" me around to get what I needed down Port Elgin way."

"The element of surprise when I walked into my Cousin Vi's house ... I wasn't really "camera" ready, but the effect of my surprise was still "fun" for me."

After I had picked up a few gifts here and there, as well as some purchases at the Dollar Store, my "Crabby Cabby" dropped me back off to my vehicle so I could head it back home.  Before doing so I stopped in to see a couple of friends of ours.  I had planned on taking some photos down by the Saugeen River in Southampton with all of its magnificence bathed in the Colours of Fall, however it had been pouring Cats and Dogs.

The reason of stopping in on our friend, Herman, was to ask his permission to borrow a couple of his photos he had recently taken ..... prepare yourself for the expertise and  pure beauty of his photography.

Beautiful photos of Denny's Damn and the Saugeen River done by Herman Roote PHOTOGRAPHY (All  Copyrights Reserved).  Herman also does Specialty Photography and Weddings.  Herman Roote may be contacted by calling Southampton Telephone No. 519-797-2273 or 519-389-1970, to inquire further about all Photography services Herman offers.

Thanks Herman, I always look forward to seeing your photographs!

I finally did make it home, and thanks to Herman I never had to get soaking wet taking photos of the Saugeen River and its Fall Beauty myself this day.

"The rain really is "okay" in my books, as it just makes me happy it isn't snow !"

Once back home, I did have to get my rubber boots on and umbrella out before each and every one of our "Checkerboard Aussies" were taken out, about and back in.

Then I got going on a little pre-Halloween enjoyment.

Really have I every mentioned how much I LOVE Halloween? well, maybe just a couple of times, eh?

I am cold and damp with still another out, about and back in to go with the "pack".  I think I best be getting the wood stove "fired" up to take the chill from these bones of mine, "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard".


  1. had the wood stove on since first thing as I am determined not to put the heating on.......yet!!

    I agree paying it forward does feel good...


  2. From Bess~~~ Aren't those Pumpkin Chocolate Chip cookies the best. Haven't made them in ages, but I'm thinking I should go shopping for canned pumpkin now. I picked up a small can of Pumpkin Spice Chai tea latte mix today. And Ooh, is it ever good. Just had hot water and stir. Tastes and smells exactly like pumpkin. Sold at Trader Joe's. What exquisite Fall photos. Bess

  3. Yummm, those cookies look so good!! What a wondeful friend to gift you all of those jars, I am sure you will have them full in no time. We will be riding up the monutians next week, can't wai to see all the fall beauty


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