Friday 28 December 2012

Lonely Girl

Yesterday I had just a little bit of what it used to be like a couple months ago, this being ... a little bit of my Rob and I together.  I enjoyed every little moment we had.  It gets pretty lonely when your best friend is not around to kibitz and bicker with, especially the bickering part when I get to win.  Oh yes, I almost forgot the "bossing around" part.  *Smile*

Wow Paul Anka ! that takes a few of us way back there, does it not?  

This girl decided the heck with everything that needed doing around here today, as there is ALWAYS something to be done like those spare dogs floating around the floors that I refuse to feed.  I had been invited out for a coffee, and I decided to go.  I was pretty excited at the prospect of meeting up with a lady who I had only met through Cindy's Recipe Exchange on Facebook.  

I had to return a couple of items previously bought at the Deals Store in Owen Sound, so we had decided to meet up at the Tim Horton's Coffee shop at the strip mall there.  

I had a totally "awesome" time meeting up with Sharon.  The pleasure was all mine.  Chatting away was so easy and natural with no break in conversation on what to say to each other whatsoever.  Really truly I absolutely LOVE "Down to Earth" people with no pretenses.  Really who wouldn't ? 

"What a total surprise when Sharon had said she admires what I do to help so many people, wanting to give me a gift in gratitude.  Wow, how nice was that Sharon, as I really don't see myself as that, but thank you so much for your geniune kindness.   I am also sorry to say, being in Owen Sound, I couldn't believe when I seen my "Crabby Cabbie" vehicle driving by  just outside where we where ... were we being "stalked"?????"

Hahahaha .... NO, Auntie Gladys, my "Crabby Cabbie" was not stalking me again.  Rob had a Taxi call to Owen Sound, and I had asked him to meet up with us if he had a moment for a coffee and to meet Sharon as well.  Ha ! but if one hadn't known better, he could have pretty well been "stalking" me that "Crabby Cabbie" guy of mine !  

Sharon had to be on her way, and I went on mine back towards home.  The Christmas Store at The Fyre Place in Springmount caught my eye, so I took a quick stop in to see what they had on Sale, if anything at a good sale price.

"There had been nothing I needed, however I still could not help but admire the amazing different themed decorated trees all throughout the store.  The Nativity Sets were Out of this World !"

"It wasn't long after until I arrived back home to see the Mailbox flag up.  I was kind of taken aback at the flag being up, but then realized it was only Friday.  Here I am certain I had been thinking it was Saturday all day long.... another "brain fart" gone off in my head."

I think I will post the photo on the left of our mailbox to Post Crossing on Facebook, as my Mailbox "North of Wiarton" on the Bruce Peninsula, Ontario, Canada.  I like it !

As soon as I looked after my Aussie girls and boys, I got into the house as fast as I could cause I was all excited to try on my new hand-knitted Cowl Sharon had made for me.

"I absolutely LOVE my new Cowl.  It is perfect for keeping the front and back of my neck cozy warm from bitter winds.  Would you look at that gift bag?  I know Sharon also reads my blog, or how else would she know how much I do LOVE me those Snowmen.  And check out those Hershey Chips ... they are Cinnamon !!!  I can't wait to make us up something with those in.  Ummm...wonder how fresh Apple Muffins with Cinnamon Chips would go?  I am thinking pretty dang good ... stay tuned, there might be a new muffin recipe showing up here some day in the New Year."

Sharon thank you for your kindness, it will make me *smile* many times thinking about it.  Looking forward to our next future coffee meeting together.

I was also excited to finish off a frame needing just two more photos.  Aiden and Connor had recently been to Disney Land in Florida.  I had picked a few photos from their Florida photo album, deciding on two to print off.  It was not such an easy choice, however I went for the bright colours.

"Complete finally after what I am sure has been 2 years.  I LOVE it.  Can't wait to go buy me another collage frame to begin another one now."

Coming up a Year ago now ... I am not exactly sure, as I will have to check with Gill, but I know she had started a Sealed Pot Challenge of sorts way back when, that I had decided Rob and I would participate in my saving our loonies from that day forward.  I thought I would do a count on how many we had actually saved up since that time since I do LOVE counting me some money.

"Any guesses at what our "Loon Nest Egg" was holding for us?  it was holding a grand total of $215.00.  Not bad for a bit here and there, even though secretly I was hoping for a bit more.  Beggars can't be choosers though, so this will be a bit more towards our "some day year" vacation fund.  I think I will get this put away into a bit of an account and give the pot a "go again" in the New 2013 Year."

I must say I was forever grateful to my friend, Toni with an "i", as I thoroughly enjoyed two lovely, full of flavor, toasted Turkey sandwiches today.

My "Crabby Cabbie" not only enjoyed taking three turkey sandwiches on a bun along to work with him today, he neglected to tell Auntie this when she called him to offer to make him some of his favourite Egg Salad Sandwiches up for his supper tonight.  Oh my Gawd !  what a character I have married, and to think it has lasted 18 Years and running.  Thank goodness I do have myself an understanding family and lots of really good friends, who knows my husband would never turn down Turkey or an Egg Salad Sandwich, or two, or three, or ....

Anyone who knows us, surely knows why I get lonely without him here at times, as when he is here there is NEVER a DULL moment.  Ha !

I can not believe I just felt a sudden wave of tiredness go completely through my whole being.  *Sigh* I can see myself having an early night here all by my "not too terribly lonely girl" when out with my "Checkerboard Aussies" here, "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard".


  1. IMHO, Sharon is totally right, and I also, admire what you do to help people and the local small business community!

  2. What a wonderful day!!! Nothing like meeting a new friend in the flesh. Your gifts are lovely as are you. Thanks for the kind words and prayers

  3. You are very deserving of these gifts that people give you!

  4. I'll second that. Another busy day and I just love your mailbox.

  5. and I'll third that you have such a big heart and everyone knows it and loves you for it.......

    Well done on your sealed pot challenge, ours had less than $100 in it, so I left it in there and will open it again in December 2013. Hoping for enough in there for a weekend away.



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