Saturday 1 December 2012

What A Sweet Day That Was !

Yesterday's mail had brought another Post Card I had received through Post Crossing.  I was very happy to have received this one.

"With Christmas not too far off now, it was lovely to receive such a pretty Post Card as this, all the way from India !"

I do wonder where people are purchasing their Post Cards from, as I can only find two here in Wiarton of the MacNeil's Mansion Ruins and the old Train Station.  One other I found over at the Owen Sound Walmart store was a photo taken somewhere on the Bruce Peninsula.  Other then those there has been none other to be found.  

I can remember at one time (when I had been much younger), everywhere you went there had been Post Cards to be found.  I suppose with electronic mail and Cell Phone text, these are also becoming a thing of the past.  I am sure happy there is Post Crossing, so hopefully the "art" of writing does not become totally obsolete.

I was up early as usual.  I was going to thaw out some Big Batch Chicken Soup I had take from the freezer for Rob's lunch today.  Why use electricity to thaw it when there was lots of heat coming from the Woodstove?

"Thawed and ready to go into the thermos in no time at all."

I had a big day planned today that I had been looking forward to for the past 2 weeks.  Today just happened to be the day of Dejong Acres Farm's "Christmas"OPEN HOUSE" !!!  I am never ever ever disappointed when I go out to the Dejong Farm, always looking forward to seeing Brian, Anita, Rayleen and Nicole.

"I had a rendezvous set up with my Auntie, her friend and my Cousin Vi at the Wiarton Tim Hortons.  Before I knew it we were at the door of Sweet Things at Dejong Acres."

Anita had arranged for a couple other very talented people to be there with their own wares ....

"Janice Carter and her husband were there with some amazing Gift ideas and Folk Lore items.  I made a purchase from Janice, however it is still in my Van, so I will be posting a photo of it hopefully tomorrow.."

"Look at all these "saw blades" that had been Hand Painted by Rita.  They are all totally amazing.  The smallest saw blade was priced at only $15.00 to give you an idea of cost.  More unique gift giving ideas, for Christmas or anytime."

"Sunny Sandy was there with an amazing selection of Mary Kay Products.  Sandy now has a permanent office and display set up in Owen Sound at 281 9th St. W., and can be reached by calling 519-416-6051, to take care of all your Mary Kay needs at anytime."

"Abby Miners was there with lots of "sweet" Maple Syrup Products as you can see.  My Cousin Vi seems to be a prospective buyer at the moment ... Abby stands back, then goes on the *smile* as the wallet comes and money appears !!!  *giggle*giggle*  Abby you look way too cutsie with your Christmas Doggie Shirt on.  Hey drop on over and check out Miners' Maple Syrup Products over on Facebook by *clicking* HERE, as they also would LOVE to see you there."

"There is that sweet girl I always look forward to seeing when I  am at Dejong Acres Farm, Missy Rayleen !  Look there is one of the Maremma pups guarding already only a few months old now.  Good job on the training Brian, thinking I should be sending a couple of my Australian Shepherds your way."

I can not believe I took all those photos of everyone else and their "stuff" and forgot all about my dear sweet Anita's fantastic "stuff", such as Farm fresh eggs, chicken, turkeys, pork, lamb, Epicure products, Wool blankets, Sheep skins ... please do not take my word about all these wonderful items Sweet Things of Dejong Acres Farm has to offer, check it out yourself by *clicking* HERE.

Oh yes should there be anything at all you might be curious about in the way of a purchase for gift giving in the above photos, Anita would be more then happy to direct you in the right way to fill that need by also  contacting her at the link above.  Thanks Anita !!!

Since Anita @Sweet Things from Dejong Acres and my "Crabby Cabbie" Rob are both new at having each their own "Facebook Page", they would both LOVE if you *clicked* on their respective names and "LIKED" their pages on Facebook?  Thanks to all you who are able to do so, and please do tell them I sent you : )  .

Once we had finished up with our purchases, along with a little Epicure sampling and visits, we headed on back into Wiarton to the Propeller Club as there was yet one more Christmas Bazaar to go to !!!

"It is always a pleasure when I run into Jaime of  WITH LOVE ~ Distinctive Gifts Your Heart Desires, a locally owned/operated business located in Hepworth.  Jaime always has the coolest things with a wide selection of something from Children right up to Adults.  Drop in to see and "Like" their Facebook page by *clicking* HERE, as personally I know Jaime would LOVE to see you there, or at her store in Hepworth."

