Friday 14 December 2012

The Winner of The ....

" ..... Christmas Table Runner is "drum roll please", Toni with an "i" Vary !!! "

Okay I know Toni with an "i" won my last Give Away, but honest to goodness the draw was not fixed, it was done "Beagle Legal" with the generator.

Congratulations Toni with an "i", please contact me to make arrangements for delivery of your prize.

"I had more HAPPY MAIL !  This time a lovely card from one of my readers all the way from Massachusetts.  Enclosed in the card were these 3 Post Cards for me to use when I send off to someone through Post Crossing.  Thanks Bess, you are so kind and thoughtful."

Last night I actually had a pretty good sleep so I was feeling like I could go "full steam" ahead this morning.

"First things first, once my usual "Checkerboard Aussie", coffee and make the bed routine was done, I got to making my "Crabby Cabbie" some more Gift Certificates, then found the recipe for the Best Ever Peanut Butter Cookies I was going to make for our friend."

Then it was time to get down to business ...

"I usually always start with lining up everything I need.  Peanut Butter then meets butter and sugars, with eggs and Vanilla directly after."

"Wet all ready to go meet with dry.  Rolled into nice little balls then very gently pressed with a fork."

"A double batch later after how many pans in and out of the oven ... gave me some pretty dang "awesome" Peanut Butter Cookies, if I do say so myself.  This tin goes to our friend, and another full tin I will send along with my "Crabby Cabbie" to treat some of his Taxi Customers next week.  I hope this will put a *smile* on a few people's faces."


After quite a few rests in-between all of this cookie baking, as by the time the third tray was going into the oven my neck was complaining, I took a big break after they were all done before I went on to finishing what I had began yesterday.

Phase 1 - Homemade Chocolates (see yesterday's post):

Phase 2 - Homemade Chocolates:

"It didn't get off to a very good start as I am certain I had the water too hot under the double boiler when I had placed the chocolate in the pot on top.  I don't know why, but this how it begins every year for me .... I suppose we all have our "famous" Kitchen "bloopers" to tell about, do we not?  At least I am consistent with this one."

"Back to the drawing board with great success, less heat and my non-stick T-Fal pot over top a pot of water on the lowest heat possible.  Ta Dah !  I was off to the races."

"Two trays later I was finally done!  Now they are back in the fridge to "set" before placing them all in an air-tight container for some gift giving and Christmas  goodies enjoyment."


By late afternoon I was finished up with all the baking and Christmas goodies I was going to do.  There is still about 4 more items I have on the "to do" Christmas Goodies list that yet need to be made.  This is only the beginning.

I am certain those who know me well enough, know how I suffer with allergies.  I have no idea what had been setting me off the past week or so (more dust mites then usual maybe with the wood stove and house closed up), however the reactions have been most unpleasant.

"Not only is my whole body feeling "itch" mode, but my feet too have broken out in hives.  Into the cupboards for antihistamine I went, "pronto".  Even with weekly allergy shots I get "outbreaks" more often then naught."

I try not to be on the negative side with my daily aches, pains and such, but there are days where I think to myself, "I might as well be in a "bubble", as John Travolta was in the movie "The Boy in the Plastic Bubble", however the title being, "Don't Break the Woman's Bubble", she might seep out !  Hahahaha.

Just yesterday my friend, Koreen, lent me a book.  I very seldom read anymore, and I do love to read but find my neck can't take the amount of reading I used to do (it was nothing for me to read 3 large paperback novels while we were away Camping in a week).  

"I really am going to give it my best effort to try and read this book in the New Year."

Should anyone like to learn more about the Wheat Belly, there is a Wheat Belly Blog I came across and you may check it out yourself by *clicking* HERE.

I am not saying I am going to do it, but what I am saying I am going to attempt to read the book.

There is a very beautiful display of Christmas lights every Year over in Bruce County's Sister County of Grey in the City of Owen Sound.  It is called "The Festival of Northern Lights".  It is amazing should you have never seen it.

In 2010 my friend, BJ, along with her little dog, Ruby, had the pleasure of seeing these lights by way of "Water and Paddle".  Thanks for sharing BJ.  Rob and I have drove through the streets to view "The Festival of Northern Lights", but this experience you had gives way to a completely different and most wonderful perspective on how they are viewed by way of  The Sydenham River.

Wasn't that amazing? did you see little Ruby in the canoe out front with her Mistress, BJ?  Thanks for sharing BJ, I loved watching it.

More on Owen Sound's "Festival of Northern Lights" may be seen by *clicking* HERE.

I would love to extend a warm welcome to Sue, who has joined me here as a Follower via subscribing to my daily blog posts through email.  Thanks Sue !  I do look forward to you being here with us, as well as any comments you might leave behind.

Before I sign off for this day, my prayers go out South of the Border to Connecticut where there was a horrific shooting at a school this day.  I can't even think about it without myself feeling sickened, never mind ever beginning to imagine how those families and community are feeling.  Please also keep them in your prayers tonight and for many nights after, as we know they will need them.

On that note it has been another day in my life, "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard".


  1. It's absolutely horrific what happened in Con. This senseless violence just brakes my heart...

  2. We are all so shocked over the pond. It's utterly tragic. So sorry about your feet. Hayfever and grape (therefore sultanas, wine etc) allergy but that's it for me. I feel I've got off lightly!

    Congratulations to Toni. x

  3. I was just feeling miserable, actually, reading about the events at Sandy Hook, but was happy to see chocolates and peanut butter cookies and brightly lit canoes over here at the Checkerboard. Thank god there are good people in this world, and the good should always overshadow the bad.

  4. Congrats Toni!! :) Cindy, I hope your hives go away soon!! :( I feel your pain as my skin is horrible right now too... Tis the season!

  5. Cindy, your peanut butter cookies look so yummy! And those chocolates, wow! - Irma


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