Monday 15 October 2012

It Always Comes Back When You Pay It Forward

"All my ill Family members and Friends who are so dear to me, please only call so I do not receive whatever illness you might have.  I absolutely love when you all "share" with me, but please keep your germs to yourself as I am thinking they might be one of those things I feel I would have to re-gift.  Hahaha ... and the next person would not be thinking too kindly of me I am certain."

This change of weather is bringing along with it flu bugs and colds ... dress warm, drink lots of fluids and "wash" those hands with hot water and soap.  Unfortunately we can sometimes take all the precautions in the World and still be "hit" by those nasty buggy little germs who love taking their hold on us, dang, dang and triple dang it all.  Beware the "bugs" are out and about !!!

 "Remember this little sweetheart of a guy?  He was the very last of the "Checkerboard Aussie's" 2012 Litter to find his Forever Home."

"Who could resist those eyes and that amazing look of sweetness?"

Most certainly not the couple who took him to his Forever Home 3 days after he had turned 8 weeks old.  I was very pleased when I was able to speak to them just the other evening, and even more delighted I was sent some recent photos of "Jake".

"Still stretching those legs out ... "

"....and still those beautiful eyes and sweet look."

Thanks Marg for sending off these photos to me ... I was "tickled" inside out to receive them.  How lucky am I to have contact with so many of the "Checkerboard Aussie" puppy owners from both the 2011 and 2012 Litters.  Pretty dang lucky in my books !

This morning after I was diligent about doing my 1/2 hour "Walk At Home" with Leslie Sansone, I patiently got my old laptop booted up ....

"After a lot of frustrating moments of it "freezing" up on me, I finally got all my Photo files transferred onto a USB memory stick.  This is a good reason to frequently do backups on your computer, in the event it ever does ever "crash".  Nobody wants to loose all their photos and data.  Guess I should start taking my own advice now shouldn't I?"

My friend Reenie came over this morning to get some beets from the Garden so she can do down some "pickled beets".  It was so windy and cold out there, I was happy Rob had already been out cleaning up some of the Garden as to help her when she had arrived.

"Reenie was amazed at how tall and huge the Sunflower plants were.  Even with their heads weighed down they are still way higher then Rob's 6 foot 1 inch."

"Ha ... after the beets had been picked there was a bit of a "smoker's" conference  going on before they came in to warm up  to have a hot coffee with the reformed "smoker"." 

"It was a bad Year for the tomatoes.  I was lucky I had picked so many when they were green and before blossom rot had set in, for them to ripen in boxes in the house."

"While the beet picking had been going on outside in the cold and wind, I was nice and toasty inside slaving over the vacuum cleaner.  I am sure I could permanently leave it out if I wouldn't be tripping over it all the time."

Rob and I had a great visit as always over a coffee with Reenie before she had to head out and I had to get ready myself to head out as I had promised to assist someone with a little project today.  Off I went ....

"Right on schedule for the 1:00 pm time we had pre-arranged."

"I gave Tess of the Wiarton Salvation Army a hand today to setup a Aviva Community Fund for a  Children's Project they would love to put in place.  It is set up and ready to "roll", I wish Tess lots of the best for it to get off the ground, our Children of the Future always being a good cause !"

Always when I "pay forward" I find I always receive something back, maybe in some different way, but with it usually being a pleasant surprise and delight.  Ha ... this day it happened immediately !!!  I had gone to the washroom.  When I returned to Tess's office, her husband had dropped in so I was able to meet him.  I not only got to meet him ....

"... he gifted me with 6 Yellow Perch that he had just caught in the Sauble River.  Guess what Rob and I will be having for our Dinner tomorrow, and the first guess doesn't count !"

It always comes back when you "Pay It Forward", does it not?

After Tess and I had gotten everything sorted out for her, I made it back home just to have to almost turn around and go back out the door again.  Rob had something he wanted to go have a look at, so off we went.  

Will there be a day I can stay home for more then one day?  I am counting on it ... I have tons to be done here, never mind being anywhere else !!!  I just seem to love helping out others when I can, and hanging out with my hubby when I have the opportunity to do that too ... which part of living is most important? housework or living life?  I choose living my live, but dang having one of those "Housework Fairies" would be nice too.

"We had to pass through Sauble Beach to get where we were going ... check out those waves in those really really COLD looking waters of Lake Huron !!!  Brr...."

I really am amazed at by how some of the plant life survives some of this cold weather for so long.

"Both the Straw Flowers and Violas seem to be thriving in this weather."

"Never mind all the rain we had today !"

"Along with the cold temperatures."

Rob and I did make it back home by 7:00 pm.  Me to put away the few things we had picked up at Walmart and do this blog post, and Rob to take care of our "pack's" needs and clean those Perch for us.

A SHOUT OUT to everyone, there is another Give Away to get in on over at Carla's, My 1/2 Dozen Daily. Check it out yourself by *clicking* HERE.  Always most wonderful things made by Carla herself.  

"Oh yes, I also just recently received my Secret Sister's information .... I am so excited about getting a box put together for her and sent off in the mail.  Thanks to Carla also for putting this together for us girls again."

I have this feeling both Rob and I will have no problem sleeping this night, "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard".


  1. Holy moley the lake looks so COLD!!! We got just enough out of our garden this year to put up for over the winter but not much extra to share with others :( the heat of the summer was just too much for the garden. Better luck next year I hope

  2. I don't know how you do it, you're such a busy lady.


  3. i love the pups-super cute
    aimee of craftmates


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