Thursday 1 November 2012

It Always Happens When You Are Hurting

"Hello November 2012, what do you have in store within your 30 days for us?"

 The 31 days in October went so fast, how am I ever going to manage with one less day in this month?  It most certainly will be a challenge for me, this I am certain of, being the "challenged" person I am ...hahaha.

My dear hubby, Rob, was so disappointed when he read my post from Yesterday with the exclamation of "Where are the Turkeys?"  ..... no worries dear husband, those you thought  to be Wild Turkeys, were actually really Goblins disguised as such ...

"Would you not think this yourself? especially with it being Halloween and all.  Gobble, gobble, gobble .... or should that be goblin, goblin, goblin?"

 I had myself some pretty exciting news  last night, precisely at 8:40 via email, which I first shared with Family members and friends, then "Cindy's Recipe Exchange" then my Facebook friends ... well I was pretty "Over the Moon" and still am, as I have won myself $350.00 worth of Knorr products !!!

How could this be you might ask?  Remember way back on the 22nd of October when I entered the "What's for Dinner" Knorr contest on Mardi's, ?  if not, you can go HERE to read all about it.

The entry that won me this amazing "Gift Basket of Knorr products" was this one ....

"Savoury Cheese and Leek Scones ... I do LOVE me those Cheesy Leek Scones, and don't forget the Savoury part !"

Recipe please?  *CLICK* HERE .  

Thank you for hosting this Contest Mardi, and thank you Knorr Canada for sponsoring same !!!

Okay I really could hardly believe this myself, but this was not the ONLY thing I had won myself this week ... I also received a phone call that I had won a FREE BodyTalk evaluation after I had put in my name at the Harvest Craft and Vendor Event I had attended with my friend, Toni with an "i" which you can read all about HERE .

BodyTalk is all new "talk" to me, so I will be sure to find out all I can about it when I go on the 10th of this November, and report back here.  There is a website in the meantime for those people who would be interested in checking it out for themselves.  Just *click* HERE.

By the way, I did go out this afternoon to buy me a Lotto Max ticket which so happens to be sitting at $5 Million I believe?  if I don't buy I will never win now will I?  SHOW ME THE MONEY !!!

"It always happens when you are hurting" .... 2 am I am certain I was finally having a good nights sleep when Missy Mercedes started barking, barking and barking, then Lexus started up, then Buddy began whining, then Bandit put his head up to mine to try and get me up.

Finally just before 3:00, I hadn't known the time until I had first called my "Crabby Cabby" to see where he was at with hopes he was close to home to see what the problem with the girls had been.  No such luck he was just finishing up with his last call, still 40 minutes away from home.  Up I got myself, heading down stairs with Bandit way ahead of me.  One at a time I took out, Missy Mercedes, Lexus, then Buddy.  Everyone had themselves an equally long "pee".

I returned back to bed laying there until my "Crabby Cabbie" arrived home.  I had such a rotten sinus/migraine headache I never did get back to sleep properly.  Up I was again after 7 am to go back down to take the "pack" all out.  Jeez I was "ticked", as Missy Mercedes decided she wasn't going to listen to me this morning, taking off towards the road with her nose to the ground.  Just as she crossed through our cedar rail fence, she finally decided to turn about and come back.  Nevertheless, I was not too pleased with her.

It gets better ... once the girls and Bandit had been looked after it came to be Buddy's turn.  Oh man, I went to get him out to find he had made himself a mess in his crate ... what was one more thing to do feeling the way I was !

As I said, "it always happens when you are hurting", and boy did I ever get my three out of the way first thing today!  Really though to be honest, I was also thinking today, I LOVE each and every one of them regardless.  They are very much part of my life, all four of our "Checkerboard Aussies".

I got my Slow Cooker rocking with a new recipe today.

"Easy Peasy as 1-2-3 ... this is all it took."

"A few hours later, our Dinner was all ready for us before Rob had to adorn his "Crabby Cabbie" hat and leave for his day."


This afternoon I did a couple of Post Cards through Post Crossing to be sent on their way, one to Russia, and the other to Germany.

"I also wrote out a Note to a couple of friends and family members."

I love writing letters, even long before I had been a teenager.  I wish my neck could take more, but the position of leaning over for any length of time does not do well for me.  This is why I am very content with sending off a Post Card or two, or three, once a month ... short and sweet, but still enjoyable.

*Sad* that letter writing has become such a thing of the past ... do you still write letters and cards?

"I happened upon this today.  Most days this is so ME, as I see myself and my life..."

"... Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard".


  1. that's very exciting, well done on winning those things.

    I hope you feel better soon. Try and take it easy still.


  2. So sorry to hear you still are not feeling up to par. Are you getting any of the wind and rain from hurricane Sandy or has it all passed thru? Did you get many trick or treaters? We had about 40. My brother and sister in law had almost 100 and my friend only had 10. Go figure. Bess

  3. Congratulations on the Knorr win. That pork dish sure looks good. Hope you feel better soon. I emailed the details of the centipede.

  4. Oops - the email just bounced back to me. Anyway, there is a photo of the "centipede" on my post called "TOYS". The label says 'LAMAZE' Chicago so it is nearer to you than me.

    There is a number F-800-7048697 but don't know what that refers to. My hairdresser gave it to me and she bought it at an Op shop.

    The segments have different feels. A couple have cellophane paper to make a crackle noise - one makes a noise when you squeeze it. A couple have bells. Max likes to play with the legs. Hope this helps your sister-in-law

  5. Wow, congrats on your winnings! Let us know when you win $5 mln :)

  6. I'm glad I could bring a little cheer to what seems like not a great week! Enjoy your basket!!

  7. I'm soo excited for you, Cindy!!! Well deserved win in my opinion!! :) When you win the $5MIL will you come visit me since you'll have almost enough to cover gas costs?! ;) lol!!!

  8. The address you gave me was dot com not dot ca and I just cut and pasted it. Still alls well that ends well.

  9. and, of course, you are welcome to send her the photo.

  10. Congratulations on winning the Knorr giveaway. You do have awesome recipes so it's well deserved.

    Enjoy your weekend!!!

    1. Thank you !!! Looking forward to seeing your post about your very first Craft Show !

  11. Feel better today!!!! Aimee


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