Wednesday, 5 December 2012


Last night the dogs were making a ruckus as someone had pulled in our driveway.  It was Anita Dejong of Dejong Acres Farms.  I had won one of their Door Prizes from their "Open House" this past Saturday.

"My winnings had been this awesome Winter Planter.  It was "perfect" for underneath the Winter Wreath I had just made on Sunday, don't you think? "

Wow I can't believe I actually won two draws within days of each other.  I best be running out to get myself a Lottery Ticket, as one never knows !!!  Really truly I am very grateful for winning some of the things I have, hoping I always keep in mind to "Pay It Forward" in different ways when I am able.

Today was A SMARTIE Party !!!  Grey-Bruce VON (Victoria Order of Nurses) was hosting a party for all of the VON SMART Exercise Program's wonderful Volunteers.  My Smartie friend, Diane came on by to pick me up and further up the road we picked up Smartie friend, Andrea, to head on over to Owen Sound's Stone Tree Golf & Fitness Club for the Luncheon Party set for the Noon hour.

We arrived in good time to find us a seat with all our Wiarton and Sauble Beach SMARTIE girls.

"At each place setting we found a CD of some New SMARTIE music, as well as a 2013 Day Planner.  Here is Dorothy Embacher, our VON SMART Guru, along with Jessica Doer, both Coordinators for the Grey-Bruce VON SMART Exercise Program.  Jessica is leading up to introductions prior to Lunch being served.  Both these Dorothy and Jessica are "rocks" for the VON SMART Program and totally "rock it" for all us SMARTIE Volunteers."

"Introduced and speaking on behalf of Grey-Bruce VON is, on the right, Christine Vallis-Page, RN, BComm, MHA, CHE, District Executive Director, South West Ontario-North (boy oh boy that is quite the handle Christine has to remember, good thing I had her BCard), and Pat Foster, Grey-Bruce VON Board Member.  Both are very wonderful speakers voicing their sincere gratitude on how much the SMART Volunteers have all been the "backbone" of the Program."

"Dorothy is leading us into our Luncheon here.  The photo to the far right is of Marianne Fremlin, who is Office Administrator for the VON SMART program in the Grey-Bruce office.  Marianne is one person, behind the scenes, that contributes an enormous amount of time into keeping paperwork, etc in order to help the SMART Program run pretty much "seamless".  The SMART Program could not do without your efficiency I am sure, as Marianne you also "rock" in my books."

"Then arrived the LUNCH !!!  Oh my let me tell you, my Chicken pictured on the left was totally "yummy" with a salad along with a Balsamic Vinaigrette.  I heard no complaints from Andrea, so I am certain she felt the same about her Veggie Wrap."

"Dorothy, Jessica and Marianne had been very busy putting this Luncheon together.  We each had a "tag" with a Christmas Song on it, which we had to "hum" until we found the table with the person who also had the same Song.  Once we had determined which table we were destined to be at, each group had to "sing" the Christmas Song, in the groups as pictured below."

"They pretty much had us all "singing" for our Dessert is what it had all been about.  A Brownie with nuts, whipped cream, fruit and a Raspberry Sauce on the side.  Really it was as yummy as the photo depicts it to be."

"Oh my there is that "look" on Jessica's face!   I get this same look from my Son, Paul, when I have the camera pointed at him ... you know, the one that says, "Mom, not again !!!".  And my friend, Cathy, to the right, with her wonderful "knowing" look, expecting no less from me."

"More planned fun came our way by a "skit" being played out with "What is on your Christmas Wish List, Jessica".  Of course Jessica had a long list for Santa Dorothy on what she required in the way of a SMART volunteer."

"Santa had a couple of "hats" to wear, as you know how things are now a days with Modern Technology, so Text Messages had to "checked twice".  A little "boogie woogie" was going on too here with the "jiggly wiggly" hat.  Ha !"

"A prospective SMART volunteer had been found in the "crowd", with Elf Marianne adorning her with all  the SMART requirements being on Jessica's Wish List to Santa."

"Our story came to an end with the "perfect" SMART Volunteer, and a very happy Santa, Elf and Angel, as you can see."

"All good things must come to an end, with our SMARTIE Angel Jessica having to take off her Halo, while all us SMARTIES began to say our good-byes to each other."

A SMARTIE Party it was, and a most enjoyable one at that.  Everyone outdid themselves with us all going away with fond memories of the day we all had.

Please should you know someone 55 years or older who would benefit from a weekly VON SMART exercise program, or of someone who would love to volunteer as a SMART Instructor, please contact the Grey-Bruce VON office by *clicking" HERE.  It is a wonderful program, so much so another one has just began this Fall in Lion's Head.  They are coming together all over Grey-Bruce, so join up to be a part of it all, as you will not be disappointed.

Oh my, I just looked up at the clock and it is 7:00 pm already.  I have things to do and "Checkerboard Aussies" needing my attention here, "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard".


  1. what a super day out and a great win, you're all set outside for the Winter season with those decorations, and they'll last for ages.

    Cold today after the past few days wasn't it?


    1. Absolutely bitter cold with a nasty wind too here, Gill. Yes we sure enjoyed the day out ... you should "hook up" with the VON SMART program down your way, Gill, you might enjoy it !

  2. What a fun day for all you girls!! A yummy meal you didn't have to cook yourself is a really nice treat. Congrats on your win, your entryway looks so inviting

  3. Looks like the party was a lot of fun!
    Aimee from Craftmates

  4. I've never won anything.....there must be something in the air for you Cindy!

  5. excellent pictures of the smartie party...Daphne


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