"Barb of Rag Quilts N' Things was there with her Handmade Quilts and other lovely things.  Barb is another local lady, who I look forward to seeing when I am out and about.  You may call Barb anytime to view or order any of her Handmade items by calling her at 519-534-4453."

"I met the gentleman who makes these very cool and unique Glass Etching and Scrimshaw items. I had never seen such before ever.  His prices are excellent with lots of really nice ideas for gift giving as well.  Andre Lacroix is just around the corner located in Owen Sound, and maybe be contacted by Calling at 519-371-6910 or Email: "

What is Scrimshaw you might ask?  Just *click* HERE for that answer.

"Then there was another lady who puts a *smile* on my face as well when I run into her since meeting her this past Summer in July at Wiarton's Bluewater Park.  Cathy of Cathy's Confections was there with her every so tempting Homemade Chocolate Goodie Creations !   Cathy would also LOVE if you were to check her out on her Facebook Page by *clicking* HERE, or dropping into her website HERE.  Always my pleasure to see you Cathy !"

"Once we had made our way around the block, so to speak, we headed in for a luncheon being offered by the Wiarton Propeller Club ladies.  Oh my $2.00 for an Egg Salad Sandwich or a Bowl of Homemade Soup.  How could we go wrong?  On entering it cost us each a $1.00 which we received each a Tea or Coffee beverage."

After a bite to eat and a bit of visiting I was returned to my Van.  I had made a purchase of Farm Fresh Eggs for one friend, and Epicure products for another, which I dropped off to each respectfully before making my way back home.

"Not only was there one vehicle with their Christmas tree loaded up and going home, there had been two !  It really was a good day to be out getting a Christmas Tree picked out."

I was happy to be home, as I had dishes to do, a bed to be made, a load of laundry to fold and another to wash, and four very happy "Checkerboard Aussies' happy to see me come home to them, as they are pretty needy those four, and quite dependent on me at times.

"Check out this Fisher Price Dinosaur I had picked up for one of our Grandboys as a Christmas gift.  Is he not one of the scariest you have every seen???  I can't wait until he had been gifted and gets opened !!!"

I was happy I was able to get out and about today, as otherwise I might have been feeling a little lonely here by myself pining a bit for my "Crabby Cabbie" Rob.  He is off part of a day tomorrow, after he gets home in the "wee" hours of the morning and has hopefully a bit of sleep.  

Alas I have plans tomorrow to meet up in the afternoon with a few of the gals from Cindy's Recipe Exchange, as Abby of Miners' Maple Syrup Products is hostessing a "Cook Book Swap" over at her place.  I am so excited ... as it is pretty nice a few of can get together on a personal basis rather then just over a laptop or whatnot on the Internet.  Real people behind those "comments" we leave each other, if you know what I mean ????   *Smile*

"A little something I came across on Facebook this morning I thought I would love to share with everyone.  How Easy Peasy as 1-2-3 would these be to make, and nice to have on the side of each place setting at Christmas?"

"What a sweet day that was" !

Alrighty then I have been working on this post since just after 4 pm, and it is now almost 7:00 pm... Yikes !!!  There is someone downstairs requesting my undivided attention, so I best be obliging very shortly here, "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard".


  1. those Candy Cane hearts are so cute. What a lovely day out for you and your grandson will LOVE that dinosaur that's for sure.


  2. You always such fun things happening on your side of the world! And the dinosaur is awesome. You grandson will have so much fun playing with it!

  3. Another great day for you! Love all the beautiful handmade goodies!! :) Your grandson is going to love that dinosaur! It's awesome!!

  4. The dinosaur will be a winner for your Grand, our oldest grand loves the FP dinosaurs to death. What a fun day you had out and about with the ladies, I hope to load up and bunch for a Christmas outing soon. What a cute idea with the candy cane's. I think I will give it a try with our Tyler, such a sweet idea

  5. What a fabulous day you must have had... sounds and looks like so much fun! And yeah, those candycanes look delish.

    I "liked" both of the FB pages!

  6. love the candy cane hearts what a cute idea

    aimee from craftmates


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